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    Haven’t been paying attention lately. So the incredible invention that 10 years ago was going to solve humanity’s energy problems has been improved so many times that it is now just a light bulb?

    Yes, but it is a REALLY cool light bulb that is cube shaped and cannot work in a light bulb socket, just plugged in to the wall, because electricity is different in the socket versus the wall.

    It's a language thing.

    No, it's a BS thing. Any competent engineer or physics student knows exactly what an order of magnitude is. Certainly a Dotore Eng Rossi should know.

    About the 25W LED bulb, that is a 25 W draw. It should not be too hard finding something in that ballpark.

    I don't see such a bulb. Link? Remember all Rossi's parts come from Home Depot. He has no partner to supply it because he is a fraud.

    By simple visual inspection, the luminosity from the SKLed should be about the same as the store bought 25 watt LED.

    If it is, we have a winner and the SKLed works as advertised, QED.

    What was advertised was "orders of magnitude", so 100x better.

    Plus there are no 25 watt led bulbs I can find with a quick search, only 25w equivalent at 3w draw. I think the new scam will work along these lines, saying it is a 25 watt bulb. Remember Rossi is now targeting the stupidest, nigerian 419 scam style.

    Not sure where you're getting the idea that the Ecat SKLed customer in Sweden has anything to do with previous customers of Rossi. Also, Rossi has said that the customer will test the SKLed both before the presentation and at the presentation, which will be on their premises.

    Mark, do you not find it odd that none of these supposedly happy customers have ever surfaced, except on Rossi's blog? Or any of his "team"? Or any "partner"? Or any job postings,? Or any financial dealings?... The only recent records I have been able to find are Miami Dade County Court dockets concerning his getting sued for not paying a contractor since 2017 I believe.

    Yeah it's stunning that the SKLed can be that inexpensive. The Ecat SKL within the the SKLed must be greatly downscaled from the original in terms of size, complexity and power output. Same with the controller. Incredible.

    Perhaps the catch is the SKL price is $30. Shipping and "handling" is $9969.99.

    Good point about the controller. The complicated electronics of the controller fit in this cost? This argues that the controller has been eliminated, and the SKL is just a pass through or was eliminated. The plug wires just go directly to the off the shelf LED, eliminating the need for the SKL altogether

    That would match my drawing.

    You should read the posts of others before you post....Or once try to read something of what Mills posted on papers... This will answer your question.

    I was talking about Mills claim that he was sending his hydrino materials to an independent lab for validation. I have not seen an independent hydrino materials verification yet. And as for your advice for what I should do, I would give you my advice for you but decorum prohibits me from specifying, but it involves hydrino materials as lubrication.

    In other Rossi news, in the other lawsuit, you know the one where Rossi doesn't want to pay for a service he received on a technicality because that's the way he rolls as a well respected 'businessman', a deposition seems to be on the way. Too early to tell whether they caught up with him or his wife after a year. Wonder which country it was claimed to be from? Background lighted by SKLeds no doubt.

    Do you have any links?


    Just found the info on the Miami-Dade county court site.

    Deposition notice document is "Pending Redaction".

    Savior of the World Andrea Rossi has to hide his shady dealings.

    Hearing scheduled for 7/23. I don't know why the courts are letting him drag this out like this.


    Local Case Number:2017-012030-CA-01Filing Date:05/19/2017
    State Case Number:132017CA012030000001Judicial Section:CA24
    Consolidated Case No.:N/ACase Type:Contract & Indebtedness
    Case Status:OPEN

    30403/11/2021 Notice of Taking DepositionEvent

    Anyone heard anything about "hydrinos in a bottle" or these mysterious hydrino materials that were being sent to labs for analysis? Seems like we should have heard some results by now. Also the sudden pivot back to photovoltaic is a bit troubling, but I understand the point that they can reflect IR back into the system and improve the efficiency at lower black body temperature (it's in the latest updates on the BLP site).

    Unbelievable. Mats is still giving Rossi compliments? I guess when you write the Rossi Gospel according to Mats, it is hard to turn back.

    But seriously, how can someone with an engineering physics degree and who claims to be a technology journalist still not come out and admit he was defrauded?

    He is looking like a complete fool now, until he writes the sequel "An Impossible Invention, A Certain Fraud"..

    And what about the Swedish scientists who helped convince me that Rossi was for real before I came to my senses? Which cave have they hidden in?

    1. Mats Lewan March 16, 2021 at 5:08 AM

      Dear Andrea,

      The news on the E-Cat SKLed is interesting. My compliments.

      As for the need and demand for clean (non-fossil) electricity, apart from lighting, transportation, and heating, and industrial applications such as steel production, one important use today is in data centers.

      Please let me refer to a radio report by BBC on this topic, to which I contributed, covering the establishment of huge data centers by Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and others in Sweden because of the cheap and fossil-free electricity we have in our country.

    2. Translate Andrea Rossi March 16, 2021 at 6:05 AM

      Mats Lewan:

      Very interesting, thank you,

      Warm Regards,


    Does this brilliant 1 million unit E-cat "SKLed" launch qualify as crow eating worthy accomplishment?

    Rossi is brilliant in his own way.

    In order to sell these, he says he has to have 1 million preorders.

    Since there are only maybe a few hundred or so minions that believe him and will order this, he will get an orders of magnitude less preorders (in the physics sense of orders of magnitude, not the Rossi sense).

    So when he fails to get the 1 million orders, he can blame his minions. You are not worthy!!!!.

    P.S. Also, who would order from someone who we don't even know what country he is in?