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    It is very sad to see false promises. Now it is completely identical to Rossi's fairy tales.

    Alan was very open and keen for research and made good things for LENR.

    But now when he finally found something really important, he is keeping the secret, thanks to George Russ.

    And we know how the story will continue. For next years there will be nothing that could help others.

    All these con mans are trying to look as good people that are trying to help humanity. But are doing the contrary. And the story will repeat as usually until everything will be lost, again.

    For sure you will want to attack me now, because you are very smart guy.

    Maybe I am anonymous, but please give me a single reason why revealing my identity would help humanity? Instead I am trying to share everything I know for everyone to be able to try. For replicators it is completely useless to know who you are. The only what matters are shared data.

    Rossi made many promises. As you did at the beginning. And he was more open than you, actually.
    He will die soon for various health issues. Maybe at the end of his life he will re-evaluate how big mistake keeping the secret was.

    Hopefully your ego will be not that big and will allow you to really do something important and useful for humanity.

    God bless you.

    I'm afraid JohnyFive made himself look very silly here. Zero credibility - he was just trolling.

    I am afraid, but you are the only one which is trying to discredit me.

    Since this forum is driven by such incompetent people I prefer to not contribute here anymore.

    Other place would be welcome.

    The radiation is not always apparent. Recent batches of our fuel ( to a slightly different recipe) are showing abundant excess heat, but very little radiation- though they have not yer been heat-cycled so often as others, and this may change as the system 'organises' itself.

    This seem to invalidate Russ's statement that all that claimed success in LENR should measure an excess radiation. From my point of view you have been rather very lucky to find a mixture that produces Gamma Rays. But for Excess Heat production this is not needed, right?

    As I written at the first post the temperature was measured by IR gun. The measurement spot was center of the heater. And inside the heater there is tube with my fuel mixture. Before any Excess Heat could be apparent the fuel must heat through 3mm ceramic tube and 1mm SS container.

    In a few days I will make more precise measurement and can take some photos. There is just a coil, ceramic and SS tube.

    Probably I will cover it with some insulation.

    Alan Smith of course, this will apply in theory. But in real world you always have to reach a temperature first.

    Roughly I would say that the COP is no more than 1.2.

    Hey there!

    I am running one experiment and I can find quite interesting results. Fuel is mixture of many elements.

    Take a look at the attached plot and data. Could you calculate COP from this?

    Measurement was made by IR gun that logged the temperature. You have to just ignore step around 200 deg C. This is measurement error (wrong E) and apply for both plots.

    In both runs everything was same except the red plot - reactor has no Hydrogen inside - vacuum. Next comparison must be done with Argon.

    What you can see is basically 600W of applied power at the heater -- identical for both cases -- and the power was cut completely. Before cut the power was stabilized and temperature equilibrated.

    You can see Heat after Death for 30 minutes. There was no insulation whatsoever but with some wool around it could last few times longer.

    Wow, maybe this is method how Russ George is producing his pellets!

    Putting 10 elements together by usage of pressure is likely the simplest way. And it must work.

    So it is also time to order some fresh Deuterium, isn't it?

    Thank you for the interesting post.

    Idea of using pressure to put the mixture together seems to be great!

    Maybe it would be easier than a coating process.

    Just imagine what will happen when upon heating the Hydrogen will be pushed to escape from the Titanium. It will hit Nickel and develop tremendous pressure.

    If this will all withstand together than something crazy will happen.

    I guess that PdH2 or TiH2 together with C, Al, Cu, Li, Ni, W could yield something interesting.

    You are right. That is very strange to me as well.

    As EDX operator you have to be aware about incorrect interpretation. Identified peaks could be very close to other elements.

    But close to Palladium there are only highly radioactive elements that I dismissed - for example Radium. So Palladium is the only one that fits.

    can - This would apply if E-Cat never worked. It depends on what you believe is true.

    Unfortunately Atom-Ecology will likely end up in the same way as Rossi E-Cat fan pages.

    It would be nice if we could talk about reaction and reactor itself.