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    I say that all discussion about SAFIRE and EVOs should be banned on this forum along with UFOs. Let's go ahead and make the cynics happy.

    My title was removed which mentioned EVOs.

    Please go ahead and make all the cynics happy by banning my account and instituting an IP ban.

    I'm looking forward to when Mills...

    1) Produces a free floating fireball in a plasma that doesn't touch any part of his reactor.

    2) Optimizes the fuel mixture not just for Hydrino production but also potential LENR reactions.

    3) Adjusts the various parameters of his system to optimize output.

    I expect that when he does that he will have a system that produces a massive amount of output that doesn't destroy itself.

    Scott Fusare

    None of those promoting Shoulders' work seem to be. Possibly private replication attempts by other parties might be ongoing but I have no actual knowledge of those. Note that I mean direct replication of his actual devices/gizmos, not liberal interpretations of any observation he might or might have not made.

    I don't know of anyone who has went about a serious replication of the exact devices Ken Shoulders built EXCEPT the possibility that Eric Davis did indeed build a replication at Edwards Air Force Base. A visiting scientist who got a tour there claims to have seen a replication and was told it produced excess energy but they didn't know how to scale up the effect. Now we know exactly how to scale up the effect: build devices that generate large scale EVOs that exist for a long period of time. The scuttlebutt is that he was going to write a paper on the replication but the whole project was classified.

    I highly urge you to read the book. Then go and download every single essay and paper written by Ken Shoulders, read them, and go and read the book again. You won't totally "get" the concept until you've done a lot of reading.

    I would say that high electron density isn't what constitutes an EVO but can generate conditions favorable for EVOs to self organize. One of multiple ways which EVOs may be able to induce nuclear reactions is due to their high electric charge due to their density of electrons around themselves. If a high density of electrons produces transmutations that doesn't absolutely mean an EVO was involved. However, I expect that when you suddenly produce spikes of electrons due to surface plasmons that the conditions are favorable for EVOs, even on the nano-scale, to form.

    The following is a link to information about a new contract available in connection with DARPA's "Quest for Undiscovered Energy Storage and Thrust."…3b027379/view#description

    Here is the link to a PDF that can be found on the same page.…nload?api_key=null&token=

    It is related to the following "Disruptioneering" program.…ab375993370bf9602a69/view

    Basically, they are offering a contract for parties to receive funding (one million dollars) to develop radical energy and propulsion technologies.

    The sad thing is that this has already been done in waived, carved out unacknowledged Special Access Programs.

    Although the individuals managing the QUEST program may very well know NOTHING about the existence of the SAPs that have already developed ultra advanced technologies, they should be seeking to locate and extract such information from private contractors rather than forcing the public to "reinvent the wheel." I sincerely hope that no one with a valid alternative energy or propulsion technology attempts to get this contract unless they can get, in writing, a statement that they are free to openly publish ALL of their results. The last thing we need is more secrecy.

    I'm certain that there are contractors who have been building devices based on self organizing plasmas (EVOs) for many decades. I think that this could be a way for DARPA to monitor those parties who are building devices utilizing this phenomena. Most likely, once you accept the money your work will become classified.

    Once again, I would urge all parties that are even considering to apply for this contract to get a written promise that they can share all their results openly. I would also urge them to create a "dead man's switch" so if DARPA decides to classify their work after breaking such an agreement that all of their information will be shared across the internet.

    I would also like to remind people what happened to Kenneth Shoulders and perhaps even Dr. Eric W. Davis. The govt. tried to classify Kenneth Shoulders technology but he resisted and wrote the book, "EV - A Tale of Discovery." After refusing to give the names of who he distributed it to, they let his patents go through. Also, the scuttlebutt is that Eric Davis was indeed funded to perform a replication of a Kenneth Shoulders EVO generator by the Air Force Research Laboratory at Edwards AFB. However, right before he was going to publish a paper they classified the whole project.

    I hope that the SAFIRE Project doesn't get involved and have their whole project classified. We already know they are working with the DoD according to Monty Childs.

    The good news is that the know how to produce high powered systems utilizing EVOs for energy production and transmutation is already out there. The basic idea of how to use the same phenomena to propel a craft (utilizing a toroidal self organizing plasma with a superconducting layer of cooper pairs to produce a bubble of magnetic vector potential) is already out. But if the government wanted to, they could snag every project working on this technology before it could be commercialized.

    Director, I realize that I am a trigger for your pent-up rage, but I am confident that many of us here are genuinely curious whether there are any fringe claims of any sort that you do not automatically assume are valid?

    Either answer the question or ignore this post. Don’t go off on another of your ad hominem rants please.

    You are intentionally attempting to antagonize me. But that's okay, because you expose your agenda more and more with every post.

    First of all, I obviously do not assume anything is valid without doing research on the topic. I read and do a lot of research. Quite often, I stay up all night long until the next morning attempting to track down information on the topics I find interesting. If I don't feel the evidence is there, then I ignore it and move onto something else. Unlike the pseudo-skeptics (paid and unpaid), I don't harp on the topics and claims that I can't find enough information to come to a conclusion about. If I don't think something is real, I'm not going to waste my time on it. Why? Because it's far better for me to try and contribute towards phenomena that I think at least could be real. The accusation that I "automatically" accept any claim as one hundred percent valid shows your question isn't valid at all. I would say almost no one "automatically" accepts every claim as legitimate. Some people do more research than others. I'd say that I do much more than the average person.

    The EVO pheonomena is a topic that has a huge amount of supportive evidence going back a very long time. I can look at a wide array of inventions and devices, learn how they worked, and then come to the conclusion that Rossi is likely utilizing the same phenomena. In fact, I would say I'm certain due to the fact he's using the negative resistance regime, he's producing self organizing plasma balls, he had the same problem with overheating as others have had, etc.

    It is abundantly clear that there are individuals here who are quite confident that their tireless scouring of fringe websites provides far greater scientific acumen than advanced degrees and decades of research experience.

    Anyone who recognizes the evidence that LENR does indeed exist is already in possession of far greater scientific acumen that 99% of physicists on the planet who still think it's impossible. If you can't accept a mountain of evidence because of a lifetime of being taught dogma, then you are not really a scientist at all. For example, look at how so many "mainstream" scientists instantly dismissed the discoverer of quasi crystals despite the irrefutable evidence he presented. The Linus Pauling institute made him resign because they couldn't mentally handle the fact that he had evidence of something that went against their cultish religion. I could go on and on with many examples, but the truth is that there's plenty of space for people to look through accumulated scientific evidence over the last hundred years and make vitally important observations that 99% of PhDs on this planet would never have a chance of making because they would never be willing to view the evidence.

    I would say that someone willing to look at all the evidence with an open mind without a single degree is more of a scientist than a closed minded MIT graduate with a dozen degrees still determined to make hot fusion work.

    .......yes we all wish what Rossi has is what he says he has i.e. an effective LENR device which he is about to bring to market but he has promised the same thing so many times before without producing a working E-cat so nobody believes anything he says now. And the rest of all his nefarious history which is indisputably well documented. A successful entrepreneur peddling BS. He's not the only one, the free energy market is riddled with fraudsters out to exploit a gullible green energy motivated public petrified by the approach of a future climate disaster. So - any good points about Rossi, anybody??:):thumbup:

    Rossi is an incredibly hard working, intelligent, and intuitive individual. However, he has inventors syndrome just like virtually everyone else who has came up with a radical new technology. He is willing to lie and manipulate to advance his technology.

    Say wot?

    You mean like IH tried to provide for around three years and came up negative on all attempts? After they paid $11+ million to secure Rossi's complete cooperation? Like that?

    First of all, if you read some of their own reports you will see how they thought that certain tests they conducted of Rossi's powder based systems did produce excess heat. Of course they never provided a test report, so we can't be sure if they measured any excess heat or not. They were obviously not going to boast about producing any excess heat during their lawsuit with Rossi.

    However, they NEVER attempted to replicate any of his plasma based configurations. Do NOT suggest that they tried to replicate any of his configurations that utilized a pure plasma system. That was one reason they were so angry with him, because they felt - and perhaps by law actually did - own all rights to the QX, SK, SKL, etc. Of course they cut a deal and now they don't own any of Rossi's technology. But if they would watch and see what's happening with SAFIRE and BLP, they would quickly realize there is plenty of room for plasma based designs. If they really wanted to, I'm convinced that if they hired a handful of PROFESSIONAL and highly experienced electrical engineers and material scientists, they could build a plasma based system in a short period of time that would be suitable to be commercialized.

    Once the reality of how all these different groups are utilizing the EVO phenomena (self organizing plasma), there will be a RACE to produce different reactors.

    Rossi's technology worked and I'm convinced his current technology most likely works - although we need a third party report to make sure. It's basically the same effect that's being utilized in The SAFIRE Project reactor and Brilliant Light Power's Suncell. Moreover, it was utilized a long list of technologies going back a hundred years. In short, if you produce a macro-EVO (plasmoid, fireball, complex space charge configuration, plasma ball, etc) utilizing the negative resistance regime or another method (RF/MW), tune it into resonance, and make sure it exists within an optimal atmosphere (which includes hydrogen/deuterium), you will get excess energy in multiple forms. It's that simple. Period. End of story. No further discussion needed.

    The long term problem with the SAFIRE reactor is that the anode will eventually degrade over the long term. A better approach is to produce a free floating fireball.

    I think a huge difference is the variance in the amount of palladium deposited in the mesh and the distribution of the palladium and the thickness of the layers. If Mizuno could come up with a standardized application procedure which would limit the variability of this step in fuel processing, I think it would be very helpful. Of course I've already been told that my idea of placing the mesh on a spinning wheel at a given RPM and applying the palladium at specific pressures to the spinning mesh wouldn't work. So maybe someone else would have a better idea.