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    This is my last post here on Lenr Forum. I have found it too much trouble with the trolls and malcontents who frequent here to bother with. I have gained benefit from discovering friends and colleagues, people of good will and good intentions, and even kindred spirits, here but the positives have been far outweighed by the negatives. I will from now on only share details on my work and exchange ideas via my Atom-Ecology blog and a new Atom-Ecology Google Group that I have set up today... The group is open to all who are willing to fully identify themselves in a verifiable fashion it will absolutely prevent the nere do wells from access. Here's the link!forum/atom-ecology

    I would be upset, but Russ says this about about me and everyone else who has helped him. He lashes out at just about everyone who has contributed to this field. If he did not lash out at me, I would feel left out, in a sense.

    NO Jed as we have a long history including being in business together I can testify with absolute confidence that you are a self serving backstabbing jerk of nearly uncomparable disgust, anyone who pays attention to anything you say is a fool beyond measure. You should really get some mental health treatment for your years of being a petulant groupie... however I very much doubt that for an old dog like you there is any hope.

    Patenting is not giving away IP. It's getting rights to the IP. Those who think they shouldn't give away knowledge in a patent because their technology is different or more important than other technologies will end up with nothing. In fact, I'd say the more revolutionary the technology, the more open the inventors should be.

    spoken like a lightweight with utterly no experience in such matters...

    I was expecting the "armchair critic" attack. As for "do-nothing" - what I actually do is work for a living to look after my family. If you don't want any criticism then don't post wild claims with no evidence.

    No what you do is make insulting insinuations about people who actually work for life and look after their family and the family of man. You are simply a troll.

    1. It is indeed, and while very impressive it may not actually contain a vast amount of energy since it can be of quite short duration. So interesting phenomenon but can be as annoying as it is helpful.

    2. It is not totally unpredictable insofar as triggering goes. However, magnitude and duration of triggered events are very unpredictable, though even the biggest events have yet to cause more than excitement and localised thermal damage, No good bangs yet. That may happen though I doubt it - we shall see.

    In the history of cold fusion such organizations like the US Navy SPAWARS lab have bet their farm on microscopic thermal events without drawing such pompous critiques as this large more than macroscopic observation. That Randy Mills has been showing videos of his melting/burning of refractory materials is clearly related and thus puts the lie to the trolled comments. As for the critiques on one hand of not sharing results then the criticism of sharing a new result WTF. But then one has to consider the source of the critique and whether a self serving self appointed pundit/troll who has never spent a moment of time doing experimental science can offer any sort of comment of worth. Jed even refuses to do the simple calorimetry on the anomaly of his ever repeatable excess hot air that proves his con fusion.

    Man o man it gets old reading the testy comments of the do nothings on this forum. If it were not for the rare but useful friends found wandering around the shores of this troll pool... I am not terribly excited about the future of this planet as so many seem unwilling to do anything but shift their position in their computer chairs... Want some inspiration to do something here's a link…-in-pristine-rainforests/

    Maybe the Al2O3 is not just a refractory material but might be a substrate for D or H rotatoral collapse and so be an active ingredient in LENR? Maybe it acts like ZrO2 in Takahashi's experiments - lots of open questions in atom ecology.

    A possibility of course. But for know I am delighted to have a 'witness material' that proves a minimum temperature of 2050C achieved with a substantial mass of material. The same experiment destroyed other refractory materials as well though the ceramic was by far the highest melting point of the materials. Seems the gamma girls were dancing with hobnailed heels.

    I have long argued that such uncontrolled (i.e., self-sustained) heating would make the most convincing of demonstrations for the world. From what I understand from past descriptions, you should be able to evoke uncontrolled heating in one of your rice-grain sized fuel pellets by heating it beyond some threshold with a propane torch. If you then placed it on an alumina surface one could watch it melt through.

    Any chance that you could do that and record it for everyone to see?

    Curiously over the past week I have started such heating triggers... any source of heat is sufficient to initiate the reactions but of course the devil is in the details and triggering extreme heating events is an ongoing invention process. As for making the details public that's another question. I don't subscribe to the admonitions by selective socialists who want the fruits of my labours be donated for the public good while they make no offer to do likewise. Slowly all will become clear and I dare say I have been far more open than anyone in the field with proving my willingness to share my know how by taking myself and kit to the 'mountain.'

    Just to be keeping up with the Jones', or should I say Mills', the latest Atom-Ecology test resulted in melting of our alumininium oxide refractory ceramic bits, as they melt at 2050C this shines some new brilliant light on our progress. As I have been prone to say about cold fusion the major engineering issue is not in producing heat but rather in controlling it such that one does not require unobtanium as a material to build things out of :)

    At about 5:15 this reference to a 1996 Fleischmann interview by Infinite Energy could be relevant as well, hinting at X-rays that might not be conventional X-rays - in either case some sort of emission that can leak away from the typical cell, whose lack of thermalization (so to speak) could account for the lack of excess heat in some cases and "strange radiation" observation in others.

    Thanks for the reference to that 1996 interview, Fleischmann had it pretty much spot on, the readily observable rays leaving good cold fusion are most commonly found in the domain of hard x-rays but they are clearly not said 'hard' x-rays. They are more akin to 'soft' gamma rays.;) In any case they represent not a primary signature of cold fusion but rather are clear evidence of one of the many rare side reactions. Therein lies new speciation opportunities for taxonomists and new opportunities to understanding the complexity of this atom-ecology.

    Alas poor Androcles has been a faithful steed, only to suddenly fail due to a thermal event. His pure crystal quartz heart was all but destroyed though recovered with a mysterious reddish tint. Just in time to become a St. Valentine's relic to add to our atom-ecology reliquery. Perhaps some generous and amorous follower would like to buy this for their sweetheart (there is only 9 days left.)

    UPDATE: Alas my fishing skills are proven to be terrible, not even a nibble was attracted with this terrible bait...

    Might you be able to use some electrical/controls/computer engineering assistance?

    I am generally open to a conversation about such help, so long as it is with real people, of course it's not appropriate to have such a conversation in a social media forum such as this. I am easily contacted by private email or via the contact form on my atom-ecology blog.

    Matts Lewan photo of Rossi's SK glow discharge shows an effectively identical apparatus to my Mischugenon/Telleron appratus and successful experiments of the early 1990's... nice to see ones work, at long last, being replicated even imporoved upon. The classic deuterium glow discharge colour is quite apparent. One of the challenges I faced was the routine thermal destruction of the glassware I was using... next stop building in quartz glass replications of same with a few practical heat transfer innovations.

    Rossi's recent revelations were very adroit with regard to gifting some quite useful hints and direction to his peers who are practicioners in the art. At the same time the form of his revelations were sure to frustrate and perplex his peanut gallery or is that just his 'nut' gallery. I believe he provided more than sufficient detail for one 'skilled in the art' to recreate his SK 'plasma discharge' reactor design. It derives from and builds upon a good body of related experimental evidence from the decades of cold fusion. I expect to have some atom-ecology apparatus and fuels ready to test in a similar fashion in short order. Stay tuned.

    I am appreciative at Rossi's use of the Ballerina meme, I am certain his ballerinas would get along radiantly with my gamma girls. ... ok let the doltist librarians bring the rain... where did I put my pissant umbrella ;)

    Rossi is to be congratulated for presenting his technology and most importantly proclaiming that it is available as a product NOW. The cost for 1 year of heat at 80% of competing hot air is little, perhaps about $30,000/year. It is impossible to imagine that anyone so well known as Rossi would risk the legal consequences of failing to deliver for such a trivial sum. As well for a cost of such a trivial sum the confirmation of his technology will be immediate. Imagine putting just 10 conventional electric room heaters together in a stack and comparing the heat one feels that they provide versus the Rossi E-Cat. Anyone will be able to instantly feel whether the E-Cat is close to equivalence. Thus the palpable heat test is what is offered.

    A rising Italian tide will lift all boats :) especially those few with more or less equivalent working cold fusion...