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    After a quick read of the original article it seems like it is not really an image of entangled photons, but instead some kind of proof of violation of Bell's Inequality, probabilistic not true single photons . As with all these things, the dumbed down article doesn't clearly describe what the original article does. But I must admit the article seemed so esoteric to me I lost interest and just skimmed it, besides not being qualified or smart enough to really understand it.

    If anyone who is a real physicist can comment, please do.

    I haven't read the article yet, I will soon, but we have to remember that circular artifacts are common in imaging systems.

    For example a small Newtonian refractor imaging mars slightly out of focus would create an image very similar to this "entangled photons" image.

    And doesn't the HUP exclude bombarding the 2 photons with other photons and capturing their position in that image so accurately?

    Heading out to golf, so I have no time to read it right now.

    Has anyone thought of converting all the information on this thread, all 682 pages of posts, into energy using some new variant of the e-cat?

    I think Rossi's version is converting the info on JONP as it's primary fuel, but there is a ton of waste due to degraded information quality.

    Rossi is now claiming the ecat converts information into energy.

    In a sense he is right. Bullsheet is a form of information, which is converted into $$$$ which can buy energy. JONP is a great energy generator.

    And this has launched a series of nonsensical discussions on ECW by the minions about energy/information equivalence, ignorant discussions about entropy where they get the signs revered, white noise, how many Jules per Byte, you name it.

    1. Norma October 17, 2020 at 4:58 AM

      Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:

      After your paper…nge_particle_interactions

      how would you describe the term “energy”, like “energy =…” ?



    2. Andrea Rossi October 17, 2020 at 5:06 AM


      Energy = information density in the space-time

      Warm Regards,


    I find this thread at ECW to be interesting. Bob Greenyer, in a remarkable display of lucidity and boldness, challenging the Rossi faithful and taking flack.

    I bet Frank is torn over banning him like he would anyone else for questioning His Highness Rossi, but Bob is one of the few with any credibility still posting there.…egy-for-e-cat-is-decided/

    Just an example:
    Avatar Bob Greenyer  Roland 5 hours ago

    • Come on, come on... come on... AND GET ON WITH IT THEN!

      If the service delivery period is 6 months, and it has run as long as you say (without any facts whatsoever) - are you saying that it has to be tested for 6 months - 6 weeks, because this version produces marginally more electricity in closed loop than the original SKL.

      What if Rossi says he has reduced the heat output by 20%, ie shifting electricity output by 1% from 95% to 96% - are you going to seriously argue that he needs another 6 months, on the nose, to verify what he is already claiming as fact, that it will last for 6 months. It is either fact or an aspiration, it can't be both.

      At what point do people start agreeing with his unfulfilled licensees or others that tried to secure an SK on any terms that it is literally a waste of life debating something that has 0 tangible facts.

      Either Rossi will deliver something in the market or not, until that time, it is far less credible than BrLP which, sadly, is factually no more than a Potempkin village - but at least they show progress in their videos which actually shows real engineering and progress.

      At the same time, you have Celani, whose device we verified publicly, Parkhomov, whose 225 day reactor transmutations have been independently verified by something like 7 parties including the MFMP - Parkhomov has shown steady theory driven progress and handed over his reactor samples each and every year for half a decade without restriction on testing. You have the NASA group which are getting widely published, the Japanese that are being replicated, the Russians that have coherent findings and have precisely published the methods to achieve those results. Then you have 2 well funded international groups in EU that are tasked with taking the science forward.

      Set all that against the continuous stream of fact less bold claims backed up by absolutely no customer testimonies ever in best part of a decade and it becomes a little fascicle, it is as if the less proof that is given, the more people take bold claims as gospel.

    New words in Rossi's "yes/no" answer bingo!

    Some other canned answers Rossi needs for his answer dictionary:


    I am not able to answer truthfully

    A mix of none

    This information will be witheld in due time

    I cannot answer in English, only Gibberish

    It does not depend on reality

    Enough to keep people believing

    I did not say that intentionally

    Our team has many dedicated men, women, and space aliens.

    We are working very soft.

    Thanks for your kinky sustain

    Alan, we are joking. I never accused Mark of anything psychological. I know Mark and he and I can take a joke. Heck Sam even called me ugly :). That post was a joke about getting his true feelings out with drugs. I am sorry I diagnosed Axil without a license. I won't do that again.

    Mark, reminds me of the few of times I tried pot. Never want to do that again. I don't like the feeling of not being able to hold a train of thought. It's already hard enough with my feeble brain. Too bad it's the fashionable "healthy" drug now.

    So Rossi is locally harvesting the energy of the vacuum, while simultaneously bringing order to the rest of the universe. My lord.

    But Rossi is simultaneousy harvesting investor dollars as well. Beyond miraculous! Rossi seperately deserves the Nobel Prize in Physics, Economics, and Peace (fresh water powered by the ecat etc).

    Finally Rossi answers a sock puppet and explains everything. How could we be so stupid! ZPE, ZBW, ABE. electron phase change (liquid to gas?), entropy. Schematic is clear. Axil should tell him its chiral polariton static magnetic Bose Einstein condensate vortexes and really confuse the matter

    1. Robert Degrazia October 3, 2020 at 2:40 PM

      Dr Rossi,

      Can you explain in few words the leading theory that you think is at the base of the effect you reached with the Ecat SKL ?

      Thanks if you can answer,


    2. Andrea Rossi October 3, 2020 at 3:03 PM

      Robert Degrazia:

      My opinion , that could be wrong, is extracted from the long series of experiments we made: I think the theoretical thread is this:

      Zero point energy-> increase of ZBW and Araronov-Bohm Effect -> electrons phase change -> formation of clusters of electrons on coherence of phase -> lower entropy, lower thermal capacity, less freedom degrees -> transfer of energy to electrons not in phase

      This schematic emerges from par 1,2,3,4 of…nge_particle_interactions

      Warm Regards,