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    I cannot speak for whoever deleted your post, but with regard to your other comment I imagine that someone with strong religious beliefs like my friend Frank Acland (ECW) would welcome as much sexual innuendo as you care to post. You are welcome to try.

    In my experience people with strong religious beliefs are ok with sexual innuendo. My aunt was the craziest. It is the censorship I have a problem with. Frank is starting to let more posts questioning Rossi. He used to delete 80%, of my posts, now maybe 20%, only when I correct Axil's or other peoples word salad nonsense.

    Comment deleted - not appropriate

    Can the moderator who deleted my post explain to me why this is so inappropriate that it had to be deleted, rather than moved to clearance etc? Are you offended by humor that has the slightest bit of sexual entendre?

    If any sexual innuendo are off limits like UFO's and magnetic motors, I guess Director was right. Maybe I will post on ECW, as long as Frank allows :)

    What we should really worry about, that he might accidentally create some kind of device converting matter into energy directly which, once in SSM, will consume the Earth and the world as we know it;)

    Forget storming Area 51, storm his Miami Beach condo/manufacturing and research hub. The fate of the entire world hangs in the balance! Is James Bond available? Maybe they can make another James Bond documentary, "A View to an Annihilation, Quantum of Destruction".

    There's an additional area I won't mention where the truth is going to come out as well - and I'll make it my goal in life to make sure that no one on this forum ever gets to discuss it!

    I'm there with you Director, let's storm that area in September. I am easy driving distance to Area 51 and I am considering going, at least for the party, and I want to Naruto run.

    Seriously, the UFO story has more chance of truth than Rossi having something. Unless he copies Mizuno. Maybe Mizuno started the Naruto thing.

    Mark, Rossi said this was the Industrialization phase, not the pioneering phase, until it didn't work. Why do you think there are a handful out there? I say there are none out there. Evolution Rossi style means no progress ever. Can you not see that?

    Mizuno's technology while stunning is the equivalent of what Rossi was working on before his first public test. Rossi moved forward from there, testing a wide array of different configurations and optimizations. He soon learned that there were other ways to produce atomic hydrogen to dramatically accelerate the absorption process into the nickel. Electrical discharges, radio frequency generators, the use of of LiAlH4 (the gas that is emitted is atomic before recombining), and other methods allowed him to improve upon his first devices. Eventually, he started working on pure plasma based devices after he and other parties observed "creatures of light" within his reactors that used three phase AC power that created rotating magnetic fields (ideal for spinning up plasma). I remember a few of the names were E-Cat X, Madam Curie, QX, SK, etc. These all had one common feature - they utilized the negative resistance regime of an electrical discharge to create a self organizing "complex space charge configuration" or macro-EVO. I'm guessing his first systems only produced transitory EVOs in a method similar to Kenneth Shoulder's original system. Later, I think he probably discovered that you could create a stable macro-EVO. These go through three stages. First, the complex space charge configuration is formed with an interior of positive ions and an exterior of electrons. A double layer of positive ions and negatively charged electrons protect the structure like a cellular membrane. Second, further self-organization takes place and the CSCC starts absorbing energy and matter from the plasma environment and converting it into electrical current. During this stage, the CSCC remains tethered to the electrode. Finally, the last step of self organization takes place and the CSCC detaches from the electrode.

    My guess is that he has been able to optimize the self organization of the CSCC by resonantly tuning the circuit and adding heavier elements such as Argon in addition to hydrogen or deuterium.

    I think another level will be using additional isotopes that can be spin polarized like 199Hg or silver.

    The things you say Rossi has done have not actually occurred. Even if you believe Rossisays, he never said most of these things, and in fact Rossi would not understand three quarters of what you just wrote. You are projecting your own fantasies into this alternate reality that is consistent with delusions. If Rossi has improved things as many times as you state, he would have something that works by now.

    Nope, believing LENR may ultimately provide a useful source of energy is not that far fetched or outlandish. Believing Rossi’s endless BS has any merit IS ridiculous. What I was talking about is UFOs, polywater, Bigfoot, magnetic motors, and the rest of the paranormal looney bin. The remaining Rossi believers seem to be serial credulists. Lots of LENR supporters believed Rossi at first. Most of them have come to their senses at this point. The truth is, there is little reason to think Rossi has anything to do with LENR, regardless of what your view of LENR is.

    Many of your examples are more believable than Rossi. Most with very small but greater than zero probability unlike Rossi. For example, I think Rossi having a working e-cat and the Flat Earth hypothesis being true are about equal statistically. Extraterrestrial UFO's are higher, relatively.