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    Police kettling a march in these high COVID rate times beggars belief. I think I'd feel like becoming violent if forced not to social distance by police in such a march. At very least I'd accuse those doing the kettling of reckless endangerment.

    We residents of Toronto do not forget the kettling of citizens during the G20 in 2010 and their subsequent mistreatment. So bizarrely unCanadian. A day of infamy and shame for the police of Toronto and outlying regions.

    I'm just trying to set the record straight so that people here are not mislead: Shane, Bjonk and Mark u ticked the orginal lie, seem to have ignored my correction, if Shane's reply here is anything to go by.

    THH, I'll reply because I find this fascinating. When I 'ticked' (liked) Zeus46's post showing the graph, I did so for two reasons. One his comment : "I think the real scale of the problem is shown by the lower graph." Two, notice the amazing colour coordination between the graph and Zeus46's avatar pic. Striking black, red, yellow and blue!

    Unlike you, when I saw the word 'infection' instead of 'case' on the graph, what came immediately to mind was that the creator was not familiar with the lingo of epidemiologists, who of course distinguish between 'infection' and 'case' rate. But THH then you go and parrot it as 'fake news', as if the mistake was a deliberate lie and as if it was some kind of big deal. It's not a big deal to me, at all. The main point is that the death rate is probably more a close indicator of the true infection rate than PCR test data reveal, due to profound differences in PCR testing numbers and protocols between the early and later stages.

    The poor coronavirus, even after apparently sweeping through a city like New York, has only got ten percent of the population to make antibodies. Surely it can do better than that! It's almost like most of the population doesn't even have to get to the stage of making antibodies in order to fight the virus off.

    But ssshhhhh, don't tell the experts that, they rather like the idea that the 'vast majority' of people in even hard hit populations still remain 'vulnerable' because they have not seroconverted. We'll have to stick them all with needles and shove antigens and adjuvants into their bodies to make them seroconvert, dammit! Convert, you seronegative heathen!

    And there's Fauci, protesting that Rand Paul says New York's numbers are way down because of herd immunity. Instead, Fauci credits the mighty actions of New York for bringing the virus under control! I wonder who Fauci credits for Sweden's recent low numbers.


    Fucci recommends vitamn D and C to his social media account, question: why has a national alert not been issued?

    Fauci, who isn't exactly a large person, apparently takes 6000 IU of vitamin D daily.

    I must say the fox plays to both sides - the public and industry - so well.

    Fauci gets on a video chat with Jennifer Garner of all people! Who doesn't love her?!

    Her first words : "I just wanted to start by just saying thank you, for never lying to us"

    Now we love you too, good Dr. Fauci.

    Not really. It kills stuff. Anything,. Good for detoxifying water. Not so good inside you.

    I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that you are probably ingesting chlorine dioxide when you drink your tap water. The good news is that it is very well tolerated at those doses.

    The bad news for toxins, bacteria, fungi and viruses is that they don't tolerate low doses very well at all. So one can safely ingest or inhale (through a good nebulizer) ClO2, while doing major damage to the intruder.

    Of course, you likely won't see good news about ClO2 (mms) promoted by the msm, as it is largely phunded by Pharma.

    The disadvantage of home brewed ClO2 is that it will probably have some unwanted contaminants. It is these contaminants, more than ClO2, that can do some damage.

    But pure ClO2? Lots of potential. Potentially Trumps much more expensive prospective treatments.


    CoV-19 obviously is a serious disease and the first task should be to give people the usual medicaments and to control that they directly go home! Do people have to walk around with a gun in hand that politician understand that they are, may be, a danger for the public?

    The way PCR tests are done, someone can test positive and have hardly any live virus, or even no live virus (only viral debris). So the great majority will not be contagious, presuming they show minimal symptoms. The example of the man who tested positive and then went directly to the pub and infected 50 people is a good story for teaching people, but it must not be used to promote more control by the state. On the other hand, he should be fined and perhaps jailed for what he did.

    The Fauci protocol is to have people who test positive to go home and quarantine, and only come back to hospital if they developed breathing trouble.

    Other nations sent people back home with treatment, like hydroxychloroquine. I wonder who has faired better? (Not the US.)

    Which reminds me: I think it was the Swiss who were doing the right thing, sending people home with treatment. But then they banned hydroxychloroquine for two weeks after the scam study in the Lancet, only to restore its use after the scam was found out. Shortly after the ban the Swiss suffered a two week interval of 3 times the normal case fatality rate, then it returned to the normal low rate. Another indication that hydroxychloroquine works.

    ClO2 has always been used by a few crackpots as a cure-all - in spite of the fact that it is thoroughly toxic.

    Almost everything in high dose is 'thoroughly toxic'.

    Isn't it amazing that ClO2 is used in detoxifying our drinking water, used on vegetables, fruit and meat to prolong shelf life and used as a dental disinfectant, while at the same time being 'thoroughly toxic'.…abs/pii/S0925521410001365….1365-2621.1999.tb12288.x…abs/pii/S0300571208002376

    Bob wins the prize for names of

    the nine 🐱.

    The tenth will be called ECat-Bob.

    Warm Regards


    Really, it's Bob#2. The second version of Bob. The second version of Bob is certified and clearly working well in field trials. I presume the first version was satisfactory, but seeing how well Bob#2 performs makes the first version appear quaint by comparison.

    Yes welcome back Dr Richard. I wonder if you have heard much of nebulized, inhaled (very dilute like .1%) hydrogen peroxide treatment for upper respiratory infections including Covid-19. Dr. Mercola is a huge fan.

    (And Mark 'i like this' U, U should be ashamed).

    Hehe. Strangely, I'm not. I didn't google anything, I only watched the first few minutes of the video, put it in my video youtube list to watch later at night on my TV's youtube app. On first impressions, I like the guy, I like the girl, and I liked that Navid would recommend something he found good. What can i say, I'm easy to please.

    THH, I have shown you privately (some months ago) a multitude of papers, including vaccinated vs unvaccinated studies, that show significant vaccine injury.

    This is not the forum to drag this out on. It is clear to me you don't really want to know. Just know this: the same databases that were accessed by the study from Jed's link contain the information needed to perform a nation wide comparison of vaccinated vs unvaccinated populations. The NIH has been asked to do this vaxxed vs unvaxxed study (by, iirc the AMA), but they refuse. Think on that. BTW, the obvious flaw in the study referenced by Jed is something called "health bias". In short, people battling an illness are not supposed to get vaccinated ; they have to wait until they are well. These are the very people who are more prone to die in the next month or two, so it should be no surprise that the general population has a higher mortality rate. This 'health bias' is also a main reason the Danish studies on the safety of their MMR vaccine are flawed.

    This video reminds me of people who think that if they can just find a mistake in the original paper by Fleischmann and Pons, the entire field of cold fusion will vanish. All those other papers by other researchers? They don't count.

    There is more than one paper about climatology. One paper could not possibly have the effect this video describes.

    Yes there is certainly more than one paper showing global warming. There are probably thousands. But organizations like CDN (that made the video) would be up to debunking any given paper that attempts to show catastrophic global warming. The CDN video you watched addressed just one particular issue regarding James Hansen's hockey stick graph. There are many other issues that are likewise addressed.

    Is Michael Shellenberger trying to sow doubt about climate 'science' maliciously, or out of sincere and informed concern?

    F&P's 1992 experiment is the cornerstone of the entire CF's house of cards.

    As you related a few posts ago, F&P used the results from that experiment to request DoD funding. But it's a huge leap to conclude that it is thus "the cornerstone" of CF. If that 1992 experiment was not made I see no compelling reason reason to believe work on CF would have fizzled out. You may have a point about foaming in this specific case (I haven't read the material closely enough to have a strong opinion), but I'm puzzled why you project a potentially real but specific problem in one experiment to all the multitudes of other quite different experiments.

    If there are 400 deaths and 10,000 ER visits per year in a vaccine database, you can be sure that at least 10x++ or more in the real world (some estimates are much higher).

    That is sound reasoning because few believe or are aware of vaccine injury is even a real thing. They are the last place people look.

    Yes. And you probably have in mind the Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare study, from 2006 to 2009. Out of 750,000 patients, about 2.6 percent had adverse reaction associated with vaccination, as accessed by Harvard Pilgrim people, who gave the vaccinations and and actively monitored the results. Their conclusion was that VAERS is capturing less than 1 percent of adverse events. This is primarily among adults, who can speak, not infants who cannot, and who have much more vulnerable immune systems.

    Because the injuries are like toxification they need not be immediate onset. Brain injury can be subtle in a baby. Slight ataxia, slight motor delay, slight cognitive deficit --- these things are life-changing and serious, so caution "slight" means hard to detect at such a young age but still serious and life impacting.

    True. And then there are the shorter term effects. There was the study that monitored baby breathing both before and after vaccination, and found that breathing impairment occurred in cycles after vaccination. It clustered : immediately after vaccination, then about 1 week after vaccination, then about 2 weeks after vaccination. These numbers corresponded to SIDS death clustering after vaccination reported in the literature.

    You probably know about the Japanese SIDS experience. From


    "(d) JAPAN In 1975, about 37 Crib Sudden Deaths were linked to vaccination in Japan. Doctors in one prefecture boycotted vaccinations, and refused to vaccinate. The Japanese government paid attention and stopped vaccinating children below the age of two years. When immunization was delayed until a child was 24 months of age, Sudden Infant Death cases and claims for vaccine related deaths disappeared. Japan zoomed from a high 17th place in infant mortality rate to the lowest infant mortality rate in the world when they stopped vaccinating. Japan didn’t vaccinate any children below the age of two years between 1975 and 1988, for thirteen years. But then in 1988, Japanese parents were given the choice to start vaccinating anywhere between three months and 48 months. The Ministry study group studied 2,720 SIDS cases occurring between 1980 and 1992 and they established that their very low SIDS rate quadrupled."

    It wouldn't surprise me in the least that the markedly lower infant mortality rate in the US during Covid-19 lockdown is due in part to infants not getting vaccinations.

    The article does not state whether the vaccines were all voluntary.. but somehow I doubt it. It is interesting that bit of information was left unaddressed.. thus my suspicion. If it was indeed voluntary, then there would have been no reason not to state it.... however, if coerced, that would play into the hands of the anti-vaxxers.

    At least at Sinovac it was (supposedly) voluntary:

    Liu Peicheng, a spokesman for Sinovac, which said it has injected 3,000 employees and their family members, said the company’s recent vaccinations were purely voluntary and that it had disclosed to recipients the potential risks of taking the vaccine before the completion of clinical trials. He said the company had made the offer to its employees because it believed they were exposed to a higher risk of infection.

    That said, the Chinese people know that CCP officials could swoop in and do just about anything they want, anyway. God knows what they've done to thousands of Falun Gong practitioners.

    America's greatness is supposed to stem from the constitutionally declared sovereignty of the individual. The individual truly matters. A ground up upwelling of a free, informed and enabled citizenry creates a nation.

    China is about the supremacy of the state (and race) first, a top down approach, emphasizing the collective good and stability over the individual, who is dispensable.

    With Covid-19 and issues like mandatory vaccinations, we see that the US is creeping towards a Chinese mentality. People are reduced to being potential vectors of disease, supposedly endangering the collective. Personal bodily sovereignty is legislated away on the pretence of ensuring public safety and stability, even when in reality there is no clear and present danger, only hypotheticals from a technocratic elite who financially and otherwise benefit from their fear based 'service' to the state.

    It is so sad that now, in popular discourse, factual content has all become relative, a social artifact where what matters is only how you feel about something...

    It is so sad that you have this dark and paranoid view of medical expertise

    Cheer up mate! Don't be so sad : medical experts say that can depress the immune system, and I believe them, go figure!