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    The work Akito et al reveals is exciting to see as it fits well into the schema where the gentle movement of deuterons through complex materials yields predictable and consistent heat and energetic emission, my favourite are the lovely gammas. It is a great example of what happens when one produces complex atom-ecologies and lets deuterons in motion therein find the ideal locations for themselves where they are clearly observed by multiple means to engage in their unique cold fusion behaviour. That the thermal signature of this protocol is in the tens of watts range makes it a good petri dish on the path to engineering practical technologies.

    The nature of science and the opponents to new discoveries is an age old problem. As Max Planck noted, "An important scientific innovation rarely makes its way by gradually winning over and converting its opponents: What does happen is that the opponents gradually die out." That die off takes time but it is inevitable.

    While generally I am not a fan of Shanahan in this case I must admit I am. This argument by those who want to be seen as having the prominance to 'annoint' their choosen recipes vs. the proper discussion of how signal must be very dramatically above noise to have any credence, is at the heart of this writhing field. That's the reason for the now decades old sage advice/demand of showing the cold fusion/lenr nuclear fire be accompanied by nuclear smoke/ash. That quintessential smoke is abundant gamma rays orders of magnitude above the noise, and the ash ,4He, similarly orders of magnitude above the noise, in repeatable experiments that produce palpable heat. A measly ~1 watt in any experiment, let alone a 350 C device, is NOT palpable in anyones book. The discussion of whether this miniscule heat signal is buried in the noise is appropo, and the annointed ones and armchair annointers must be questioned with a proper WTF.

    Here's a helpful reference.



    the action of making something obscure, unclear, or unintelligible. "when confronted with sharp questions they resort to obfuscation'

    Let's be clear and include the several replications of Lion that have been done in at least two labs thousands of miles apart. Inspite of duplicating apparent physical characteristics of high temperature copper oxidation chemistry that attacks all materials it is in contact with, NO heat, NO radiation, found by the two teams working to faithfully replicate with Lion's assistance and guidance. There is NO hard data to date that supports claims of Lion's having found heat in the 'Looking for Heat' test beds he has worked that included very capable Arduino data collection gear now clearly proven to be able to see heat and with considerable and capable help of the 'Looking for Heat" team. I hope Lion can do better and he surely must do better than to base the anomalous heat claims on characteristics of high temperature metal oxidation chemistry. Lion is to his credit a man who while remaining under the secret name in public has revealed his true identity and met in person with us repeatedly to help our efforts to replicate his work. The moral of this story is about the necessity of solid and sound data sets and data analysis being imperative in this field.

    So where are the trolls, ne're do wells, cynics, outright haters, and henchmen of Rossi's competitors with regard to Parkhomov's apparently astonishing replication of Rossi's hot dry cat experiments. One old but skilled in the art retired Russian scientist working in his kitchen sink seems to deliver the truth that exposes the usual armchair miscreants and what they are worth. What say ye.

    Upon accepting the invitation to conduct my experiments in a 'third party' lab and arrival at the Looking For Heat lab my first efforts were to engage Alan and Martin in making modifications to their first generation tube furnaces. I suggested a larger diameter bore so that we could place more inside, the reactor tube that contained my fuel would be accompanied by an S-type thermocouple and a small control heating element all tighly bound into a triplet configuration and so as to act approximately like a single thermal mass. The small heater through which we could insert a precisely known number of joules of heat would on demand as perfectly as possible mimic excess heat in increments of a watt from 0 to 100. Alan and Martin graciously agreed and they in fact have done most of the building work to build now a bank of six such devices, see Alan's photos on this forum. Calibraton with heating and cooling curves are undertaken with the obvious variations on the use of this new 'bundle.' We monitor all inputs every second, so for example the data set from the now six week long 'lovel gammas' experiment has many millions of lines of data covering the HOT and CONTROL reactors. There are plenty of complications but following the late great Martin Fleischmann's teaching, "from simplicity to complexity and back to simplicity" is the key. One thing that is constant is what every parent knows thatthey can perform accurate themal mass calorimetry merely placing thier hand on their child's forhead, doing so with thier carefully tended to and very well known child they can accurately judge whether the child has even a slight fever. Such is the value of a unifom thermal mass with a well characterized heat loss and an equally well charcterized heat inputs (known and unknown). What can I say, the job was to create reliable enduring excess heat and hosts and partners be praised, let there be heat, and there is plenty of it. The gammas are just a tiara on the performing diva.

    Years ago I offered to fly to Italy and bring with me my very sensitive and proven reliable and precise helium mass spectrometer. I was impressed by Rossi's claims and volunteered to loan him my mass spec and teach him how to use it. I had proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that mostly cold fusion/lenr yielded prodigious 4He as the main nuclear ash. I had confirmed my findings of heat and helium in my cold fusion expereiments in my own Palo Alto garage as well as at SRI, Rockwell Labs, Los Alamos, Pacific Northwest National Lab, the NRL, a major helium lab in Canada, and by being invited to work with the famous Arata San in his personal lab in Osaka where he had a 3He/4He mass spec vastly superior to my own.

    Rossi was a perfect gentleman with regard to my offer and wrote a very kind letter/email declining the loan of my 4He mass spec. He noted that "I of all people must understand why he could not invite a person like myself into his lab." He noted that, "I would instantly deduce most of his secrets." We remained congenial colleagues. (He was right about how anyone skilled in the art could readily deduce most of the secrets of this craft in a heart beat.

    Today I make a new offer to Andrea, I will bring my quality Gamma Spectrometer to him at my own expense and I will show him how it can defintively identify the great many cold fusion/lenr reactions that define its complex ecosystem. Dotore Rossi surely has the same gamma spectra and neutron evidence that I have in my present work. Together we might break the backs of the defamatory cynical skeptics that seem intent to rule and ruin cold fusion/lenr and keep it from becoming the saviour of our planet suffering the ravages of the fossil fool age. We will simultaneously send the flim flam men, trolls, and magical thinkers, with their 'donate here buttons', scurrying back into their dank dark holes. How about Andrea, we can show each other and then the world the definitive irrefutable proof of cold fusion/lenr, the nuclear fire and the nuclear ash, side by side. If you like I will bring my trusty helium mass spec along as well.

    How much more fun could two old guys have. We will have results inside of a week or so and we might show in a glorious moment the transformational energy the world needs so desperately. Together we can deliver this inexhaustible energy better, faster, cheaper. In fact 'energy too cheap to meter.' You can find me at .

    Both our group at Looking for Heat and Alan Goldwater have faithfully tried to reproduce the "Lion" experiment multiple times. Lion himself met with us more than once for lengthy meetings where he explained his methods and materials. We found him to be a affable man. Using his instructions several faithful attempts to reproduce his experimetn and measure any effect of heat or radiation failed to do so, both here in London and in California. Indeed the lack of measurable effects in our Lion replications are proving to be useful absolute null experimental data sets, so not all the time and effort was a waste. Lion has gone mysteriously silent and no longer communicates with us. He had promised to provide a reactor tube made by his own hands for February. He repeatedly changed the delivery date of said tube month to month, and now it is no longer spoken of. I for one would never have invested the time, effort, and money to try to replicate his work without the promise of the Lion fueld 'Looking for Heat' reactor tube made by his own hands. Our analysis of his extremly sparse data revealed that he has very little data upon which to base his claims. Or at least data that he has shared. So the term epoché would seem to be appropos, at the very least. Others who have invested the time, effort, and money to replicate Lion's claimed findings have been even more disappointed and said to me 'here are two ways to spell Lion'. Ces't la vie.

    Many who knew and worked with Arata San will shed no tears at his passing, save for the secrets he now guards in his grave. He was a brilliant man with a ruthless ego. I learned a great deal from him working cheek to jowl in his lab in Osaka but it took quite some time for the narrow scars on my back to fade away. The field of cold fusion/lenr has never been any different from most of science, it is an environment populated by men and only superficially does not appear like a Roman colesseum. My sympathies to Yuku who was a fine and gracious host and lady.

    Why this meaningless talk about scaling. Of course everything that comes from a lab bench will 'scale.' Tiny sources of heat measuring a fraction of a ml in volume can of course be multipled into thousands or tens of thousand or more of such tiny bits to yield useful heat technologies. Those of us with such heat producing 'hot grains of rice' will of course one day soon offer up larger servings. Alas that will be the end of the troll fest. I highly recommend to those 'victims of lost calling' they begin now to refocusing their attention on topics worthy of them such as fashion or royal families or even the fashion of the royals. 'Axils' might rename themselves 'Pirouettes', Walkers might be reborn as 'Swaggers', I propose we start a new thread here with suggested new names for the soon to be vicitims of a scaled up world of lenr/cold fusion. Dare we imagine a world where Rossi becomes 'Bossie'... nah that may be going too far.

    Here's hoping the lovely gammas that Norront Fusion (aka Olaffson and Holmlid) has offered a glimpse of are to put on a bit more of a show. Norront has a signal almost as lovely as atom-ecology lovely gammas though their hardware demands are considerably more onerous. Norront is being coy as they show but one of the many gamma peaks that are dancing daily here in Essex.

    So, no. This was ~100 W claimed for hours in 1993 using inferior calorimetry. But in 1994, McKubre's "replication" with better calorimetry got a watt or less with 10 W input. And in 2001 you lamented that researchers had not made the results stand out, and that Storms was planning a gala "One What / Watt? " party if he succeeded in getting one watt consistently. This almost 10 years after P&F claimed 100W.

    So what does this experimental data say, either Fleischmann was a master and McKubre sophomoric, or the titles were reversed. McKubre was always a man who could sell ice to Eskimos, I choose to believe in the old master.

    Brilliant that you took the trouble to do this.

    At this point I think that LION's reports should be treated as perhaps mistaken. And for anyone who is taking Bob Greenyer's analysis of the LION 1 and LION 2 remains seriously I think a necessary step would be to replicate the reported effects by putting enough power through a dummy LION-style reactor to partially melt it. The null hypothesis of that investigations would be that the phenomena that Bob saw are due to heat and decomposition, not LENR effects.

    Most assuredly we have run Lion experiments, 3 in fact, coached by Lion himself via extensive meetings in the flesh, there has been plenty of hot copper oxide chemistry going on that an hobbiest might mistake for 'melting'. To data no hint of heat inspite of many many days looking for said heat, and no radiation above the background. If was a decent refresher exercise for me getting back at the bench after too many years away. With that refresher on lab tech and manners it got me thinking on how to make Androcles which has proven to have nothing in common with Lion save both run in a "looking for heat' hot dry tube furnace experimental platform. Plenty of evidence for cold fusion is seen in the lovely gammas that continue to be observable soon after I arrive for the day at the lab bench. One aspect of that diurnal cycle is it comes soon after my morning coffee when I am able to make my old fingers fumble with the bits and pieces under my control. While the Lion in his several iterations has proven to be cold and lifeless, the Lioness and Androcles haven't always just talked while in the cave or merely tended to thorny issues, there might just be a hybrid offspring ready to emerge from the cave sometime soon ;)

    It is busy times amongst the green fields and rabbit warrens of Essex with all manner of hydrogen experiments taking place in a lab not quite yet all put together in the month of moving in. As it has been rightly said, science is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. Three experienced dedicagted guys on their feet in the lab day in day out for weeks is a very substantial committment of value to making progress. Each hour on ones feet at a lab bench is worth weeks of armchair time if such efforts are even comparable at all.

    The more obvious and non-magical explanation on the damage outside (and inside) of the Lion tube is simple high temperature copper chemisty which is highly corrosive along with brute force themal effects of things over 1000 C in air. No amount of wishful interpretations or tasseography of the cremains can be fairly said to be real data that supports anomalous effects. Until there are repclications with solid data on power in and temperature logs with sound calibrations all this is very out there. Confusing things even more is the conflation of even more out there notions as being one and the same within the 'Lion', this is enough to make any cat cough up a fur ball, even an e-cat. The most important admonition/rule in science is 'data speak to me', not 'here's my interpretation of what I see, believe me' the latter is known as religion.