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    BLP should be posting their second quarter update anytime now. My hope is that they will provide the data from their water calorimetry test of a running Suncell. If they don't, I think there is something mysterious going on. There's no reason for them not to publish such data unless it was negative (unlikely), the amount of excess energy per unit of hydrogen exceeds what would be predicted by hydrino formation alone, or the results are so fantastic that they are worried it would motivate competitors to build their own versions of the technology.

    In fact, I think it would be fairly simple to build a reactor similar to a Suncell. First, let's look at the critical components at play in the Suncell.

    1) The presence of hydrogen gas. This hydrogen gas is formed by the breakdown of the catalyst H20. Basically, water is both the hydrogen source and the catalyst source.

    2) The establishment of a negative resistance condition within the Suncell. We know that this must always produce a complex space charge configuration or macro-EVO.

    3) The presence of a conductive medium. In the Suncell, this is silver.

    My idea would be to build a very simple system composed of a discharge tube of a heat resistant material with two solid electrodes on each end, likely composed of a metal such as nickel, titanium, silver, etc. The interior of the tube would be filled with hydrogen and one or more noble gases such as argon. A sudden jolt of current would be applied to ionize the gas within the tube and then it would be lowered. The control system would keep the discharge within the negative resistance zone. Furthermore, the circuit would be tuned so that the ion acoustic waves produced by the complex space charge would achieve resonance and reach their maximum amplitude.

    I believe that in such a system not only would reactions take place that modify hydrogen to release energy, but also LENR reactions would take place. It's also possible that zero point energy would be extracted.

    However, the above idea is only one of several. There are many ways to design a Suncell-like system. Right now, any small nation in the world that wanted to do so could build one. They are not insanely expensive to build (at least on the small scale) and are not overly complicated if you don't use flowing molten silver.

    I really want to know what is going on with BLP. They are the only company that is working on a revolutionary energy technology that may be close to commercializing something. I'm sure the DoD is extremely interested, because even if there was no way to induce LENR reactions, producing 200eV per reaction from WATER would solve the energy problems on this planet.

    This is an example of how extreme irrational skepticism has made science stagnate. Quasi crystals could have been accepted as being real years earlier if his work had not been attacked and mocked. I expect the same to happen with cold fusion in the near future. There's an additional area I won't mention where the truth is going to come out as well - and I'll make it my goal in life to make sure that no one on this forum ever gets to discuss it!

    Yes, I was thinking about the loyalty of his friends / family connections whatever who have entered this tale and had some sort of a contractual relationship with him at various times: Fulvio Fabione, Levi, Penon. But I really don't know. It is one of the mysteries here how Rossi obtains apparent loyalty from any of his co-workers.

    Because his tech works and they've seen it with their own very eyes.

    Rossi is way ahead of everyone else in the field. The problem is that on the path he's been on the technology will NEVER be commercialized in any significant way beyond possibly selling heat to a small number of small clients that need small amounts of heat. Even when Rossi manages to close loop the E-Cat SK he will never be willing to share enough info to a potential partner or major investor to start mass manufacturing the technology. The simple truth is that Rossi is getting older and the human aging process is eventually going to catch up with him. If he would share all the details of how the SK works in a patent application, tell a major potential partner how to replicate, and allow them to do so, he might not becoming a multi-billionaire but he could become very wealthy and still have a positive legacy to leave the world. But due to his inventor's syndrome, I don't think that's ever going to happen.

    This paper proposes a theory that protons when accelerated can extract energy from the electron-positron pairs and be accelerated. In a system with a negative resistance, the complex space charge configuration continuously emits and absorbs ions, producing ion acoustic waves. I believe that in a system that's tuned to resonance the amplitude of the oscillations increase to the point that the protons extract energy from the vacuum. Of course, it is likely that under these conditions LENR reactions will also be optimized.

    The things you say Rossi has done have not actually occurred. Even if you believe Rossisays, he never said most of these things, and in fact Rossi would not understand three quarters of what you just wrote. You are projecting your own fantasies into this alternate reality that is consistent with delusions. If Rossi has improved things as many times as you state, he would have something that works by now.

    I am not writing this to respond to you. What I'm about to say is for the benefit of other readers.

    Rossi's systems have worked. There have been failures both intentional and unintentional, but multiple parties have witnessed Rossi's systems producing significant to huge amounts of excess heat or have replicated his systems themselves. What I find disgusting is not that Rossi is being attacked by individuals like you (due to his recent puppet show that made the whole community look like raving lunatics to outsiders he deserves ridicule), but that even supporters of LENR are willing to dismiss the idea that his technology ever worked because they despise him so badly. This is horrible, in my opinion.

    And you're right, Rossi never flat out said most of what I posted. But I've been following this saga very closely and there have been many nuggets of information posted online. Also, some things are flat out obvious. For example, the glowing "creatures of light" in his LiAlH4 and nickel systems that used higher voltage three phase AC to produce a rotating magnetic field was exactly what was needed to spin up a plasma vortex. This method has been used in spheromaks in the past. Also, the complex space charge configuration is an absolute reality. There are many mainstream papers about them! This is a phenomena that has been documented for very long time. Whenever a negative resistance takes place, one of these complex space charges must form to power the circuit while the voltage and current relationship is reversed!

    I'm sure Rossi knows all about complex space charges and negative resistances. Moreover, I'm sure he is aware of the ion acoustic waves they produce because they were on his oscilloscope during the Stockholm presentation. The wave forms on that display are the SIGNATURE of a negative resistance. The ion acoustic waves are a result of the complex space charge configuration periodically absorbing energy and matter from the plasma and then ejecting the same. Almost like a life form, they do this to power themselves and the circuit.

    Moreover, Kenneth Shoulders is mentioned in one of Rossi's papers. I'm certain that he has read his work and knows that the macro-scale plasmoid or complex space charge configuration in the QX or SK is simply a larger steady state form of EVO. And as we know, going back a hundred years, there are dozens of technologies that utilizes EVOs (even if they were not called that) or the negative resistance regime to produce anomalous effects. I've posted a list of inventions on here before, so I won't do so again. The fact is that by producing a macro-scale EVO you are concentrating the active agent of all these systems into a ball that can produce POWERFUL anomalies including excess energy in multiple forms.

    Rossi has irritated me to extreme lengths, but I will give him credit to one thing. He's a workaholic and never quits. I don't expect him to ever present a working technology to the world in a way that's open. But we have learned a lot by following how he has improved his technology.

    Mizuno's technology while stunning is the equivalent of what Rossi was working on before his first public test. Rossi moved forward from there, testing a wide array of different configurations and optimizations. He soon learned that there were other ways to produce atomic hydrogen to dramatically accelerate the absorption process into the nickel. Electrical discharges, radio frequency generators, the use of of LiAlH4 (the gas that is emitted is atomic before recombining), and other methods allowed him to improve upon his first devices. Eventually, he started working on pure plasma based devices after he and other parties observed "creatures of light" within his reactors that used three phase AC power that created rotating magnetic fields (ideal for spinning up plasma). I remember a few of the names were E-Cat X, Madam Curie, QX, SK, etc. These all had one common feature - they utilized the negative resistance regime of an electrical discharge to create a self organizing "complex space charge configuration" or macro-EVO. I'm guessing his first systems only produced transitory EVOs in a method similar to Kenneth Shoulder's original system. Later, I think he probably discovered that you could create a stable macro-EVO. These go through three stages. First, the complex space charge configuration is formed with an interior of positive ions and an exterior of electrons. A double layer of positive ions and negatively charged electrons protect the structure like a cellular membrane. Second, further self-organization takes place and the CSCC starts absorbing energy and matter from the plasma environment and converting it into electrical current. During this stage, the CSCC remains tethered to the electrode. Finally, the last step of self organization takes place and the CSCC detaches from the electrode.

    My guess is that he has been able to optimize the self organization of the CSCC by resonantly tuning the circuit and adding heavier elements such as Argon in addition to hydrogen or deuterium.

    I think another level will be using additional isotopes that can be spin polarized like 199Hg or silver.

    I don't doubt for a single second that Rossi's working on producing an improved version of the SK. The problem is that he's never going to share enough info with a partner to get the support to mass produce his technology.

    Here is a great paper that details the self organization process of the fireball or complex space charge configuration (CSCC) that allows for the negative resistance to take place. What I find interesting is that there are multiple stages that take place and at each one the fireball further self organizes. The final configuration is a "free floating fireball." I'm convinced that these represent macro-scale EVOs.…asis_of_Self-Organization

    These structures are at the heart of all exotic energy and LENR devices. Tiny EVOs are produced via fracto-emission in systems like Mizuno's and large EVOs are produced in the Suncell and Rossi's SK.

    The quantity and type of output you get is a function of the degree of resonance allowing for the maximum level of self organization and amplitude of ion acoustic oscillations and the fuel mixture.

    I think if you achieve a high degree of resonance, you can induce LENR and ZPE tapping reactions.

    Additional notes:

    - Using mixtures of hydrogen and heavier elements such as noble gases like Argon will stabilize the EVO.

    - Trace quantities of nano-particles sputtered from the electrodes or intentionally added could have important effects.

    I wish that we had at least a couple teams working on building such a system.

    While we wait for Brilliant Light Power to finally publish their data of a series of tests of a Suncell within a water bath calorimeter, I've been pondering if one potential path forward for Randell Mills and his entire team is to build a system utilizing mercury, or potentially a specific isotope of mercury, rather than silver. Such a device would certainly need to be re-engineered in a variety of ways, but the idea seems very enticing to me.

    To begin, let's compare silver and mercury as potential elements to use in the Suncell.

    1) Mercury has a very low melting and boiling point while silver has a very high melting and boiling point.

    (I believe this would be useful and help reduce some of the potential over heating issues required when using molten or vapors of silver.)

    2) Mercury and silver both can be considered to have pseudo-noble gas configurations if ionized and stripped of electron(s).

    (Noble gases seem to be of a benefit to the formation of the macro-EVOs or complex space charges that form in these types of systems.)

    3) Of Mercury's isotopes, 199Hg has a 1/2 integer spin and a positive magnetic moment. 111Ag and 113Ag both have an identical 1/2 integer nuclear spin. However, only 113Ag has a positive magnetic moment (compared to 111Ag's opposite or negative magnetic moment).

    (If there's something about silver's 1/2 integer spin that's important, it doesn't hurt that 199Hg has an identical spin. Additionally, the two isotopes found in ordinary silver have different polarities of their magnetic moment. Could this be canceling out a self re-inforcing effect if spin polarizing of interior positive ions of the macro-EVO is important? Simply put, atoms with nuclear spin will precess when exposed to a magnetic field line such as those within the interior of a plasma vortex. I'm imagining that having two isotopes moving in opposite directions may not be optimal - perhaps inducing collisions and nullifying potential superconducting effects. Could just using a single isotope of silver or mercury be better?)

    4) Mercury 199Hg has a stronger magnetic moment than silver.

    (I think this could be important because it would mean that the mercury ions would more strongly react to the internal magnetic field of the macro-EVO.)

    5) Mercury has a much higher mass than silver.

    (From multiple sources we know that heavy ions help stabilize the plasma structures (macro-EVOs or complex space charges) that form during the negative resistance regime of an electric discharge. Silver is good. Could mercury's even heavier status be better?)

    6) Mercury has a lower electrical conductivity than silver.

    (I don't think this would be a huge issue in a device that created a plasma of mercury.)


    I think that a system that utilized a mercury plasma within the negative resistance regime of an electric discharge could be far simpler than a silver based system. In fact, I could imagine a device that's pretty much only a plasma tube with solid (not liquid) electrodes on each end, a few ports, sensors, thermocouples, etc. I think the key to maximizing the output would be to fine tune the system so that the ion acoustic oscillations from the macro-EVO or complex space charge would be amplified. I do not know if the current silver based Suncell uses any method of tuning the discharge into resonance. If not, I think the system is very unoptimized even though it is already extremely powerful.