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    I would be upset, but Russ says this about about me and everyone else who has helped him. He lashes out at just about everyone who has contributed to this field. If he did not lash out at me, I would feel left out, in a sense.

    NO Jed as we have a long history including being in business together I can testify with absolute confidence that you are a self serving backstabbing jerk of nearly uncomparable disgust, anyone who pays attention to anything you say is a fool beyond measure. You should really get some mental health treatment for your years of being a petulant groupie... however I very much doubt that for an old dog like you there is any hope.

    Patenting is not giving away IP. It's getting rights to the IP. Those who think they shouldn't give away knowledge in a patent because their technology is different or more important than other technologies will end up with nothing. In fact, I'd say the more revolutionary the technology, the more open the inventors should be.

    spoken like a lightweight with utterly no experience in such matters...

    I was expecting the "armchair critic" attack. As for "do-nothing" - what I actually do is work for a living to look after my family. If you don't want any criticism then don't post wild claims with no evidence.

    No what you do is make insulting insinuations about people who actually work for life and look after their family and the family of man. You are simply a troll.

    At about 5:15 this reference to a 1996 Fleischmann interview by Infinite Energy could be relevant as well, hinting at X-rays that might not be conventional X-rays - in either case some sort of emission that can leak away from the typical cell, whose lack of thermalization (so to speak) could account for the lack of excess heat in some cases and "strange radiation" observation in others.

    Thanks for the reference to that 1996 interview, Fleischmann had it pretty much spot on, the readily observable rays leaving good cold fusion are most commonly found in the domain of hard x-rays but they are clearly not said 'hard' x-rays. They are more akin to 'soft' gamma rays.;) In any case they represent not a primary signature of cold fusion but rather are clear evidence of one of the many rare side reactions. Therein lies new speciation opportunities for taxonomists and new opportunities to understanding the complexity of this atom-ecology.

    I am appreciative at Rossi's use of the Ballerina meme, I am certain his ballerinas would get along radiantly with my gamma girls. ... ok let the doltist librarians bring the rain... where did I put my pissant umbrella ;)

    Rossi is to be congratulated for presenting his technology and most importantly proclaiming that it is available as a product NOW. The cost for 1 year of heat at 80% of competing hot air is little, perhaps about $30,000/year. It is impossible to imagine that anyone so well known as Rossi would risk the legal consequences of failing to deliver for such a trivial sum. As well for a cost of such a trivial sum the confirmation of his technology will be immediate. Imagine putting just 10 conventional electric room heaters together in a stack and comparing the heat one feels that they provide versus the Rossi E-Cat. Anyone will be able to instantly feel whether the E-Cat is close to equivalence. Thus the palpable heat test is what is offered.

    A rising Italian tide will lift all boats :) especially those few with more or less equivalent working cold fusion...

    Post below copied in here from Atom-Ecology thread. Alan

    For me while seeing heat without input power is delightful, seeing the gamma girls dancing without cessation is even better evidence of enduring cold fusion. It is a short path to optimization as we have a highly complex creation that has grown over time to deliver the reliable nuclear heat and gammas with or without stimulation. But this work is still in the naturalist observor stage of adding to the already long slist of features/species in my atom-ecology prescriptions. There are more than just a few reactions with varying characteristics. New reactors designed to facilitate precise helium quantification are on the bench and fuel for them is in its fermentation pot. Well maybe that's a fomentation pot. That 4He 3He work will begin shortly and is expected to quantify the mundane regular old D+D path cold fusion path that I have blazed and followed fruitfully so many times over these cold fusing decades.

    Bob Greenyer is clearly showing he has an agenda of playing Lion off against Androcles by fabricating the most outrageous insinuations and implications, many take these as lies. As Alan has noted a great deal of good will, time, money, and assistance was given to Lion by Alan, Martin, and I. We never did anything but thank Lion for his coaching us to reproduce his experiments as performed in Alan and Martins crafted experimental set-up, the same as had been gifted to Lion. We were many times promised his hand built reactor tubes to put into our tests which all agreed was the best thing to do. We never did other than truthfully report our findings on same. That this was contrary to Bob's woo woo interpretation, wild promotion of Lions as being one of his LENR Unicorns, and 'O Day' 'donate here buttons' has resulted in the BS barrage is lamentable.

    The name change feature being shown has had a positive result. Now if someone can find or implement the means to filter comments by username the forum might be dramatically improved. Being able to have the defaming libelous trolls persistently banned by individual readers would at least eliminate and send a message to those trolls that their comments are going to where the sun doesn't shine.

    As for the claim by those that they need to be anonymous lest they compromise their claimed jobs, that is a vacuous claim made without a shred of evidence. Show us the data! Surely though many employers, in particular employers of public servants, such as employess of academic institutions, rightly hold their employees to more stringent standards of behaviour on and off campus than being masked ...masks are the clear mark of the Klu Klux Klan and their ilk, poster boys for anon behaviour. Why anyone would tolerate and facilitate a masked person in any public place is beyond me, especially the shirty ones. At least there is the possibility of appropriate recourse with identifiable people who mouth off.

    The question of anon behaviour is far from a simple 'social or anti-social media' issue, the operators and volunteers of forums such as this one are legally liable for postings from anonymous and identifiable trolls. They don't have to lose in a formal court hearing to suffer as their time and legal costs to simply reply appropriately to claims by those who take action as being victims of defamatory slander by anon posters will cost them personally thousands if not tens of thousands in vital defensive legal bills. Rossi for one might have as a 'money making retirement strategy' the filing of scores of such legal actions as it is perfectly clear he is regularly and routinely liabled with malice on and with the support of this forum and many other forums by named and anon defaming posters and posers.

    From a UK lawfirm specializing in such work. "You have good reason to be concerned. Under UK law the position is rather complex but the starting point is that, not only authors of defamatory content, but also "secondary publishers" who store or disseminate information, such as website hosts or operators of website forums or other websites with user generated content ("UGC"), can all be held liable for website / online defamation." This legal risk is identical around the world so residency is hardly a protection.

    A business niche is appearent for the founding of businesses to provide an AI Slander Legal engine that might press claims on behalf of the defamed with incredible economic efficiency. The term 'click bait' is very likely going to be changed in the near future to 'clip bait' ;)

    No one with earnest and honest intentions begins by lying about their identity and then demands that they deserve any iota of respect. Anonymous lying is the very essence of despicable personalities with mental illness commonly known as trolls. That anyone might pay any attention what-so-ever to such creatures is beyond me. This forum needs a built in filter where each user might select to have other members posts made invisible to them, I for one would immediately tag all anon members to be eliminated. Rossi, in his wisdom, has made use of his own forum to benefit from those with worthy, honest, and earnest ideas from the WWW. I'd happily do the same if there were someone willing to assist me in setting up such a forum in which honesty in identity is the first and foremost requirement for membership.

    Yup. The fire department, at least, would like to know what gas is in a bottle like this if they have to enter the premises during an emergency.

    Nothing is right with this photo though! Here is a pressurized gas cylinder that is supported by a single twist of wire placed below its centre of gravity. That is dangerous. That is nuts.

    And this sort of rule regurgitation is precisely why reductionst teaching and dutiful student mentalities/banalities are the death of inventive science. "Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something." - Thomas A. Edison

    Talk about nonsense, I recall working in a tritium lab long ago where just outside the lab door there was a card table with chairs under a sign that read something like 'Tritium Exposure Treatment Station'. There on the card table was a deck of cards, and several 24 bottle cases of Coors beer. The instructions read, 'If exposed to tritium, sit down, drink the beer while you play cards." The wisdom of that practical and effective treatment station is that tritium will be bound as water in your body and thus flushing lots of water through your system will effectively cleanse you of the tritium.' Nothing quite makes for a lot of pissing than drinking copious amounts of 3.2 watery beer!

    Two great pieces in this post.... 1. 'To learn you have to be inspired, ignorant, and smart' :) and, 2. 'Willfull ignorance', the hallmark of trolls and disgruntled children who refusing to learn, or rather only memorized, have grown into malcontent adults :(