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    We can all accept that you have these beliefs - in fact it is obvious that you feel science & measurements are not relevant here - or you would not be supporting Rossi.

    It may not be obvious to you, who clearly do have ulterior motives, and very properly say this, but many are here for the intrinsic interest in this story, and with a desire to discover truth. Admittedly views as to what has been discovered so far still vary - but that is only natural, and a sign of human variability not some conspiracy.

    Well, I did not say science etc is not relevant. I was talking about the "speculation" on what is maybe facts, which is more of an bias test on the author than anything else. Most of the speculations are FUD you know, to distract from the real issues. And I dont believe for one second in your fake-objective altruistic truth BS.

    Let's drill a little into this innuendo. Who is being hypocritical and secret about their motivation? Please be explicit.

    I understand you are sword-fishing Eric ;)

    It was a general statement on the psychology of incentives and misjudgements, that nobody should have a problem with. I said that we all are "more or less hypocritical/secret about it", regardless of if we are aware of it or not.

    There is a sword hanging over your head.

    What can I say? Even Dewey would have been proud of that parable ;)

    And since the sword seems to have a sharp bias I guess there's not much I can do.

    I guess it comes down to me believing this story is very little about science, law and/or measurements, but much more about feelings, incentives, psychology, politics and business. I have constantly tried to point that out using indications and angles I feel are important with the goal to get the big picture. I understand now that this does absolutely not suit the narrative of current moderators, where speculation about myriads of tiny details rules to cause distractions and diversions from what is really interesting and important (to me anyway) in this saga. And that is the people and their incentives and reasons for misjudgements. Because we are all here for a reason, only more or less hypocritical/secret about it. Taking that away the details chosen only points in direction of the author bias. Nothing else. And then we are back to square one.

    sigmoidal , just give the word and sifferkoll is gone for good. Feel free to message me at any time. (For those who may be wondering about the harshness of this, sifferkoll has a history here.)

    If this puts you in an awkward position, I'm also keeping close tabs on things and will take action myself if things cross over a (hard-to-predict) line.

    Maybe you could enlighten me on what "history" I'm being accused of having, more than the wrong bias?


    I find your unfounded allegation that I'm being paid for this work
    insulting. I'll let the moderators decide if your insinuation is
    consistent with the goals of this blog.

    I didn't think they were that unfounded since I backed them up with indications; ie the jan28th entry timeline.

    Sorry, I was asking you a question in response to your comment. You claimed that Rossi has been 'terrorized' for his 'achievements'. I'm asking how you think he was 'terrorized' and for what 'achievements'. That's not 'my side', it's 'your side'.

    Again, care to clarify?

    I do not think it is necessary. Since I know you've done your homework. But yes, I do believe there has been a semi-coordinated (it could be worse) effort to discredit Rossi and LENR general (which has been going on since F&P). Mainly because he has properties that are not "controllable" and had too much success.

    I'm not sure about IH's position in this story; they could be part of it or maybe they are only semi-intelligent VC investors with poor due diligence and/or people skills. Or... There is something scary about them vacuuming the market for all LENR IP and recruiting the whole community in one entity on NDA.

    I do believe BIG interests are watching and probably acting to keep the disruptive effects on the geopolitical situation etc. I do believe they would prefer a controlled 10y roll out plan. I am pretty confident that Apco and JD are clues here, since they are used to this business more than most...

    Sifferkoll, it's hard to take you seriously.

    I beg to differ... I actually do believe you take me seriously. One example; after me spending several months offline it took you about an hour or so to present the HF issue, quotes and everything. Isn't that strange for a newcomer (as you call yourself)? You've obviously done your homework and have a clear work description here since your shift started on Jan28th by making biased interpretations on the IH filings of that exact date... Makes you go hmmm... Coincidence? Hardly

    I suppose you wish I spend time on that again. But since you so clearly stated YOUR narrative, you probably already know the other side of the the story, don't you? BTW, when talking about pollution you conveniently forget the mafia connection ... etc etc

    Sifferkoll in my post immediately above yours I say:

    Given that as Sigmoidal points out, one or other of these gentlemen will have perjured himself under oath, you can probably work out on past record which I think is most likely to have done so. It is also easier for Rossi to claim mistake - that he misunderstood - or that he did not remember. Whereas for Darden's statement not to be true it would be a direct fabrication.

    Right, of course anyone can have an opinion, but comparing an entrepreneur/inventor with a slippery banker/VC/lawyer kind of guy. Most would go for the first one. Dont you think. I agree that Rossi has been constantly terrorized on his past achievements, which are nowhere near as bad as a lot of people (incl you) are trying to make out. Hi did step on mafia toas for sure, and went bankrupt with some tax issues as a result. But thats about it.

    Well, it obviously didn't work with Dewey, so may not with Rossi. My point was, it needed to be said, and AFAIK nobody did it. It is suggested that IH's people were soft on Rossi's lies because they were afraid he would run away. Now it seems that even before Doral that was what they wanted. I'm puzzled, but suspect that there were too many people around this project who couldn't organise a tree-frog in the rain forest.

    IH was of course perfectly happy with all the unknowns. They had Rossi in a nice NDA leash, working for a year in a container believing it was the GPT, they hade a nice marketing site in Florida to bring Woodford and Chinese investers, they had a customer (JMP/Bass) who helped them raise the Woodford money. And Rossi helped them too (naively thinking it could be beneficial to him... )They loved all the delays because knowing they could wriggle themselves out of the $89M, they had Rossi working more or less for free. Remember, Darden is a money/lawyer/VC man. That is what he do...

    Indeed. it looks as though they have not been quite as airheaded as some have claimed, and are well aware that even though, after Lugano, things look good with Rossi they cannot count chickens till they have stuff working themselves. In this situation, faced with a ridiculous contract, they seem to have done the best they can. Let rossi do a test and intend to pay him the $89M but only if the IP transfer is complete. As Darden, under sworn testimony, says he told Rossi.

    You may prefer to take Rossi's sworn testimony over Darden's - but I doubt many will...

    Regards, THH

    It seems like some commentators really like to point out that "As Darden, under sworn testimony, says he told Rossi". I somehow get the feeling that there is a bias here since Rossi also says stuff under oath. Why don't you point that out instead? At certain places it is almost possible to get the idea that it is taken for granted that Rossi lies (Jed even accuses Rossi to lie flat out) on oath, but Darden don't, when in reality it is much more probable the other way around.

    Reading through the testimonies it is obvious that IH has a carefully chosen (by JD) script to follow to build their narrative (blame Lugano, blame their own stupidity when needed, beeing knowledgeable when needed, etc.), while Rossi more or less tell stuff like it is.

    When reading you really do have to take into account that Darden et al are lawyer/money type of people used to build narratives for investors where they make it look like they are telling something at the same time keeping their backs clean and hedging their betss and never get into specifics (GPT etc). This is only normal procedure for these kind of people who are not accustomed to doing any real work ...

    Mats Lewan quote from ECW is telling the same thing as well.

    Well, forgive me, but I don't understand how 'it does not reflect on Rossi credibility at all'. Could you point me to some information where you explained this, or if it is not publicly posted, could you provide more details about why you have come to this conclusion?

    Perhaps you can understand why others besides myself are puzzled by this seeming contradiction?

    I believe I'm pretty specific when I say that this has been sorted out and that I can not go into details on it. As far as I can see the only reason for IH to bring that mail into the lawsuit was to damage the relationship between Ross and HF. And it failed. What is interesting though is the fact that they bothered to include it, because there are no other reasons than to cause damage. (and why would it be in the interest for IH do that? ... )

    Yes, I have no worries about it at all. I was asking what you thought about Rossi's intentional deception? Or perhaps you do not perceive it as deception? I figure you have a unique perspective on how this email reflects on Rossi's crediblity. Maybe I should be more specific. From your perspective, how does this email reflect on Rossi's credibility?

    As I said, there are more to it than the email says and it has been sorted out long ago in person. So it does not reflect on Rossi credibility at all. Knowing the full circumstances the events and behavior are logical.

    Old news. This has been covered long ago and sorted out in person. Don't worry about it.

    Nope. No details. Use your imagination. It is a small world you know.

    Siffer - Rossi's multi-decade trail of deception, destruction and theft has come home to roost and everyone whom he previously has associated with eventually got used up and tossed by the wayside. The trail of heartbreak and ruination left by this guy over the decades is staggering. Magnus was not to be one of those exceptions and I feel badly for him. Rossi thought he could trick or inculcate us fully into his skulduggery but he bet incorrectly. The Uppsala crew will also soon learn the price of choosing to stay by Rossi's side and assisting, whether intentionally or not, with his deception.

    If you are making threats Dewey, please be more specific... Is it only me who visualize the bible ramblings of Pulp Fiction when you are trying to say something?

    Siffer - Your one way evidence monocle got very tiresome last summer.

    Magnus is apparently a nice guy who couldn't fully weather the financial risk associated in dealing with Rossi. You might be able to check the divorce courts in Sweden yourself for the latest.

    Really really interesting to know that you try to follow those kind of things ...

    Do you believe it makes your case stronger that everybody knows that you pride yourself in celebrating other peoples possible divorce matter. (whatever reason)

    Well. Uppsala, Gullström are some hints on what is going on, but you already know that ...

    I'll help out. Unfortunately, the CEO had to sell his car and has had some problems on the home front as a result of the financial difficulties associated with signing up with Rossi. The trail of destruction continues.

    Details please, details... This is hilarious. If anything, this is evidence of you making things up as you go ... Wow!

    Just like old times, Dewey and Siffer back at each others throats! :) Siffer, one thing Dewey does is to deliver lots and lots of valuable, very valuable inside intelligence, so we can, and do tolerate his antics. We all love you too, but you have not given us any good information since telling us you met Rossi in Sweden, and that you are with HF in some capacity.

    So time to provide us some intel so that we can overlook your flamboyant ways. Something we can not already get from the court documents. Hmm...maybe something about what is going on with HF?

    I kind of like you Shane. You are clever. And yes, you can be absolutely sure I know more than I wish to tell at the moment. I guess Dewey and some of his friends know some of it too... And certainly do not like to talk about it either ...

    Sifferkoll, the other mods and admins and I want an environment that is free from the kind of toxic insinuation you bring here. If you cannot drop the ad hom, you will be banned. Here I am taking account your behavior over a period of months.


    Months? I've bee offline (doing normal stuff you know) for months. What are you talking about?

    Sifferkol, I'm trying to give reasons to Peter, who asked for them. But just a note: you are very much on thin ice.

    Please elaborate on this Eric so that I know what your true intentions are.

    and it is sifferkoll. two L at the end.

    Planet Rossi is a permanent monicker well beyond this forum despite Alan's best wishes and desires. I believe this latest epitode (combo episode and epitath) of his also highlights his lack of judgement, temperament and inability to function as a capable moderator for L.F.

    Oh. I bet you have some really interesting suggestions on how to govern and moderate a forum like this Dewey, dont you? A constitutional kind of thing, right?

    Siffer - you get to wait that one out but please do add some fuel to the fire if you dare.

    Anyone else seeing access problems? They tend to go hand-in-hand with Planet Rossi temper tantrums.

    Dewey - Stoppit! Alan.

    What are you talking about Dewey? I'm still listening. What are you researching in Sweden that affects me? Please tell me.

    In a society where everything was free, I know I would not work. I would go fishing, golfing, mow my yard, paint my house. But then I do not know who would

    mow the golf course, make the fishing line and poles, build the golf clubs, cast the aluminum block on my lawn mower, distill the gas for it nor make the paint for my house. I would truly appreciate all those who did that work for free, just for my benefit! :):!:

    Ok. That is fine. I understand But as I stated I do not think human work (unless it can be rotbotized - your lawn will survive, etc. .... ) will be free.

    I see the Rossi SP / Planet Rossi storm from overnight drew some just invective and, sadly, also lured Sifferkoll out of hibernation (high possibility they are directly related). I'd love to have a look at some server logs and IP addresses. Its not a total loss - I don't need any more ammo on that front but this will surely be helpful if he wants to revert to his last known state of mind.

    I've been very curious as to why more of Planet Rossi is not proclaiming Penon's "ERV" report? Rossi teased and led his followers on for almost a year around the importance of this document only to pull the rug out from under them with his long planned litigation and the intentional withholding of his all important report. He then tried to spin this and blame IH for his inability to publish the planet saving, so to speak, "ERV". The document is so fatally flawed that it could not be useful to collect even .89 quid. There is no measuring equipment description, no data measurement or collection methodology, no calibration or certification. No attempt to establish any credibility or competence as a measurement standard. Rossi, Penon and Fabiani all got their stories crossed up on how the information was even gathered / delivered and then to top it all off - they destroyed the emails and the data. What is left for any Rossi remnant to believe in?

    Thinking about it, this really pisses me off Dewey. Especially since you long time ago stated that you have no clue about how the Internet works () ... I give some examples of your previous endeavors, which I almost forgot about...…ver-goes-ballistic-after/…ver-goes-ballistic-after/…cryptodenialism-to-study/

    To be honest, reading through all my posts today feels kind of weird. Everything is almost too close to close to spot on ... ... ...