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    Be very scepical of start-ups with trendy names like QHydrogen - they are usually run by idiots with loadsa money but zero scientific knowledge or training and will probably blow themselves up anyway! A bit like my younger brother who spells everything backwards but is an excellent welder. I still cant convince him that V = IR not I = VR Which you can imagine is rather dangerous when messing around with wind turbines and solar panels. At least he is not connected to the mains! Mormons are a good bunch but again-no scientific training if you think GOD will provide all. God is dead mate.

    We are all in agreement then - the best way to fight COVID is to use the natural immune system and prop up the immune system when it starts flagging in old, diabetic, cancer or poor dietary conditions. ANTI-Bat is the answer a cheap concoction of anti-viral chemicals and herbal remedies known for centuries to heal...not homoeopathic...herbal which can be up to the 10X scale on the homoeopathic X-scale to treat physical illness. Yes I have studied this and it works just as well as allopathic meds. (Leave the C and M scales to the emotional and spiritual problems!) Exactly how we would treat all other viral infections (eg HIV). Wyttenbach is right - most of the subjects vulnerable to COVID have been knocked off by now - except that vulnerability may well be maintained from exposure to radiation @ 500MHz close to the 5G network masts....the kids are right about this I think - A lethal combination of 5G microwave radiation and coronavirus! Kim Jong Un-s little sister is behind all this and Xi is shit scared of her. Just another sociopath - but never mind!

    Alan Smith dear sir, shall I put all my new ideas into the public domain now that I know nobody takes me seriously on this site? Or shall I wait to see the new patent application you are filing.-- the thing is I can't see how we can quickly obtain the necessary funding for the project since so many other projects are being funded in parallel. And simply wasting all the resources. I can put my full specification for a central-heating size cold fusion reactor up here. When that is finished we can then think about designing FTL fusion drives for FTL space travel (Faster Than Light) to boost the spread of mankind into the rest of the known Universe. (Its an especially good time for this because the Andromeda Constellation is passing through our Galaxy and Mars and Venus are in conjunction with (closest to) Planet Earth!) So want to Hitch a Ride on the Number 42 (I prefer the numbers 0 or infinity and eternity).:):):)

    THERE are no EMERGING green technologies EXCEPT for the ingenious new mini-WIND TURBINES and ELECTRIC BICYCLES the CHINESE are turning out by the millions! Three phase AC 600W 12V knocks the socks off any solar panel system (which is a con). Long live EMPEROR XI! Scrap all those TESLAS and turn them into bicycles!:)

    Crowdfunding is just the same as robbing banks - if bank robbery was legal - a much better way is to create rubbish ART or MUSIC like BANSKY or KONSTRUKTIVISTS then charge morons millions od pounds for it!:)

    Oh my GOD when will it SINK IN! Unless we pay RESPECT to Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping they will simply NUKE US! They have had quite enough of the West's prevarication and endless discussions of WHAT to DO next! They both THINK in terms of MILLENIA not tomorrow, not the next week, month or year or DECADE but the FUTURE which is ETERNAL! They are way, way ahead of the West in terms of technology and philosophy, and the ISSUE over HONG KONG is just a small blip where we can re-locate their CITIZENS to our HOME COUNTRY the UK. AND THERE WILL BE NO BREXIT. The LORDS WILL throw it out since it was all a BAD DREAM concocted by D CUMMINGS and CO. BORIS is OFF the HOOK and we have to support our Pime Minister:):(;):P and the Queen whatever happens NEXT. KEEP taking the ANTRI-BAT until THEN!

    BRIDGETTE my DARK GODDESS who now rules over this WHOLE GALAXY now having put all the other GODS In their places (as it were) put the date at 2049 for WW111. But SHE was no mathematician so it could be 2020, 2020, 20222 20222 , or 2021 which is an infinite probabilistic series! So just hunker down everybody and hope for the best! We are all prepped and ready for it in Cornwall.

    So for now, Please show XI JINPING some RESPECT. THAT is all that Xi wants from the WEST. As does Vladimir Putin..Otherwise they may well be set to blast us to Kingdom Come. NEGOTIATE NOW otherwise we will all be obliterated on Xmas day, this year...next year I CANNOT see into the future that far! ALL I KNOW is that WW111 will happen in the future and we must delay it as long as is humanely possible.

    Pathology teaches you all the secrets about the body but is irrelevant to nuclear physics.....believe you me AR is no fool and he is hot on the trail of success. All he needs to do now is accidently hit on the right ingredients but he does not yet know what they are! WE DO, because we have WORKED IT ALL OUT FROM FIRST PRINCIPLES and when these are revealed everyone will say GOD it was all that SIMPLE! EUREKA! ECALOX rules OK?

    SO for the last and FINAL time the ONLY cure is ANTI-BAT which is probably also effective against HIV. OUR own immune systems can deal with these viruses - given the proper medication, herbal, chemical etc etc etc but EVERYBODY now knows VACCINES cannot EVER work! This is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH!

    COVID affects EVERY molecule in your BODY! As all viruses DO! Unfortunately there is no getting away from the FACT that this is just a highly infectious (whether it was engineered or not) isoform of HIV. When will this FACT sink in? Are the fools going on to make more and more cash whilst the HUMAN RACE becomes EXTINCT? GOTTA face it fellas, this is Goddamm serious.....nuclear war is on the HOIZON (BLUE HORIZON JEFF BEZOS) WAKE UP all of you this is not a game of EVERSPACE or SPACE INVADERS!

    For cold fusion to work what we need to do is re-create the environment of dusty plasmas found on Brown Giants - not the high temperature reactions of the Sun. It would work in an ITER tokomak type reactor but unfortunately the reactor walls are made of metal so would be rapidly degraded by high energy neutron bombardment. The only substance I know which could withstand such a beating is rock-hard granite which is freely available in worktops etc and can be machined and polished to fine specs. I am in favor of building large-scale fusion reactors now, built from the knowledge of basic first-principle nuclear physics outside the conventional SM quantum-based (limited) model. E = mc to the power n, where n= 0 to infinity. None of these values are constants, so the equations have to be computed using our new SO(4) or (n) physics. It is actually very simple and Holmlid has discovered all the catalysts we need.

    Why worry about safety when you are trying to save the planet? At least you have to respect AR for just carrying on regardless of any authority, academic, state or otherwise - he is a complete anarchist! Which I respect because I support eXtinction Rebellion in support of actually doing something about climate change rather than just enlessly discussing it and being paid huge CEO salaries for doing nothing. This is the frustration G Thunberg has vocalized and is a mass-movement amongst our teenage rebels! (lots of naughty children burning down 5G masts and stabbing drug dealers in London!) Good luck to the New Generation I say and I have said it all in my music (its banned by the BBC)!

    It seems that it is back to business as usual in China they seem to have adapted well to the new normal - living in harmony with their new viral pests. Which is all trhey are, but instead the West have adopted a silly attitude by the medical professions of restricting common-sense, cheaply available anti-viral remedies. This is just typical of Western, short-term, election-grabbing and simply individualistic capitalist money is God thinking! Let's face it the NHS and its agencies were simply wrong to only pursue the dominant drug-company advice who cannot abide cheap herbal or other remedies because there is no profit motive. Hence we have the ridiculous sitruation now where there is an impossibly mad race to find a vaccine which everybody knows is improbable because the vaccine would have to incorporate the genetic information of all 700 variants, and more are being born every day!..WE HAVE TO LIVE WITH THESE NEW CORONAVIRUSES! They are now everywhere in the environment, and as is the case with HIV, only treatment with low molecular weight antivirals will work to prevent COVID illnesses both now and in the future. The Chinese are doing it under Xi Jinping, who at least has the common sense to protect his own people. Whereas the West just does not care! Absolute FOOLS!