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    I'd like to share a few thoughts. It has been almost ten years since I started studying nickel hydrogen fusion, and I believe my understanding now is far greater than even a few years ago.

    Starting off, let's look at systems that use nickel rod/bar/wire and heating elements that are some distance away from the fuel and/or would not produce a significant magnetic field. My thinking is that these systems depend tremendously on achieving very high levels of hydrogen loading to produce a very brittle lattice that is primed for fracture. When the lattice is stressed by pressure or temperature changes, charge separation takes place while clusters of hydrogen migrates inwards or outwards. This produces EVOs that induce nuclear reactions and perhaps even extract some quantity of energy from the vacuum. To optimize a system like this, you should look at Focardi and Piantelli's original papers on Ni-H systems and study their surface cleaning and degassing (vacuuming) routines.

    Next, we can look at early powder based systems that didn't use lithium (or at least not a huge quantity like in the Ni-LiAlH4 systems that would come later). I think that in addition to high surface area nickel particles being capable of absorbing more hydrogen due to the larger surface area - thus creating a larger embrittled surface area - the geometry of the nickel played a significant role. The spikey protrusions of carbonyl nickel would help enhance the electric fields and allow for "sparking" (EVO production) between particles. To a certain extent, these systems could produce excess heat utilizing only fracto-emission that occurs when the hydrogen embrittled lattice is damaged. To maximize this effect and boost loading to the max, if you are not supplying atomic hydrogen from an external source, you could use a nano-particle spillover catalyst like palladium or even smaller particles of nickel. But I specifically remember someone seeing a box labeled "Tesla Coil" connected to one of Rossi's early systems (right around when he revealed his tech to the world). Utilizing a Tesla coil, he could have been applying high voltages directly through the fuel - or he could have been applying sudden voltage spikes to the heating coil. Regardless, these particles would be far more likely to undergo discharges between their sharp points. Not only would transmutation or LENR take place in the gaseous environment between the tips of the particles and where the EVO eventually struck, but the strange radiation could travel to other particles in the reactor and induce LENR reactions.

    Eventually, Rossi started using the Ni-LiAlH4 recipe. There's a lot to discuss here. I could mention the importance of treating the LiAlH4 in such a way to prevent it from phase changing during the release of hydrogen (to prevent the nickel particles from being smothered), the vast difference in quality between different sources of LiAlH4, the fact almost no one purifies their LiAlH4 from contaminants, or several other issues. But my first topic will be that I'm fairly confident Rossi pre-treats his nickel fuel FIRST. If I were to guess how, I'd say by running it under a corona discharge in a hydrogen or deuterium environment which would allow for the FORCEFUL application of atomic hydrogen, but this is simply a guess. Interestingly, Ni-LiAlH4 systems seem to work best - when an external magnetic field is present. And these systems seem to work even better utilizing a multi-phase rotating magnetic field at HIGHER voltages. My guess is that this magnetic field (especially rotating it with three phase) helps produce not only small discharges between the nickel particles, but also can "spin up" and sustain macro-EVOs which could be called spheromaks. Interestingly, in systems utilizing arc discharges, strange radiation usually only shows up when there is an adequate magnetic field - whether that is self generated by the discharge or by an external source. My guess is that these systems are very dependent on the type of electromagnetic stimulation that's being applied. However, if you properly hydrogenate the nickel beforehand to make sure it is already embrittled REGARDLESS if it gets smothered by the LiAlH4 or not, a less than perfect stimulation by electromagnetic field could still produce adequate results.

    Then, of course, you can move on to plasma based systems. I personally don't think the QX and SK are really that complicated. I believe Rossi's extreme secrecy is due to the fact that they are extremely powerful and not overly difficult to replicate if you are willing to play around enough to produce a resonant system that sustains the complex space charge or micro-EVO. When this structure is continually existing, the signature of it, in addition to the plasma ball that's either free floating or tethered to one of the electrodes, are the ion acoustic waves that will be visible on the oscilloscope. To achieve this state, you'll need to adjust parameters such as your gas pressure, distance between electrodes (larger distance the lower the frequency, shorter distance the higher the frequency of the acoustic waves), electrical qualities of your circuit, etc.

    LENR is far less mysterious to me today than it was even two years ago. All we need now are people to build the systems and test them.

    Solar, wind, or geothermal power won't be enough to overcome the problems mankind is facing. They are simply no where near good enough! What we need is a portable, compact, power dense, cheap, and clean energy source that is so outrageously better than anything else available that the cost of a household or business not purchasing a unit would simply be unbearable. I think cold fusion could come close or be suitable - especially if plasma based cold fusion utilized.

    The idea of attempting to force people to change lifestyle or diet to combat climate change is not only fundamentally wrong but also won't work.

    What is the basic fabric of the universe at the lowest level composed of? (Electron-positron pairs?)

    What objects are floating in the fabric of the universe? (Exotic Vacuum Objects or Strange Radiation?)

    How can these energy dense realms be tapped into? (Consciousness, LENR technology, electro-magnetic devices?)

    I propose that there have been dozens of devices built and lost or forgotten over the years that were capable of manipulating the "sea of energy in which the earth floats." These devices could induce LENR reactions, produce transmutations, extract energy from the vacuum, manipulate inertia/mass/gravity, transmit information in unusual ways, etc. I suspect that a universal signature of manipulating the vacuum is strange radiation.

    There are countless experiments that could be performed not only to produce SR (strange radiation) but also to see if it allows for enhancement of LENR systems or PK ability. Some of these would require a certain level of money to buy the equipment and others would be much, much cheaper.

    There are certain signatures that seem to appear when LENR reactors are successfully running, namely, anomalous emissions that could be called strange radiation. Very closely linked to EVOs, or Exotic Vacuum Objects, strange radiation seems to emerge from a broad array of systems that range from "classic" LENR reactors (electrolytic and gas based) to exploding wires, electric discharges, and other setups. Regardless what these anomalous particles truly are at the fundamental level, they seem to be something very unique and not currently understood. They are capable of transmuting materials, damaging materials, emitting longitudinal wave emissions, and more.

    Recently, I came across a series of papers where a QiGong master was able to influence matter in a variety of ways. He was allegedly able to slow down nuclear decay rates, manipulate the properties of water, produce fast necrosis of cancer cells in-vitro, and many other interesting feats. All of these accomplishments were allegedly performed with "Qi" energy. In one experiment, he gave a lecture to a class during which he claimed he would be emitting Qi energy across the room. Participants in the experiment, who were NOT Qi practioners, wore LiF particle detectors while they listened to the lecture. All sorts of analysis was performed on the data collected. In short, during the time he was speaking, the sensors recorded thermal neutron radiation at X10 times above background. I strongly wonder if these detections of so-called thermal neutrons were really neutrons at all, but what we would call, "strange radiation" or EVOs.

    If you study PK phenomena and especially topics such as spoon bending, you will come across papers and writings of Jack Houck, a man who held over 400 individual "PK Parties" in which seemingly anomalous events took place. Without going into all the details, during these parties not only were spoons and forks felt to temporarily go soft so that they could be twisted and tied into knots, but various thicknesses of metal rods were manipulated. Interestingly, although it was not as common as spoon bending, many people were able to bend 1/2 inch steel rods - which are almost impossible to be bent with physical strength alone. Amazingly, although people of all ages, genders, and races were able to bend objects, children over 5 or 6 were usually the best even though they would have less physical strength than an adult. Occasionally, which was hard to catch on camera, people would enter "graduate school" by holding a spoon or fork by the very end and allowing it to bend with ZERO physical force being applied. Apparently, this happened during a private session with military brass who were investigating the phenomena for military applications. John Alexander writes about this in his latest book.

    John Houck came up with some interesting conclusions after years of having these parties. First, harder more brittle metals (which would be more difficult to bend) with more dislocations in the grain structure were the easiest to manipulate with the mind. He theorized that the bulk of the PK "energy" was going into the cracks or dislocations between grains. These grains would start to melt and the metal would become malleable. When using expert metallurgists to examine samples of bent materials, often the results would come back claiming the metal looked like it had been annealed to 1300-1400C. This brings up another fascinating issue - when a metal fork or spoon is ready to bend, it often warms up slightly (if a metal with a low thermal conductivity is used) while the nearby air right around the object cools. Energy is being sucked in. What phenomena that we have talked about in this forum can absorb a wide range of energies? Exotic Vacuum Objects! On all scales from Kenneth Shoulders micro-sized EVOs to macro-scale ball lightning, complex space charges absorb energy from the environment.

    Perhaps a very illuminating discovery was that a "field" of some kind is produced during the PK parties that can soften metal. During a series of four parties, he placed very brittle hacksaw blades on the floor underneath a carpet in the center of the circle where the attendees gathered. They were measured for hardness on the Rockwell scale before and after each party. Additionally, a control blade purchased at the same time as the others of the same brand was kept in another location. The result was that after each party, the non-control blades, under the rug, softened while the control blade remained the same. Basically, some sort of field or spray of particles was manipulating the structure of these blades!

    So here is a conjecture: what if the neutrons sprayed across the lecture hall by the QiGong master and the field produced by the PK Party attendees are both actually strange radiation? If so, one must ask where does the strange radiation come from? To possibly answer this question, we need to look at another field of research: experiencers of UFO phenomena.

    Just as, allegedly, being in close proximity to some LENR reactors can make a researcher sick due to "strange radiation" or longitudinal wave exposure, individuals who have been in close proximity to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) or their occupants (ETs) often have severe health consequences, but obviously not always. There are legitimate scientific investigations into this, because there are dozens of U.S. military personnel who are suffering after getting close to such vehicles. Those who are performing research into this seem to have concluded that various types of radiation must be involved to produce the types of injuries obtained, including heart valve damage and ultra aggressive cancers.

    To try and bring all of this together, I conjecture that whenever the vacuum of space is being manipulated by UFO technology, LENR or cold fusion technology, or the human mind/spirit/consciousness, strange types of radiation are emitted. I think it's probable that some of these particles, closely related to EVOs, may already exist in the environment all around us, perhaps in a cloaked or black state (remember how Kenneth Shoulders discussed "black" EVOs). Or, perhaps when the aether of the vacuum is disturbed to a significant extent, various types of structures, including EVOs and/or strange radiation, self organize out of chaos. Another possibility is that some or all types of neutrinos are really a form of EVO or strange radiation, and that these technologies and/or the human mind can bring them into a state where they are interactive with matter, instead of only passing through whole it with minimal interaction.

    There's much more to talk about, but I don't want to make this post too long. Basically, when I have said that the fundamental physics of LENR will open up the universe to mankind, this is why. There is a connection, which we don't yet fully understand, between all these phenomena. However, I'm convinced there are THREE groups who do!

    1) The Special Access Projects working on ET technology obtained from crash retrievals. These projects receive billions of dollars a year in funding yet have absolutely no oversight, obey no rules, and don't report to anyone. I'm convinced they have mastered at least some of these technologies to build vehicles like the Fluxliner ARV.

    2) God and spiritual entities. I won't go further.

    3) The extraterrestrials themselves. If we really want an understanding of how the universe works and how all of this is connected, we need to ask them!

    LENR is one portion of the most extremely important puzzle humanity has ever made an effort to put together!

    The future is going to depend on what's released, if anything, by the classified world over the course of the coming months or few years. Billions of dollars are going towards classified, highly compartmentalized projects that refuse to "read in" even the most senior of military and intelligence officials, claiming they have no need to know. If enough pressure mounts or certain of these projects - some of which have been sitting on fully functional revolutionary technologies for decades - start disclosing the keys to vacuum engineering, a revolution could happen that would make the leaps in computing technology that took place in the 1990's look slow and meager. You see, the "wheel" has already been invented and to some extent even the most revolutionary technologies we read about regularly like Brilliant Light Power's Suncell are not anything new to these top secret projects.

    If you are not paying attention, the U.S. Navy announced a few days ago that they have regularly detected unidentified craft intruding into their airspace. These vehicles have performance characteristics far beyond even that of our most sophisticated jet fighters. For the sake of this thread, forget the obvious implications and focus on what has been observed: instant acceleration at 200G (extremely conservative figure) to over 400G, seamless transition between media (space, atmosphere, and ocean), no conventional heat signature (meaning no rocket or jet engine), no flight control surfaces, etc. All in all, there's craft that currently exist in our skies with both energy and propulsion technology far beyond us. But these vehicles are not new - they've been spotted in our skies for centuries or longer. In the early 50's, Dr. Vannevar Bush, who had led the Joint Research and Development Board of the Pentagon, was in charge of a group investigating the phenomena. He started the investigation and now reverse engineering from crash retrievals have been taken place for a VERY long time.

    All of this is fact, beyond dispute. If you don't believe me, the evidence is online for anyone who wants to look.

    So when it comes to LENR, I strongly suspect that IF a disclosure takes place our research may be dwarfed by more "mature" technologies that were developed with billions of dollars of taxpayer money. Could this be a reason why cold fusion was suppressed in 1989? Because certain ultra-powerful black projects, with the power to threaten and intimidate even those that are supposed to be in authority over them, already had similar technologies they had chosen not to make public? All it would have taken would be for them to make several phone calls and the decision makers (for example those choosing whether or not to fund cold fusion research) would have obeyed them with little opposition.


    In a totally hypothetical scenario in which there was a critical need for the government to send a ship to a distant part of the galaxy and they were willing to spend unlimited funds to produce a FTL drive, how would you recommend them proceed according to your theory?

    I think EVOs are critical to understanding many forms of LENR in addition to understanding other anomalous phenomena such as the exotic aircraft that various committees in the US Senate and Congress have been briefed on recently.

    The initial versions were similar to other cold fusion claims such as Arata's, which is why they seemed plausible to me and others. The latest ones are powered by Dancing Puppets, I'm told. As you say, they bear little or no resemblance to LENR, or anything else. They are sui generis.

    I can't say that his current systems work or not: there's no proof one way or the other. And I'm every bit as fed up with his puppets as everyone else. But if his current systems do work, they utilize the negative resistance regime of an electrical discharge (between the regular glow discharge and positive resistance arc discharge) which produces ion acoustic oscillations. These oscillations were present on the oscilloscope during the presentation of the QX in Stockholm. Of course just because the oscillations were present it doesn't mean the system was necessarily doing anything anomalous. However, so many different systems claiming exotic effects (excess electricity, excess heat, weird emissions) utilize this zone - including Black Light Power's Suncell - that I think there's a chance the device was producing some level of anomalous heat. But we'll never know because his presentation of the QX was so bad and now he's turned the E-Cat saga (which already had a sleazy side) to a pathetic cartoon.

    I'll also say that it does seem like the basic concept of the QX does roughly resemble some other devices that utilized the negative resistance zone to produce anomalous effects including some of Alexander Chernetsky's devices. If Rossi was using a sharp tip or hollow cathode, I'd say the setup could resemble an extreme modification of a Kenneth Shoulder's style EVO generator. Interestingly, I don't think Kenneth Shoulders ever attempted to produce a resonant system with a power supply that could be tuned to allow a complex space charge construct or "macro EVO" to self sustain.

    If Rossi has anything with the QX and SK, he's done a great job of screwing over the entire community so that devices that take advantage of the negative resistance regime will look kooky and won't likely be replicated. Once again, he puts his wish for absolute and total control over his technology before the entire field and the entire planet.

    Home nuclear fusion doesn't have to be expensive.

    I'd suggest that if a lab has a modest amount of pre-existing electrical equipment, a plasma based system utilizing the negative resistance regime would be pretty affordable. A simple oscilloscope, showing the current oscillations (ion acoustic waves) will show that you are in the correct region, the treatment of fuel may be simpler (no need for long soak times if any at all), ordinary hydrogen may work well, and you can control various parameters in real time very quickly. I think such a system could be cheaper than many powder based systems.

    I have an idea for an experiment.

    Produce a powerful and sudden electric discharge to produce longitudinal waves in a conductive metal enclosure (to block traditional transverse waves) and measure how long it takes for the signal to propagate over a long distance utilizing round, spherical antennas and/or horizontal rods antennas. I predict for the signal to be of sufficient strength a very powerful discharge may be required such as from a high capacity Marx generator.

    I'm not a good artist, so I'll try to explain it a bit more in depth.

    Producing a complex space charge construct (also described as a "fireball" or "firerod" in the literature) is not overly difficult. These structures organize out of the chaos of the plasma whenever a negative resistance is established in an electrical discharge. In a wide range of experiments going back a hundred years or longer, electrical discharges (which would all produce a negative resistance and such a macro-EVO for at least a brief period of time) have produced all sorts of anomalies - including excess heat, light, and mechanical force. What I'm suggesting is for a group to build a discharge tube that could produce such a condition. I could propose some guidelines for sizes and dimensions, but there are many options available. In this discharge tube, they could test various gas combinations, perhaps starting with hydrogen (or deuterium) with a certain percentage of argon. Somewhere in the discharge tube (perhaps even in a hollow electrode if they are attempting to produce a pseudo-spark type effect) they would place a tiny fraction of a gram of various nano-particles of different elements. When the discharge tube is initially fired, a percentage of these nano-particles would be atomized and would spread through the plasma.

    So we would be combining the idea of the negative resistance and the complex space charge with a wide array of catalytic elements to enhance small hydrogen formation.

    Simon Brink proposes that hydrogen atoms excited or shrunken to different levels interact with different catalysts. As an example, the most optimal catalyst to shrink a hydrogen atom at a 1/4th fractional state would be different than 1/8th fractional state. To optimize this effect and produce the smallest fractional states that may most potential induce LENR or cold fusion events, this hypothesis proposes a plasma based environment between electrodes in the negative resistance regime producing ion acoustic oscillations; additionally, nano-particles of a wide array of elements would be added to the discharge by one of various mechanisms a percentage of which would be reduced to a near atomic state by plasma processes. The multitude of atomized catalysts would interact with atomic hydrogen or atomic deuterium to induce the reduction to fractional states (or simply altering the hydrogen to various forms) which would continue to encounter other elements inducing a constant downward process. Simutaneously to these processes, nuclear reactions are speculated to occur providing thermal energy to the complex space charge construct which may be converted into electrical current and more powerful oscillations. At some point, the input power may be reduced or nearly cut off completely allowing the system to operate in a near self-sustaining mode. Lithium, due to its track record of undergoing nuclear reactions at very low energies, should be tested both along with a multitude of other elements and in other tests using only hydrogen (or deuterium) and traces of noble gases.

    The forms of energy produced by such an experiment could include light, heat, traditional transverse electromagnetic radiation, and longitudinal waves as the macro-EVO or complex space charge construct undulates. Methods should be utilized to measure all these different types of output.

    Although not without some expense, such an experiment could be performed on a small scale (shoe box size or smaller rather than table top size) to reduce some material costs.

    His previous versions of hydrino systems were not flawed. They worked. The problem was that he could not get the energy output he wanted due to the fact that the hydrino formation process was self limiting. Now he knows that the negative resistance zone of an arc discharge produces a positive feed back that allows for extremely rapid hydrino production. The problem now is building a controllable system.

    Actually, I don't think I've ever said that there should never be any secrets at all. My position has changed due to the fact that I believe even if you don't have a powerful LENR technology to show the world and you are still in the earlier stages of development (like Brillouin) you should be completely open if you get stuck. If anything, I'm for even more openness now. Previously, I would have thought that such companies might have a justification for secrecy while developing their technology to the point that they could share it open with the world so that hundreds of teams could replicate. I never thought about situations in which a company got stuck or progress crawled along for years.

    I actually do think openness works. My opinion is that there is plenty of money to be made by the company that introduces a powerful LENR technology to the world even if others copy their technology.

    My view is changing. At this point, with LENR continuing to exist as a taboo subject that's not accepted by the mainstream as real, I don't personally consider keeping information confidential as reasonable. It may be perfectly legally acceptable and the owners of specific technology have all the right in the world to do so, but I think cooperating openly so that at least one system can be advanced to the level that it becomes absolutely indisputable to the entire world should be the primary goal. Then I'll have no problem whatsoever with secrecy. But until then all secrecy does is put personal desire for financial gain before proving the reality of LENR.