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    One small point that nobody considers is that the COVID collection of SARS-2 viruses are living organisms and like all other living organisms must possess sexual reproduction which in bacteria and upwards in the phylo-genetic chain is termed meiosis as apposed to non-sexual reproduction or mitosis. This involves a sharing of genetic information which may account (in addition to mutation) for the rapid evolution of new COVID variants! :) :) :)

    This is the trouble faced by using nano-sized particle Pd LENR reseasrch. It works! But how can you harness this energy without destroying the reactor vessel or the particles deposited? Why not go up to the mega scale using Ni, Ag or Au - not Lead into gold, but add a proton to each and we get Cu, Pd or Hg. The problem remains how to maintain a sub-critical level of negative muons, neutrons and protons within the reactor vessel. The same laws apply to LENR as to nuclear fission, so we need a just sub-critical mass to release heat which can be measured whilst applying AC voltage across the reactor electrodes, If it starts to overheat, then simply turn down the voltage! :) :) :)

    Well its still two steps forward three steps backwards! At least the drug companies at long last are utilizing anti-viral therapies which I have been banging on about ever since the beginning of this thread. Avigan, Favivipir hydroxychloroquine, Avermectins and a host of well-known and low toxicity Anti-Bat compounds should be taken alongside the vaccines. Or are the vaccines completely useless? As they are against most other coronavirus or indeed HIV species? Its easy to predict there will be a massive rise in COVID cases following any relaxation of isolation rules as in the English half-term holidays are being pursued with no diligent mask-wearing, again breaking all the sensible quarantine rules. There is the trade-off-how many new COVID DEATHS in exchange for two weeks of relative freedom ie freedom with your relatives who are all about to be infected?

    Alan Smith ....yes I agree but the Sun has an enormous GRAVITATIONAL FIELD which maintains the fusion reaction and collision reactions between protons to form inert HELIUM. Containing a SUN within the SAFIRE reactor will never attain the same conditions unless they go up to 10 million or 100 million degrees C. This is in the same ball-park as what ITER or the old Russian TOKAMAK designs tried to achieve. NOT POSSIBLE or PROBABLE but interesting research anyway. NO, the design I am proposing is much, much simpler and can be used for DOMESTIC CENTRAL HEATING.

    :) :) :)

    The SAFIRE project has become completely OVER-COMPLICATED. Why not just use mains 110 or 240 V AC to activate the core? They are trying to make AN ELECTRONIC SUN within an artificial chamber made of metal - this is the same mistake ITER are making with their TOKAMAK design which the RUSSIANS have proven WILL NEVER WORK. You must go back to basics to calculate what is essential for LENR to occur, then EXTRAPOLATE it into REALITY with a prototype that works! :) :) :)

    Rob Woudenberg you are correct. The ingredients CaO etc deposited as thin layers will achieve the same thing as Leif Holmlid's setup synthesizing UDD or UDH. All I am saying is there is a much simpler way of doing the same thing in a 6 inch square hollowed out lump of GRANITE or QUARTZ. Fill with the necessary ingredients and simply energize the core with 240 V AC. I have the design which needs testing out as a prototype, that is all. :) :) :)

    Routine anti-viral dieting should solve most COVID related problems. Lets call it RAVD, all I mean is to concentrate the ANT_BAT components within our normal diets or dietary supplements. Good IDEA or BAD idea because it will make no $$$$? :) :) :)

    .........as we said all along Wyttenbach, -- but there is no good banging our heads against a brick wall.....as soon as they realize the ECONOMIC potential ie $$$$ with our original ANTI-BAT (TRADEMARK) we will reap the benefit here, then use the $$$$$$$ to fund our LENR fusion research. Is it a deal??? :) :) :)

    The problem with molecular H2 gas storage is keeping it in its molecular form which cannot escape from storage tanks because of its molecular size. As soon as it breaks into its gaseous form it goes into an equilibrium STATE according to the LAW OF MASS ACTION ie

    H2 = H + H

    Which is reversible so if we steadily reduce the [H} concentration since atomic H will leak out of most known containers, the equilibrium is SHIFTED to CONTINUOUSLY leak H which if there is sufficient O2 around will trigger a detonation with the slightest spark of HEAT. Which is EXACTLY why the TESLAS have this inherent design flaw that on impact THEY WILL SIMPLY EXPLODE. The team at TOP GEAR, Jeremy Clarkson et al tested one out and sure enough nearly killed Hammond when he crashed it on a test run. So petrol and diesel will always be safer than HYDROGEN or Hybrid electric cars. The ONLY advantage of Li ion batteries vs Pb-SO4 lead-acid batteries is that they have less mass and are great in electric :) bicycles for fun......but totally inappropriate in concealed compartments within electric or hybrid cars.which will explode if sufficient monatomic hydrogen leaks out. :) :) :)

    ......and now we have a new lethal DELTA variant, how long will it take to produce a new vaccine for that??? During which time HOW MANY PATIENTS WILL DIE WITHOUT ANTi- BAT???

    At long last the message has got through to the drug companies that ANTI-VIRAL therapies are now UNDER INVESTIGATION..... which I have maintained all along since the very beginning of this thread. LOOK AGAIN at our eminent VIROLOGIST'S initial papers by DIDIER RAOULT etc etc, or at the NATURE PAPER by GORDON et al (2021) then all the evidence is THERE!!! Even the CHINESE research papers coming out of WUHAN were saying the same thing that quinine or its derivatives D or L or S-enantiomer thereof HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE were effective against this family of SARS-2 corona viruses. Its EXACTLY the same strategy taken for trying to treat the COMMON COLD or HIV for example!!! Ivermectin too is effective acting at completely different sites. Thus our joint agreement, Ladies and gentlemen that ANTI-BAT was the better option to vaccination. Vaccination although effective, it only lasts for a limited time until the coronavirus family mutate again!!" :) :) :)

    This is the problem we are all facing, having to think ahead and patent everything 'just in case it works!!! Most of LENR so called FACTS have been patented for so long (at least since F&P in 1989)so everything is already in the Public Domain. So really we can all just relax, correspond freely on our LENR website, knowing that everything here has been patented already. NOW IS THE TIME TO REVEAL A WORKING PROTOTYPE! :) :) :)

    Nigella Sativa (BLACK Seed Oil) is as good an anti-covid medication like GOLDEN VIRGINIA tobacco and Cannabis Sativa. So the occasional joint with your Gin and TONIC which contains sufficient Quinine to boost your immune system to fight this virus. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\a low level of RADIATION as found from RADON release from GRANITE rocks in CORNWALL is also effective in pepping up the immune system, just don't go overboard and smoke too much!!!! Everything in MODERATION, CHAPS!! :) :) :)

    The resonant frequency is within the THz infra red range or 2Xthe green laser 495nM range Holmlid is using. Thus in an appropriate fusion reactor we can simply generate HEAT and achieve a CRITICAL MASS of - and + muons, protons, neutrons, pions and Kaons (a selection of QUARKS too). You are not looking at this LENR fusion reactor problem correctly. Its all much simpler than you think if you accept @Wyttenbach's new physics and Leif HOLMLID'S work with NORRONT FUSION as being FACT not just likely or probable. Time to throw Heisenberg's uncertainty principle out of the window too. :) :) :) .