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    Spam - we walked away and had to circle back when the Rossifarians started trying to rewrite history. That appears to have restarted in earnest after his catastrophic Jan 31 video train wreck. We can refight that war all day and night long. Facts are facts. Rossi is an eco and business fraud criminal who has faked everything in his latest endeavor.

    Judging from the increased anti-Rossi activities here, It looks more like the Jan 31 event became catastrophic to IH. Maybe some important IH investors actually are getting worried about the Rossi business plan selling heat. Some investors actually visited the Doral plant and regardless of how much cheap talk Darden et al did, they probably have their own ideas about the validity of the plant. And they were not especially happy about Rossi - IH fall out. We know that from court docs ... (Dewey telling them they are courageous planet savers might not entirely do it for them - it is a nice label of course, but they expect returns as well)

    Dewey, Jed et al has since been working their asses off to talk the book - pushing the importance of IH other IP's - but we have seen nothin yet ... And Bruillion today curiously shows COP in the very same range as the original E-Cat IP for which IH paid $11.5M ...

    IHFB - I don't think you understand. The environmental disaster left behind by Rosis's PetroDragon con in Italy is only partially cleaned up.

    I've recently learned that the remaining clean-up number is much larger than 100M euro and that the in the ground pollution represents an ongoing monumental crime against our planet AND humanity. We might need to send someone on an investigative expedition - some pictures would be nice of the incredible damage left in the R'ster's criminal wake.

    Maybe you Cherokee folks should do one of your famous chapter 11 land "remediations"? A golf course maybe - get some tax payer funding. That'll do the trick...

    Steppinpoop - you saved your comments!

    Here's a sample from Freds exchange with the Siffer:

    "Well, sam12, kevmo, steppinpoop, jtomas, etc., etc., etc., since you're a very inept paid Swedish attack weasel for an Italian criminal who claims to have a "B.S. degree" from his freakin' high school, your opinion is far worse than irrelevant. Although I suspect it might be relevant to the authorities when they indict you as an accessory to Rossi's E-Cat fraud scheme. How's that Hydro Fusion investment working out for you and Bullwinkle??"

    Actually it was published here: Fred Zoepfl Making Threats and Offering Sifferkoll Money

    Here is one of them.

    Fred Zoepfl wrote:

    No one could possibly match your incomparable wit and wisdom. Here's my best and final offer: rat out your master Rossi to the cops, and save your worthless behind. If you had been to Dewey and IH, then maybe they would have offered you some real geld to rat out that sewer rat Rossi. It's not too late; why don't you ask them?

    Looks like Fred is active as a market maker for IH in their quest to take down Rossi...

    Rossi has a history of falling out with just about everyone. Even Lewan admitted he does not work well with others. IH is just the latest, although I hear he blocked the Swedes about a year ago, which would make them the latest.

    Rossi is obviously lacking some of the people skills useful to make a career in business, politics or whatever organization of any size. Not that uncommon among inventors I suppose. I believe this is his prime weakness. Some people though, like Lewan, Hydro Fusion, Fabiani, Cassarino, etc seams to understand this and are both able to support when needed and back off when that is needed (so far). To be honest I believe Darden was pretty close to get this, but he was too filled up with himself and the pressure from investors and the timelines in the agreement made it difficult to succeed - so he failed miserably. What is interesting is that the critics BOTH argue that Rossi is impossible to work with AND able to fool all attending expert into anything he wishes. That is pretty unique...

    Good point, and we have much to thank them for that. Something for all Rossi believers to keep in mind...IH is a friend of LENR.

    Well, they better be, since they sold the concept singing and dancing to Woodford for a hefty $50M... Come to think of it - that is almost 5x the investment in Rossi... Perspectives...

    Actually, where did that money go. Deducting 11.5 + 5M for their failure to pocket Rossi IP, I guess they paid some peanuts for other LENR IP (but mostly options on IH stock I guess). So that leaves maybe $30M on the table ... Hmmm???

    That agreement was written in October 2012. They thought at the time the tech may be real, or at least there was a chance it was. If not, they never would have gone through with the deal.

    Of course they did. But the issue is what the thought during the time of the court case. Why did they not simply offer the IP back right away. I believe it was said Rossi even offered to buy it back early in the process, but IH denied.

    Could be, although IH had rights to any improvements on the Ecat technology. Would that include the SK? Had IP kept their rights, and if Rossi comes through on the SK, the issue probably would have been decided in court.

    I do not think IH is sweating this though.

    Not anymore, of course. But prior to the settlement, absolutely. I remember Dewey going off on a tangent about the QX at the time. And as you hint. It is worth a lot to Rossi not having to settle this in court by the time the QX/SK hit the market.

    IH knew their decision to turn over their rights to the IP was the right one, when Rossi abandoned the Doral technology, and tore apart the 1MW plant soon after the settlement.

    Depends on how you read the license agreement and if you consider qx and sk technology a part of it, right? And why would Rossi leave anything behind after the settlement and he got his IP back? There's absolutely no upside for him leaving clues about the Doral plant behind ... You're not making sense.

    at a point in time when the facts were unclear.

    Mmm. To us outsiders it was certainly unclear. For some reason though I believe it was not equally unclear to the parties involved... I'm pretty sure that IH knew there were extremely valuable IP involved, but they were for various reasons (Flintstone, incompetence, etc) unable to run a plant continuously like Rossi did. And at that point Rossi also became aware that IH were not going to pay even though he fulfilled his part of the agreement (due to either lack of cash or a simply the idea that they had the contractual upper hand - timeline, Penon, signatures, etc. Woodford plant demos sort of proves that). IH was counting on this and it would probably have worked out if Rossi had not sued promptly.

    Essen and Kullander were not very good skeptics

    I don't know, but I feel it is somewhat predictable that you (and THH etc) keep telling us that everyone somewhat positive about LENR and Rossi are "not very good skeptics"... As if inferior anonymous trolls should somehow be better positioned to analyze the situation than those that are actually doing the job.... Wow! Is that stupid or what?

    but I gave soon up,

    ???? It sure as hell does not look like you've given up in your quest to troll/trash/turf everything Rossi, does it? My conclusion that this dedication of yours (and others here) is either something very personal (like Dewey - no doubt) or something way worse.

    BTW, Case #3 is kinda hilarious. IH is criticizing Rossi for not providing all the FABRICATED E-Cat IP.

    That IS kind of funny! :D Come to think of it - it sure looks like the IH scumbags built there whole case the logical fallacy of #3 ... They intensely wanted to keep the IP, but at the same time they kept pushing the fraud argument in absurdum.

    Unfortunately I couldn't find an answer to my questions...but you seem to agree that it is all simply Rossiwrites, don't you?

    What would be your "coming out" day? I have learned that sam12, who seems to be one of the hardcore believers in RossiWrites, just decided to delay his decision on Rossi having nothing but warm air ( :-) ) til the end of this year....

    And you didn't answer mine either. Please pick favorite motivational force ; envy, wrath, pride, greed or worse?

    steppenwolf - believing in LENR in general, if I could I would love to find arguments pro "Rossi-LENR" products, but this is way out of my understanding how the real world and its business works.

    What in the end let's you believe (pls provide facts that may support any of your" reasons to believe", other than Rossi's silly blog and "RossiWrites" (it is unfortunately not even a Rossi says to be more precise...)? How would you explain Rossi's behavior, if his partner is indeed a serious industrial game player? Do you really believe that e.g. GE or ABB or any other big fish would allow a contracted business partner (Andrea Rossi and/or Leonardo) such a disastrous and clownish presentation or dealing with his gullible followers on his blog?

    Oh, I know, Rossi is so smart, this is all on purpose, simply to mislead and deceive his competitors, the rock and trolls and snakes out there. Rossi is playing games in his favor instead of bringing a product to light that serves him (big money, Nobel price) and mankind (mobile, cheap heat everywhere where needed)...

    I actually find the behaviour of the anti-Rossi troll community much more interesting than "RossiWrites" (which is what it is, regardless of being good business or not). How is it possible that so many spend so much time trashing LENR in general, and Rossi in particular? Since I believe there are always hard core motives or other incentives that drives this kind of behavior I would like to have them specified. I believe that if these motives (being it envy, wrath, greed, pride or something worse) were brought out of the darkness, we would all be enlightened.