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    I guess sLRPI didn't make the cut? That has the highest full reads on research gate. ;)

    PFD, you should relax a bit and not jump on every poster that, according to your interpretation, posts as pro-Rossi fan.

    Just to refresh your memory, I am neutral as far as Rossi's claims. I don't have any hard proof that he has what he claims.

    I haven't seen any poster at LF that has hard proof that Rossi does not have anything.

    Rob, I'm not trying to pick on you. I just think it is a bad idea to assume something with no evidence at all (the E-Cat SKL)

    and make all sorts of logical extrapolations based on this incorrect assumption.

    That is science fiction. Assume something like faster than light travel is possible, and all sorts of speculation become possible.

    That is fun and all, but it is fiction.

    This type of fiction about the ecat is a smokescreen that distracts from the hard proven fact that Rossi is a scammer,

    proven in court dockets.

    This is the Wild West Rossi thread. Don't take it personally.

    If you can't take the heat, get thee to a nunnery! (or ECW)

    I've taken lots more flack than this post.

    Sam called me uglier than my wife for gosh sake :)

    Q: What person educated in physics doesn't know what an order of magnitude is?

    A: None. Rossi is not educated in physics. He is a philosopher and con man. Those people cannot convert between Celsius and Kelvin.

    Rossi's miSKLed must outperform current LED's by over 200x to meet his "orders of magnitude".

    you don't need in-, out power measurements if you can calculate how big volume is needed to power a led for a year with known energy sources (assuming the device is not connected to the mains)

    Rossi already said it runs off the mains. He apparently gave up on closed loop. (I'm being generous here in assuming he was working on it, not just blogging a fairytale)

    LED is probably chosen because just switch on means a very constant load anticipated, which is probably required with the current status of his device due to complications of control.

    I wonder whether Rossi anticipated LED dimming.
    LED dimming usually is done by power modulation which might be disadvantageous for the current ECAT.

    Dimming option is an absolute requirement that needs to be included.

    Rob, you are analyzing this as if a real "product" exists. Why?

    This will be just a cobbled together set of LEDs fed from the mains.

    The reason Rossi went this route is because LED efficiency throws a layer of obfuscation that will allow him to claim nonsense which his minions will accept.

    This single unit "SKLed" ploy will ensure he can't/won't test the power in and out of the actual ecat skl (if such a thing really exists).

    Here is a quick sanity check. Rossisays they will manufacture 1 million a year, and that they are manufactured by Leonardo Corporation.

    Yet Leonardo Corporation has no verifiable employees, no sign of hiring anyone, nobody on Linked In, no job posts on Monster or Indeed.

    For all the years Rossi has talked about partners, there was only ever one: IH. How did that turn out?

    Rossi finally admits what we said all along, that the e-cat skl is just a light bulb.

    1. Frank Acland March 11, 2021 at 11:57 AM

      Dear Andrea,

      Are the LED lights used in the E-Cat SKL normal off-the-shelf LEDs, or are they specially made for use with the SKL?

      Many thanks,

      Frank Acland

    2. Andrea Rossi March 11, 2021 at 4:45 PM

      Frank Acland:

      Good question.

      They have been invented in a way to match the characteristics of the Ecat SK to yield the maximum of efficiency, studying with the spectrometer the LED light and many other factors. The Ecat SKLed is a synergetic unicum.

      Warm Regards,


    And since he says it is an integrated device, there will be "no way" to directly measure power in vs power out.

    My friends, we have been Mis"SKLed" again. And by "unicum" I think he just misspelled unicorn.

    Here is the history of the ecat output claims:

    Heat only.

    Heat + Electricity

    Primarily Electricity.

    Electricity in close loop, no mains!

    Electricity connected to mains again.

    LED lightbulb connected to mains.

    Rossi said :

    "Light consumes the 58% of the energy produced in the world by fossil fuels" bizarrely (disturbingly?) wrong.

    Perhaps Rossi's lighting company partner was promoting a generous figure of 5.8% and Rossi misread it. Hard to say!

    You should know by now that when Rossi says something blatantly false, it should be ignored and excuses made, like language issues, Rossi is tired from working so hard, etc. If you question him on this you will be a rock'n troller and lose your ECW and JONP posting privledges. Tread very lightly.

    What you don't realize is that Rossi no longer does LENR according to him. He is WAY more advanced than everyone else according to his cult members. His papers have the 4th highest number of full reads after the Bible, Quran, and the 1972 Cosmopolitan "Burt Reynolds" issue.

    Sorry guys, but I have to remind you that the topic of this thread is collecting information and methods to generate SR (as per OP request). It is not to debate of philosophy of science or on the existance of the phenomenon itself. If you are upset by peoeple discussing on potentially non-existing phenomena, please open a separate thread and complain there instead of making background noise here. For the same reason, I will not reply to OT posts in any way (and I invite all genuinely interested people to do the same).

    I would think evidence for strange radiation existence or not would be desired here. The argument that you must be a believer to post here is eerily reminiscent of philosophy of E-cat world. Honest debate is what separates LENR Forum from ECW (and The Flat Earth Society, etc). ECW may be a better home for the type of discussion you desire, with a moderator on the delete button for even the most well supported arguments. I am under the impression that many of the LENR friendly researchers are not so enthused about this whole strange radiation theory. That plus a minor point, who put you in charge?

    What we know up to now is that:

    Is there agreement that "we" know these things? Who knows all this?

    This is a lot to know about a subject "strange radiation" which many people believe is completely unproven to exist.

    I'll give you one in your list that for sure most people would be in total agreement. number 7.

    "Laser radiation, even at mW power, seem to be useful to trigger something in certain conditions;"

    At the very least lasers can trigger fluorescence with many materials, and that is useful in my line of business.

    If you are able to compress external electrons skin radially, they should i expect slow down and increase both their mass. In fact a radially electron resonance should behave as an energy storage.

    In few words phonons resonance could be able to do direct electricity, for example.

    Electrons do not have "skin", at least as far as I can find via google. Where can I read about electron skin compression experiments? Doesn't it become lacerated?

    Thanks for the reply. I looked at your patent app for a minute but don't have the time (or knowledge) to dig in more, but I plan to. I have around 6 patents myself. Any status on approval?

    I do appreciate you are trying to use physics equations. I have another question of the Entropy to Mass conversion. For e=mc^2 the units work out perfectly, kg (m/s)^2. Not so much with entropy, which has a 1/K term added. How do you reconcile the units?

    Actually I don't really get your dark energy discussion. I'm not even totally sure it exists and is not just showing current theories are inexact at these large scales.

    E equals m*c*c. Does that seem nonsensical? If things are related by an equals sign, then there is some equality. Have you never used Gibbs Free energy equation? I think not. It is easier to not think or accept a dumb answer. I have provided via my profile the information you seek but you have not consider it. Are you now going so low as to call me non-scientific rather than consider my analysis? How can you be in this forum looking for truth about LENR and at the same time demanding proof for a proposal?

    To be specific: This reaction happens, basis atoms, 2 oxygen and 14 deuterium react to produce 4 nitrogen and 4 Hydrogen. Basis thermodynamics the Free energy was 95.6 million BTU. The measured enthalpy was 2871 BTU. No high energy radiation or amazing large light production was observed. So what does the math say? Why do you object to the production of mass from expected Free energy? Can you offer more than just an object to my proposal?

    Forgive me for not knowing where to find it but I see no information in your profile. Your statement was entropy creates mass, not energy. E=mc2 is energy, not entropy. I understand that Gibbs free energy relates energy, enthalpy, and entropy, but no I do not use it as I am not a chemical engineer. I cannot find your information that supports the hypothesis that entropy creates mass. As a simple thought experiment, since entropy is increasing in the universe, and since it creates mass, should not the mass of the universe be increasing? I have seen no studies that support that. Please send a link to someone other than you, and tell me how I can find this info in your profile.

    Here is a simple though experiment

    So simple a child could do it!

    The thread is called how to understand LENR, but the more I read this thread, the less I understand about LENR. For example entropy is the dispersion of energy. Entropy is not energy. How can it create matter? This seems nonsensical. Can you post a link to a scientific paper on this topic? When has it been experimentally verified that entropy has created matter?