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    Yeah of course, they do. As well as Terminator, Event horizon, Chuck Norris and Axil.

    Polls like this are silly. It does not matter what people think about if he does or does not have what he claims.

    It is what it is.

    How about a poll on the boiling point of water? Is it 100C or 50C or 150C ..... it is what it is a poll will not change reality.

    Totally Wrong.

    Your example lacks reference to the Rossi scam. Because water boils in different pressure levels at different degrees, and Rossi is a complete scumbag, NO MATTER ON WHICH pressure level.

    And this poll can eventually ( if one was maye ever made before ) track the sane people who definitiely said NO or (if there were more than one poll ) now said NO. At least Mats Sockpuppet Lewan can track the amount.

    And present that to Rossi.

    If Rossi does technology which works, how could he be a "genuinely convinced fantasist"? How his motives could be "fraudulent" after then?

    I would not say, those two traits are mutually exclusive. But, if You disagree, then:
    You should always take his past into account.
    This guy spent most of his time, betraying people.
    And now he suddenly stops ? He even started to wear false hair...
    And the fact, that his last "presentation"... was nothing but "spitting in the face of his "supporters"...what is more likely, he is ?

    My confidence level is 7 out of 10

    that Rossi will be succesful.

    It helps to keep it there knowing

    people like Iggy Dairymple still believe in Rossi.

    Good for You.

    I remember some guys, who, just some years ago, started to be confident about our earth being flat.

    I think, You and this community would do wise to get Yourself a private room...


    The only option that remains, Pluto must have a currently ongoing and persistent internal heat source. LENR

    Yeah, in peoples underdeveloped understanding this might seem to be the case.
    Fortunately there are others than You around.

    For a simple reason, because there is a report about Lithium fission as main source of LENR heat excess in Rossi' type experiments. This heat excess is much higher than in any replication of classical FP experiment. Why this was ignored by Google team, and they one more time performed the FP experiment, which was unsuccessfully replicated many times? I would like to hear the logic behind this design of Google experiments ignoring the Rossi' type experiments

    By saying "I hardly believe", I meant, I do not believe YOU. Empiric science is surely, what the google team was doing.
    And how can You say, that the number of experiments does not count ? If so, tell me how Sigma 5 shall ELSE be calculated ?

    Why Rossi's Lithium fission nonsense was not taken into account ? Well, maybe, there are a lot of REAL "DOTTORE's" involved, who directly checked, that this sopckpupett is talking nonsense, since he left italy.

    It is quite hard to believe, that 400 experiments had the wrong setup, because You say so.

    If there is something into this, and google would have detected it, they would become the emperor of the world. Ok, one can say: Ok, if they found something, they will be quiet about it, until a working prototype is available for presentation ( unlike the Rossi-idiot )... and I do not think, google will loose reliability if they admit doing research on internet fringe hype bullshit-bingo. As far as it looks for me, it will even strengthen their position in: Look, google, that big data monster now tries to "myth bust" some internett myths. Let's follow them.

    Two tidally locked bodies don't produce tidal friction. That is why Charon is frozen solid. Charon also shows a heavily pitted surface laid down over billions of years. The theory that Pluto's ocean is insulated by a gas hydrate can't happen when that roiling ocean is heavily peppered by large impactors like Charon for billions of years. The only option that remains, Pluto must have an internal heat source. LENR

    For Your tiny imagination this might seem true.

    For me this sounds as if someone, who either has no clue of the topic he is talking about, but wants to explain something while soundind intelligent, OR just refuses to dig into a matter because it is too hard and therefore looks for some other explanations.

    I think, You already know, what e-catworld wrote about 400 experiments where it was tried to replicate AT LEAST ONE TINY JIGGLE-WIGGLE effect which Pons and Fleischmann stated. AND NOT A SINGLE TINY JIGGLE WIGGLE sign, that their nonsense is even in the reachable distance of "possibly possble"... some of You guys must really have a strong belief ( in whatever )...

    And all hand made so far, as Rossi stated. Seems there is no request and no sales?So he can give his many employees in sales, service and robot factories a rest. He must be burning money like hell...but more likely he is still fine, while sitting with the one blue prototype box in his condo in Miami enjoying reading and writing on his blog... ^^

    Yeah, that's what I meant by saying: He follows all the guys he had trolled perfectly while jumping up and down

    Test in bold edited to remove obscene suggestion. Alan