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    I am thinking about getting t-shirts made. Here is one example logo, but this is for a company so we will need to design our own, with the LENR Forum prominently displayed. Can any of the mods get permission and are their any graphic artists that can help design the logo?

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    I don’t know how many are Engineers on this Ecat World thread but I am sure some of them are and they evaluate it.…urbine-with-the-e-cat-sk/

    Sam I am an engineer and I made evaluations there but they usually are not posted. Do you understand that Frank highly edits this propaganda to only allow supportive posts? With only hearing one side of an issue, you can't come to a rational understanding. At least here in LENR Forum all opinions seem welcomed.

    I believe Adrian is just arguing for the sake of arguing, or he is just pulling our legs. He can't say in one breath he hasn't made up his mind yet about Rossi, and in the next sentence that the commercial QX is "ready" and point to the ECW world posts as evidence. He won't answer any question that would prove incompetence (ex. my question if the 1 ohm resistor test really showed anything). He isn't really incompetent. He is just a debater for fun, and he is a master.

    So with the SK operating at twice those temperatures it should be possible yo use it to power a gas turbine.


    Here, in a nutshell, is the typical mind numbing discussions at ECW.

    1. Rossi makes some claim without proof on JONP.

    2. The people take him at his word, despite his many proven lies in the past (we have no reason to doubt?). If the claims are contradictory to old claims, it is ignored.

    3. This information is extrapolated and morphed into extensions to the original claim, which suddenly become the new truth to the ECW faithful.

    4. Someone asks him cryptically about the morphed claims, and he gives a one word or a couple of word answers, "yes", "confidential", etc.

    A great example was the supposed food customer. Rossi said something off-hand about food production. Suddenly it became a large conglomerate, the identity of which everyone was guessing. And the Robots of ABB, how they suddenly became design partners. And if you ask for proof of the reality of any of these claims, your post is deleted.


    as long as he is not able to convert from farenheit to celsius, there is not the slightest reason to believe anything he says.

    To be fair to Rossi, it was converting between Kelvin and Celsius that was the problem. He has temperature in eV nailed though.

    One thing I don't understand is how Rossi is able to "retrofit" with the turbine. The SK is already completed and out of manufacturing?

    He has a "retrofit" kit? Can he retrofit the QX so that the COP is greater than 1?

    The electrical power going into the QX was determined by the measurement of the 1 ohm resistor in series with the QX .

    Adrian do you really in your brain (not your heart) believe that this 1 ohm resistor measurement had any validity as a measure of power input? Even disregarding the Rossi switch flip shenanigans? If so I find that astounding.

    Despite being insulted over my lack of research and laziness, i started looking at some of the links that the belligerents sent. Seriously I am glad as I had not yet seen some of these links and i enjoy this subject. I do really think there is something going on in some of these experiments that warrants alot more study. However every researcher i checked into in these links seems to be dead or at least not involved in LENR. Is there anyone still alive who claims to be able to replicate LENR? I guess LION thinks so but he has not been of much help I guess. Axil completely understands the physics apparently (chiral polaritons etc) but is unable to replicate anything. But he can suggest to others to get fuel from other others. And then there is O day, what a joke. (Queue the insults now)

    Pons & Fleischmann were successful and have since been replicated ~100 times,

    Where did you get this 100 number? Do you have a list of the 100 replications? I would really like to read about them. Sounds like a made up number to me. Did you count them? If not, then why not just say 1000 replications? That sounds more impressive.

    Andrea Rossi is a determined, hard working, intuitive inventor.


    The QX ‘s output of 100 W is really too small for large industrial applications

    So are you saying Rossi's incredible intuition failed him so badly that he couldn't realize that his QX "masterpiece" output would be too small, before shelving his previous higher power versions? Or was he just determinedly working too hard to realize it at the time?

    The advancement of LENR know how has been near impossible in these last decades because of the profit motive that most experimenters operate under. No matter how hard these people work during their lives, their know how is lost to the grave. The open source LENR development method where all research progress is passed on to others to continue the work is the only way that LENR can advance and spead, and where this sucessful LENR research can be protected from loss, openly documented, and passed on to others.

    I whole heartedly agree. But then why do you seem to support Rossi, who represents the polar opposite? Can you post this message on JONP and we can see his response?

    and now - to the shame of the taunter - one of axil's suggestions is being tried out empirically

    Touche! I truly am sorry if I said it in a sarcastic way. The problem I am trying to point out is that some here, including Axil, act as if LENR to them is a completely understood phenomenon. He says things like, "LENR usually does <such and such>" and acts like he knows everything about the subject. He never says "I think...". How can we know what LENR usually does, when there is not yet one repeatable experiment that can be analyzed using statistics to say what is "usual" LENR vs. "unusual". Isn't this the kind of pomposity that many here (including me) disdain about some in the physics establishment, who think they know everything? Shouldn't we have the same skepticism of people here as we do for mainstream Quantum physicists who rule out LENR? This kind of goes along with the presentation of "O day" which was advertised as some remarkable knowledge only known by one human. This kind of behavior just bothers me and I overreacted. We are still waiting for "O day", by the way. Even I could make a suggestion that Alan could try, for example "Paint it white". If these suggestions leads to repeatable LENR, then I will have to eat my words.

    The LENR reaction is a weak force based reaction, a particle decay reaction that has nothing to do with fusion. The meson is the sub atomic particle usually generated by the LENR reaction, not neutrons. Sometimes fusion does occur as a secondary reaction produced by mesons/muons. Tritium is usually not a product of the LENR reaction.

    Axil, since you have a well established theory of how LENR works, can't you build a working device for others to replicate? I don't understand why you let people waste time trying to replicate LION when you already have it figured out. What was the highest COP you got on any of your devices?

    Axil, No, I don't really trust human visual perception of artifacts in images as scientific evidence. Working in the computer vision field, sometimes directly involving human perception, I know it is flawed. Add to it that the human psychological ability to find patterns in noise, particularly if it agrees with your desires, is well known. In fact I think you "retweeted" an article about that here which I posted on ECW originally. I still think I am open minded about physics. But is there any explanation or theory about what "strange" radiation might be? And more important can it be measured?Nobody seemed to answer those questions. That seems"strange" to me. Anyhow I am mainly interested in any evidence that LION has a LENR active device, but I haven't seen evidence of that yet.

    Thanks for running the experiments everyone. I have one question. What is the evidence that the original LION experiments showed excess heat or LENR in the first place? I read that Bob G says it was because "Strange Radiation" trails were found in both samples. However is "Strange Radiation" considered a real phenomena, even among the more open minded physicists? Is there a general understanding of what strange radiation might be (ex photons with a certain strange wavelength range, Strange Quarks, bubbles from Strange Brew, etc.)? I think it is great to run these experiments, I just wonder about the initial justification and what is so strange about the radiation.

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