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    I think you discovered Rossi's team of experts.! (or a part) .. they build their own science around ECAT .. is a real source for AR tremendous advances in physics.

    Both Axil and Vibrator talk at length about their own physics theories to explain Rossi's miraculous results. However they argue amongst themselves that each others theories are wrong, and both agree Rossi is wrong. But they both believe in Rossi still. It makes perfect sense.

    There have been many scammers who have been enabled by protectors, and some brave people had the tenacity to expose them. This story is ancient. Do you remember the Emporers new clothes? Bernie Madoff? It is obvious Rossi has done serious damage to the respectability of real LENR researchers. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Squashing criticism of a scammer is not the high moral ground. I think it is more self serving, to save face after supporting him in the past, which I did briefly.

    I have an idea to solve this Rossi is a scammer or not discussion. Let's please focus on specific pieces of evidence and decide if they represent a truthful hero or scammer. Before accusing people of casual insults, please respond to the following.

    1. Rossi claimed to have hand soldered 10000 connections on a reactor of size 100 cm cubed. Is this claim heroic or a scam?

    2. Rossi claimed he was in Europe but not Italy, and not quarantined. At the same time his lawyers claimed he was quarantined in Italy. Is this claim heroic or a scam?

    3. Rossi claims his SKLed has 10x the ouput of current high efficiency LEDs. Yet it is unable to power itself closed loop using PV cells, since PVs are so efficient in UV, which the Skled doesn't emit. Is this claim heroic or a scam?

    4. Rossi claimed an indepedent customer who he admitted in court depositions was himself. Is this claim heroic or a scam?

    We can continue this discussion if casual insults are questioned.

    I would not be surprised if lawyers paid by AR would threaten this site

    What lawyer would take that case? Rossi would have to prove he is not a scammer and his critics have no merit. Good luck with that. Who would be his character witness? Mats Lewan? I guess he could shine the Skled into the jury's eyes and blind them to "prove" his earth shattering invention.

    Dr. Skam said that his magic lamp produces a white color light (5000 K) generating more of 10000 lumens in an angle of 60 degrees using only 4 W.

    The above means that putting this lamp at a distance of 1 meters it would be available about 11800 lux (1096 foot-candle) on an area of about 1.1 m2.

    Did you calculate how much electrical power can produce a PV cell under this kind of illumination?

    It is a "special" visible white light between 440nm and 700nm that current PV cells are not "tuned" to, you fool. Don't question MOM. (Magician of Miami).

    Maybe we can get Mats Lewan to explain it to you.

    To be clear : Are you predicting that there will be no working product that will be shown and tested at a Swedish customer premises on November 25 2021?

    Depends on the definition of "working". If working means a device which outputs 10x the photonic energy output of current high end LEDs at the same input energy, then hell no. If working means some cobled together Home Depot based farce like the last demo with switches in the box to trick out tests, or perhaps a new main wiring which supplies power through the ground, perhaps.

    I'll go even one further. There will be no demo at a "customer" site, if customer is defined as a real company, not a shell of Rossi, with say more than 50 employees and more than 500k yearly revenues.

    But what does this have to do with overunity energy generation? What you are talking about seems to be related to carrier frequencies like those used in AM, amplitude modulation. Nothing magical here, this doesn't increase energy in pulses.

    Pyramid schemes are so fascinating in their early formation.

    Why is it premature? It's quite normal that the counting starts from few pieces.

    Clearly the scammer has fear to be be unmasked and his bluff uncovered.

    Rossi is counting on people's inability to comprehend large numbers. If he posts numbers (probably fake anyways) that show orders, people might catch on that his goal is unreachable.

    For example, if his minion orders reach one thousand units, then they might realize they need to do this again a thousand more times.

    The large number conundrum is particularly daunting to those who do not understand "orders of magnitude".

    Truth, on April 4 someone asked already asked Rossi if he would put up a live online counter to show preorder numbers, and Rossi replied "maybe". Today someone asked Rossi if he expected to reach 1 million orders before the Demo, and he replied "no". So I suppose Rossi is expecting the demo to be the catalyzing event for the large orders.

    Rossi already has the million orders. He is just stalling for time so he can track down that hot Orbo model for a second gig.

    Minimum successful order of at least 1 million.

    There might be the rub. Even if he gets a million pre-orders, most people will renege on actually paying.

    The he can say there were not 1 million successful orders.

    Plus imagine the logistics of handling a million orders by himself, without apparent employees.

    This makes 10000 hand soldered connections in 10cm^3 seem like child's play.