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    If a team got serious I suspect we could have a working example of a QX in a month or two at the most.

    My guess is that if you don't mind the electrode burning out rather quickly, the QX is a fairly forgiving design.

    Yea but its the same stuff everyone has bin tinkering with.

    This is why I think the forums are sometimes pointless. its the last post gets the last work even if its just a jab at the post above, reading everything to get just a bit of needed info ~ Seems they are built to do this, build a forum as a family tree format may be a better way.maybe one day~

    I still find it funny that you know who Rossi is as he posts, he keeps everything a secret but his name and hundreds do the research on what he wont tell anyone. Cant help but think it keeps almost everyone looking to help study Lenr in a straitjacket keeping them in the box~

    Before joining the forum I research the mods and pic one, I give them all my info. name address and phone. If I change my name in mid flight I also let them know I did it and why.

    I leave it to that mod to call me out on any real life event they feel they need too.

    Looking for heat,

    Another interesting reaction of a hematite aluminum mix. when you have a fuel that will not sustain itself alone, using a daisy chain design to allow the burst of heat from one fuel cell to shower the next cell in line may allow a slow reaction from a normally quick,maybe very slow and maintain extremely high temperatures.Coal thermite mixes that will not stay lit that are put next to each other may allowing a constant interchange of energy between them. Clay,sand,tissue paper copper,Aluminum,iron ox ect.

    Best to use a welding helmet...will burn your retina~

    You all are acting like you need your DNA Genomic count to post, Looking for that rare count are we? "Mike Smith"~ pointless.

    With an open to the air reactor I am not using the mercury reaction fuel, I added coal dust 1 to 1 and then added tissue to the 3 to 1 thermite mix. basically a briquette.Also I added a pil inside each ball. a bit of fireplace mortar and plaster of paris to grow hair vain to the outer shell. Hopefully this will allow a full burn and the reactor will not restart unsuspectingly .