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    ne had to be incompetent and negligent at vetting to invest in Rossi when IH did but now you have to be completely stupid as well and unable to do a simple internet search (which reveals the pretrial depositions).

    Don't worry about it Mary. Calm down, consider lithium maybe... It's only a Norwegian newspaper (ie a small country really really far away ...). When these people finally get to the Internet they will find that you have spoken the TRUTH all over it in one million+ rants trashing Rossi from any angle possible. They will be so impressed by your perseverance and join you on your faithful journey towards enlightenment :D

    That is where you get into trouble peddling that stuff.

    Or maybe you because you are trying to stop it.

    You tell me what is worse at the end of the day; some false hope (hardly noticeable compared to the normal news flow from the same papers) among generally privileged people or the potential lives sacrificed from one single day of delay if you somehow got it wrong in your long distance amateur analysis?

    I don't think it's necessary to make an unverifiable dog and pony show to protect IP in this case. You can literally put the device in a small crate on a platform visibly above the ground, hiding the contents from the audience or cameras or whatever, and carefully and rigorously measure input power, water flow rate and output delta T over a long period of time. If the thing goes on for long enough, chemical sources of energy can be ruled out.

    This is not about whether I like that Rossi is attempting to protect his IP. It's about what "he is protecting his IP" includes and excludes as possibilities. He can both protect his IP and allow for a rigorous black box test. He shuns rigorous measurement, and, we can reasonably conclude, for reasons other than protecting IP.

    DPS FUD going on I see.

    But, lets leave that for a moment - I guess it is in your script to paint a picture of Rossi as wanting to show YOU (or any other "skeptic"/tr**l/a***ot****r) that it performs as stated. I'll let you in on a secret : He knows you exist and why, and has concluded it is absolutely useless to go the path you want him to go... Get it? For him it is enough to show those people who really matters to his objectives and that it works. And those people know what risks are involved (hint: if it actually works is not a major one of them - that is the easy part) .

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    Wow! I cant understand that you don't understand that Rossi understands that you would write this kind of statement. Of course he knows there are an infinite amount of fraud scenarios to be made up.... This one is pathetically simple and only shows your bad intentions (flashing your cards...) Please meditate on the fact that Rossi did not do this demo for you, although he did know you would trash it for sure...

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    E_man : rest assured that we'll do our best to keep the discussion in the other threads civil, including moving contentless personal attacks and other unworthy comments here (time, energy and level of irritation permitting). It will happen as often as is necessary. If needed, account suspensions are a further possibility.

    And I was only following your very specific instruction and corrected a factual issue connected to the post made... Well, well. I guess you only want to prove your pure intentions... Point taken...

    I do understand what you are doing. Of course I do. You are twisting a completely factual statement made by Rossi to something that induce some FUD that was simply not there. Where the f*ck was Rossi supposed to say the demo was held in your opinion? Or do you not understand the word "at"? It is not the same as "by" you know. (and english is not my native...)

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    Facing cross examination on ecat stuff could not have been easy!

    Wow! Is this a way for you to justify to yourself and your almost infinite number of posts made the last couple of years thrashing and accusing everyone working with Rossi? What does THAT say about you Mary?

    Seems more like YOU are twisting reality. The demo was "made at the Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences of Stockolm".

    Is there something that you do not understand with that statement ? Or are you only trying to induce some FUD?

    Are you some sort of nut case? I genuinely worry about Lewan can earn a living after Rossi finally goes down in flames and he is revealed as the (fill in the blank) that he is. And you find that creepy? What does that say about YOU?

    You tell me Mary, what does it say about me?

    No. It says something about the boundless gullibility of murky thinkers, believers without evidence, and desirous individuals with more money than sense. I do agree with the latter point. It was likely enough that Rossi could have confused a jury that it was a major threat to IH which is why they settled on giving Rossi nothing. Rossi does not have a magnetic personality. He is annoying, abrasive, obviously evasive, and transparently dishonest. Most people with sense would avoid him like a plague. And then, there is his obvious internet record which documents his consistent failures and lies. I do worry about Lewan. He has a lovely family to take care of. I wonder how he is going to do it after Rossi's eventual and inevitable demise.

    Ok. Lets try again. Eric moved my previous answer to this creepy MY post within a minute. It seem that it is ok to post hidden threats/hints and "WORRY" about Mats and his family in a "I know which school your kids goto" manner but me answering to it is censured...

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    No. It says something about the boundless gullibility of murky thinkers, believers without evidence, and desirous individuals with more money than sense. I do agree with the latter point. It was likely enough that Rossi could have confused a jury that it was a major threat to IH which is why they settled on giving Rossi nothing. Rossi does not have a magnetic personality. He is annoying, abrasive, obviously evasive, and transparently dishonest. Most people with sense would avoid him like a plague. And then, there is his obvious internet record which documents his consistent failures and lies. I do worry about Lewan. He has a lovely family to take care of. I wonder how he is going to do it after Rossi's eventual and inevitable demise.

    Why don't you take some lithium and calm down Mary. Why all this hate and why do you pretend to care about Mats? That part of your rant leaves a foul smell

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    There is absolutely no upside for them to engage in endless arguing about n+1 fraud scenarios invented by (possibly paid) anonymous astroturfers and Internet trolls. I guess this is exactly what these trolls know and the reason why they want them to engage ... ;)

    Well in general that may be, but what I meant was - when it comes to Rossi, he's not exactly been helping his case recently, so it hardly requires a conspiracy for people to say he's FOS.

    Of course he hasn't. He firmly believes trying to convince trolls and astroturfers is a complete waste of time. I believe he's right.

    Fortunately (for you all?) it's not my job to decide whats appropriate round here - But Sifferkol's post above seems to be a reasonable enough opinion, put forth in a fairly polite manner... Maybe the 'astroturfing by a few professionals' is a bit conspiracy theorist-like, but no-one here was named directly.

    And, I might add, that considering everything "astroturfing" conspiratorical is maybe even more of a conspiracy theory .... ;)

    If Mr Rossi has something real here, a convincing demonstration would not arise in a one-off demo as is being staged in Sweden on Friday. Convincing demonstrations take time. They take a lot of precision and care. They take transparency. That is why science is hard. In contrast this is not science, it's just a show.

    Rossi never said it was anything but a demo. Arguments like yours only show your preconceptions and malicious intent. You are probably pissed because it is obvious that Rossi knows it is absolutely useless to even try convincing you using the science path, since there are always n+1 fraud scenario that can be invented and argued ad nauseam (you know the drill...).

    It's all about marketing now and creating the infrastructure (capital, partners, facilities etc ) needed to build a product that delivers in the best way possible. The event later today is a step on that path; it's meant to convince those people needed to achieve this. And you girls and boys going on about "science", "transparency". "show", "precision", "convincing" are simply not needed to achieve this. Your only game is to try painting a picture of uncertainties and possible fraud as large as possible at the same time as you would obviously love to know the details about the Cat... This is of course standard astroturfing procedure performed by a few professionals meant to delay the break through and get the hands on the IP. Hijacking this forum is just one small step on that track

    Btw, see you later Alan! It will be an interesting day :)

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    Found this quote by Ed Storms from an earlier thread: Self-Interest and LENR (Edmund Storms)

    Ed Storms wrote:

    I watched how the attitude toward LENR changed at LANL. I watched as tolerance changed to hostility. The change was not based on lack of reproducibility. I and many other people were able to cause the effect. Besides, many phenomenon are initially difficult to control and are not rejected for this reason. The rejectors only used this claim as a fig leaf to hide another reason. I believe the rejection had a more sinter reason. The real reason was simply protection of self interest, initially by people funded by the hot fusion program.

    In 1989, hot fusion was in trouble because Congress was getting increasingly impatient with the slow progress. I believe certain very powerful people realized that LENR would siphon funds away from hot fusion and eventually kill it. They could not make this fear public so they set about convincing the public that LENR was bad science, which was easy to do. This was power politics at its worst. This worked because Fleischmann and the rest of us were playing the honest game of understanding nature for everyone’s benefit. In contrast, a few powerful people were only protecting themselves using any dishonest tool they could find. We and they were not playing by the same rules and we still aren’t.

    We see this process unfolding every day in Congress and being applied to a range of issues. Facts and what is real do not count in government these days. Self-interest rules. We in LENR have not created a self-interest for anyone of importance outside of a few groups having special needs, such as NASA. Even these groups have to hide their work to avoid being tarred by the bad science claim. In short, no one of importance needs LENR. Once the need is demonstrated, the attitude will change instantly. Perhaps Rossi will show that need or perhaps another country will create the need for the US to take an interest. We have to wait and see where the need is revealed before we can expect acceptance.

    And even here THH was arguing (in length/flooding mode, ad nauseum, as always) against the obvious first hand observations made by Ed Storms... even using the troll-conspiracy-meme against Storms ... and using the argument that the successful suppression made by the hot fusionistas (using the word scientists here) is and evidence against LENR per se... Hmmm.

    THH wrote:

    It is not credible that science that is openly described could be suppressed for so long, if it worked. This conspiracy theory is Storms making excuses for the fact that LENR evidence is weak and therefore not taken seriously by scientists.

    That is a straw man. For Rossi's device not to work, all you need is Rossi being Rossi, plus Fabiani totally supportive. Then Levi, Kullander, etc need to be academics very out of their depth assessing Rossi's demos (as we know from Lugano, where the multiple mistakes are certain) and blinded by a charismatic inventor with an story that would have life and world transforming qualities if true. Stories like that have staying power, and academics are no more immune to it than others.

    Rossi does not need a typical academic to fall for his fluff. Remember, the friends of Rossi here are self-selected as people willing to believe. Those more skeptical (the vast majority, I suggest, or else Rossi would find getting big funding a doddle) will go no where near this story. Skeptical voices who do go near get called snakes by Rossi and kept away.

    Well, I'm extremely sceptical about people spending a lot of time inventing fraud scenarios involving people they do not know and have never met and analyzing everything from a distance, even using attending an experiment - doing an actual analysis on site, as an argument against the conclusions from those that have... I have no problem calling these kind of despicable people "snakes" as Rossi do. Actually I know of other words as well.

    It's even worse that some of these people claim to have some kind of altruistic motivation for their actions when it is obvious they either have skin in the game themselves or are merely lobbyists for organizations that have. The idea that this forum is arguing between "Rossi fans" and science/scientists/sceptical rationalists/etc, and that there are no entities with other objectives involved is idiotic. Of course they are., It is in their interest. (hot fusionistas being a prime example)

    Eric arguing that discussions about the members objectives should not be tolerated is proof enough of this... At the same time THH and MY have no problem using people being "Rossi fans" as an argument in every other post (Levi,Lewan, Kullander,Fabiani, etc). Hmm.

    Whooopeee! Now, I write all the opposition dialog as per Siffie. I hope I get paid enough by the Nefarious Forces of Evil. Do I, Sifferkol? I should be at least as rich and famous as Rossi. ROTFWL

    I have no idea in which way you and THH pay each other for various services (and I'm not sure I want to know...)

    All it does is give me a tiny laugh. Rossi used to be worthy of big guffaws but now he's down to an occasional chuckle. Pity.

    That comment is somewhat in conflict with your obsessive behavior...

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    He is screwing with the peanut gallery of observers here and at ECW. Nobody else in the world likely cares much. I think Rossi does that for fun and ego gratification. Who knows? Or really, who cares?

    If it makes you feel screwed I'd say it's totally worth it. :P

    Rossi knows that however blatant the errors, he can bluff it out and his fans will find excuses for him. IHFB, for example, might view this public demo as a ruse designed to prevent competition from taking his work seriously. ECW guys will be very inventive in finding some technical solution, however unlikely, which makes observed events consistent with the device working.

    He does not have that hard a job. And of course he is good at putting on a show. i don't think he worries about technical accuracy. His goal will be the adulation of those present (who it would seem are all predisposed to give him the benefit of the doubt) and beyond that his supporters who do the same. So the more doubt the better, and given Rossi's minimalist approach to instrumentation there will likely be lots of doubt.

    Ouch. Having a change of script THH? All about vomiting on the potential fans & demo attendants now, is it? Fake facts are out, right? Maybe you are merging with the MY handle?

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