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    Director, can you elaborate a bit on your world view? As far as I can tell, you believe that most if not all of the so-called commerical LENR claimants really have working high-power devices that can be commercialized but are not doing so because of “inventor’s syndrome”, paranoia, or other pathological behavior. You contend that the only solution is replication. So basically you are saying that none of the people who know how to build these things will do so and that what is needed is for other people to build them and then all will be well? Is that the deal?

    The deal is that there are probably multiple groups working in absolute secret on LENR technology and some of them may have high powered systems. However, whether or not they will bring a product to the market or hand over their technology to the black world is unknown.

    I also believe that there are a few parties that right now have high powered systems, but they are not going to be able to bring their technology to the market because of their extreme secrecy and paranoid behavior. One of these individuals is Andrea Rossi and another is me356.

    There are a bunch of LENR companies and individuals that are achieving modest results such as a few Japanese researchers, a few Russian researchers, and Brillouin. But I don't see any of them having a big breakthrough anytime soon. The problem is that they don't have the drive and obsessive compulsive mindset to advance their technology to the next level. Also, when it comes to Brillouin and others that are still using powder based systems, I think they need to either switch over to almost pure plasma based systems (perhaps nano particles from electrodes) or powder based systems with electromagnetic stimulation. Sticking with the same methods of working with powder or wire isn't going to achieve fantastic results.

    Bright Light Power is an interesting case, but I'm very upset that they don't admit to the truth that their technology is related to LENR. I think that if they would switch to a pure plasma system and achieve a resonance condition they could cut off their hydrogen supply and the reaction would keep going.

    When it comes to the Atom Ecology approach, I'm fascinated that it seems so relatively easy to slop together a large number of different elements, hydrogenate them in deuterium, put them into a reactor, and produce excess heat. I can't help but wonder how well the technology would work if the fuel was placed in a conical resonator with an antenna that could be fed with RF to produce copious atomic hydrogen in the atmosphere. I expect the excess heat level would go through the roof. But since I don't expect them to ever release a paper detailing a build with all the information required for another group to replicate, I don't expect anyone to try to reproduce their results.

    That is a question that deserves a very nuanced answer.

    If an LENR project is open source at the start it should stay open source. What I despise more than anything is a project that claims to be one thing but then turns into something else due to the possibility of profits. Maybe they have the right to change their goals - if there is not some sort of contractual agreement in place that specifies their commitment to be open source - but it is still shady and wrong in my opinion.

    If an LENR project isn't open source and is specifically for-profit from the start, then they have the right to do whatever they want. But I think for the sake of the planet such projects should be completely open until they are able to convince the world that their technology is real. Then, afterwards, they can be as secretive as they want. I have no problem with secrecy AFTER the world has accepted that LENR is a reality.

    When it comes to farmers and so forth, there's a big difference between providing something that everyone knows already exists and proving the reality of LENR to the world. Right now, we live in a totally insane world in which despite all the evidence 99% of mainstream scientists think that LENR is a fantasy. If humanity is going to survive for another hundred years, this needs to change. I personally think that all LENR researchers have a moral duty to share their know how and help others replicate up and until the point that LENR technology is accepted by the world as real.

    However, showing others how to replicate is not "giving away" a technology. All technologies that are patented MUST be explained well enough so that someone skilled in the art can replicate them. Every mainstream technological advance is patented and papers are written. LENR researchers seem to think that their technology is different to protect it they must use a different route.

    The costs of running a laboratory are eye-watering, I should know. If you put 4 people 'skilled in the art' to work on this project for a short time- say 10 weeks, this is a rough estimate of what it might cost. The wages alone including pension contribution, of (say 2 senior and 2 junior) staff is $100k over that period or more. Then add the general overhead of a modest size lab (rent, taxes, utiiities, admin, repairs) and you are looking at another $30k, and if they spend $70k on dedicated equipment (since you almost never have the equipment you need or it may need to be built especially) to build the kit do the tests then you are looking at a total cost of $200k. Which assumes they had no other work to do btw so doesn't include 'lost opportunity cost' ..... You can't call that minimial.

    I know someone who is no longer interested in alternative energy technologies who already had probably most of all the equipment required (electronics and fabrication) and who previously spent months of his own time working on another alternative energy technology (without success) who could build and test one of these systems in no time flat. If you go the super formal route and formally hire folks (which sadly is often required because there aren't many volunteers in this world), buy all the equipment (because you had none to start off with), paid for various parts to be fabricated, and so forth the price could be high. However, I think the right team of volunteers would not need to spend anywhere near the figures you provide for a QX/SK replication. I still will stick to my previous statement that if someone already had access to a lab, would donate their labor for free, had some of the high dollar equipment (oscilloscopes), was skilled enough to perform fabrication on their own, and so forth, the cost would be minimal - depending on how long their project continued and how much money they spent making alterations.

    I sense a new meme being portrayed by those who claim to support LENR that the cost for proper research is extremely high and hence the absolute requirement to gain access to relatively large quantities of research funding. Depending on the scale of the project, what must be purchased from the start, and if people are going to be formally hired, a significant quantity of funding could be required. But a lot of LENR research over the last thirty years has been performed on a shoe string budget. Moreover, I've seen people online build amazing, highly sophisticated non-LENR devices (such as powerful Tesla coils and even more sophisticated pieces of equipment such as SEMs) in tiny spaces. Really neat stuff can be done relatively cheaply - especially if you have one or more volunteers who are obsessive compulsive about a project.

    If you go to the above site and read the patent you will see they are producing an effect that is very similar to the SK and BLP's Suncell.

    The negative resistance zone of the arc discharge is the key. Although I think that some reactions can take place in glow discharge and pure arc discharge, the negative resistance zone produces oscillations that maximally increase the number of nuclear reactions. Once again, water, hydrogen, and argon are mentioned. I think the output can be increased even further with the addition of lithium.

    What really saddens me is that for someone with a lab and who already has the equipment, the cost of building systems such as these and doing the experiments would be somewhat minimal.

    Things are bad. Ten years post Rossi's announcement of the E-Cat and thirty years since P&F announced Pd/D cold fusion, the world at large still considers the field pure 100% snake oil and we are yet to see a single commercial product. Even worse, all the most promising cold fusion and LENR technologies are metaphorically being "held hostage" by inventors who put maximizing profit above even proving to the reality of the phenomena to the world. Then, on the other hand, we have other companies that keep trying again and again to improve their weak, low COP systems instead of attempting to try new concepts. I don't see anything changing anytime soon, because human nature keeps getting in the way. People like to share knowledge, ask questions, and talk about openness when they haven't done much testing or they are producing trivial amounts of excess heat. But as soon as they get real results and see the financial value of their discovery, they immediately go dark. Perhaps the only exception here is BLP who at least are open about how their technology works - sharing practically everything they know. But in their case, they are willing to screw science and hinder human knowledge by sticking to the false notion (to protect their intellectual property) that the reactions their technology has absolutely NOTHING to do with LENR.

    There's not a single party with a powerful, robust technology who are being both honest about what they have and sharing all the information needed for third parties to replicate. Yeah, Andrea Rossi did release the crudest of details about the Ni-LiAlH4 combination which has been replicated by a few teams, but the number of failures exceed successes because of the lack of additional information such as electromagnetic stimulation. And BLP has been extremely open, but they refuse to admit (even though Randell Mills first few patents admitted to the connection) that their technology is related to LENR. Perhaps the only group that gives me some hope are the Russians. They are performing lots of interesting experiments and gaining knowledge, but they don't seem to be working at a pace that will produce any type of commercial product (or even a prototype) any time soon.

    When it comes to open source groups, the MFMP does some GREAT work - but they only have manpower and resources to perform a very small number of experiments. So although Bob Greenyer and his team have done a great job exposing the truth about the EVO connection to LENR, unless they were to receive the funding to hire workers to perform more experiments I don't see them producing anything soon. Then, of course, there was Looking for Heat. It was a purely 100% open source organization exactly like what we need, but without a "guaranteed to work" recipe that would attract replicators they ended up folding. This wasn't Alan's fault. When you are on a very limited budget you can only keep giving away free stuff for so long without going broke, and when almost no one reports back on any results they have achieved the motivation to continue goes away.

    I don't see anything good happening - beyond a better understanding of theory - for several more years. The only exception is if someone manages to build a high powered LENR system and is capable of withstanding the lure of massive profits to openly distribute the information online.

    It's my new conviction to consider any inventor of a revolutionary, paradigm shattering technology (not simply a better light bulb) that starts off open and then goes secretive (especially when he or she admits to a financial motivation) is most likely never going to accomplish anything that benefits the world. Simply put, if someone invents a better light bulb today, they file a patent application and if the idea is even marginally significant a half dozen news articles will be written explaining the concept. I've seen several examples of this in the past year or two. With conventional technologies, the inventor follows the same route as every other technology. He or she files a patent, writes papers, and shares the know how openly. However, when it comes to people with a cold fusion or LENR technology that they feel is a breakthrough, they almost always feel that they need to work differently than someone with a conventional technology. But the truth is that they should follow the exact same path as if they had invented something much more mundane. Inventor's syndrome gets in the way. They start thinking their technology is so special they have to start playing games to protect it.

    Patterson, Russ, Rossi, and a long list of inventor's needed or need to go about bringing their technology to the market exactly as if it were a better light bulb - perhaps with a new kind of filament or LED. Sadly, that's not happening with Russ or Rossi.

    I'm convinced the skeptopaths will always win because every time someone comes up with a powerful LENR technology that could convince the world they go the same path as me356, Rossi, Russ George, and others so the technology ends up going nowhere. Inventor's syndrome is what continually stops LENR and cold fusion from emerging into the mainstream.

    Hello Can,

    I just noticed your request in the text box.

    When it comes to the costs involved in replicating the QX/SK there are several different variables to consider. Depending upon these variables, the cost could go up or down significantly - not only in dollars/euros but also in labor.

    The first variable is the duration of the project. If it's going to be a short-term project which will make a few attempts and then stop if the effect doesn't become apparent, the cost would be lower than a longer-term project. Depending on how many people would be involved in such a project (more individuals working on it would reduce setup time both at first and between tests), I'm guessing this is a matter of a few week long project verses a few month long project. Of course if good results are obtained, the project would need to be extended even further. Personally, I'm not in favor of a short-term project because I think it's too easy to overlook simple but significant aspects that could have a very important - perhaps critical - impact on the results. But if a short term project is all that can be performed, it's better than nothing and guaranteeing the QX/SK fade away into obscurity.

    The second variable is the lab space and/or equipment that is already available verses what would need to be purchased. To be frank, I expect that the cost of these two could be the largest expense. If such a project already had access to a lab, a good quality oscilloscope or two, associated current probes, frequency generators, and so forth then several thousand dollars could be saved immediately, right from the start of the project. A bit of good news is that a savvy electronics guru could probably source these second hand from places like EBay for a fraction of the retail price if they were obtained new.

    In addition to the above, a power supply with a control system would need to be designed and fabricated. I'm unsure how much this would cost upfront. However, I expect that the cost of building a power supply and control system (which would require either someone very skilled in electronics or an actual electrical engineer) could be reduced if the parts were scrounged up or salvaged rather than purchased new. Another issue to think about is just how sophisticated does the power supply and control box need to be. I'm guessing that it doesn't have to be something extremely complex but simply designed carefully to have a high Q factor so the oscillations from the reactor can be maximized.

    Next, we'd need to think about materials. I'm not even going to consider custom materials here. If initial success is achieved and a need for some high tech material is encountered, then it can be worried about. For now, I think quartz, fused silica, or sapphire tubing (there are probably a few other transparent materials that could be used as well), nickel rods capable of being electroplated (if we want to coat it with a material like platinum which would be a poorer thermionic emitter and less likely to push us out of the negative resistance zone), high temperature sealant, perhaps some permanent magnets, wires/connectors, and a few other items would be needed. And, obviously, whatever would be needed to build a flow calorimeter to check for excess heat production. Finally, the fuel elements we would want to experiment with - Li, LiAlH4, LiH, argon, helium, etc.

    To give a precise cost is difficult for the reasons I've already stated. But I'd guess that if the right people were involved and they at least had the lab space and access to oscilloscopes, the cost would not be astronomical. I'd say that the final cost might only be five thousand dollars or maybe significantly less depending on how they were wanting to test it. Obviously, a spectrometer would cost more but a simple water flow calorimeter (basic hosts, pipes, seals, insulations, thermocouples) would cost less.

    All I can say is that if a third party doesn't test this technology to confirm or deny that it works, I'm almost certain it is going to fade into obscurity.

    Here is my opinion why his presentation was so horrible.

    I think that the technology is likely relatively simple. In fact, I am guessing that a qualified team could start producing *some* degree of excess heat relatively quickly. He knows this and does NOT want a great deal of attention, because the technology would be replicated and the know how disclosed. So to minimize the chance of that happening, he made the presentation as bad as possible. That why he would push away 98% of interested individuals while attracting a few very small clients. It is the same technique that Patterson utilized. Jed Rothwell has explained how Patterson only wanted very limited attention.

    Vague recipe for a plasma based LENR device.

    - Various electrode geometries but sharp tips are extremely useful.

    - Platinum or other metals that are not good thermionic emitters.

    - Optimal fuel mixture of hydrogen/deuterium, lithium, metal nano-particles, and noble gases.

    - Control system that will produce a resonant condition in the reactor.

    - The discharge must stay in the negative resistance zone.

    - A double layered space charge construct must form.

    I think if someone experimented with the above that some small level of excess heat could be achieved very easily

    Not because I don't think the SK technology works (although I have no proof), I'm ashamed and regret that I ever started following the E-Cat technology. For Rossi to have such an astonishing technology and then have a demonstration that's so amateurish which provides nearly zero proof and would likely push away any potential clients is absolutely disgusting. If Rossi is telling us the truth, he holds an amazing technology that could transform our society, but instead of holding a professional presentation he holds a puppet show. This is unacceptable.

    I understand that Rossi has inventors syndrome and wishes to commercialize his technology in a gradual, step by step manner without revealing any of his IP to a larger company which could help him build a huge manufacturing base. However, what he has done is so bad it will actually hinder his efforts to obtain ANY customers. He might as well flush his technology down the toilet. This is an absolute shame, because I believe the technology could indeed change the world. But now I'm virtually certain that it will never see the light of day unless someone replicates. I think the chance of that is low due to how he has now slapped the LENR community in the face by hyping up a presentation that turned out to be a complete and total joke.

    Check out the following document.

    Notice how the plasma balls (fireballs or macro-EVOs) would appear over the sharp tips (formed by repeated high current pulses) on the cathode. Also, notice the marks on the cathode showing that the fireballs can spin and melt the metal.

    I basically think that Rossi's technology is a VERY optimized version of the PAGD using a different geometry of electrodes (probably a hollow cathode with a sharp tip), a far superior fuel mixture (the PAGD only used argon), and a much better control circuit to keep the device in resonance.

    Also, please note, that the PAGD was designed to produce purely electrical output and I'm not sure if thermal output was ever measured.

    The video of the SK core was so blurry that I don't think it is possible to know much about it. I'm guessing the two orange lights are the cathode and anode and the blue light is a "fireball" that is either floating slightly away from the cathode or is attached to the cathode. However, we need Rossi to verify the identity of the orange lights and the blue light.

    The large blue light could be a macro-scale EVO and there could also be very small micro to nano scale EVOs in the plasma.

    Remember, an EVO can cover a broad range of sizes.

    Can we please be a little more specific instead of saying some people believe in Rossi and others don't?

    I believe Rossi's technology most likely works, even though with the SK I have no proof.

    But I also think that the E-Cat saga is now over unless someone replicates.

    I'm convinced that Russ George's technology is going to sink into the black world. That's just me. I have no proof.

    I am also not convinced that Brillouin will ever produce anything practical. They have been at it for years and years and instead of trying to figure out new methods of producing high COP, they simply keep pushing to improve the COP of their very weak system.


    If your hope for the future of our civilization lies in the hands of an Andrea Rossi invention, you should find a cave in the Rockies and sit it out, we’re doomed.

    As far as I'm concerned, if someone does not replicate the SK then I do think our civilization is doomed.

    Note that Director, who desperately wants to have endless discussions about things on his terms, completely ignores direct questions about what he actually saw in the Rossi charade and continues with his imaginary world diatribes. Figures.

    Like I really care what any of you naysayers on here think? To me, you are all a complete waste of time.

    I'm only responding to be fair to the readers who are not pseudo-skeptics.

    I have made my decision. I'm discounting that Rossi will ever bring this technology to the market. However, I still think the SK works, but I admit there is no proof.

    I don't trust everything that Rossi says, but I do trust him that the device heated the room as he claims. I would not expect anyone else to do so.

    What do you want me to say?

    Is Rossi an inventor who is obsessed with achieving a monopoly while keeping his IP completely secretive? Yes.

    Is Rossi an embarassment to the LENR community? Yes.

    Is Rossi probably going to continue mucking around until he passes away from whatever has made him so sick and takes the technology to his grave? Yes.

    But I still think the technology is real.

    I still think it should be replicated.…heater-heat-up-87133.html

    The 120-volt, 1,500-watt heater offers an easy way to heat a small space. It generates 1,500 watts of electricity per hour and produce 5,100 BTUs of heat. When sizing an electric heater, a rule of thumb suggests the unit needs to consume 10 watts of power per square foot of room area being heated. Since one watt of electricity produces 3.4 BTUs of heat, 10 watts of power equates to 34 BTUs of heat output for each square foot of room area. A 1,500 watt heater producing 5,100 BTUs can heat 150 square feet. That's equivalent to a 10-by-15 foot room, an 11-by-14 or one sized to 12-by-12 1/2 feet with a standard 8-foot ceiling.

    According to the above guide, it would take 30,000 watts to heat a 3000 square foot room

    First of all, I'd like to say.


    Here are a few points about the video -

    1) Although it provides little to no evidence in support of the reality of the SK, it also doesn't take any away. My position on the need for evidence of the SK remains unchanged.

    2) I am not qualified to say if his measurement methods for input/output are adequate. However, his lack of performing water or oil based calorimetry is alarming. This needs to be performed immediately. The fact that it has not been performed is stunning.

    3) I think that it would be seen immediately if the unit was only producing 380 watts of heat (the input). I have a very small bedroom and a heater of 1000 watts when the weather is about 32F outside is only marginally adequate. I know it would NOT provide any significant warmth for a room of 3000 square feet. Therefore, I will state that I think it is likely that a significant amount of excess heat is produced.

    4) Rossi claims that no noble gases are used in the fuel mixture. If this is the case, I wonder if this includes atmospheric gases. I now think it is possible that he simply adds a small quantity of LiAlH4 and the fuel mixture contains atmosphere.

    5) I don't know what to make of the glowing plasma. It looks like a floating blue plasma ball between two electrodes but I could be wrong. I"m very dissapointed that we did not get a better view of the reactor core.

    6) I don't know what he means that the power supply can be controlled by square waves.

    7) I agree with him that resonance is very important.

    8) I think the presentation was not at all professional. Except for a tiny minority of clients who might be made curious, I don't think it will attract many clients.

    a) The board with the equations was sloppy and amateurish. He should not have had it hand written.

    b) The presentation of the SK box was very poor. It should have been done at a better angle with a special pedestal and a better background.

    c) The whole thing about the ballarina was inappropriate for a business presentation.

    d) The puppets and music were inappropriate for a business presentation.


    Overall, I'm shocked. I expected the presentation to be bad but not THIS bad. I don't know how it could have been any worse. I will say that I laughed. However, I doubt that anyone who had not followed this saga would have laughed.

    I hope for the future of our civilization that someone replicates the SK ASAP

    "Very good please show me the the calculations boards. Okay. Now, as you can see, here we have a lot of bullsh*t and the equations are all wrong so, it is completely useless that you look at them because it is just the demonstration that Andrea Rossi is an ass hole."

    "I don't know if we should be rehearsing that."

    As correctly the guys on LENR Forum have always said. You know it is time that you now go to the second board. No, yes, let me show. Down. Down. Bullshit. Bullshit. Down Down. Okay now let's go to the second page of the second page can only be the continuation of the bullshit of the first page. Let me see. Down. Go down. Go down. Very well. Very well. Now please show me the particular of this spectrometry. Okay and this is blah blah blah blah. Very good because at the end of all this now my friend Frank Acland will now it is time for the discussions but and I pass for this to you my friend Frank Acland that will direct the the discussion."