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    Now that we have some new blood in moderators, can we revisit the sudden trend of certain posters who post scores of times a day, all which basically contain insults? It was kind of fun with Adrian calling everyone babblers, because it didn't seem so mean spirited. The new blood of posters attacking this forum have a really nasty tone in a majority of the posts, and strangely mostly from one individual who has become unreadable. At the very least limit the number of posts per day, or per week? If you can guess right away who I am talking about, that already indicates a problem. I hate censorship over opinion, but over rudeness is another issue.

    Mats being an insider is like insiders in the flat earth movement. They may have inside information, but that information is bogus. Whatever happened to Mats new age symposium or whatever he called it, because he delayed it stating LENR was going to be available commercially "soon", but that was years ago. I can't believe someone trained in science could be so gullible.

    If anything were to happen to Rossi, it would naturally be a conspiracy between big oil and the US scientific establishment that caused it. The investigation will be buried by the US government, just like the truth about the flat earth and water memory. The "better hands" would be imprisoned and tortured at Guantanamo Bay to be sure to protect these secret societies. Just ask most of the ECW posters.

    Former French President Pompidou who died in 1973 said: "There are three ways to ruin yourself ; women, gambling and research. The most enjoyable is with women, the fastest is with gambling, but the safest is with research."

    Spotted by J-P Biberian

    I empathize. I spent all my money on top shelf booze, fast cars, and loose women. The rest I wasted.

    It’s much easier for the remaining Rossi supporters to remain in a self-delusion than to admit that they - although so smart - have been fooled all time long.

    I just watched this interesting show on Netflix today about the Flat Earthers. What was interesting was that some of these people obviously have scientific minds, and were designing scientific experiments. For example they obtained a $30000 gyroscope to prove the earth was not rotating, but their results showed it was, so they blamed themselves for screwing up the experiment somehow. Then these other people shined a laser down a canal for miles and measured the height, but once again rejected their own results. The psychology is such that sometimes people want to believe something so much, they can't possibly be convinced they are wrong. Not that this has anything to do with Rossi or A.A. or Bevmo or anything. It is a good show, check it out.

    According there are supposed to be 2 important features of this spectrum ... a blackbody peak at 357nm and a discrete spectral peak at 437.2 nm.

    Bruce, can you explain this sentence better? According? To what? I assume a black body at some temperature, but did anyone say it should be one? And the peaks aren't there, so I guess that is what you are getting at?

    When I was working out the resonant frequency, I don't think I could work out the actual volume of the sounds. The main stream pipe would probably sound something like the background rumble of the Enterprise NCC 1701-D.

    And similar to the background rumble of the Enterprise, the volume of this sound would be sufficient to travel through the vacuum of space to an observing satellite camera's microphone. =O

    Can we get back to talking about the Magnificence demo? Those puppets were so cute, weren't they? And the ballerina, she turns me on. I believe in the E Cat SK! Did everyone hear that momentous events have happened after the presentation, and that it is now time to reframe the entire debate on climate change! Kevmo, can you go down to Bevmo and get us some champagne please? I'm sure you get a discount.

    Director, your obsession with the so-called "Inventors Syndrome" I believe is misguided, particularly because I don't think there is such an officially sanctioned syndrome by the mental health authorities.

    In all these cases there are simpler and case specific reasons why the technologies have not progressed, from problems with reproducibility and materials (ex. FP, Mills), to probably fraud (ex. the puppet show dude).

    Then there always is the explanation that none of them work at all, which I hope is not true.

    I wonder if we have finally reached the ground state: the remaining Rossi believers are those who will believe regardless of what happens for the rest of their lives. This may actually be the case.

    We may have reached ground state, but virtual particles called Rossions can appear from the vacuum at any time to support Rossi, then self organize like an EVO. And Mills predicts even lower quantum states than these.

    While kevmolenr continues with his crusade, it seems appropriate to make a side comment. As far as I am concerned, as soon as an individual here uses the term “skeptopath”, I confidently place them in the intellectual spam folder and confidently disregard any opinions they share going forward. This is not unique. On more general websites, I do the same for anyone who uses the term “libtard”.

    Only a true skeptopath would say such a thing. You might as well face it IO, the Ecatard may be right. :)

    Rossi moving most of the monetary risk from the customer to himself - it more or less killed all the fraud arguments

    Fraud arguments are live and well, because there is no customer. No risk was moved anywhere. His demo was in his condo for God sakes. Frank from ECW admitted it. And it is not contradictory at the same time to talk about it being a fraud and then about being unsafe. To actually be sold to real customers it would have to not be a fraud, AND THEN safe. It is a logical AND so either premise can be logically attacked. So one can suspend disbelief about it being real temporarily and say it must not expose people to strange radiation and destroy their voice and make them wear platinum sponge wigs like it seems to have done to Rossi.

    They are real, the E-Cat's (as Rossi claims) are not.

    Their babbling won't make the Skat's any realer.

    Bang, the SK is the realest of ecat's yet, It won't get any realerer until the next version that will be so much more industrialized.

    You just must be one of those socioskeptipaths who are all out bring down the savior of the world, Dr. Engr. Rossi, PhD

    a restrained, fairly regular, yet subtly chaotic type of oscillation.

    As true fine art, Rossi's Ballerinametric presentation can evoke different emotions for different philosopher observers, from resplendent subtlety to grotesquely monotonous repetitiveness.

    For scientists and engineers, this motion is quantifiable. Can somebody run an FFT on the video so we can look at the motion frequencies? The video frame rate is probably not known though?

    The more flowery the language describing the motion, the less the analysis has credibility in my mind. This is why I kind of don't like the term "lovely gammas" making the rounds.

    Like you say IO it is the divisor part of the COP that is the issue,

    I suggest something more like:

    ((Power out * conversion efficiency to useful energy) - Power in) / cost to make and fuel and service device over useful life per unit time

    So if for example if the power output were 100% neutrinos it wouldn't be quite as useful