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    "FUD Abd in slander mode" wrote:

    Perhaps you can"t help but wonder because this paranoia is endemic. No. He has nothing to do with IH, nor with APCO, nor with Jones Day. His suggestion came after I had begun to comment. As to "flooding forums," well, your forum may be flooded. Mine has one less writer cluttering it, Timar. We are free to select what we read.I've been reading back, old Gluck posts, etc. Veritable mountains of drek. People agreeing back and forth over total nonsense. Like e-catnews? Feel free to "invest" your time there!When I block, I always look at the posting history, to see if I might be missing something of value. Nope. Just distraction, temptations to respond to unreal questions, pokes and prods and fluff.

    "Mountains of drek" ... you dont say... :P Browsing through the endless flow of Abdulla subjective pseudo legal "analysis" BS, this comment stands out from a psychological perspective... And as for "flooding", I guess you could feel that way since you do not have to read your own posts... That would reduce the flood significantly. Your lack of self-awareness in this respect is amazing ... (and you are supposed to be "trained"... ehh?)
    My take is that the Apco references ticks you off for a reason... Of course your lawyer friend is an Apco/JD op. Why would he otherwise bother about you vomiting dog shit all over the place? Your motives are way to transparent for your role Abdulla - reflect-repent-reboot... (or go talk to the dog prophet of yours ... she might have a clue)

    "Abdulla FUDmaster" wrote:

    He needed to have a way to pretend to generate a megawatt. In the IH facility, as IH had proposed, they would have been able to see the output power effect. It is hard not to see a megawatt of power, if it isn't hidden somehow, as in the "secret customer area." To Rossi, this was another "magnificence." He arranged for JMP to pay IH about $30,000 per month for the power. What a brilliant idea!

    Yeah!!! So you too are thereby also accusing Penon, Fabiani etc for the conspiracies laid out by the Darden lawyer clones. You are in deep shit Abdulla! This whole story is so obvious, Darden wants the cookie without paying for it. He's now trying to steal it with the help of the most expensive legal manouvers ther is....

    References to religion removed. Not appropriate for this forum. Don't do it again! Alan

    "MY oh MY" wrote:

    BTW, maybe Abd and Jed are foolish enough to work for free but I *am* paid as any believer can assert. I get paid by utility companies, the fission reactor industry, car companies, oil companies, coal companies and APCO was it? Whatever that is. I am getting rich fighting against Rossi! Yay! Go Rossi! Don't fold yet!

    Nope. Your're not Mary... since none of these entities are suicidal (except maybe Darden/IH) ... :D

    "Abd ul" wrote:

    Thanks. You don't understand what I do. I study and write as I study. I examine ideas. I don't start with a "most interesting point" to express. I do that in a very different kind of writing, in polemic. Most of what I write is exploration and report of what I find. It is not designed to efficiently convince. You can follow me, looking over my shoulder, so to speak, or not. When I do this with a topic, I become familiar with it and later, as needed, can write polemic.

    Well, I do understand. Let me summarize it for you; what you are saying is that since your mind is so confused to begin with, you have no clear idea about what you are writing and where it will lead you, which makes it impossible for you to comprehend what is "the most interesting point".

    The funniest part is that you hold your "analytic" abilities so high despite this ... Considering your so called "training" this immense lack of self-awareness is somewhat amazing.

    "Shane D" wrote:

    HydroFusion is still the legitimate Ecat distributor for Europe. HF is also the "official website" for Leonardo Corp., as Leonardo does not have their own. I see nothing in this legal battle that would prevent their (HF) producing and selling the Ecat right now. Today. In fact, Rossi has recently commented that he will shortly, with HF, build a production facility in Sweden (what is is with you Swedes! ) to start prouction and sales.Surely, with your connections to them, you would be privy to their business activities. Could you give some summary of customer interest, pending or actual sales, production plan dates, product, or products to be sold, etc.?Serious question. Not trying to bait you.

    Yes, I am in contact with them of course, but cannot tell details. As stated in their site, HF is the commercial licensee for Scandinavia, UK and a number of other countries covering approximately 15% of world GDP. And I can also confirm that what Rossi and Lewan says about orders, pre-orders, etc. and the cooperation between HF and Leonardo is valid. Interesting times it is...

    If you want to know more you can make inquiries on the website.

    "Stephan Renz" wrote:

    The irony of you using terms like "used car salesman", slippery, "empty inside" in the very same response to mention of proof that Rossi used disgusting deception to get rid of HF by rigging the test to fail is just priceless.

    Well, These are of course impressions from people who met Dareden. That is all. Handing out psychiatric diagnosis left and right seems to be the modus operandi among FUDers like Abd et al. so in that case I guess Darden is probably what we all know as the common business psychopath ...

    And as Rossi pointed out recently all these issues are resolved since long. I can guarantee that you do not have a clue on what happened in the 2012 test ... The most interesting part in the story is that IH felt it was important to use these mail in the counterFUD (they are clearly not relevant in any other way than to discredit Rossi infront of HF), since it shows clearly that they are worried about HF and the swedish connection. They should be...

    "Abdulla" wrote:

    I suspect that Lewan realized he was in over his head.

    Well, Mats made som interesting comments on ECW recently not exactly pointing in that direction...…nds-to-rossis-complaints/

    About this comment by "WPJ"

    "Shane D" wrote:

    In their counterclaim, IH provided the email from Rossi where he bragged to them (IH) about getting rid of HF, by purposely rigging the ST Hotcat test to fail.

    One part of it is quite clear though. IH included these emails because they are worried about the HF/Swedish connection. They need to bring Rossi out of business. Darden even travelled to Stockholm and told a lot of people a lot of lies to discredit Rossi. The impression he gave was that of a used car salesman; great first impression facade, but slippery and empty inside. Scary guy.

    Btw, when visiting Sweden Darden refused to talk to Mats Lewan, wonder why?

    "The mentally challanged Abdulla" wrote:

    The training is multivalent, essentially about ontology and transformation and transformative process. The people training me were also consultants to, yes, major corporations, but this is not exclusively business training. People doing it come from all walks of life. Some street people. One man, in the most advanced course I was in, from the "hood" in New York (I was training in Boston, but we did workshops in New York), missed a crucial session. He'd have been out of the course. Unless he made it up in another city. The only option in the world, by that time, was in India. Part of this training is overcoming ridiculous obstacles. He had never been outside the U.S., and how in the world was he going to go to India?One foot in front of the other, repeated. No, he didn't walk, except to find amazing ticket prices, miracles in getting a visa quickly, and.... he did it. American black, welcomed with open arms in India .. this training is the same all over the world. It definitely changed his life. He was now part of the world, his planet.

    Wow! This explains a lot of your weird behaviours I guess ... any drugs involved? ... Are you feeling better now, or is it irreversible?


    Sifferkoll, you live on a different planet.

    No doubt about it ...

    "Abdulla Analyst" wrote:

    What did the friends of this leader say? "He recorded it!" To them, that was equivalent to me being a spy for some agency they considered hostile. However, we had not recorded it. She picked up an extension phone and listened. Their reaction demonstrated what that whole organization was like. They didn't care if he lied, because he was their liar. Rather what they cared about was how to figure out what was wrong with any challenge to their control and power. They were hypocrites. I was glad to find out. No more waste of time with them.

    This is probably the best analysis so far on what is going on in the IH offices right now... ;)

    And you really do spend a lot of energy right now to pitch the "not the GPT" meme on legal technicalities, dont you? As I said before, these actions only show you to of the same miserable dirt as Darden. Your are simply being their liar...

    "more Abd FUD" wrote:

    Sifferkoll is demonstrating that he has no business sense .... He is a bundle of conspiracy theories with no understanding of how the real world works. ... . Sifferkoll tends to run with high inertia-frenzy. ... .Sifferkoll has no knowledge ... They live in a very different world from Sifferkoll. ... things Sifferkoll imagines. ... . Really, Sifferkoll has no idea what someone like McLaughlin actually does, with his fantasies about astroturfing and imagining that this has something to do with blogs like the LENR or Rossifan blogs.... Sifferkoll is like Krivit, only much crazier. ... There is no story here, other than an APCO employee who is interested in LENR, or *maybe* has been hired by IH, but for what? .... .... .None of this writing on blogs, from myself, Jed, Dewey Weaver, or anyone else, other than Rossi himself, will have any impact at all on Rossi v. Darden, in spite of speculation from Planet Rossi that this was designed to influence the judge.....I'm writing for the LENR community, not IH as such.

    Wow! I seems kind of important for you to call me degrading things, doesnt it?

    If anything in this story is fantasy and a conspiracy theory it is the IH CounterFUD. The Apco involvement is real, why are you so furiously trying to downplay it (ie. "there is no story here")? And yes, you may feel like you are writing for the "community", but of course in your limited world view that is equal to the part of it getting peanut funding from IH ... But no, it is not about influencing the judge, it is only about trashing Rossi due to greed (Darden & establishment privileges), envy (IH LENR community) and hate (MaryYugo, Krivit et al). It has been that way since Rossi appeared.

    "Psychology by Abdulla" wrote:

    Rossi is engaging and personable ... A personality like Rossi is rare ... He filtered out anyone who might challenge him .... ," because a magician can fake anything, but only if the magician can control the environment and audience attention.... those who knew Rossi knew he was "mercurial." ...

    Have you met him? Or are you only playing according to your script?


    I advised the field, in 2011, to avoid showing approval, to be noncommittal about Rossi, and almost all did that. I wrote extensively about why fully independent testing was needed, not merely "conclusive demonstrations ... I 've written that it was as if Rossi generated some kind of force-field that influenced otherwise sober and skeptical scientists to make huge blunders. He clearly had some special skill, almost paranormal. He manipulated attention, as do skilled magicians.

    Wow! What a great guy and analyst you are ... If there were only more able speedwriters like you this world would be a much better place... Why dont you give yourself a high five... (the paranormal manipulating magic skills sounds very special, do you have scientific proof?)

    "Abdulla" wrote:

    It appears necessary to drive a stake through the heart of this beast.
    ... bla bla bla ...
    And if anyone points out Sifferkoll's insanity, they are obviously on the APCO payroll.Yeah, right.Go ahead, puke. Puke a lot, you have swallowed a lot.

    Wow! Now we are getting down to business... "stake through the heart" and another psychiatric diagnosis from the hip ... that is so nice of you... Suits your profile I guess. Nice. Really nice.

    And no, Darden did not honor his signature on the 2nd amendment. He blatantly deny its existence in the counterFUD. He is a douchebag, and so are you (as you proved once more above)

    "Renzzzzz" wrote:

    You are really on the defense the last day or so lol...gee I wonder why.

    Well, I guess you wish that to be the truth. To me it's more of an inspirational thing. This CounterFUD doc is as I said a goldmine of info to dig. Hard to keep the eyes away, agree on that. The FUD engines are somewhat hypnotic... :D

    "Apco FUD by Abd" wrote:

    What I strongly suspect, for reasons I've given, is that the APCO contact is personally interested in LENR. The visit to Florida, as I wrote before, makes no business sense, but it would make personal sense. McLaughlin was curious, and Darden was willing to accommodate him. Creating personal connections is how people function on Darden's level.

    This is rediculous. McLaughlin is the same guy cc'd. He is the Apco op. commissioned to run the IH account. He wrote the FUD press release in March. This is what these guys do. He is not curious. He has a goal, which is partly to bill IH but mostly to work according the the Apco network (politicians and bankers) agenda. Remember, this happened shortly after the first quarterly ERV and shortly before the DoD Murray inception. It makes perfect sense.

    "Abd" wrote:

    Sifferkoll is coming from a world view that is profoundly suspicious of "the establishment." This is, practically by definition, a position that disempowers. To be successful in social transformation, one must connect with what already exists, what is "established," not make it all wrong and evil. Revolutions that do identify the status quo as evil, if they manage to succeed, typically replace it with what's worse. They look like they are moving forward, but actually can set a society back a long way.

    Now we are getting somewhere!

    My favoute books on the theme are "The Big Short" by Michael Lewis and "Antifragile" by Nicholas Taleb.

    It is not about revolution the way you think. It is about decentralisation of power. Problem is, those who have the centralized power (establishment) will not surrender it freely, so they fight to keep it. It is not done in any well organized coordinated fashion, but out of individual egos defending individual privileges, etc. And a lot of envy, and some hate.

    Social transformation is continous and slow exactly the way you say, but that kind of transformation does so far only lead to more centralized power. Real change comes from black swans. Sometimes they are contained like the mortage crisis, and only ordinary people pays, and the banks keeps going, even more powerful then before ... But now and then there comes along real black swans, and LENR has the potential to be one, disrupting everything - starting with water, food and shelter for everyone.

    LENR also means decentralization of power (not only Watts). This is a threat to the establishment because their power is dependent on control over energy (and information). And I believe, that as an individual, this is not to your advantage.

    So, no. Working together with the establishment is not the way to go. This is what grassroots is all about. And that is the reason for Apco success and involvement. Controlling grassroots is the best way to defend againt change for the the establishment (which is not a single entity, but a collection of individual unearned privileges). You need to leave your marxist/authoritarian/islamist background to understand this though.


    So I am working to shift the mainstream perception of LENR, because the real research needs

    No. The change will come from individual inventors and entrepreneaurs. As always. Established institutions has no incentives for change. Ask the hot fusionists...


    ... The blogs have very little to do with this

    So, how is that working for you Abd? You are probably to old. Blogs have everything to do with it. And social media in general. Why do you think NSA etc are going nuts trying to watch and control everything; every single transaction of information we make... This is Apco business, why dont you get it? Or are you only faking not to understand? Could be I guess.


    Honestly, in my training -- yes, I'm trained -- I worked with one man who had Obama's ear.

    I do not know what to make of this. Trained in what? Speedwriting.... Maybe the conclusion is that you confess working from inside the establishment, or on behalf of someone who has some unearned privilege to protect. That would explain your actions here I suppose.

    "Abdulla" wrote:

    "... that insane rich guy running for president ....."

    Oh, I thought it was a she... or?

    Btw, I love the Rossi comment that the infinite wisdom of the US people will elect the the best president ever, or something. It's hilarious...

    (like go voting between having cholera or gonnorhea as Assange put it ...)

    Well then, why did Darden sign the 2nd amendment? (if he was not going to honor it)

    "Abdulla" wrote:

    It was a reasonable thing to do, and protected their rights


    That might be true in the part of the world you honor. I dont know.

    But from where I come from it is absolutely clear that the 2nd amendment, signed by Darden and Rossi, was about the GPT and nothing else. The reason for it to exist was that Darden wanted to keep Rossi in the leash, and delay the test. Nothing else.

    You trying to justify these malicious actions by IH/Darden makes me wanna puke.

    "Abdulla" wrote:

    When one is obsessed, the obsession seems like the only possibility

    Well, in a quantitative analysis of number of FUD words produced, you Abdulla, have no competition in obsession achieved. Oh, that might not have crossed your mind since you're paid for it... Or, did you mean something else?

    Btw, since you did not get it ...


    Sifferkoll is soooo transparent. Does he realize?

    Transparence is more or less my trademark...

    "Abdulla Apco FUD sub" wrote:

    I have not received any funds related to Industrial Heat or Rossi v. Darden

    I notice that you do not mention Apco here ... This is somewhat interesting since you have been spending so many words downplaying them ... dont you think?

    "Th........ & Abdulla" wrote:

    The key legal point is that this was not the Guaranteed Performance Test, because setting up that test required the explici

    Oh no... You need to reboot. Your FUD bot is reading the same file, posting the same FUD over and over again ... Press power butten for ten sec.... :D

    "Abdullas APCO subsidiary" wrote:

    Alan, give it up. There is no campaign coordinated, APCO or otherwise.

    Oh... But we can be sure Apco is involved at least since july 15. And we can be sure that their core business methods includes professional astroturfing. And we can be sure they would not be involved unless their core competencies are needed... And finally, we can be sure they are not involved unless the agenda suits the establishment. (Not sure.... Have a look at their network of high end politicians and bankers...)

    "Abdulla FUD machine" wrote:

    I do not draw the same conclusions. People who live on the blogs have a warped view of life.

    View of life.... Are you serious ABDulla!!!! Lets compare the number of words produced on absolutely nothing; then you can regenerate your definition of "warped" :D

    BTW! APCO as an entity is the definition of malicious. Any connection with them is a sign to watch. Astroturfing is their core business. You know that.

    "Abdulla FUD factory" wrote:

    I suspect that Lewan realized he was in over his head.

    Well, I suspect you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, but regardless of that you feel an urge to make this comment .... Wonder why?

    "Abdulla the great FUD master" wrote:

    As the Doral installation was not the GPT, they were casual about it.

    Oh, so you are commissioned to push these meme now... ??? (not strange since the whole IH case is dependent on it ...)

    Well then, why did Darden sign the 2nd amendment? The only conclusion is that IH intent was to keep Rossi believing there was a GPT and doing so keeping him in a tight leash.

    "Apcodulla" wrote:

    The real purpose was not what he said, selling power to a real customer, which would then be, supposedly more convincing to investors, it was to set up a GPT and then collect $89 million.

    Ehhh. You have to be either really stupid or really malicious. The purpose was to execute GPT according to the 2nd amendment of the LA. This was as you know signed by both Darden and Rossi. Tell me; if it is as you state, what does that make Darden. Nice guy? Eh?

    [quote THH"]A good date for when IH reached a "tipping point" in their suspicions would maybe be when they hired Joseph[/quote]

    It was in July 2015, after the first stellar quarterly report was released by Penon. And it was about the time when they tried to pay Rossi off with some millions but refused to sell the LA back for $11M. It was also shortly after Darden visited the plant together with APCO operative Brian McLaughlin (ex.19).

    So, yes. This was the tipping point. But it came along because the GPT turned out to be too good... not the other way around.

    Minor edit to remove mention of he who must not be mentioned.Alan.

    "Abdulla FUD master" wrote:

    The paranoia of Planet Rossi imagines that IH has some huge motive to discredit Rossi on the blogs, but the blogs are completely irrelevant to IH operations and plans. IH is not soliciting investment by public means.

    IH is not doing it to get investment. Their plan has always been to pocket Rossi IP without paying and possibly/probably to delay public LENR break through as a proxy for larger US interests, incl int'l AGW agenda/taxation, etc. Goal being to keep Rossi in a tight leash ...

    Reason to discredit Rossi on blogs is the of course to make it harder for HIM to take off on his own; producing industrial scale LENR. In this, the interests of IH and the establishment is aligned ...

    "Abdul" wrote:

    If all the people who write on blogs were to agree on Rossi Genius or Rossi Fraud, it would make no difference to Industrial Heat. For them to hire APCO for any serious activity would make no sense, waste of money. For them to consult with a public relations specialist, once, as they knew it had fallen apart with Rossi before March, that could make sense. And then from that email cc, Sifferkoll spins a vast tale of sock puppet armies.

    Yeah... APCO was in the game already july 2015 (exhibit 19). It was probably their intent to pay Rossi the $5M (or something) to stop the GPT but keep the IP & LA valid... (because when Rossi offered to buy back the LA they refused. Easy to forget isn't it Abdul). When that was not possible "DoD" Murray came along to trash the test, but at that point Rossi was of course very suspicious.

    So my "vast tale" actually turned out to be quite accurate, I would say.

    And APCO are the world leaders in professional astroturfing; we are not talking $5/h likes, but more like endless rants of FUD to diffuse, divert and decieve. (do you see what I mean?)

    And using the epithet "paranoid" on anyone stating the obvious is astroturfing 101... You should know that...

    (BTW, I hade a closer look at the "Abdulla FUD Rant Production Facility" and only during the last hour it flooded the forum with close to 5 pages of useless words and repeats. A job well done I suppose.)