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    That’s the truth A.R. deleted the post.

    Maybe he realized he might of hurt

    Physics Fans feelings.

    He didn't hurt my feelings, I am pissed at his lying and defamation of me posting facts.

    I believe he removed the post because his lawyer told him to, before the Miami judge gets a copy and it causes him to end up in jail for blatant lies to the court (if he is not in Milan, as he says)

    Not sure if AR was using (again) a sock puppet to ask himself as he does frequently (if you follow ROssi long enough you can mostly find common patterns in using grammar and language), just to calm down his crowd of followers and get rid of this kind of doubt and questions,...

    Usually such kind of questions from real "doubters" are not published on his blog and are being moderated....similar to ECW.


    I was the sock puppet.

    Didn't you notice we have the same first name? Physics:)

    If you check his blog he deleted these lying posts now. His lawyers probably told him his direct contradiction to their filings was going to get him in trouble. And since he now publicly defamed me, I need to find a lawyer to sue his ass.

    Sorry to ruin your extra income, but Rossi and I have come to terms, and I will taking over Leonardo Corp

    That is actually a brilliant idea! Start a blog TNJONP, (the new journal of nuclear physics) and post about your acquisition of Leonardo corp. Since Rossi has not a single reference, who could refute it? Post in depth details about his quarantine in Milan, along with TMZ style reports of his wifes tennis partners in Miami. Mention new European parners (Lego Industries). Post new adverts on ECW, but once again proclaiming it is LENR! Finally get rid of Rossi's lies.

    I own a small collection of chinese silk embroidered art work. The company I got it from (selling this artwork here in the us and around the world I believe) is offering direct shipment facemasks from their supplier in China. The prices offered seem reasonable, not a ripoff. I am thinking of ordering. Plus I have probably more Chloroquine than I would need (thanks SOT) If anyone is in need of these things let me know.

    I just remind you that Bush junior has two times faked ballot counting...

    "third world education level"

    What kind of bullshit is that? And you are an expert on American politics and people how?

    From your filthy rich ivory tower in Switzerland, home of the Nazi neutral folks?

    Talk about inappropriate and offensive political comments.

    Moderators, this kind of political bullcrap is completely inappropriate for a LENR message board.

    Just FYI I finally did receive my Chloroquine from the online pharma link I got from SOT. I had basically given up as it was showing stuck in customs for a week. It all appears legit from the packaging etc.

    I would only take it in an emergency, like I can't breath and hospitals are full, because I did have a heart attack. But I just feel much better thinking now I have a safety net. I can post photos if people are interested.

    Well I still kind of follow Bernie Madoff, so maybe. But we are absolutely in no danger of losing his cult followers. Have you read people like Eric Ashworth and KeithT and Buck's incomprehensible babbling posts on JONP? I can't actually understand why Rossi doesn't delete most of their posts. They are moronic even by JONP standards.

    My order of chloroquine from 24x7 pharma that SOT suggested earlier is still held up in customs for 5 or so days. Do the bureaucrats realize they are costing lives holding up these deliveries? Anyone have any suggestion to help remedy this situation? Call a Senator? And the some stupid article about one patient overdosing. Thanks media.

    Sven B March 22, 2020 at 11:15 AM

    1. Dear Andrea Rossi,

      Your comments today are very interesting:

      Recently you confirmed that you are staying in Europe but not in Italy.

      Now you say you are working in your own house.

      Have you got a house in Sweden?

      If not where in Europe are you staying at the moment?

      Kind regards

      Sven B

    2. Andrea Rossi March 22, 2020 at 11:34 AM

      Sven B.:

      For security reasons I have been suggested not to disclose where I am. I am in Europe.

      Warm Regards,


    Rossi caught in yet another blatant lie. Apparently he has multiple houses with labs in multiple European countries as well as US? Sure he does. What "security reasons" prevent you from saying what country you are in?

    Lying sack of shrimp.

    Yes I recall from Rossi's blog perhaps some months ago, that the control box is much smaller. And yes I believe Rossi is in Europe, as he says. Don't know what county, or if his team is with him. His lab is adjacent to his residence apparently, so he isn't travelling right now. Of course the Ecat SLK exists and is being tested now by a third party, and will be demoed in the near future as the CoVid-19 restrictions permit.

    Mark, the whole crux of your posts is that you believe everything Rossi says on his blog. Even though he has given zero evidence for any of it, along with his pathetic track record of never having shown a working device that passed any third party validation. Your belief in him seems completetly irrational. I just don't understand how an otherwise intelligent guy can fall for such an obvious cult leading charlatan.

    SOT, I had a heart attack around 6 years ago. I just completed a stress test and they said my rest ejection fraction was borderline, but under stress my heart did well, with good results in every other measure. I am quite active otherwise. I assume a conservative chloroquine dose would be safe? I used to take losartan but don't much anymore as I have been measuring my blood pressure and it is usually normal or barely above normal. Thanks for the free medical advice :)

    I couldn't avoid posting this brilliant comment from JONP:

    March 21, 2020 at 6:00 AM

    Dear Andrea,

    I think you are informed of the results of the Ecat Sk operating with your customers in the USA.

    What is the level of their operational functioning?

    If you deem it appropriate, express your satisfaction on a scale from 5 to 10.

    LOL, Rossi is not allowed to answer less than 5.

    Let's all rate our wives/girlfriends/husbands/boyfriends on a scale from 9 to 10 😀

    PS All this is ignoring the so-called Control Box, which apparently consumed lots of power. If I recall correctly the control box is quite small now and presumably uses much less power.

    As for the new control box, what info are recalling from? Rossi's blog posts? Why are you presuming it uses less power? Why do you think the skl even exists at all? Rossi's blog posts? Do you find them evidence at all? Do you also believe Rossi has been gallivanting along with his team all around italy and europe, all during the wuhan virus pandemic?

    So you're saying that Rossi is taking the voltage drop across a one ohm resistor, and pretending that's the voltage drop across the entire circuit.

    Sorry, that's something (even) I find very hard to believe!

    What everyone seems to be forgetting is that in Stockholm, Rossi was videotaped flipping a switch under the box right before the 1 ohm resistor test, nullifying the whole test anyway. Yet we still must believe him because we hope for his scam tech to work.