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    Do you mean this Andrew Hill?

    Wow, it looks like he did a 180 on Ivermectin. Fascinating. And, I thought he was actually treating people, when now it appears he wasn't, but rather acting more in an academic function and receiving data from two dozen clinics around the world. Very excited about Ivermectin at first, then he apparently decided there was widespread fraud and bias involved. Odd, and fascinating.

    And it rises well above the level of anecdotal when doctors losing patients doing what the world health bodies recommend (do nothing), switch to another treatment and all of a sudden see a remarkable turn-around.

    Yes. Even more, in the quote below from an article I linked to earlier, we're talking about doctors who actually did try a lot of different things to see if they worked. Disappointment after disappointment, and then ... jackpot. So this is not naive, wishful thinking splattered upon a blank canvas. Rather there is deep context involved, where doctors have come to know by hands on experience what works and what doesn't.

    Kory’s data was corroborated by Dr. Andrew Hill, a renowned University of Liverpool pharmacologist and independent medical researcher, and the senior World Health Organization/UNITAID investigator of potential treatments for COVID-19. Hill’s team of twenty-three researchers in twenty-three countries had reported that, after nine months of looking for a COVID-19 treatment and finding nothing but failures like Remdesivir—“we kissed a lot of frogs”— Ivermectin was the only thing that worked against COVID-19, and its safety and efficacy were astonishing—“blindingly positive,” Hill said, and “transformative.” Ivermectin, the WHO researcher concluded, reduced COVID-19 morality by 81 percent.

    An interesting and heartening 6 minute video by Sharyl Attkisson about Covid in the Amish community in Pennsylvania.

    The Amish are done with Covid. (I predict the Japanese and Koreans are not close to being done with Covid.)

    Amish COVID -- Full Measure
    When it comes to actions taken to address the Covid-19 threat, hindsight is still very much underway. For your consideration: a story and outcome you probably…

    This does not bode well for the upcoming demo of whatever that thing is he is putting on display. Be prepared for disappointment!

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    Jurg's Heil and Navid's Reich have inspired me.

    A masked man knocks on the door of Jedidiah's home in the good old USA.

    Knock knock.

    Jedidiah : who's there?

    MM : Heil Foxci!

    Jedidiah : Pardon me? (opens door fully)

    MM : Heil Fauxci!

    Jedidiah : Excuse me? You're sounding muffled.

    Jedidiah : How about you remove 3 of your 4 layers of mask, and I'll add an additional 3 layers to mine, and we should be safe.

    MM : OK. (removes three layers)

    MM : I.L. Fauci!

    Jedidiah : It can't be! You're too young. And tall! And what does I.L. mean?

    MM : Illustrious Leader. I'm not him of course, but I'm here on his behalf. You have been chosen to present his message to the Forum.

    Jedidiah : Oh! Yes isn't he wonderful! Just like Governor Cuo... I mean, never mind.

    Jedidiah : Present what message, and ... what is that strange strobing light hanging from your neck?

    MM : You like it? It's a light of immense power, and unfortunately it is meant to both hypnotize you and erase your memory of this meeting.

    Jeddidiah : Very funny. The light is almost hurting my eyes, but oddly I don't see a connection to a power source.

    MM : Very perceptive of you. It has a power source but it's very tiny. And exotic.

    Jedidiah : Oh now I'm really interested, please explain.

    MM : It's classified, but since you'll forget anyway, I'll just tell you it's an exotic energy source from an Italian American inventor.

    Jedidiah : No. It can't be.

    MM : It can. And you're changing the subject. Now to the matter at hand. You will listen intently to what I say

    Jedidiah : Intently

    MM : Vaccines are totally safe and effective.

    Jedidiah : safe and effective

    MM : Even if the vaccine has you incapacitated in bed for two days, it's just a immune strengthening process, and you're not really sick

    Jedidiah : not really sick

    (This goes on for 15 minutes)

    Jedidiah : That's strange, sorry somehow I must have blacked out. Maybe it was all the layers of masks. No wait. Masks are very effective and very safe. Anyway. You were saying something about presenting a message?

    MM : I know you like the Governor of New York, and the new one is even better. Build back better, you know.

    Jedidiah : Yes, build back better. Wait ... for some odd reason I have an urge to sell my house and my beautiful new computer and screens and my powerful AV system and just rent instead

    MM : To make you even more happy, here is my business card with the URL for a video I know will trigger the best in you.

    MM : Have a great day!

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    I would say the Chinese sinovac vaccine does not work well against the Delta variant, and it does not work well until after the second dose. That is the main one they are using. That is no coincidence. I would also say that 10 deaths out of 26,000 cases means the vaccine is preventing serious illness.

    They used the Sinovac vaccine in the past, but it doesn't count anymore. Their count is based on the Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations. Yes they appear to largely prevent serious illness, but recall the issue at hand : virus spread in a highly immunized population.

    Except in the U.S., Japan and every other country in the world. What do you call a reduction down to 3% of the previous high in Japan, in a few months? A coincidence?

    What do you call Singapore's large rise in cases, despite an 84 percent double vaccination rate? A coincidence?

    Tracking Singapore's Covid-19 vaccination progress | The Straits Times
    The nation's vaccination rate has reached a new milestone, with over 80 per cent of the population fully vaccinated as at end-August.

    It's a long read, but for anyone interested in where this is potentially going, take a look at the account of a Lithuanian man. He describes the persecution he and his wife and young family are going through in Lithuania, just because he chooses not to be vaccinated.

    How recent vaccine mandate laws in Lithuania and throughout Europe have upended my family's life
    By Arne Zukas* RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - We live in the small European country of Lithuania. In the last few months, strict Covid Pass restrictions have

    There were lots of problems with Together which appear intentional. Lead investigator, Edward Mills basically works for Bill Gates. Analysis of Ivermectin in Together

    For some analysis of the Together Troubles, this is good :

    What has been mentioned perhaps a month ago here is the strange fact that the study is being conducted in Brazil, where Ivermectin use is already widespread, and a particular area where the use is especially high : I've heard figures like 90 percent. But the slapper is seeing that there is no check if people in the control group are using Ivermectin! Did they check their blood for ivermectin use? No! Was ivermectin use listed in the exclusion criteria? No! But taking other drugs could get one excluded. Incredible.

    Now, when I hear smarmy names like Recovery or Together, it puts me on alert.

    It's like Ontario, enacting policies for shutting down certain businesses over Covid and the penalties involved for non compliance. It's called the Ontario Reopening Act.

    It's like Lithuania, where their Covid pass with its QR code that denies the non vaxxed access to places like supermarkets, is called the Opportunity Pass.

    Finally there is the question mark U answered: is it bad for the vaccinated?

    I had said :

    "It's not looking good for people over 40:"

    To clarify : I was referring to the data for people over 40, not people over 40.

    As far as I'm concerned, it's better for all of us if the healthy vaccinated get infected, and sooner rather than later.

    The data is not looking good for those who want to believe and promote the idea that getting vaccinated is stopping the spread of the virus. After all, that would sap the force of the vaccine mandate/passport agenda wouldn't it.

    This is week 40 of the vaccine surveilance report that W was saying ONS were no longer publishing because it has bad data. Fail. It is published.

    Huh? As I recall W said it was two weeks late, not that it was never going to be published!

    And there it is, hot off the press as far as I know. Why was it late? No explanation given that I can see.

    The week 39 UK vaccine report is overdue by 2 weeks now. Obviously the UK FM mafia feels some tremor now...

    It's not looking good for people over 40:


    The rate of a positive COVID-19 test varies by age and vaccination status. The rate of a positive COVID-19 test is substantially lower in vaccinated individuals compared to unvaccinated individuals up to the age of 39. In individuals aged greater than 40, the rate of a positive COVID-19 test is higher in vaccinated individuals compared to unvaccinated. This is likely to be due to a variety of reasons, including differences in the population of vaccinated and unvaccinated people as well as differences in testing patterns.

    Actually it's 30 and up :

    Israel update:: Despite close to now 4 mio. boosters, the number of serious cases in hospitals does not fall sharply. There are still 400 booster and new victims treated in ICU.

    Speaking of Israel and hospitals, and recalling Jed saying that the unvaccinated are bioterrorists, here is a detective story of a July Covid outbreak in an Israeli hopsital, originating from a double vaccinated person admitted for cardiac issues, and spread to fully vaccinated patients with comorbidities and to masked, vaccinated staff.

    Eurosurveillance | Nosocomial outbreak caused by the SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant in a highly vaccinated population, Israel, July 2021

    Meir Medical Center has 780 beds, most rooms accommodate three to four patients, 1 m apart with separation curtain partitions between beds. Starting in March 2020, patients have been encouraged to wear surgical masks. Although use was inconsistent, it was enforced during patient–staff encounters for both sides. On the dedicated COVID-19 ward, dedicated staff members worked with full personal protective equipment (PPE): N-95 mask, face shield, gown, gloves and hair cover.


    Of the 42 cases diagnosed in this outbreak, 38 were fully vaccinated with two doses of the Comirnaty vaccine, one was recovered with one vaccination and three were unvaccinated. The median age was 55 years (interquartile range (IQR): 36–77.5) and 24 were female. Twenty-three were patients, 16 staff members and three family members. The median time from second vaccine dose to breakthrough infection was 177 days (range 111–194). On the day of diagnosis, only 24 individuals were symptomatic, but in the following days, 36 had become symptomatic. All staff (median age: 33 years; range: 22–48) remained asymptomatic or with mild disease. Among the patients (median age: 77 years; range: 42–93; median time from second vaccine dose to infection: 176 days; range: 143-188), eight became severely ill, six critically ill and five of the critically ill died (Table). The patient population was considerably older than staff and all patients had comorbidities: diabetes mellitus (n = 9), hypertension (n = 16), ischemic heart disease (n = 12), congestive heart failure (n = 7), dementia (n = 5), body mass index > 30 (n = 8), chronic renal failure (n = 11) of whom six were on dialysis. Eight patients were immunocompromised.

    Here in Ontario, as of Sept 22 2021 proof of double vaccination and ID are required to get into many venues.

    On October 22 2021 the double vaccination proof and ID will be folded into the form of a QR code. So much more efficient, to weed out those human biological undesirables!

    I thought those dates chosen were interesting, seeing the dates of Sept 11 (2001) and March 11 (2020 ; WHO declares Pandemic).

    The public is encouraged to report on any business not enforcing the Vax proof and ID policy. The businesses are then subject to potentially massive fines and shutdown. So we have the government getting the public to work for them. How efficient! And what a committed citizenry, working for the collective good, that they are willing to snitch on neighbours and businesses alike.

    Knock knock

    Ontario Citizen : Who's there?

    We're from the government and we're here to help.

    Ontario Citizen : Thank God! We're saved!

    In Canada we had our Thanksgiving Holiday yesterday, Monday October 11th.

    The unified message rang out from public health officials, mayors and others :

    If sharing Thanksgiving with others, restrict it to immediate family only.

    Raise the uncomfortable subject of vaccination status, and if anyone is not fully vaccinated, have them physically distance from others in the home, mask, and open the windows.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, from Canada.

    I had to do 4 minutes rowing at about 18cal/minutes - with mask - I died from CO after 2.5 Minutes with a very strange feeling in my throat. (Without mask no problem...)

    It all depends on what you do. Children playing/running with masks is a bad idea...

    Yes. Consistent with this 2020 study

    Effects of surgical and FFP2/N95 face masks on cardiopulmonary exercise capacity
    Due to the SARS-CoV2 pandemic, medical face masks are widely recommended for a large number of individuals and long durations. The effect of wearing a surgical…

    This first randomized cross-over study assessing the effects of surgical masks and FFP2/N95 masks on cardiopulmonary exercise capacity yields clear results. Both masks have a marked negative impact on exercise parameters such as maximum power output (Pmax) and the maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max/kg). FFP2/N95 masks show consistently more pronounced negative effects compared to surgical masks. Both masks significantly reduce pulmonary parameters at rest (FVC, FEV1, PEF) and at maximum load (VE, BF, TV). Furthermore, wearing the masks was perceived as very uncomfortable with a marked effect on subjective breathing resistance with the FFP2/N95 mask.

    Nope. See:

    COVID-19: Doctor wears six face masks to debunk oxygen deprivation myth

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    Funny watching people justifying mask wearing. It's no surprise to me that Canada's CTV and CBC carry stories like this. The propaganda coming out of Canada government sponsored media is near endless. Let's see him wear six masks thoughout the day, rather than measuring very briefly through a oximeter. In real life his breathing will be laboured while his body desperately tries to rid itself of CO2 and gain O2. There is a reason workplace safety standards include CO2 and O2 levels.

    TTH apparently would like to know why infection rates are vastly underestimated. Here's one reason that is seldom mentioned. Tests for prior infection are typically made long after infection, and they thus test for the long lasting antibodies, mainly IgG, in the blood. The reality is that upon infection, another type of antibody, the short lived IgM, is first on the scene. It belongs to what is called the innate immune system and appears early in life innately, rather than as a result of prior infection. These antibodies hamper the pathogen directly and do other things like enhancing the action of killer T cell lymphocytes. Often the innate immune system is so effective that the IgG antibodies need not even be produced. A person thus infected will not show antibodies to the pathogen two months later : The IgM has faded to non measurable levels and IgG was not produced in measurable quantity to start with.

    Healthy children have a strong innate immune system. As time goes on they acquire more and more adaptive immunity, but this can come at the expense of the innate immune system. The highly specific and high binding affinity IgG antibodies acquired through antigen exposure outcompete the IgMs and thus detract from would would be a boosted killer T cell response. This is especially seen with non live vaccines, as contrasted with a natural infection.

    People with particular defects in the immune system, such that they cannot produce IgG antibodies, have been shown nevertheless to ward off covid infection via their innate immune system.

    The take away : infection rates are underestimated, the innate immune system is under rated and IgG counts are over rated.

    An inordinate amount of deaths, 661 within 28 days after vaccination, suggests a distinct possible link, although, of course, this isn’t prima facie proof that the deaths are caused by the COVIID-19 vaccines.

    In the UK, at least a while ago and perhaps still, they count as a covid death a person who died within 28 days after testing positive. Perhaps dying within 28 days of a vaccine could be counted as a vaccine death...