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    I never said you weren't really smart Axil. I am sure you are smarter than me. I am just saying that you should seek help for mental issues related to mania. I am sure you have heard this from others in your dealings in the real world, not just message boards.

    Well this thread is turning into ECat World but a better version without censorship. To be honest I kind of like it, but I am sure the forum minders are distressed :)

    Axil, if you believe all the things Rossi says are true, and even more important if you believe everything you say is concrete true, you better check with a psychologist,

    These are very obvious signs of Manic Depressive behavior, and you are obviously on the manic side currently. You disappeared for a while now come back with even better understanding.

    I was dating such a person. Great person. Smart. But you need to deal with these episodes. We all wish we understood everything and our sudden realizations would change the world.

    But those realizations are rare. If you send me publications explaining your physics with equations and not buzzwords, I might change my mind.

    “The Exotic Vacuum Object (EVO) is the soliton that produces the static chiral magnetic electroweak field that generates the LENR reaction“


    I didn't see this in Rossi's paper that completely explains the ecat. Rossi says it's all about SLuRPIes from 7/11. Axal, why not help Rossi, Mizuno, Russ George, Mills, everyone else out since you have all the physics completely worked out. Did you offer help to them before? I actually got emails from both Rossi and Mills. Rossi when I corrected his Celsius to Kelvin conversion error, and Mills when I asked him about how hydrino materials can be magnetic. They can be reached. A paper explaining your physics in Research Gate would get more views than even Rossi. You would have to hire someone to put equations in it though, not just lots of unusual words.

    See. If one corrects simple errors in any single sentence, then you get inundated with a barrage of word salad intermingling every possible fringe theory all rolled up into an unarguable mess. Then one gives up. It is impossible to argue a million things at once. Here is just one tidbit that caught my eye.

    The connection between proton decay and electroweak unification is well established in grand unification theory.

    Grand unification theory is not well established. Hence how can aspects be well established? Which unvarified GUT are you using?

    After Rossi's upcoming ultimate triumph, a new thread shall be commissioned :

    Rossi's Ultimate Triumph.

    Welcome back Axil. There are not enough Rossi folks left anymore so it is good to have more people to chat with.

    I remember last time I saw you posting here, about 7 months ago or so, you said we would be eating crow very shortly. Has the crow spoiled, or did you put it in the freezer? Isn't there an expiration date for Rossi to deliver in your mind?

    You say Rossi demonstrated COP > 1. I must have missed that. Has the Nobel Prize committee been notified?

    And I wanted to ask you about this new physics you mentioned on ECW that I never learned about studying electrodynamics in college.

    Your quote: "Dynamic magnetic fields... fields produced by an electric current... is not effective in the production of the LENR effect. Only a static magnetic field applies.

    The LENR reaction is caused by ultra strong static magnetic fields"

    I was under the impression that the magnetic fields produced by magnets and by electromagnets were pretty much the same. Can you point me to textbooks or scholarly articles describing the field equations you are using? I don't think Mawell's Equations support this line of reasoning.

    Tell us when, and we can reactivate that thread, and slowly sunset this story. My guess, is that after the next disappointment, members will have had enough:

    Rossi: The final chapter

    This thread will live on in infamy. The final chapter will just ramble on indefinitely.

    How about this agreement. We can sunset this thread when:

    1. Axil eats crow with Heinz Sause.

    2. Sam posts a nastygram on JONP calling out Rossi as a fraud.

    3. Alan files his report on the qx demo, and apologizes for ignoring questions about obvious Rossi lies like 10000 hand soldered connections onto a 100 cm^3 "reactor" and being quarantined in Milan while not being in Italy.

    4. Mark U admits he was just joshing all along, he never believed Rossi and was yanking our chains.

    Remember when we used to have this thread about the end of the Rossi shenanigans?

    As someone mentioned recently, Rossi is 70 years old. He will never admit the ecat doesn't work.

    The same delay game will continue until the end, and that end will be either Rossi passing away, or possibly disappearing off the grid in Peru or something.

    The question becomes what happens then. Since I suspect nobody will surface from Rossi's fake customers and team members, what will happen to the cult?

    I assume their propensity for conspiracy theories will go on overload. CIA, Big Oil, "Pseudoskeptics" on LF, everyone will be fair game.

    These kind of cults dissolve or continue in various ways. In this case I believe the result will be similar to Scientology, when L Ron Hubbard passed.

    The JONP is available as a sacred liturgy, and there will be new high priests to ascend to the top of the hierarchy.

    Perhaps they come from ECW, or even here?

    We might be surprised who would do such a thing, but history has shown again and again that this type of thing is likely to happen.

    I kind of hope I'm around long enough to see this unfold.

    Nice to meet you Sam :) Mine is Zachary Miles.

    Are you related to Miles Long, the adult film star?

    The funny thing is my mom picked my first name, "Physics".

    Which is kind of serendipitous since I studied engineering physics.

    My middle name used to be "4" but I started spelling it out.

    However we were always quite sensitive about our family surname.