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    Bob Greenyer is clearly showing he has an agenda of playing Lion off against Androcles by fabricating the most outrageous insinuations and implications, many take these as lies. As Alan has noted a great deal of good will, time, money, and assistance was given to Lion by Alan, Martin, and I. We never did anything but thank Lion for his coaching us to reproduce his experiments as performed in Alan and Martins crafted experimental set-up, the same as had been gifted to Lion. We were many times promised his hand built reactor tubes to put into our tests which all agreed was the best thing to do. We never did other than truthfully report our findings on same. That this was contrary to Bob's woo woo interpretation, wild promotion of Lions as being one of his LENR Unicorns, and 'O Day' 'donate here buttons' has resulted in the BS barrage is lamentable.

    Interesting to see that Rossi is now confirming and affirming the Atom-Ecology reports of distinctive lovely gammas as being also present in his work. He's a good wordsmith having never quite denied it rather saying it was all contained inside his devices. Now noting that when Rossi opens up his devices, lovely definitive gamma rays shine out and he admits to knowing they are there, as in he obvioulsly has suitable instruments to catch and count them. The real test of whether those claiming to have cold fusion and LENR in their experiments is as simple and inexpensive as employing the simpliest tools that anyone 'skilled in the art' might naturally employ instead of BS. This has always been the inconvenient truth of cold fusion and lenr, the many claiming to have it even at tiny levels could most certainly have confirmed it with thier own lovely gammas. Those who did not, whether they wrote self-serving books proclaiming their prowess or delivered papers over and over again at ICCF conferences, almost all never had the reactions in hand. That original challenge from the very first days of Pons and Fleischmann of , 'where there is nuclear fire, there must be nuclear smoke' was always an unavoidable inconvenient truth.

    Edward Teller was privately on the trail of cold fusion for more than 20 years before the 1989 Pons and Fleischmann 'cold fusion' announcement. He had accumulated evidence for his mysterious particle which I discovered in the early 1990's and he so eagerly embraced as being the 'mischugunon'. By the way I prefer the honorable name 'Telleron', which likely has big bushy eyebrows and a foreign accent. Just why Edward would not have been more public about this/his 'crazy particle' is not clear but he did slip up from time to time over a span of 40 years in making mention of or eluding to it. His careful circumspection on the mystery particle may well have been imposed upon him. Now that he is gone we will likely never know all of what he knew. However that such mystery particles exist and do in fact stimulate 'cold fusion' is now very certain. Calling upon those particles in a reliable fashion is another story that has yet to be fully writ. Some atom-ecologies clearly are prone to catch and reveal wild Tellerons, and some produce them.

    Spooky action at a distance is surely observed in my mixed Atom-Ecologies but the question of the nature of 'entanglement' at the ranges available on the lab bench under study is not nearly clear as of yet. The plethora of reactions present are NOT all the same, they reveal a variety of cold fusion modalities and results that are consistent with my cold fusion studies over the past nearly 30 years. I never saw a cold fusion experiment with the proper ingredients and conditions that didn't work! As for communication at vast distances I can only say 'nano nano', or perhaps I should say, 'Klaatu barada nikto'. Mostly my reactions are not stimulated by 'cosmics' but some are dramactically stimulated by such out of this world influence. There is no reason to invoke neutrinos, wormholes, or other such spooky woo woo. The potent EMF that is a facet of Jurg's ideas and mathematics seems clearly observable in the gamma spectra. There is plenty of fun to be had looking at real identifiable quantifiable phenomenon as we weave our new net of detectors both inside and outside the reactors.

    Oh yeah I almost forgot this is raw real time sharing of bit, bytes, and ideas...

    The name change feature being shown has had a positive result. Now if someone can find or implement the means to filter comments by username the forum might be dramatically improved. Being able to have the defaming libelous trolls persistently banned by individual readers would at least eliminate and send a message to those trolls that their comments are going to where the sun doesn't shine.

    As for the claim by those that they need to be anonymous lest they compromise their claimed jobs, that is a vacuous claim made without a shred of evidence. Show us the data! Surely though many employers, in particular employers of public servants, such as employess of academic institutions, rightly hold their employees to more stringent standards of behaviour on and off campus than being masked ...masks are the clear mark of the Klu Klux Klan and their ilk, poster boys for anon behaviour. Why anyone would tolerate and facilitate a masked person in any public place is beyond me, especially the shirty ones. At least there is the possibility of appropriate recourse with identifiable people who mouth off.

    I could not stay away and am back at the bench early this saturday morning. The best 'control' experiments are the experiments one expects to work but fail to do so. My usual 'control' experiments contain a ' ten penny nail' instead of the atom-ecology cold fusion fuel. Some of my fuel ideas are duds, thank the gods for small miracles. First re-run of the 'very much NOT 'cold' fusion' is showing the expected dancers are hearing the music and are putting on another hot display. Next on my agenda is to start studying the thermal and emf behaviour on the digital scope.

    The question of anon behaviour is far from a simple 'social or anti-social media' issue, the operators and volunteers of forums such as this one are legally liable for postings from anonymous and identifiable trolls. They don't have to lose in a formal court hearing to suffer as their time and legal costs to simply reply appropriately to claims by those who take action as being victims of defamatory slander by anon posters will cost them personally thousands if not tens of thousands in vital defensive legal bills. Rossi for one might have as a 'money making retirement strategy' the filing of scores of such legal actions as it is perfectly clear he is regularly and routinely liabled with malice on and with the support of this forum and many other forums by named and anon defaming posters and posers.

    From a UK lawfirm specializing in such work. "You have good reason to be concerned. Under UK law the position is rather complex but the starting point is that, not only authors of defamatory content, but also "secondary publishers" who store or disseminate information, such as website hosts or operators of website forums or other websites with user generated content ("UGC"), can all be held liable for website / online defamation." This legal risk is identical around the world so residency is hardly a protection.

    A business niche is appearent for the founding of businesses to provide an AI Slander Legal engine that might press claims on behalf of the defamed with incredible economic efficiency. The term 'click bait' is very likely going to be changed in the near future to 'clip bait' ;)

    QX in my case seems to mean 'Quick Exit', a new first on Friday, I chickened out with new experiments, rushing to turn off the stimulation when 5 of the magnificient seven, newly reconfigured after a weeks work, ran out of control and promptly exceeded more than 1000 C and showed no sign of slowing down, more than 300 C above their set points. The other three of the '8 rack' were running as controls and performing Ohmic heating calibrations. Be careful what you wish for. Now to figure out why.

    I have come to understand that the particle physicists have missed the boat when it comes to their methods of discovering new particles. New particles will come from 'atom-ecology' where a variety of physical states will combine and express an independent existence in a self organized compilation of matter and energy capable of an independent existence and with weird and unexpected properties.

    These new ideas will answer the riddles that are now confounding professional science such as dark energy and matter, and Russ may have already discovered this new particle type since it seems to be sensitive to here-to-fore uncatchable cosmic/solar rays.

    Indeed traditional physics is a reductionista sort of mentality, it is dedicated to the ever more precise measure of things that are known, a fine job for technicians that are dutifully issued the fancy stickers their daddies buy them every year from kindergarten to post-graduate school. Real science and discovery comes from work on the frontiers of the vast wilderness where one must guess wrong many times for every correct guess/observation. The very nature of nature is that it is complexity upon complexity so imagining nature will conform to pre-ordained ideas is sheer folly. Perhaps after another millenia or two of observations we humans might begin to have some semblence of what the atom-ecology really looks and behaves like. In the meantime there are plenty of good recipes to be tried and tested, of which some are already proving to be particularily delightful.

    Thanks so much for this useful help.

    So Androcles is no more. Projects always have to have a name, so everyone is on the same page when discussing. So what do you want to call it Russ? Alan refers to Al>H as his Hydrogen System, which is a descriptive name. Whatever you guys decide is fine of course.

    Duh, how many times does one have to make specific mention of the descriptive name 'atom-ecology' to establish that is the name under which I pursue my work. This is appropos as it offers a very conventional term, 'ecology', for a very complex system wherein a vast number of different elements and isotopes, aka atoms, interact like they are part of Nature. Oh yeah they are part of Nature. Such complex systems in Nature are conventionally termed 'ecosystems.' These atom interactions occur quite naturally at all ambient temperatures found in Nature in a variety of physical states, aka solids, liquids, gases, plasmas, and magnetic miasmas. This means that the appropriate metaphore for studying such reactions is as a careful, patient, conservative 'naturalist' rather than a bombastic egocentric shirty follower of dogma. As Krishna Murti advised, 'one does not catch the unknown in a net of the known.' The most important first step is observation and that sometimes leads one to invent the new ideas, methods, and tools to facilitate better observation/understanding. I believe the 'atom-ecology' method is doing pretty well having invented and proven one new tool that allows us to catch and characterize here-to-fore uncatchable cosmic/solar rays. That same tool allows us to also produced and observe all manner of atom interactions many of which have enormous potential to deliver a useful energy harvest. So yes there has been and is a 'name' for this venue of study and that name is 'atom-ecology.' Oops I almost forgot, names are important ;)

    'Androcles' was just the name I gave to the original work trying to replicate the so-called 'Lion' experiment. In ancient mythology 'Androcles' was a friend to lions. We did our very best to follow 'Lions' protocol and were able to show in our much superiour data set to 'Lion's that NO possible positive signal was observed nor even observable in that protocol as he performed it. We were not dismissive until promised reactors for testing made by 'Lion's own hand many times and many times the promised date arrived for the delivery of the 'Lion' reactor for us to test did not occur. We don't know why and soon lost interest in chasing that impossible unicorn. 'Androcles' then became the generic name on this forum for several/many reactors that I hand made for testing in the same tube furnaces and making use of the Aurduino data loggers that Alan and Martin had sold to 'Lion.'

    My prescription for fuels that ought to work, based on my former extensive work in 'hot dry' cold fusion, were indeed immediately successful in producing clearly observable large signals of excess heat, though at low excess power levels, along with well correllated and very dramatic gamma emissions. Now the work that was once called 'Androcles' is long gone as it is no longer appropriate in any way to associate real results with the work of 'Lions and unicorns' sans any recorded real data.

    With the new fuels, very similar to my Androcles fuels, that derive as variations from my decades of work are performed under the name of 'Atom-Ecology'. Alan, Martin, and I continue to make tremendous progress on both the 'Atom-Ecology' cold fusion front, note the intention to NOT refer to this work with the cowardly name LENR. Similar great progress is being made simultaneoulsy on the other side of the lab bench on the 'Hydrogen Mine' front that converts aluminium scrap to hydrogen.

    A number highly qualified outsiders have now visited our Ineffable Research lab and made useful contributions of and offers of assistance and cash, many more are scheduled to arrive from leading scientific and business groups around the world. Of special note we have spurned the propositions of all the pedantic novices, shirty librarians, old scientists showing signs and symptoms of senile dementia, trolls and astro-turfers associated with the vulture capital community. We are always delighted to recieve honest and earnest communication through ordinary polite channels and equally dismissive of those who begin their communication by lying about their names, identity, and nature of their interest. Ces't la vie.

    No one with earnest and honest intentions begins by lying about their identity and then demands that they deserve any iota of respect. Anonymous lying is the very essence of despicable personalities with mental illness commonly known as trolls. That anyone might pay any attention what-so-ever to such creatures is beyond me. This forum needs a built in filter where each user might select to have other members posts made invisible to them, I for one would immediately tag all anon members to be eliminated. Rossi, in his wisdom, has made use of his own forum to benefit from those with worthy, honest, and earnest ideas from the WWW. I'd happily do the same if there were someone willing to assist me in setting up such a forum in which honesty in identity is the first and foremost requirement for membership.

    Whew just getting back to home late after a week of learning to think and visualize atoms and nucleons in 6 dimensions, just so we might calculate the energy of specific gamma emissions, and then search in countless gamma spectra to find a few of the predicted gammas... Now that's got to be fun in anyones book :) Never imagined I'd see the thermal siganture of a nuclear half-life in my tiny atom-ecology fuel pellets. I will miss (sort of) the overnights in the lab staring at the bright new stars in the darkness... Working 9 different reactors as hard as possible, simultanenously, 24/7 is one way to separate the armchair dilettantes from those with sleeves rolled up. As they say 'hope is a word with its sleeves rolled up!' Now its time for sleep.

    Sorry that's the vital IP information of course... more than a few is the answer.

    For now two of the 'magnificent seven' have just been gunned down. Ces't la vie. Rest in peace 'bon hommes'. Pioneering experiments are nothing if not a bug hunt, that's too be expected. Another set of fueled replacement reactors is already showing they are working in the 'new fuel' test reactor and on the prepbench a score of additional fuels are ready to be loaded into their individual reactors. Soon the whole 'village' will be well equipped and fueled to take on the desperados. We all know 'it takes a village.'

    On my new rack of 8 ineffable furnaces my dutiful control reactor keeps watch while all of the rest, The Magnificent Seven Atom-Ecology reactors with different fuels are all slike faithful steeds are riding hard burning deuterium hay and emitting definitive gammas many times background... some make heat, some make gammas, some without any input power what-so-ever... Yippee Ki Yay

    . Jurg and I have decided to sleep over in the lab tonight so as to not miss catching a single falling star.

    Thanks for the helpful data. There is a very good fit in my data for the event just afternoon last Friday... Given the 15 million lines of my data to pour through this is going to take a bit of time to do the cross calibrations and look for the match-ups. Be careful what you wish for ;)

    Alan Smith

    Do you remember when did the previous cyclic gamma signal start and stop exactly? (month-day)

    The most useful help in searching for solar/cosmic stimuli would be to have a .csv file for the months April-the present. The shortest time frame possible is this in minutes perhaps? That will allow adding the data to our library and the charting programs will do the work of revealing the match ups. The present cold cold fusion lovely gammas are now performing on stage multiple times per day regular as the atomic clock by which they keep time. The thing about proper atom-ecology cold fusion is ... It Just Works! http://atom-ecology.russgeorge…cold-cold-fusion-ecology/

    And here I thought it was the jesting of his part. I stand corrected.

    When do you plan on public release? I hope soon.

    Hope is a verb with its sleeves rolled up and we are deep into that phase of this work. Here I am at 3am working on todays ineffable data that has woken me out of my slumber. The data stealing my sleep arrived in the afternoon, a few hours before 'beer o'clock', as one of my new fuel mixtures offered a new heresy, That one of the new 8 pack experiment array had been sitting in a cold furnace without power for some days while my attention was elsewhere but the arrays data was logging and quietly being displayed on one of my many computer screens. Suddenly like a flash of lightening an event occured, Alan can testify to my WOW exclamation at the time. Shortly thereafter RxB (reactor b) as viewed by the Geiger Array came on stage and began the gamma dance rising and sustaining at 4-5 times background for some few hours, at times in short time intervals much much higher. Now that's COLD fusion - no energy input what-so-ever , energy out, and just the right trace levels of gammas to keep everything honest. It seems some mouse ran past and the cats (the Atom-Ecology reactors and I) started chasing and examining the mouse tails in great detail. What a mouse! More on Muab'Dib as it was conveniently seen and dutifully logged by the data cat/computer later. But in these wee hours there is no more beautiful a dream than an immense data log of 36+ data categories captured every second for a couple of weeks in a proper scientific array for background. To say nothing that I was working a meter away with my trusty gamma spectrometer, provided by the via the generosity and good faith of a member of this forum some months ago ( a friend indeed). With the Gamma Spec up and running, freshly calibrated and being used by me to study a new triggering and control technique I am successfully practicing with in the Androcles Furnace that sits nearby. It is my messing about rig and I was able to quickly turn its scintillating eyes onto the new heresy of RxB's suddenly very very active state. Finally a perfectly enduring cold fusion radiation episode captured in all manner of rigorous instruments in the new array and with the independent battery powered laptop Gamma Spectrometer. When the performnace had waned the day in the lab was done upon going home the god's must have been watching and decided wehad done some worthy work. There are miles to go before we sleep, let alone make more of a public release.

    It's interesting to follow some of Rossi's trails. For example there is an understandable explanation, clear to those skilled in the art, that one might use the metaphore of a 'cat and mouse.' Thanks Andrea, meow :)

    Self sustaining mode is a slam dunk but it's not so easy as it may sound, it will take an integrated array of reactors that are feeding the array control program. Easy to conceive, a hell of a lot of hours of work to design and build. Being able to produce the 'cold fusion miracle' a few reactors at a time does not mean the gods grant the second miracle of NOT needing plenty of talented human time to acomplish the next steps. One miracle to a customer is the rule. 100 people could build and deliver practical distributed cold fusion in the space of a year, sufficient to deliver us all from the evils of the fossil fuel/fool age.

    The greatest threat to the world is waiting for someone else to save it.

    Perhaps someone in the crowd has time to search out the cosmic ray data for the months of March, April, May, June, and July and post it here that would be most appreciated. The daily/hourly flux that works for Greenwich/London, just a stones throw from our lab, would be ideal. Somewhere out there institutions do run cosmic ray telescopes. Muons might be a particularly good signal to study as the solar/cosmics that are stimulating my experiments 'gamma girls' are best fitted to muon-like behaviour though it is likely muons are ruled out. There are plenty of muon telescopes in use but finding the data is not obvious. Of special interest would be signals in the months of May and June lasting 2-6 hours starting at about 10-11am Greenwich time. While the diurnal data is most desired there is plenty of less regular nightime cosmic ray influence that is stimulating simply out-of-this-world/solar system/galactic data.

    My 'gamma girls' the solar/cosmic ray stimulated gamma signal are making a renewed appearence dancing prominently in new experiments just now running on the ineffable 8 place cold fusion server rack, though at a different time of day :) It's too early to share more as always, one first has to make sure that such an astonishing and extraordinary result holds up and delivers sufficient data to speak in a more definitive fashion. The cosmic stimulated gammas are a signal well above the now rather ordinary/extraoridnary steady state enhanced gammas that are revealed as a near constant presence in the atom-ecology fuels.

    If anyone wants to contribute a high end HPGe gamma spectrometer with cooling that has a higher Mev range than our NaI detectors that would also be much appreciated.

    This thread is one of the most interesting on the forum. I read it to find out about new developments in the ongoing experiments as well as comments related to the theory/analysis/improvement/critiques of the experiments.

    However, like most threads, it includes lots of other random discussions like the last dozen or so posts. I think of it as a mix of lab notebook entries and coffee break conversations. Sometimes it is fun to listen to those conversations, but when I am busy, I would like to read only the science.

    Maybe there could be a button similar to the "Like" button that flags posts as having science content. Then there could be a filter or a way to let us see just those, maybe with a single virtual thread that combines the science entries from all threads.

    Sorry the 'just the facts ma'am world is long gone.

    Jurg is perfectly correct in his admonition to me about showing and sharing my excitment. It is often unproductive as onlookers parse and impose their definition and thier use of every word and forget to try to imagine meaning. In my experience of many decades productively pursuing not only cold fusion but other pioneering science venues sharing my excitement has brought me some of my best friends and collabortors that have shone brightly above the nere-do-wells. My sharing of my cold fusion excitement brought 4 Nobel laureates (Taylor, Teller, Pauling, Shalow) and many others who each put in countless days, even years, talking with me and sharing their excitement with what might be and how to imagine, re-imagine, and sometime offer explanations of same. They loved the fruits of my labor, my data, but it was not my always meager excitiing data that made them reach out to me, it was my willingness to take a chance and expose my excitement in its formative stages.

    This world is filled to overflowing with great technicians and other drudges who believe that by never being seen to make a mistake means they can claim to having never been wrong. Usually this is done within the correllary rules, 'if you never do anything you can never be said to have done anything wrong.' Since the invention of the comfortable 'armchair', human-ecology and evolution has been the worse. Alas such is the world that produces finger waggers (often word smiths specializing in double entendr's). When some few become exceptional in their finger wagging they are to often known to be 'professors'. Of course in this age of the socio(path) media there are the trolls, paid shills, and psychopaths to make matters worse. This forum that allows anonymous participants explicitly elicits the worst of humanity to participate. Even so it has faciliated for me the finding of some new best friends. Ces't la vie.

    The most important words in discovery is not "Eureaka, I have found it' they are 'Wow, that's strange'. Trying to catch the unknown in a net of the known is almost impossible.

    Sorry Alan I was not intending to be "beefy" - here or anywhere else. Russ said "published". Others read "issued", perhaps thinking, as you did, that the USPTO will not publish until issued. Russ choses his words with care. They should be read with care. Please downgrade my "beef" to "lamb" 😏

    I wish you & he every success. As I have restated many times: "I don't care who wins - as long as somebody does". And I am willing to help anyone, without grudge or favor.

    In that regard the rest of Russ' sentence is very interesting and I would like to see/hear more discussion of it.

    Of course you intend to be not only beefy but deeply insulting. Not an admirable behaviour for a man whose own institutional colleagues warn all visiting scientists of your dubious untrustworthy character. As for the misunderstanding of USPTO wording it is understandable that people for whom english is not their native language having received word of the 'acceptance' for publication might be confused with 'acceptance/granted' is quite understandable. That trolls on this forum and indeed all of the sociopath media the merest mistep in use of a word is a claim of the right to piss on those not such dilitantes as to remain in arm chairs.

    Those here who are reading into my work more than what appears are just fooling, or satisfying, themselves alone in the dark. My series of exploratory experiments are able to last for very long periods of time, one well over 100 days now. During these long time frames where a large array of data is collected every second from multiple reactors. Some few are stone cold dead controls, others with variations on my Atom-Ecology fuel mix, all the active ones show distinct similarities and distinct differences in both thermal and gamma data. Shortly I expect to double up on the simultaneously running active experiments all of which act as 'controls' for one another by their differences. To suggest that one brief snap-shot from but one active reactor such as my 'golden heat after power off curve' is all there is, is of course simply foolhardy or worse. My publication of that golden curve has served me well to attract some useful communication from those skilled in the art and sadly has also resulted in 100 times as much anon troll drool. That anything is shared in such an early stage of an ongoing experimental process I think all will agree is extraordinary, and very possibly foolhardy on my part.

    To settle this banal discussion about the defining characteristics of that golden curve experiment, that experiment has periods where no changes whatsoever are made in the operating protocal, and the golden difference changes dramatically. That frequently changing behaviour puts an end to all this silly talk about the validity and meaning of the curve(s) with regard to heat after power off.

    My attention is captured more by the phenomenal gamma data which is far more interesting than the heat at this point. It is perfectly clear that the myriad gammas are associated with a miniscule fraction of the cold fusion heat reaction but are imminently useful as a diagnostic tool. To my knowledge no one has ever seen such a plethora of gamma data from cold fusion or indeed any known nuclear process, it is true pioneering work in unknown territory. One does not catch the unknown in a net of the known as Krishnamurti used to say.

    This is easy science, as easy as putting a piece of toast in a toaster and knowingly watching, describing, and musing on the effects. I constantly am amazed at how so many people treat this as Twainian science and a game wherein ..."'There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact.' Twain's more useful admonition was, ' Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.' Alas there is a lower ratio of sailors to humanity than there is of gammas to cold fusion heat.