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    Rossi would have been unlikely to have been able to cheat IH without Lewan mishandling most of the public testing and reporting about Rossi starting in 2011. His test protocols were inadequate and insufficient and the technical part of his book is incompetent. He has proven himself to be an easy to fool person.

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    Any idea what is Rossi's exit plan this time?

    Like Dewey said, Rossi has the $10M he swindled from IH. His plan is probably to live on that for a while and to try to get a new sucker to invest somehow. Or maybe he's ready to retire. He is no spring chicken.

    Shane D.


    Not to mention Fleischman who was perhaps the best of the best....just his having said he measured excess heat, is in itself a powerful statement.

    No, it's not. Working with excellent financial support since 1989 and with a superb partner, F was not able to convince entrepreneurs, major industry, or major academia and the military that his work should be followed up with a large project. "That is in itself a powerful statement." Unfortunately!

    Dewey Weaver

    They are probably fine people but the question proposed here is whether they or the company they seem to be associated with have really developed a reactor which can clean up radioactive wastes while producing virtually endless power and energy economically. And that part seems sketchy.

    "Was a reactor ever built?" and "Did it work and how was it tested?" seem to be fair questions at this point, 5 years after the company and some of its principals claimed to be in the 5th. generation of the device!

    Shane D.

    I think so too, that there is an interesting story to be told but it may not be what you hope for. I found this in a way back search:

    What is interesting is that it was here:  but now, that link returns a 404 error. Generation five? Working on it with the US Navy for twenty years? And the Navy knows it works and has done nothing further? And this was all in 2013? And nothing since? Does that make any sense if the thing is not a scam and actually works? And all the above-mentioned "important people" know about it? They couldn't wield enough influence to get funding?



    I don't think Rossi needs any defence.

    Considering the pretrial depositions in Rossi vs IH and the dozens of lies Rossi has written in his blog since 2011, Rossi doesn't have any defense. If he had, he would have required the court case to proceed to trial where he could have won almost a half billion dollars. Perhaps more important, he would have redeemed his reputation and would have received funding to develop all his ideas for power plants. Uh... to save the world not to mention children with cancer and starving Africans.

    "Genie" was hot stuff in 2013 along with Defkalion and Rossi as per this article:

    In the comments, Greg Gobble wrote:

    Lots of questions come to mind! What happened in the almost five years since the article? Shouldn't we have a working prototype somewhere somehow by now? Why choose Guam to set up a demo? Why sell the electricity instead of the power plant? Why not license the technology, given that it's patented?

    If indeed this technology can process nuclear waste, it's needed everywhere worldwide and would be worth billions and billions of dollars. Why has nothing been heard which would be meaningful about its success? It seems very strange that the only way to work it out all these famous people thought up involved a crook who is now impeached. And that they have done meaningful since. Could it be that it doesn't work? Or that it was some sort of scam to start with? Maybe a scam that only a few of the players knew was a scam?

    Considering how enamored and supportive of Rossi Mats Lewan is, I would expect Rossi to be a major participant with a keynote speech and a demonstration of a megawatt QuarkX in a small glass bottle followed by an open question and answer period during which Rossi is discouraged from evading questions. Yes, sure, I expect that. :)

    Shane D.


    LENR by it's nature is outside the box

    Nonsense, Shane. To paraphrase Dawkins writing about alternative medicine in 2003, "There is no alternative science. There is only science that works and science that doesn't."

    The claim is that if you combine certain materials and heat them or expose them to electrolysis with specific electrode compositions, you will get an amount of energy out which is so large than it can only be accounted for by postulating that nuclear reactions are occurring. Some claims for LENR also include production of isotopes which were not present in the "fuel". None of that is "outside the box." It may be tricky to measure but measuring it is simply science and engineering. I suppose you can say that claiming to overcome the Coulomb barrier is out of the box but it really isn't because the Farnsworth Fuser and muon-catalyzed fusion clearly are able to do that (though they require far more energy in than out).

    So the claim is pretty prosaic. Disagreements are about the nature and level of required proof and whether or not that has been attained. It's simply science.

    Shane D.


    Millions of watts per liter have been verified by five independently experts.

    Not only has this claim been questioned but Watts are a measurement of power. And what matters is energy, actually, [energy out] compared to [energy in]. It's a telling error that energy scammers often make.


    We are getting very close, only a matter of time. Incidentally, we had to achieve the greatest theory, chemistry, astrophysical, and power innovation in history solo.

    Problem with that statement: he has been saying it for going on thirty years. That's a long time with very flimsy and arguable evidence. Show us the beef! How many years does it make sense to believe and trust someone who claims that success is happening next year? Or "very close?" Or, as is common with energy scams, "soon?"



    Well seems like all the "players" are ferociously protecting their IP.

    Some by obscurity and deceit, some by deterrence others by staying under the radar and keeping quiet.

    Yes, well, inventors protect their IP with patents and NDA's. Crooks and con men prefer obscurity and deceit.


    In your opinion, what is the best specific evidence that Rossi has "the goods" and what exactly are "the goods?"

    And one more question if you don't mind. If Rossi has "the goods," why lie about it for seven years (10 if you count the patent claim about heating a factory)? If Rossi could heat a factory ten years ago, shouldn't he be heating the whole world by now?


    If he wont show anything till then everyone will be...[skeptical]

    That is what was said by believers in Rossi, two, three, four and five years ago. Why should 2019 or 2020 be different. There are still believers in Steorn, for cripe's sake.


    I love the way Rossi describes what kind of person he is.

    What matters is how Darden describes what kind of person Rossi is. And it probably is not the same.


    Rossi doesn't need to show anything at this point. His technology is understood. In months there will be countless replications not only of his powder based systems but also the QX.

    I wish there were some practical way to make large bets with you and with other believers on this issue. I could use the money.


    I could cite a half dozen seemingly crooked things Rossi has done, but none of it means his technology, all of it, is fake.

    The many, MANY crooked things Rossi has done and the large number of lies he has told over the past seven years does not prove that his claims (he has never shown a "technology") are also lies. Absent the opportunity to test Rossi's claims properly, nobody can say whether they are real or fake. But the preponderance of evidence, including the lack of opportunity to test independently and enough, and all the lies strongly say that Rossi's ecat and derivatives are indeed fake. The whole seven year history of Rossi's performances says that! The overriding fact is that if Rossi's "technology" really made provable and practical excess energy, he'd be extremely rich and successful instead of maligned and insulted.

    The most compelling evidence for "Rossi is a fake" is that it would be easy to prove that the ecats are real, from the current model and going back to the original, and nobody has done that. Those who doubt this are not giving proper weight to the abundance of the evidence which has been presented over and over again, here and especially in the pretrial depositions when Rossi sued IH and vice versa.

    H-G Branzell

    Or he may not (learn it, that is). When I was eight years old, I could not understand why you could not couple an electric motor to a generator and run the motor with the electricity the generator made. I never did try it because by 10 years old or so, and with a little help from a teacher, I knew why it would not work.



    thankfully Eric has done a good job getting rid of all those annoying Rossi fans so that we never need to here about that boring stuff anymore.

    Was that sarcasm (I think)? With due respect, sometimes it's hard to tell.