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    There are only photon waves, which are formed by groups of photons that emit free electrons - for example, free electrons from the material of a transmitting antenna ...

    The stupidity of physicists, who, like Maxwell, believe that there are electromagnetic waves in nature, is obvious to me - this is how Kanarev represents this...

    Cherepanov, you are constantly talking nonsense and ruining the site's reputation.

    To avoid these discussions about thermal inertia, it would have been better to log only end temperatures where the temperature is stabilized in time at a given input power.

    Definition of thermal inertia: the degree of slowness with which the temperature of a body approaches that of its surroundings and which is dependent upon its absorptivity, its specific heat, its thermal conductivity, its dimensions, and other factors. Other factors - heat exchange with the environment.

    In other words, thermal inertia characterizes the ability to resist changes in temperature over a certain time.

    The heating time is practically independent of the heating power. But the final temperature depends on the heating power.

    [user = '1347'] sam12 [/ user] вот одна из моих привилегий, когда я пьян

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    Обратите внимание, что оператор все время движется в основном задом наперед, поскольку управление кабиной невозможно изменить. В России многие считают что-то отсталое, в том числе и ученые.

    Макс, к чему это?

    Here is a leaked photo of ecat SKL robotic factory, churning out the internal power units. There are 3 stacked per SKL unit, inside the blue 10cm square cube, with redundancy for individual failures. Power output is delivered via standard USB cabeling. Simple yet effective.


    Oh, yes!!!

    Steorn Orbo Cube Selfcharging USB Mobile Phone Charger free energy device.

    How many solids came from 200 grams of mercury?

    Unfortunately, that will be delayed. It turns out the mesh is still in the R20 cell, and the cell has broken and cannot be opened. It will cost $1,500 to open it and repair it without damaging the mesh. It may be a while before we come up with the money.

    I reported earlier that the mesh was already replaced. That was a mistake. (Mizuno's mistake, not mine, for once.) He labeled a graph "R20 new mesh." He meant the latest cell, R21. R21 is very similar to R20.

    It may also be delayed because we are looking for: A top notch lab, that will do a detailed analysis, with state of the art instruments, for free. That's a rare combination of attributes. Probably nonexistent. Seven_of_twenty has assured me that top-notch labs will line up to evaluate something like this. I wish he would produce a few of them.

    Gradually, I become more and more convinced that we are led by the nose

    Just one question: where is the location and size of the heater shown? The figure in the article has neither one nor the other.


    The commander built a company and says:

    - Attention! The radio on the tank, who fix it, that 10 days to go!


    “Comrade Major, what’s the walkie talkie on field effect transistors or diodes?”

    - For especially smart ones, I repeat - RADIO ON THE TANK!

    By that I mean; if you think you are seeing something unique, or extraordinary, get it out to the community ASAP (as soon as possible) like Mizuno did.

    Mizuno gave information without parts, without dimensions, without the location of the heater, without the position of the nets, without many other important details. And is silent.

    In addition to knowing more about the heater configuration, I would like to know more about the successful replication that occurred in Japan. How similar were the parts?

    Did he use the same heater? Did he bend it the same way? How about everything else?

    It would be valuable to know of any variations that were made and what the results were in detail.

    a picture of a heater mounted on the flange would suffice. Apparently, this is the main secret.

    Nope. It is measured with the anemometer. It does seem impossibly close, so I zoomed in some more to the individual data points. You see varying separation. Then I subtracted watts from air speed for each 5 s interval. That is, of course, a meaningless number. But if one number was derived from the other, the difference would be the same in all cases, I think. The differences were as large as 1 part in 10, and randomly distributed. Then I looked at what percent watts were of air speed. It varied, randomly. Watts were not multiplied by any single number to equal air speed.

    I do not know what other derivation there might be, or how you would detect it.

    In the picture we see the strangely correlated noise of two measuring instruments.

    The correlation is 100%. For noise this is not possible in the case of independent measurements. Therefore, these measurements are dependent.

    Ascoli65 is absolutely right. Figure is not a result of measurement.

    don't understand anything