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    I think it will have a happy ending, likely prison time. Maybe he will be cellmates with Bernie Madoff. Can't get much happier than that.

    Yeah, You're absolutely right; Dewey and Darden should join Madoff for defrauding Woodford with their IH pump and dump scheme; at least for their attempts to do so even after they knew they f..d it up with Rossi. They are by far the major scumbags in this story.


    Wow. So this is the basis for the new valuation. Another $55+ million raised from the Apple widow? It would be interesting to know if Darden, Weaver et al did tell these new investors everything they know about Rossi tech and what will happen to the IH $4 bn valuation if ... I sense there has been some serious overselling and some serious downplaying of threats going on here ... No wonder Dewey has been acting the way he has here ... ;)

    We're using our own time and money to try and mitigate pollution and bring hope to those who have none.

    Sound a bit like green washing PR to me, but if you say so Dewey, if you say so ...

    btw, i dont consider myself ignorant in these matters, this stuff happens all the time. everywhere. its not rocket science. its basic grey zone finance. And guess who are the money/lawyer guys in this story... ;)

    How do you know they inflated the prices?

    Problem is that IH valuation is not based on a liquid market. I suspect there are absolutely zero buyers at the $4 bn valuation, but many sellers. Another problem is the not so transparent way this valuation was done (which you should expect it to be if you were a Woodford share holder). It looks like it is based on IH raising more capital during 2018 from unknown new investors at this price tag!!! But we have no clue about any of this (who and why would anyone buy at that price beats me) - it could be a pump and dump setup by Darden and friends simply to raise the valuation for marketing purposes or to make it possible for insider share holders to exit at an inflated price.

    That's doubtful. Remember the .com boom days? Valuations of idiotic companies with almost no business plan were in the tens and hundreds of $millions. The field was WIDE open. Once LENR breaks open, it will be a multi$Trillion market wide open. ANYONE near the start of the opening gate will have a gigantic evaluation just by virtue of position. Look at, which ran a perpetual loss but its stock evaluation kept skyrocketing to the point that Jeff Bezos was the first $100Billionaire.

    So if it gets out that Rossi has 4 "real" customers very willing to discuss buying their junk from Rossi and he breaks open the LENR field even a tiny bit, then IH's valuation will JUMP from $4B to $50B overnight.

    You may actually have a point there. The market is not always rational... and Dewey might even benefit from the success of Rossi in that sense. But please don't tell him ;)

    Wow! That sounds more like some type of collective pathological denial. How many of these presenters have an invested interest in Rossi not succeeding? How many are part of the IH scam balance sheet asset list?

    Where do you get the 4B number. I cannot find the share price, number of shares out (22M?) or how to buy any. Woodford's total market cap is only around 8B

    Woodford has about a 5% share of Industrial Heat (known since early on this process). And this share is valued at about £200M at the moment according to their website. So it will be approx. $4 bn. Actually GBP, so its a ballpark number of course. It would not be a surprise to me if certain owners would like to sell their shares at this valuation (Dewey?). However, there is probably a very limited buyside ... And Rossi is certainly not helping them by making progress. A live customer would be a disaster to them. ;)

    Gives another perspective from the investors side. Not only do they take on the high risk of investing in LENR, but have to deal with almost as much criticism from peers, and colleagues, as the researchers they fund.

    Hopefully IH comes through for Woodford, and themselves with a marketable product. Nowadays it seems fairly common in LENR to achieve lab success, but getting an ROI on that is another matter.

    Correct. From this perspective it is of immense importance to them that Rossi does not show any progress, and I believe they are increasingly worried about the new decentralized nature of his business. Suddenly a working plant can pop up and it would instantly make the 4 billion valuation of IH disappear, which would be somewhat dissapointing to IH and Woodford (who I guess will be somewhat pissed at IH for messing up the Rossi collaboration to begin with )... This IH house of cards very dependent on Rossi having nothing... hmm. No wonder Dewey is threatening anything that moves...

    He won't answer the second question... Is my guess.

    Could be that the employees do not want their names on a webpage due to the probable harassment involved from Dewey et al. He would at least threaten to instantly sue them all is my guess... (incl their children, grand parents, friends, partners, etc) ;)

    So don't mess with Dewy's Lego.

    That'll probably be analogue to the valuation of IH right now ... At the current ~$4bn valuation Woodford use on it's books Dewey, is probably pretty rich on paper. But this seams highly dependent on IH having some kind of first mover advantage in the LENR market, which they certainly do not if Rossi is starting to show even minor indications of running plants... No wonder Dewey is working himself into a train wreck trying to defend IH, and fight everything that looks like a threat to it.