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    Jtomas - a "loser" on Planet Rossi is a winner on the planet where it matters. Do you realize how you come across? We're the only guys willing to broadly fund research into this forbidden science with a goal of pollution mitigation and heat / light for the least and you try to portray us as the bad guys? The winners write the history and Rossi is already cemented into his position as a footnote stain. We're putting our time and money where our heart is - what are you doing to make a positive difference?

    Ok. But we can all see where YOU are putting all of YOUR EFFORT when you hang around here ... And that does not tell the same story ... It looks a hell of a lot more like Rossi being the ONLY issue IH care about...

    In theory perhaps. In practice to buy shares there has to be a willing seller. If the only shares listed are those owned by Woodford then you need Woodford to be willing to sell them, which presumably he isn't. He may also not be interested in selling just a small fraction of his holding. Make him an offer for the whole lot and he might accept :)

    Even on large exchanges with much more liquid shares I've had problems trading ocasionally. Just because a price is quoted doesn't mean you can always trade the shares. Usually it will go through a few seconds later if you try again. Sometimes it will go through if you split the trade into two smaller trades.

    I bet all shareholders would sell instantly at the $4 bn valuation. Unfortunately every possible buyer right now believe $10 mn is a more reasonable valuation concerning the assets...I figure this is the main issue here. Dewey is only talking the book. It's so obvious it is ridiculous - We all know Darden was the complete loser at the settlement. So, sorry Dewey - your efforts to rewrite history is in vain.

    I've blocked KevMo - a unique honour. My tolerance is pretty high, but it is those 10 posts all in a row full of stars that make the thread unreadable.

    Excellent. Seams like a wise decision. Since you only make a fool out of yourself when you try to respond, you might as well keep your eyes and mouth shut.

    Obviously you did not read the license agreement... I'm somewhat surprised since the previous "THH" operator seemed to have some background knowledge. Either I'm arguing with a THH replacement or a not properly trained/calibrated AI app... :D

    Mmm. Got it. I seem to remember that Dewey was somewhat upset about Rossi when he started to talk about the QX on JONP shortly after the Doral test was over... To me it looks like Dewey was upset not because of the tech not working, but because IH had not recieved enough tech support to replicate it by themselves. He seemed also to be upset because Rosse instead of helping them to understand the Doral plant tech had been spending most of his time developing new QX tech, on which IH were totally clueless. And then we know what happened... So, as you say. IH knew very well about the QX potential. And this is probably one of the main reasons they wanted to keep the IP as of the license agreement until they absolutely had to let go.

    I'm sorry, this is weird. You were talking about value. that equals eitehr patents or some valuable industrial secret. The latter could only be those e-cats IH was playing with, none of which worked, or the Doral e-cats (different) which equally did not work.

    In addition to Darden's sworn testimony and physical evidence as documented in Discovery, we have the unanswerable fact that in the time since he reclaimed this IP Rossi has ditched it.

    I'd be happy for you to contradict this by showing some activity related to Rossi's old and rusty devices?

    Ehh? What? Are you not listening? I was talking about Rossi valueing the ECAT IP - as defined in the license agreement with IH (including infinite derivatives). Did you bother to read it or am I maybe arguing with the outskirts of some random AI? Do you grok §13.4 of the license agreement? What does it mean to you, for example regarding (a hyphotetical) ECatSK?

    Because the devices Rossi works on now share absolutely nothing with the Doral devices. Have a look at the patents and you will see they do not cross over.

    You can of course argue the IP has little value because what is patented does not allow anyone skilled in the art to make anything work (not surprisingly, given it does not work). But, it is true that there are some arguable ways round that. However they do not transfer from a solid-state reactor to a mercury vapour lamp.

    However you are correct in one respect. We can never disprove speculation about what Rossi believes. He appeared to believe at one point that he was in the frame for getting a Nobel prize...

    Why do you even bother to post anything when you do not even bother to read the comment you're quoting?

    I was not talking about any patents. I was talking about the license agreement and what i was supposed to cover regarding E-Cat IP (and all possible derivatives) in an unlimited? future. But I guess it is not in your interest to understand that aspect of the story.

    He got nothing from the whole legal challenge except PR (poor inventor is oppressed by capitalists) and the Doral e-cat IP which he now says is worthless.

    Hmm. Maybe Rossi believed the E-Cat IP as defined in the license agreement §13.4 is very far from worthless... What bugs me is the fact that you so deliberately ignore this fact in your arguments. What is your reason for doing that?

    License Agreement

    Please show from the court documents the evidence to support your "fact" that "IH did want Rossi to believe that there was a test going on".

    And regarding financing Woodford had already chipped in $50M, according to corporate filings. Woodford put that in without evidence, presumably on Darden's word. You think that if IH had reasonable evidence of success that they would have had a hard time coming up with the balance? If so, you know nothing about VC financing.

    Well. It's a fact though that IH did want Rossi to believe that there was a test going on when Woodford visited the plant several months into the test.

    Have you looked at the data or not? NO ONE would accept it. The reasons were spelled out by Murray in his letter to Rossi. That is what they told Rossi.

    Do you agree that IH was happy to show Woodford the plant and take their money the way Cassarino describes it? And that they did want to keep Rossi in the dark about their thoughts on Penon?

    jtomas is so full of crap. Rossi threw Cassarino out of his life once the Doral test started. Rossi banished him from coming to visit and commanded him to not contact him ever again. Cassarino was shocked - another Rossi discard / throw-away. The esteemed fiction writer jtomas doesn't deal in facts so that is moot for his story but thought that everyone else would enjoy knowing this tidbit. A first person fact.

    That doesn't really fit the description from the Cassarino file, does it? At least two tours of the plant is described in the file - and nothing there indicates anything like what you say. My impression is that you are simply making stuff up as you go to make Rossi look bad (being childish, calling names, etc).

    . If Rossi actually demonstrated something, they would have had no problem financing the $89M.

    Well, that was exactly what he did in the Doral plant. It's described in the Cassarino file. It seems to me IH definitely thought they were showing a working device? Otherwise I guess they would be guilty of defrauding Woodford, right? Not being able to replicate without the help of Rossi it is a total different story. (although maybe Brilluoin could be considered a replication by now of the original design) I do not doubt they had problems doing that due to both lack of tech competence (being mainly finance guys) and due to the possible Flintstone factor. Also I do believe you seriously underestimate the difficulties in raising this kind of money for a project like this.


    So you agree that IH told Cassarino that they would make sure that even if Rossi was outside his contractual obligations they would make sure he would be well rewarded ... as long as he could show that the ECat worked?

    No, not as far as I can see reading through it again. What section do you mean? It seems like the only real goal for IH was to get the full IP and replicate what Rossi was doing by themselves. (it is stated many times). Having Rossi running the Doral plant and showing that it works, had no value to them if they already had the sauce. Especially since the $89M was due after a successful test... Since they did not have all of the sauce they needed Rossi to continue and they needed the plant as a marketing tool to raise money. Therefore all vagueness and and focus on not upsetting Rossi. Also looks like Cassarino tipped Rossi off about them not going to accept Penon halfway through the test. Kind if stupid telling Cassarino about their strategy and not Rossi. Of course Rossi was pissed recieving that email!!!


    Thanks for joining the discussion. Good to have someone well informed about the Rossi story speak up in his defense. Along with Doral, maybe you could give your opinion on why Rossi dropped the Doral based Ecat tech, and your thoughts on what we may expect in Europe with the SK?

    Do not worry, I am not on a fishing expedition, so you can answer freely.

    I can only guess that the Doral tech was not scalable and not realiable, in the sense that Rossi needed to micromanage it almost 24/7. Process control was not even close to be totally automatized. With the QX and SK its a whole different story. Process control is instant and does not rely on the intuition of Rossi on what is going to happen in an hour if flow/heat of whatever is changed now.

    If you think Rossi was working, you have not read the Penon report. It takes no work to write down bogus numbers once a day.

    I know you feel that way Jed. However, I'm talking mainly about the IH mindset here. And from reading Cassarino my impression is that they are very far from innocent. I consider the scenario I describe to be very likely. IH knew since long before Doral they had the upper hand contractually. They also believed they would be able to use Rossi+Doral to raise a lot of money, and did so with at least Woodford. The fraud narrative/conspiracy was manufactured only after they were sued - a little bit in panic mode it looks like. Maybe they had doubts earlier, but they never told Rossi about it. A bit strange I would say?

    And I can understand why Rossi became more protective after he realized IH were up to no good - especially after he was offered an early exit with a fraction of the money, but still needed to hand over all IP. Rossi might also have realized IH had not raised enough money and the off shore corporate setup they used also hinted that they could easily go bankrupt (they've done that before in other projects) but at the same time hand over/sell IP to someone else.

    There was no other way than a Flintstone and a mexican knife fight. Otherwise he would not be able to get out of the NDA/contract and probably AND he would not be paid either. Because I believe Rossi would rather die than hand over anymore IP than he already had to IH under those circumstances. So he sued, took them by surprise and in the end he won his IP back. You might think it is worthless, but Rossi sure as hell does not.