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    I'm not seeing anything to rebut yet re dangers of 5G masts.

    Just saying.

    PS - re 5G in china - I do expect a correlation between masts and COVID. The Chinese government in some cases prioritised getting 5G coverage where they needed it to have more accurate track and trace via mobile phone apps.

    The documents show what they wont them to show. its a police state jail.

    The only things about medical effects we definitely know about pulse modulated signals - also used in GSM and all newer mobile standard - is very simple. It can be used to control/influence Mitosis under lab conditions.

    The true open question is: How deep can the radiation penetrate and what is the effect on mature cells.

    It is not recommend to hold a phone for more than a few minutes close to your head/ear as the radiation of your phone is magnitudes more intense than the one from the senders. Clever people use earphones or complete speaker sets. since day one. In Switzerland the radiation value of must be printed on the phone package cover!!

    its not the phone,, its the new transmitter \

    its not the information that is presented on the cov outbreak its the deliberately missing information that I am looking into. they don;t post the testing of the effects are safe they delete everything that points out its missing..

    I will consider it a misunderstanding, youre reply is also after the stated opining 60 hertz has no effects on oxygen saturation and spin ect is also ,misleading... considering the implication cov outbreak zones-time and dates-and without any study on this subject.

    5G wireless networking.. don't read much do yu.

    just like all the documents of all the starting dates of new electrical systems within the main areas of a virus outbreak all over the world "coincidence" and telling everyone there is no need to test this new tech to see if its having an effect on heath. money talks and will delete every video being presented.

    The eat cake hostage stone.. kinda defeats the point of why we were created

    too have this type of existence

    more waiting

    denying an existence is a bad move.

    millions controlled through fear and manipulation now spreading throughout the world, A controlling body not of the people but of an enterprise empire.

    restraints are now removed.

    I can see a number of pov with alternative outcome all I am shore of is the the 5g can interlinear with your immune system and the virus can bring you down.