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    The US has a doctor patient non disclose likely being enforced in the only areas being tested All Dem states, its unlikely numbers will be added to keep up with all this any time soon.

    If I have done my research correctly, the virus is spreading without knowing assisted from the 5G keeping the nod soft not to penetrate leading to death .if correct. the virus is spreading like wild fire.we will see.

    Seems Max, you"r looking for information like a court case with exhibits, point by point documentation showing all the steps. there is some interesting video that can make a story line but it will look more like a military op then a woops did we do that..

    I know I pushed this before but the cracks in obsidian ramming together within a magma case are shown to make an electrical charge and hold it until a jump to ground, its hard to deny it looking at the videos of volcano's. is it possible to do it in a lab? New thread?

    I think it would be interesting to gather some volcanic mix from TAAL as it was producing lightning and forge a casing from it. add the fuel Aluminum mercury ect and get a hot reaction going within the tubes and add sea water for the eruption to push it though the casing.. never know.. the burden of proof is sorta already on video.

    Few understand at first that the burden of proof as documentation can be derailed with fake news.

    A working model up and running is needed until its called a coincidence.

    more examples are needed that can be refuted even if most do not know what they are looking at with the restrictive narrative added to the videos you can still see the results of a formula- producing .

    the burden is the need to do it over and over again until they all get it.

    Electric Universe Today, tomorrow, yesterday

    As we today use a delay when reporting a live feed to share news story's we use the delay to remove any slip-ups to provide a clean review in the here and now from our presumptive pov

    It's like we put one foot in today and one foot in tomorrow and we can only see the "residual" effects of tomorrows.

    yesterday was a note worthy day for a Clock starting and saving all the slip-up's over reaching temper tantrums to slide them into a slot in the universe's hard drive to only be seen in a thousand years.

    Sooner of later the skeptical will corner the tech for the burden of proof they need. If they use the science, they will do as they always do, If you show them a working model they will suggest a con or fake and attack the tech and pull any funding. If you use the tech as a kill 2 birds approach and remove the existing stronghold .... rebuild everything from scratch is the only way to guarantee integration and bypass speculation and all the delays of the strongholds grip.

    Its an amount of work thinking of the planet as a model. Like adding mass from space dust nonsense ya gotta unload a lot of old thinking.. Looking at the added mass from the black balloon expansion in the core, faults as electromags ect. Maybe we live on top of a cold one and just don't get it yet.~

    The black balloon, in Clearance

    Un-Expanded Space.

    Taking a volume of space down to unexpanded and put it in a balloon to fill it up,Space still has volume even if we think of it as a vacuum.

    Take that volume within a bubble of space and release it slowly into another balloon, as it expands volume fills the next balloon and the 1st volume is reduced but not to zero. now that a new independent but not equalized space sharing the same volume as the first balloon still exists. new space continuing to grow getting pushed back into the un-expanded space volume black hole as more and more of the expanding universe is still within a space time overlapping but independent of each other.

    going back into the black hole reverting mass ect back to it's compressed state of energy.

    At some point the pull and push of each new black hole of other states of unloading but pressing on other time/space/mass ect. continuing until the oldest universe has expanded back through and open black holes.

    With all the balloons push up to each other moving through from one to another may be better then trying to travel within our own if we can understand space/time doors.

    Get very dicey after this....

    DnG wrote: I still like the theory black hole as un-expanded space, ~

    Please tell me more, DnG. I've used the phrase "solid space" when talking about a black hole


    I do not know the vocabulary to attempt it just yet. Even the statement I made is not exactly correct.

    Still learning.