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    After much internal consideration, and feedback from the members, we have settled on a compromise that will hopefully make everyone happy. It appears Rossi may be setting up for another demonstration of some sort. If so, we will keep the Rossi threads open until that event happens, and then decide on a course of action. This will be his last opportunity as far as LENR-Forum is concerned, to convincingly show he has what he claims.

    Does this, practically, mean that is confirmed that after 12/31/2019 all Rossi related posts will be banned?

    Zurück in die Zukunft!

    Montag, 25.11.2013 08:08 Uhr

    "Fusionsreaktoren könnten nahezu unerschöpflich saubere Energie liefern. Eine solche Anlage will ein italienischer Tüftler nun in Heimarbeit entwickelt haben. Ein erster Test scheint die Erfindung von Andrea Rossi zu bestätigen, doch die Fachwelt bleibt skeptisch."

    "Schließlich hat Rossi einer unabhängigen Prüfung zugestimmt. Wissenschaftler der Universitäten Bologna und Uppsala sowie des Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm durften an zwei mehrtägigen Testläufen im Dezember 2012 und im März 2013 teilnehmen und dabei eigene Messungen durchführen. Allerdings war es den Wissenschaftlern nicht möglich, das Innere des Reaktors unter die Lupe nehmen."

    "Der Abschlussbericht der Forschergruppe scheint Rossi zu bestätigen: "Die Ergebnisse deuten darauf hin, dass Energie in deutlich größeren Mengen produziert wurde, als es mit jeder anderen konventionellen Quelle möglich gewesen wäre", heißt es dort."…unden-haben-a-935081.html

    I'm starting to believe in the Ascoli65 theories. This whole story is probably only a propaganda aimed at specific purposes, such as avoiding the dutiful carbon tax, stop ITER and creating the illusion of the possibility of an unlimited economic and financial growth.

    "Il preambolo all’intervista, che si presume riassuma le posizioni del GSE o quanto meno della sua rivista, è ancora più sconcertante delle parole attribuite allo stesso Rossi. Viene riportata, con toni che ne sostengono la veridicità, la tesi secondo cui la FF sarebbe stata affossata subito dopo l’annuncio di F&P per poter continuare a finanziare la ricerca sulla fusione calda. A tal fine sono state utilizzate le medesime argomentazioni, nonchè interi passaggi, di un altro articolo apparso in rete nel lontano luglio 2011 e che propagandava le prestazioni dell’Ecat (6). Il preambolo all’intervista a Rossi si chiude in un crescendo esclamativo di assurdità: “… I dubbi della Commissione Internazionale sembrano quindi fugati, e con essi potrebbero essersi aperte delle importanti potenzialità di sviluppo, anche su larga scala, dell’E-Cat. Elementi ha avuto l’occasione di porre qualche domanda al suo inventore, Andrea Rossi. Un’opportunità per capire il funzionamento dell’avvenieristico [sic] reattore; un sistema che potrebbe rivoluzionare, in maniera economicamente ed ambientalmente sostenibile, la produzione energetica, in ambito civile e in quello industriale. E tutto questo in un futuro che è già qui!

    ..and perhaps he will present his world changing invention soon?



    The probability that he will present something is high. What this "something" really is, well, this is an another question.


    Rick 57

    November 23, 2019 at 8:31 AM

    Dear Andrea,

    my best wishes for a complete success today: the world will no longer be the same!

    If you want to give a public presentation of your new astunding technology, please consider Feb 2nd, 2020.

    It’s a nice palindrome date (02.02.2020), easy to remember in history books !

    Sparkling Regards,


    Das Quecksilber fällt, die Zeichen stehen auf Sturm

    Nur blödes Kichern und Keifen vom Kommandoturm

    Und ein dumpfes Mahlen grollt aus der Maschine

    Und Rollen und Stampfen und schwere See

    Die Bordkapelle spielt: Humbatätärä

    Und ein irres Lachen dringt aus der Latrine

    Die Ladung ist faul, die Papiere fingiert

    Die Lenzpumpen leck und die Schotten blockiert

    Die Luken weit offen und alle Alarmglocken läuten

    Die Seen schlagen mannshoch in den Laderaum

    Und Elmsfeuer züngeln vom Ladebaum

    Doch keiner an Bord vermag die Zeichen zu deuten

    Der Steuermann lügt, der Kapitän ist betrunken

    Und der Maschinist in dumpfe Lethargie versunken

    Die Mannschaft, lauter meineidige Halunken

    Der Funker zu feig um SOS zu funken

    Klabautermann führt das Narrenschiff

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    If the ECAT works the sentence "if we succeed" does not make sense!

    On Rossi Blog


    November 20, 2019 at 12:19 PM

    Dear Dr. Rossi,

    you wrote:

    “It is unbelievable, but if we succeed we will save the planet. Period. As of today we made enormous progress and I think we are very close to success. If we will not have success, this would mean that I have wasted a lot of personal money, because I wanted not anybody lose money investing in this very risky enterprise”.

    I am quite surprised you still have doubts about the success of the ECAT, because you said us that you are selling (steam produced by) ECAT plants that already produce clean energy. Why then these douts? Do the ECAT plants you are selling really work?

    Best regards, Bruno

    It's clear that Rossi has used the Wein equation only as a practical (simple and fast because avoids the drawbacks of thermal inertia) way to monitor the heat produced by the e-cat after he found an empirical reasonable correlation with other measures.

    Rossi paper has definitely much weaker points, where the incompatibility with generally accepted science (GAS) is crystalline clear, as is the case of electrons with spin 1 that move at speed of light!

    What I mean is that to attack Rossi paper in the only quite reasonable point does not make sense, in my opinion.

    Yes, the case of the dog that did not bark:…bsence-of-expected-facts/

    The absence of something is often the strongest evidence.

    Exactly! There is absolutely no trace of Rossi neither in scientific journals (arXiv and researchgate are not journals) nor in mainstream media. Only conspiracy theorists can believe that the media, in democratic countries, can be so tightly controlled:

    Mind you, and for the record, I have to state that I have never said or implied il dottore is a scammer, just that I realized that putting confidence in the accuracy-validity of his statements was not rewarding, and therefore I lost any interest in following his endeavors, but otherwise, I wish him well.

    Please let's use elementary logic.

    Even if only 10% of what he says was true, it would be the most revolutionary scientific discovery in the field of LENR, and would be presented as a breaking news by all mainstream media!

    Compare this with a non peer-reviewed paper with zero citations!

    No, he was refering to the idea that you have to be extremely gullible to keep believing the statements of il dottore, specially after the SK demo fiasco.

    I understand this, but the ultimate true aim of nigeria scammers is money, nothing else. For this reason I though he was referring to the 11M$ paid by IH to Rossi.