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    Any idea how much Leonardo Corp is worth now compared to IH, BLP or BEC?

    Absent any new facts, if you are asking for opinions, I think all three are worth absolutely nothing long term because none of their concepts have been properly proven to work and, IMO, such proof is very improbable for the future. If anyone cares, I still hold some (slight) hope for Alan Smith et al. and Mizuno. Otherwise, LENR is looking bleak. And the more time that passes without a device, proven to work by a credible and main line organization, the bleaker. And no, Brillouin/SAI is not a counter example.


    The red flag was when they rocketed up the valuation of IH to$4Billion based on a $50mi raise. I

    Woodford did that? I think not. I would guess that is simply more idiocy from Sifferkol's unquenchable supply of stupid posts going back ten years, most about how great Rossi is.

    I do remember Woodford raised IH's valuation to less extreme but still silly levels. So I guess we're just arguing about how ridiculous the evaluation got. I remember commenting at the time, on how bizarre this was,and getting roundly criticized by the usual suspects on the forum then.


    Dear SOT: Why do you not devote some time for debunking the big, true physics SUN & fun mafia (CERN,ITER,...) that sucks the most research money we could use for real & useful research

    I am not sure what I would debunk in large physics projects. They pretty much do what they claim and it mostly makes sense. Yes they have huge budgets and they take too long. But they move forward, clearly. Most LENR projects do not. The obvious exception would be Mizuno but I guess it will be some time before we can expect replication (as per JR).


    Of all those companies, BLP has by far been the most transparent, and looks to have a sophisticated, powerful, albeit hard to contain prototype. There has been nothing like it in LENR's 30 years that I know of. Sure, there have been some impressive looking concept drawings/models, but those just represent hopes and dreams, where the Suncell is real, working, and being tested.

    Suncell real? Sure. Working? What do you mean by that? It makes heat and light when you put lots of current through it. So does a crowbar. Tested? By whom other than Mills, his group and paid for and incomprehensible work by Rowan?


    Why then, after all that, the many validations, and video testimony they still struggle to find a partner with the expertise, and financial depth to bring this technology to fruition baffles me as much as it does others. Just the one independent replication by the ARA (Applied Research Associates) alone, should have had the investors, and companies lined up at the door begging BLP to take their money. or partner up.

    Because investors other than those with him for a long time, don't believe Mills' claims.


    The skeptic's have the easy answer; they have nothing, and this is a scam. I just do not buy that. Yes, it is possible, and if Mills were a one man show, I would have joined them by now. But they do have a team of approx 12 scientists/engineers, along with the other 12-13 employees. Hard to get that many to go along with a product fraud. Maybe for a short time, but not this long. Someone would have cracked by now, and spilled the beans. These are not a group of thugs recruited from the street, but highly educated, motivated people making it that much harder.

    A while back, I worked with a company which had government contracts for biophysical research aimed at simulating spaceflight conditions, including "zero gravity" on the ground. Most of the scientists working on this project thought (but were not certain) that it was mostly fanciful. But there was enough real work of value around it that it did not seem like an outright fraud and there was some small chance it would work (it mostly didn't). The scientists made a salary working at this. Each of their individual assigned tasks was not unreasonable. So nobody complained to the funding agencies. Nobody wanted to get fired. I suspect this is what is going on for those at BLP who do believe Mills but I suspect some of the scientists do believe him. That doesn't mean he is right and the Suncell really does anything anomalous.


    I don't either, but no one should hold that against them. Many people get no positive result in this business.

    In this case, some of the more reliable and credible people, for this type of testing anyway. Some of the principals of Earth Tech have gotten results with psychic claims which, IMO, were silly. But for "free energy" claims, they are pretty good, especially if their informal work with Steorn is an example.

    Scott and Marissa Little ( ) participated in these null Orbo tests: and http://freeenergytracker.blogs…netica-spinning-orbo.html


    One of the almost interesting things about Mills is that he is very Pennsylvanian - small town farmer. Some may expect the eccentricity of a typical physicist.

    Some of you may expect genius to look another way. Don't expect anything to come in any way for outliers. Humans have bad ability to spot outliers and differentiate in unfamiliar groups - its the same reason all chinese people look the same to someone who hasn't seen too many chinese people.

    Psychology not physics - is why most of your are thrown off on this -- it is science just in a different form - yes there is a book there someone should write.

    I remember Brett telling me he'd be eating hot dogs with Mills and sometimes he'd say something off hand at a pace that only 50 people in the world could even keep up with at his pace. Hot dogs and breakthrough physics, very American!

    Verbose nonsense. Mills hasn't been able to produce anything credible, convincing (outside his usual suspects like Rowan) or marketable and is now approaching 30 years of grandiose claims and bright lights fueled by many kilowatts of line power poured into a tiny space. Those are the facts. Check the internet record.


    since the time over which the two powers are measured is not stated

    This has been standard operating procedure (SOP) for Mills' group for years, possibly decades although no data at all was the usual SOP in the more distant past.


    And assuming there was no secret cable fed in (which I doubt with a 12 man team), what would it take to contain?

    I guess you see now that the thick cables are no secret.


    I also think Rossi should be played out to the end.

    You're like the little boy inexpertly giving a recital and going on and on and on. The conductor whispered to him, "Isn't it time to end it?" to which the boy replied in a panic, "I'm way past the end!"

    Mark U


    Pardon me if I trust the dozens of validations over twenty years performed by qualified scientists, ahead of arm chair skeptics.

    Can you provide a link to a single, peer reviewed, main line journal article reporting that anything from Mills has made substantial excess energy? Such a report must include the energy required to provide the fuel (some of Mills' old Rowan U experiments used fuels). It must also include detailed calorimetry information and can not have been funded or participated in by Mills. I don't care one way or another about hydrinos. Show me energy. Show me independent proof unrelated to something Mills funded or helped with. And a reputable source please. I agree about arm chair skeptics. But the skeptics here do not purport to be original sources. Not that I've seen anyway. Thanks.

    Alan Smith wrote:


    We have lab results probably as good as those any other lab issued recently

    As good as Mizuno's lesser claim (50W in and 250W out, sustained)? That would be cool.



    Maybe I have my wires crossed, but I think we only learned that NASA had replicated the co-dep work earlier this year?

    News to me. But I don't follow that closely. Have a citation or link please? Thanks.

    Navid wrote:


    One thing that many - probably all (?) - of the people on this board don't have is world class training in experimental physics.

    Neither does Dr. Mills. His doctorate is in medicine.


    Dr. Mills was awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Chemistry, summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, from Franklin & Marshall College in 1982, and a Doctor of Medicine Degree from Harvard Medical School in 1986. Following a year of graduate work in electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Mills began his research in the field of energy technology.

    See any physics, nuclear physics, nuclear engineering? Nope. None. Nada. Not world class. Not pissant class.

    Also what THHuxleynew wrote.