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    On a positive note, the implication might be that Rossi

    The track record of people interpreting what Rossi's cryptic messages might mean is quite compelling.

    For example, guessing what his paper means,, which global companies are his partners, in which country Rossi might be, etc.

    I have been thinking about Rossi's posts and papers and I am going to go out on a limb and say I KNOW who Rossi's partner/big customer is.

    Remember it is now very clear the Rossi Effect harvests zero point energy from the vacuum.

    Armed with this knowledge, it is obvious his manufacturing partner and customer is Dyson.

    Not only will they be running their vacuum cleaners using an onboard e-cat SKL, but they have built Rossi's manufacturing hub.

    With this strategy, The e-cat powered Dyson vacuum cleaners not only clean, but they are used to generate THEIR OWN VACUUM (fuel) in the penultimate feedback loop.

    So put that in your crack-pipe and smoke it.

    here are some topics that I wish I knew more about in trying to understand LENR

    Some more important knowledge/skills when trying to understand LENR studies:

    1. Scientific Method.

    2. Thermodynamics.

    2. Human Psychology (particularly subjects like Mania and Sociopathy)

    3. Institutional Bureaucracy

    4. Crackpot identification skills.

    So only members can see posts now? Isn't part of the mission of LENR forum to spawn interest in new and younger people, so that when old farts like myself pass on there will be new blood to continue persuing the cause?

    Did I miss your explanation of how your magnetic mass theory explains the mass differences between a positron and proton? Or how your theory mathematically predicts anything new that can be tested?

    This post was not moved to clearance. I just chose to post here since I don't know where else.

    Can Barty or the mods put back the original trollbox please? What is this telegram thing? I went to create a login but it was asking for too much information. I only see one "post" so unless I misunderstand, this current telegram box is a complete waste of space. The trollbox was fun.

    What is the conclusion from all this? The mass of a free electron is the real "charge" - the greater the "magnetic mass of the electron", the higher its "magnetic potential" or "magnetic charge" .

    In the synchrotron where I worked summers at Cornell (materials handling, not theoretical physics), electrons and positrons were accelerated to relativistic speed. Their relativistic mass should have been way larger and they should have been deflected more than expected since you say electron charge = mass. Why did they not notice this? (Oh I forgot Einstein is a moron like Coulomb.)

    I think he accidentally flipped questions 1) and 2) in his mind.


    I described a naive picture of what I imaged was happening in the Ecat. He said sorry, it has little in common with his thinking. What a let down! ||

    If we have to switch around his yes/no answers to the questions we *believe* they correspond to, we can support any conclusion. Correct?

    Your explanation which Rossi shot down was only necessary because his paper explains no source of energy. It is no surprise you are wrong because it is a trick question. There is no right explanation, or Rossi would have given it.

    This is what I eagerly await.

    Hi Mark. I was just reading your good questions to Rossi from Jan 6 on RossiLiveCat.

    I am a bit confused by his answers to a couple of your good questions.

    I am hoping you can clear up the meaning of Rossi's answers just like you cleared up the meaning of Rossi's new paper.

    Here are your questions and his answers.

    (MarkU) 2 ) In what country do you intend to have the conference?

    (AR) 2- maybe

    me: This is a fascinating answer I would like to better understand.

    (Mark U) 5 ) Do you intend with the upcoming demo to provide enough rigour in a setup that might change the mind of a reasonable skeptic regarding energy generation?
    Or will it be geared more for informing those who already believe in an energy producing Ecat?

    (AR) 5- skepticism is a problem for the skeptics, not for me

    me: Since 99% of people are skeptics rather than true believers, does this answer give you hope that Rossi will actually show any proof at all it works?

    If his intent is only to prove to his already believers, then what is the point? It is kind of like flat earthers showing other flat earthers "evidence" that the earth is flat, is it not?

    "Most scientists […] care about one thing, and one thing only:

    FUNDING. Money. Status. Power."

    That's 3 things. Reminds me of Monty Python, Spanish Inquisition:

    "NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition! Our chief weapon is surprise...surprise and fear...fear and surprise.... Our two weapons are fear and surprise...and ruthless efficiency.... Our *three* weapons are fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency...and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope.... Our *four* *Amongst* our weapons.... Amongst our weaponry...are such elements as fear, surprise.... I'll come in again."

    (You didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition, did you?)

    The quality of the forum is in large part dependent on the quality of members inputs. Reflect on that.

    The quality of any forum depends subjectively on what one perceives as quality, which many times is dependent on one's personal agenda.

    For example, I think the ECW members believe their forum quality is tremendous, from their agenda of supporting Rossi.

    I believe the quality of most of the posts on ECW is horrendously bad.

    I believe the quality of the posts on this subforum are quite good, in that they supply readers a realistic analysis of Rossi's claims and behavior.

    The staff recently debated shutting down the Rossi thread to up the quality of the forum...which has been trending down in quality lately,

    There have been some interesting

    comments lately

    Yeah Shane, where have you been? Sam and I agree. The Rossi thread is Great Again! Just check all the new lively banter. Nothing like discussing all the new ground breaking physics in the philosopher's latest masterpiece.

    this theme is missing from his updated paper.

    That is really my point. Rossi explains nothing about energy generation. If Rossi had really explained anything perhaps his admirers wouldn't be going through such great pains trying to explain what they think he meant to explain. Especially on ECW. That site has become so Axilized that many posts seem to have been written by AI pseudoscience gibberish generation software.


    In his updated paper Rossi does convey (although somewhat obliquely) the various ways that the Vacuum might be contributing to energy generation.

    Scientific papers should not be "oblique". Philosophy papers, maybe.

    I must be dense. I do not see any explanation of energy generation (besides the bogus results at the end). Can you supply the specific sections and sentences you think describe this?