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    The paper is classic SM (standard model) nonsens. A proton will never catch an electron to form a neutron under what ever condition.

    But isn't electron capture by a proton a common method of radioactive decay, well evidenced without resorting specifically to the standard model? From the most accurate science reference on earth, wikipedia :)

    Some common radioisotopes that decay solely by electron capture include:

    53.28 d
    35.0 d
    1.03×105 y
    60 y
    337 d
    27.7 d
    3.7×106 y
    2.6 y
    271.8 d
    7.5×104 y
    3.260 d
    270.8 d
    8.5 d

    I just asked A.R. to clarify what he

    meant about the picture.

    Ah, I see. This difficult question requires the rigorous RMC approach (Rossi Multiple Choice) in order to get a straight answer.

    I remember this is how Einstein published Relativity. Someone asked:

    Dear prof Einstein, which of the following is true,

    A. F=mB

    B.Del dot B =mu0 I

    C. RU/18 QT Pi

    D. E = mc2

    Einstein selected D and the rest iis history

    I know that anti Rossi team are going to assassinate me however if someone for example could solve Lugano's enigma, he would be able to make a clean Nerva rocket which is very simple to design.

    In addition, this rocket engine could run below 1500 °, which would make a very cheap reactor.

    Regarding specific pulse calculations, the weight of ejected element remains predominant, hydrogen remaining the solution.

    Hopefully their are no assasins on lenr forum. But what is the Lugano enigma? Sounds sketchy to me.

    Reading only JONP would be far too confining for my tastes. Mental inbreeding, yuck.

    Rossi must have procreated his team by Mental inbreeding. How else could you create so many virtual people, all similarly convinced Rossi is not a fraud, all at the same time able to hide any traces of their physical existence?

    Is anyone aware of current news about research into Mach effect thrusters, Woodward's work etc?

    I always felt this was important research because it least has a groundwork in Relativity and may not break the conservation of momentum due to it's solutions being Lorentz invariant.

    I haven't heard much recently except during the EmDrive hype times when some postulated the EmDrive was actually using the Mach effect.

    But besides Sawyers' latest virtual presentation which I found confusing in his assertions about it needing a "load", that seems to completely died out when the German group claimed to understand the source of measurement error.

    Speaking of Rossi supporters, many seem to be losing faith. What happened to wecatglobal? Director seems to be MIA ftom ecw now, negative resistance regime and all. And Axil said this: "This query response tells me that Rossi does not understand the science behind the LENR reaction.". Did Axil not read Rossi's magnificence paper? And I think Mark and Sam really just enjoy playing Devil's Advocate, with the Devil being an accurate description in this case.

    anything short of he himself announcing he was a fraud that would change your belief. Were I you, I would not bother reading anything except JONP.

    If Rossi announces himself a fraud, it would be considered a clever action to avoid too much attention before he can ramp up production. That is what was said about why his SK "industrialization" presentation was so amateurish. And also ECW is a safe zone that Mark can read as well as JONP and even Reseach Gate, if you only stick to the paper with the highest "full reads".

    Mark, Not sure how close you followed the Doral lawsuit proceedings, but it was revealed that Mr. Fabiani was a long time family friend of Mrs. Rossi. Evidently they went a "long way" back together.

    So Bob, are you insinuating it was not so much a team, as a love triangle? Maybe that explains Rossi throwing his computer out the window. Maybe he saw something on it he couldn't handle. (This is how you start bogus rumors, ecw style)

    He also may have a team in Europe.

    Don't be fooled Rob. He has no team at all, except a legal team and his wife. I challenge you to show evidence to the contrary.

    I will even accept circumstantial evidence like LinkedIn profiles, government filings like tax records, publications which include their names, or actual admissions of any individual, you name it.

    Everything except posts on Rossi's blog which we know are false.

    I understand it could be very tricky to snap a picture with his cellphone and download it somewhere. Hence the cautious wording.

    Also as THH says, his answer "Ill see what I can do" is obviously a true statement.

    He might see if he can do jumping jacks, crossword puzzles, or pass a senility test.

    (California bullet train) Has been downed by the red/black (reps/oil) mafia. The same people that already 100 years ago bought the L.A. tramways and just eradicated them to kill their enemy = public transportation.

    As someone who has lived in San Diego California for 36 years, and understands the geography, geology (earthquakes and canyons and faults) with engineering experience, and knowledge about the politics of my state, I might have a better understanding of the bullet train and I think I know it has absolutley nothing to do with an oil mafia but instead political waste like ITER. Let me know if you have insider information about my state.