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    There was someone in this forum, 3 or 4 years ago, who already won a bet like this one. And he was not pro Rossi.

    So, I place my bet with 1000 dollars.



    .... like Christopher Clumbus ...

    I feel really sorry for Christoph Columbus, that such an tiny, meaningless inverterbate maggot, yet impossible huge scumbag, tries to compare himself to such a worldchanger.

    By the way, now we can at least tell, which name his "next device" will get... either "India", "America" or Columbus

    Rossi cut the cord. He is no longer part of the LENR community. He is part of the fantasyland community. Can the last few mentally competent supporters admit this? Director? Axil? Alan?

    Adrian could, but not anymore. Let me have a look on his nonsense-blog right now. BTW I still wonder, why he called it journal of nuclear physics, when he admits, that there is NOTHING nuclear happening ?

    In my experience people with strong religious beliefs are ok with sexual innuendo. My aunt was the craziest. It is the censorship I have a problem with. Frank is starting to let more posts questioning Rossi. He used to delete 80%, of my posts, now maybe 20%, only when I correct Axil's or other peoples word salad nonsense.

    Yeah, the same was with me, about 2 years ago. I mostly criticized Axils stack of BS and that was enough to bann me.

    I rejoined, about 3 times, always with different users and email adresses. I behaved more and more "tamed"... no effect.

    As soon as You start to show the slightest reasonability and scepticizm, silly Frank banns You.

    Totally childish and there is only one conclusion:

    As long as they all behave childish like that, there is nothing to wonder about why they believe in Rossi.

    They stuck somewhere in their childhood, maybe, still believing, Santa Clause will come to them, some day, in the form of the HUGE S O A B called Rossi.

    Can the moderator who deleted my post explain to me why this is so inappropriate that it had to be deleted, rather than moved to clearance etc? Are you offended by humor that has the slightest bit of sexual entendre?

    If any sexual innuendo are off limits like UFO's and magnetic motors, I guess Director was right. Maybe I will post on ECW, as long as Frank allows :)

    Yes, please explain. Else the guilty moderator is not different to the mod on rossis shit blog. Try to find this post there, right NOW:

    Why Do You doublepost ?

    It’s their ego. They would have to admit that they have been taken for a ride.

    So, they rather hang on to some beliefs like “Rossi got some kind of LENR effects t his early days, but he just can’t stabilize and commercialise it”, or IH, Woodford, Big-Oil, the Bilderbergs and whoever conspire against Rossi.

    BTW: Woodford surely wouldn’t have any problems with his funds now, when IH would have been able to prove that the e-cat works.

    You forgot the SkullNBones, Rothschilds, and the big telecom companies. They all conspirate against AR.


    But, in terms of ego, in my former company there was a CEO, which just could not admit, that he had made an error and placed a totally incompetent person on a position as head of consulting.

    His ego forbid him for 8 years to see, realize, accept, admit, and correct that mistake. For sure in front of us, but I think also, in front of himself.

    His ego was responsible for a lot of problems in the company, just because this incompetent person failed in her daily business, because she was not able to do the job. But the CEO was totally convinced, that she can, because HE HIMSELF had placed the person in this position.

    Maybe, this ego is similar to that one, You mentioned.

    I guess most "believers" even would continue to whitewash if Rossi would release a video telling he fooled them and laughed about them all the time.

    Even then some individuals would say that this is another "masterpiece" tactic to confuse the competition.

    Yeah, totally agreed. But what is wrong with those people ?

    This is the state of arts to participate in a proper discussion.

    Let's see, if WCG will respond in a similar "proper" way, which I really doubt.

    Again a very mysterious case.

    Mostly many things are very likely to have the simplest answer revaling the truth:

    BLP never sat there or they never worked there.

    Just by coincidence, two weeks ago I got the address of one of the best psycho-docs in my city. Do You want the address ?

    Could not have summarized it better.

    It is worth to conduct a study about how those "i still support Rossi" people think. If at all.

    I think, this is, again, nothing else, then excuses. Either for "having not enough money or ressourcs or talented people".

    The negative image on LENR ( mostly due to Rossi and BLP ) is really hard to overcome.
    But it is even strenthened by pro-lenr's which assure, that there are no numbers which allow at least a slight way of orientation.



    "There are no experiments we can recommend with a guaranteed 100, 80, or even 50% chance of seeing an LENR effect. There is not a "top 3".

    Fully agree.

    This is a "totschlag Argument".

    By stating this in such a self assured way, You now lost even the longest pro-lenr-believers.
    There is no reason to pursue anything, which cannot even grant this.