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    (beginner, be gentle!)
    I am watching Bob Greenyer attempt to explain some of the anomalies regarding LION reactor. The fact some of the elements in the reactor could not be identified (Ytterbium? Halfnium?... ???) and which seem to 'absorb' or bend light (dark areas). Could these be 'hydrino' related compounds being produced on a small scale?

    @04.50 Vector fun/LION bending the rules...

    In another video, Mr Greenyer draws comparisons from LION reactor to Solar prominences... (again I'm fully behind Mills' in terms of cosmology and hydrino reactions in the sun)

    Welcome Danny! But I should point out that this is the LENR forum, and we hope to keep strictly on that narrow topic. So no Judy Wood please, there are other fora specifically to discuss her work, and for that matter, UFO's too.

    Dr Randell Mills, hydrino and GUT-CP then Sir! (the reason I came here... which seems more controversial than the topic of UFO's!)
    although I am now watching LION 2 Unboxing... and his rather marvellous rendition of Windmills Of Your Mind @17.30.
    I believe you are the gentlemen speaking at New Energy Symposium in Sweden? Which I would have loved to attend but unfortunately in S. America.
    To be honest, I'm a newbie in regards to this topic (a year?). I'm fascinated by GUT-CP and the potential for everything post Schrodinger being 'wrong' :/. I'm more interested in the sociological implications if his work being proven correct. The implications for human civilisation once this 'phenomena' known as LENR/Cold Fusion... 'NEW FIRE!' 8) is understood and used in it's full capacity. Potential business models, implications for fossil fuels (OBVIOUS!) and the finance industry.
    I'm going off on one, try and stick to the science of LENR... BUT F**KING HELL FIRE CLUB! THIS HUGE! ... Some you gentlemen (and ladies?) could be the ones to save our species!

    I recommend a book called Genius Inventor by Thomas E. Stolper in regards to the Randell Mills story.

    The minimal information it has on 'Resonant Magnetic Susceptibility Imaging in Four Dimensional MRI', mentions Mills in 1987 developing an imaging system based on differences in bloods magnetic susceptibility (blood being paramagnetic).

    John Larson at Hewlett Packard took an interest, hoping to out do standard MSI competitors.

    Obviously the benefits of Mills' MSI over standard MRI, was the fact MRI can only image on 2D, where as MSI would potentially be in 3D and in much higher resolution and contrast, with greater speed.

    Apparently HP top bosses sought out their top mathematician who thought the mathematics to be too complex.

    Mills went back to Franklin & Marshall College (Richard Hoffman), and overcame the computational problems himself (Fourier analysis and Maxwell). He then proceeded to build a prototype himself, pretty much out of junk, and the prototype was feasible ... typical farmer!

    Harry Mellins, of Harvard Medical and serving chairman of Brigham & Women's Hospital put him in touch with British MRI pioneer William Moore... Moore reluctantly became a big supporter of the work, and helped Mills build a second prototype at Harvard... he was Mills biggest supporter in the field but unfortunately died of a heart attack not long after (aged 40). Unfortunately from this point on, MRI experts and financial interests where reluctant to take an interest, hence why MRI is still the technology used today.


    H. Samuel Patz, an assistant professor at Harvard, chief physicist at developing MRI at Brigham Womens Hospital worked on Mills MSI later years.

    As MRI technology improved, the same advances could be used to advance MSI. Mills called the advanced version ReMSI, which incorporated nuclear magnetic resonance.

    US Patent No. 60/065,318 Nov 13 1997

    In 2002, another more advanced version appeared on BLP website, dubbed four dimensional MRI... but General Motors had developed something similar ( I believe another patent was filed 2002)

    Hello... I'm new here... it's the work of Randell Mills and his hydrino/GUT-CP theory that has led me here... but I'm also interested in the recent developments of LION.

    But I'm surprised to find a discussion on the subject of UFO's! :)

    1) If an extra-terrestrial species was visiting this planet, with super advanced exotic technology (energy, anti-gravity etc), I doubt they'd travel lights years at warp speed... only to crash in the middle of the desert... some small town American ranch.
    2) If you believe these crafts are man made, and are being piloted by human beings... look into the story of Viktor Grebennikov. It's a bizarre and quite unbelievable story of a Russian entomologist (beetles), who lived behind the Iron Curtain during Cold War, and claims to have developed an anti-gravity propulsion device... entirely from insect wings.
    ... I personally like to think nature may have already developed 'anti-gravity'... considering we are still scratching our heads as to how bees, species of beetles and dragon flies are capable of flying (levitating)... it's an interesting read.
    ... IT EXPLAINS MUCH OF WHAT IS DESCRIBED IN THE UFO PHENOMEMENA (inertia, anti-gravity, G-force speeds... even 'cloaking'/invisibility)
    Anyway... back to planet Earth... does anyone have any knowledge of Browns Gas? (Yule Brown)
    If you want to talk 'conspiracy' and the powers that be... have any of you looked into the evidence put forward by Dr Judy Wood regarding the destruction (disappearance) of the World Trade Centre? Many of the anomalies witnessed in LENR/Cold Fusion research (John Hutchinson, Tesla) where witnessed at the WTC site.