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    That might be the non zero constant of integration, which PfD omitted. Also, it is questionable that the function was continuous to begin with. Nevertheless he gets a thumbs up for creativity.

    Time (in units of years) is a continuous variable. Plus constants of integration only apply to indefinite integrals. Did you develop Rossi's hexadecimal Clifford algebra?

    New book out about a Rossi competitor.

    Not just Rossi takes the 20 year strategy to perfecting a world changing invention, but another gentleman as well.

    This new book has a strikingly similar title to Mats' brilliant book about Rossi (copyright infringement?).

    This book is called "The Impossible Dream". The parallels to the Rossi story are amazing, except Rossi has not yet become the leading Crypto currency trader in any country yet.


    I would like to see this evidence too Mark. Can you tell us what you perceive as evidence, even in a lopsided pro-Rossi view?

    If it is something Rossi said on his blog, let me remind you that he recently has said he is not in Italy, while his lawyers said he is quarantined in Milan.

    And he has said he personally soldered 10 thousand connections to the ecat, whose estimated reactor volume is 100cm^3 = a 4.6x4.6x4.6cm cube, which is a cube with about 1.8 inch sides.

    Do these claims add to the evidence?

    Rossi finally reveals he is working with the DOD and this work is classified! This explains all the delays and secretiveness. Here all along I was assuming he is a scammer, but he is really a national hero!

    1. Eleonor Mandi August 25, 2020 at 9:07 AM

      Dear Dr Andrea Rossi,

      in your paper…nge_particle_interactions

      you write “dense exotic electron clusters in E-Cat are presented”.

      Can you describe how you obtain the density of such clusters?

      Thank you if you can answer,


    2. Translate Andrea Rossi August 25, 2020 at 9:17 AM

      Eleonor Mandi:

      Sorry, this is a classified part of our IP.

      Warm Regards,


    "hexadecimal" does not mean "16". It is a numeric positional system for computers with 16 valued digits 0-F. Using that term for "the clifford algebra" indicates to me that he doesn't really understand it. Which is not surprising. People who know something about math and physics tend to use the correct terminology, particularly brilliant future nobel prize winners. Scammers use buzzwords they heard of to cultivate cults 😀

    If one puts an electric arc through hydrogen, the volume of the hydrogen decreases and the average molecular weight increases. If one mixes skrunken hydrogen with fresh hydrogen and put the arc to it, that mixture loses volume faster. If one places the skrunken gas in a balloon permissible to hydrogen, the skrunken gas escape faster than fresh hydrogen.

    Link? I never heard of this and I just ran out of hydrogen and balloons and my arc source is with Dr. Frankenstein.

    And damn, I forgot to add OHMASA gas to my list! Is there such a thing as Brown's Omasamagnegas?

    Another sock puppet "Gloria" load of alimentory excrement by Rossi. Challenged by his nonsensical post about "hexadecimal clifford algebra", a sock puppet not only confirms his nonsense but raises the anty with "hexadecimal blades of space-time clifford algebra" Seriously anyone taken by this BS at this point needs to see a psychologist. Are these blades Occam's razor blades?

    1. Gloria August 22, 2020 at 5:46 AM

      Dear Dr Andrea Rossi,

      Is the electromagnetic four potential obtained in the hexadecimal blades of space-time Clifford algebra ?

      Thank you if you can answer,


    2. Andrea Rossi August 22, 2020 at 9:20 AM


      Yes, and with these blades you can see at a glance that electro-magnetic field, charge, current and mass are parts of the same entity: this is why there is also a citation of the “Occam’s Razor” in Ref, 12 of…nge_particle_interactions

      Warm Regards,


    Mills business meeting presentation:…Overview_Presentation.pdf

    He still behaves like a dumb and does not explain what happens with the H*-H* that he produces. Just talking of a clean energy source is not having a clean energy source...Can it be contained? How? Can it be reactivated from H*-H* --> H2? This then would form a complete fuel cycle.

    I think he is claiming to produce H(1/4) and it does not need to be reactivated. It can be released. The source is water. I have no idea where "H*-H*" came from. Does Mills use that lingo? I honestly don't know. If not we shouldn't. It is kind of like "Rossions".

    Just for the sake of historic accuracy and respect to the person, Brown's Gas is used in honor of Yul Brown, who was the inventor of the machine that produced his flavor of HHO.

    Thanks for that info.

    Yull Brown is mostly known as Yull, sometimes Yule, and Yul.

    He kind of reminds me of another Yul, and myself actually now that I have my quarantine beard.

    OK, let me get all the various types of hydrogen either below ground state or exhibiting extraordinary behavior.

    There are:

    H(0) (Holmlid)

    H(1/4) (Mills)

    H*-H* (Wyttenbach?)

    Magnegas (Santilli)

    Brown's gas (Charlie Brown) *if you mix it with oxygen

    Am I missing any more important versions?

    "Hexadecimal system of the Clifford Algebra"? Where does he come up with this stuff? Plus he only seems to know one book, the Occam's Razor one that ripped off Mills without mentioning him.

    1. Physicist August 17, 2020 at 8:22 AM

      Dear Dr Rossi,

      the ref 12 of…nge_particle_interactions

      is strictly connected with the Clifford algebra: which is the link to the theoretical system of your paper ?



    2. Andrea Rossi August 17, 2020 at 8:45 AM


      Yes, the electromagnetic four-potential [V * s * m^-1],[eV] is based on the hexadecimal system of the Clifford algebra, and the electromagnetic four potential defines the “zitterbewegung” of electrons.

      Warm Regards,


    Here is one of the tests done for the almost four times higher density of the so called “magnehydrogen” versus regular hydrogen.


    Magnehydrogen comes after submitting water to a plasma arc and separating the obtained hydrogen from the oxygen.

    Edit to add link to published paper about magnehydrogen (2013).


    From the link:

    "The ideal gas law was used to determine the number of moles of gas in the flask,"

    So they used the ideal gas law to show that "magnegas" does not obey the ideal gas law.


    Assuming "Magnegas" exists, and we believe the ideal gas law, what they are showing is that this gas is not strictly diatomic, but roughly "Octatomic".

    I lost track, Is anyone promoting Magnegas now? That was relatively a long time ago.

    I see they fired Santilli and changed the company name, and that new company name no longer exists for some strange reason.


    I take it back, apparently "Taronis Technologies" still exists.

    It is kind of funny that people can be so knowledgeable about a new form of matter that is claimed to behave differently than any other gas and has not yet been studied, or really even undeniably proven to exist.

    Although if Mill's recently listed types of evidence can be replicated, then hopefully this will come soon.