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    It isn't. Remember this: Light goes slower when it's lower. Gravity is there because of this. If you were in a room where the lower optical clock went at the same rate as the upper optical clock, your pencil wouldn't fall down.

    It doesn't. The energy is where the four-potential is. E is where the four-potential varies spatially, B is where it varies over time. The four-potential is at a maximum in the middle of the photon where E and B are zero. See the Wikipedia Aharonov-Bohm article, which says Feynman wished he’d been taught electromagnetism from the perspective of electromagnetic potential rather than electromagnetic fields. I wish everybody was taught from that perspective. IMHO most physicists today don't understand electromagnetism, just as they don't understand gravity.

    Yeah and You do ? You must be a "Wunderkind"... "light gets slower"... You must be the first guy, trying to convince us, that light in vaccum has varying speeds...

    Here's a new take on it all - AR is working in the US national interest to spread misinformation to foreign hackers - single-handedly stalling the Chinese economy by leaking IP leading to creating a rash of E-cat powered generators. They loved his puppet show too!

    I was already proposing to involve some "friends" ... because once You are on JO NP and navigate to "Login area", the URL does not change as it should.

    I big hole and surely a doable hack.

    Has not anyone that holds an engineering title?

    Are You an engineer ? I am not and still had that in school.

    And, if You are an engineer, than You must be jobless already. Because especially engineers and architects are people, whose work must be relied on, else people will die.

    That is not the case for theoretical physicists or some garage heads.

    This is not from Wyttenbach, and is SO(4). If you would be more adept to read newer ideas you would also see some not so tangential relationship to the Deformed Space Time extension of Einsteins relativity ideas from Cardone et al.…cle/pii/S221137971832076X

    Reading newer ideas does not make them better.

    Look, I have new ideas as well. And Do I present them in here, almost like a mantra ? No !!!

    S0(4) ? Group transformations. Can You do matrices calculus ? Did You learn it ?

    THHuxley: Right, that's how it goes

    @ Curbina: Some persons in here, think, Mills has a theory, which is "more right" than QM ? ROFL.

    Where is this S(0) space problem discussed ? It seems even wikipedia does not know about it.
    But Mills knows ? ROFL.

    clarifier , this is a BLP devoted thread and if you have issues with the technical aspects you are welcome to argue the case, but as long as BLP is a legitimate business and as long as the Hydrino theory as controversial it might be has not been disproven you can’t complain about Navid posting about it in this BLP devoted thread, even if one could argue it is more for commercial strategy purposes than for technical matters. I for one think the video posted is of interesting technical value.

    Yeah, it is this commercial aspect, under which I hate his posts.

    A scam can never end from itself.

    Even when he will die believers and supporters of this scam will say that his stuff was working and he was a genius killed by US government and oil companies.

    There is not the slightest reason, to call him a genius. I think, neither for me nor for his "Believers".

    I hope you at least understand the difference between kinetic energy and potential energy...

    Current physics is all about kinetic energy as SM has no deep understanding of magnetic potential energy.

    Maybe, because there is no particle, defined SOLELY by it's mass at rest.

    There is no "resting" particle, with zero speed.
    Therefore it might be reasonable to do analysis with those properties of a particle, which it exhibits in everyday life.
    And especially in a plasma, I suppose, the particle movement is realtively high.

    I'd rather doubt that cern and or fermilab cannot create some particles, which some garage guys are capable of.

    A sockpuppets like "Prof" again at work... now jonp lifted to "encyclopedia of the anomalous energies".

    Sorry, a better definition is "encyclopedia of the false energies", 48000 times fake.

    Don't worry fake "ing"! Time is never wasted, we learn about how you are continuing your scam.

    Not that bad.

    I never saw it from this perspective: JONP is at least a perfect timeline-documentary of how this SONB Rossi continues to spread his scam.

    Keith Fredericks proved experimentally that Monopoles do exist .

    No. He did not.

    There is no peer reviewed scientific paper, which says so. This guy even saw tachyonic monopoles. But that You believe in this pseudoscience is no news. So sad, that You simply refuse to develop Yourself, and persuade Your path of staying dumb and ignorant. All the time in here, trying to "educate" You in a certain way was wasted. As well as all the gigabytes which You flodded with Your neverending copy-paste from pseudoscientific references.

    Nice, but I said, You cannot create BH's in a lab.

    And enclosing plasma with a magnetic field is something, people have been doing for a long time.

    Basically all the hot fusion reactors enclose plasma with the help of magnetic fields.

    And we still do not have ANY significant gain from them

    Yeah, that's, because I neither do this work at home, in my garage nor do I think, that my "copy/paste" is the explanation "to whatever effect" is happening.

    My positive addon to this forum is to be skeptical as long as possible, unless there is someone, occurring on the surface and exlpain some effects in a proper manner.

    The entire internet is full of the "Ashfields so often mentioned "babblers""... but that does not include those axil-like babblers, which talk and copy/paste everything the find, wildly together, just to come up with another nonsense "theory" explaining totaly nothing ... ALMOST EVERY WEEK.

    And I also would like to make You aware: Such nonsense harms, also this forum's rep.

    So, we must not need to allow such peolple harming the forum, the boards repo whatsoever.

    But most of You simply allow.

    No wonder, most people in the world call You charlatans.

    Funny, but exactly the same has been said by some about Black Holes, and everyone seems to accept their existence as fact. I think that the black hole image we were shown looks oddly similar to lab created plasmoids. Who knows?

    You cannot create black holes in a lab.
    And regarding plasmoids, I do not even believe, they exist.