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    One approach would be to only include LENR efforts which have been replicated in peer reviewed journals with an impact factor of __x_______fill-in-the-blank______________.

    That would throw out a few efforts, especially those that are only business oriented or "in mercato veritas".

    Nonsense. Like all the time.

    Answer my question first ( instead of accusing me, to refuse any clarification )

    What is Your position towards Rossi ?

    You need to clarify what Your position is...

    There is evidence that he himself is convinced. He works very hard, for long hours. I know people who have spent a lot time with him, and that is what they say. It does not seem to be for show. If he were nothing but a scam artist, he could make a fake reactor with much less effort.

    Okay, that isn't proof, but I think it indicates he believes some of his own claims.



    I did not include it because I did not know what he meant. I thought it was some foreign phrase. Now I know. Not all of us have the time, or desire to parse these things like you, especially Rossi related content.

    Alan had a good suggestion...time for both to tone it down. With so many other active, and serious topics going on, Rossi to me is becoming a distant memory anyways.

    I like this one :


    Rossi to me is becoming a distant memory anyways

    Yeah. I totally agree.

    Blowing up Your post by quoting all the passages, which You did not understand ? Nice try, keep on, self-awareness comes step by step.

    Look, nowhere is written, that I said, "he jerks of other people". But that is what You understood. So, my english cannot be that bad, to mix up "he jerks of" and "he jerks You off".

    And, I could also have chosen non sexual comparisons...but then You would have never replied ( I assume ).

    And this is also a weird thing. I leave it to You.

    Anyway..., I still wonder, if the "cleaniness" of this board is Your one and only concern.

    Or do You simply defend Rossi ?

    Or Do You just want to play "pro and contra" ?

    What exactly is Your point ?

    @ kevmo...

    What I said, .... man, I meant it.

    Nothing was removed by any moderator, I removed it...
    And, yes... I lost my patience with that troll, that conman, that total crackpot.
    And this is the right thread to spit it all out.

    I also told You, You should repeat reading it, until You understand it.
    Maybe You understood it, but You did not get my point.
    No nothing at all.


    I never said, he is jerking of all the other people... man.... but, if You are the only one, feeling insulted by this... I can just speculate, what lies beyond that...

    ... I somehow cannot really believe, that Your one and only concern is "about the "tone" of remarks on this forum"...

    It seems more likely, that You are nothing else but a Rossi-Supporter.

    IF SO: Deal with that like a man and stop running to the moderators while crying like a p...y.

    Post edited: even by Rossi (lowered) standards, that is a bit strong. Shane

    Then it is simply obvious that you intended to throw out yet another insult that starts all the crap again. Yet it is the misanthRossist crowd that is so touchy about the "tone" of this forum. What a bunch of hypocrites and whiners. Blah Blah indeed.

    And what is Your position ?

    Let's get this straight. You guys bad mouth Rossi all the time. No problem, the guy set himself up for it. But why do you have to go past that and start trouble by calling Rossiphiles trolls and worse? Don't start nuthin' won't BE nuthin'. Here you are starting trouble but the misanthrossist jerks are the first to whine when someone comes in and counterpunches.

    For a "let's get this straight" You are way far away from the intention of my post, let there be understanding at all.

    Sergey Godin was disappointed in the cold nuclear fusion .... 30 years and no perspective .. wrote on the FB. I invite all physicists to study my theory on geology, there in the lithosphere LENR is constantly going!

    How Do You know ? Is there a way to experimentally verify Your statement ?

    Nothing new.

    Look, maybe, You get his strategy.

    - He said, hee needs the carnot cycle first. Since then he never ever admitted to have reached a stable carnot cycle or updated about the development on this.

    - He said, he is working on the gas turbine. He never continued any work on the gas turbine... and/or did never post an update about the development.

    - Suddenly a "quark x" became a "quark SK" ... all in parallel to add AI ( who the heck would add AI to this shit, when even nuclear plants do not run on it ) ...

    (These are just 3 projects, with either state of "r&d","work in progress" or more likely, just Rossisayings.





    Direct energy from the plasma ?

    ... IIRC, this was already the case 3 years ago:

    remember ...Can it produce energy: YES.

    Can it produce thrust: YES.

    So, Rossi is running in his circle again, once more...

    ... comparing this to agile development ala scrum, we are missing working products for about 4 sprints now...

    , such a project would already hsve been stopped, if run by a PROPER product owner.

    So, to anyone, who still cannot see it: It is just a repetition, as it was all the time, only the words changed.

    ONCE more...

    ...this old creature j....s of, by the amount of people, who still deliberately let themselves troll by him.

    And there are so many, he surely has a lot of blisters...