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    The paper is a bit more accomplished than you suggest. I am not sure how much, though. For instance the "bosonic electrons" seems to refer to an arrangement of multiple electrons (held together in some fashion that I don't understand) that can have multiple vibrational modes that can superimpose. It is these states that are bosonic. All of this might be right or wrong on a deeper level but not on the "oxymoron" level you are talking about.

    electrons are point-like particles not toroid shaped currents and electron size can be measured down to 3x10^-18cm as written in this very well written CERN document…16/1687554/boyko_eegg.pdf

    On the Mirage of the Classical Electron of Uhlenbeck and Goudsmit

    "The idea that the electron is an extended charged object the spinning of which is responsible for its magnetic moment is shown to require a sizable portion of the electron to spin at speeds very close to the speed of light, and in fact to explode within an unacceptably short time, ~1E-31 s. The experimentally well-established magnetic moment of elementary particles such as the electron therefore must be accepted as an intrinsic property, with no need for classical models based on spatially extended objects. Emphasizing these facts in education, as early as possible, is important to the framing of the proper mind-set."

    Moreover, how can be "bit more accomplished" a paper that blatantly contradicts the widely studied and accepted, 100 years old, special relativity?

    Electrons moving at light speed ? Really ?

    To judge Rossi paper is sufficient to take a look at citations. There are no high rank journal in the list.

    1. D. Hestenes. Hunting for Snarks in Quantum Mechanics. In P. M. Goggans and C.-Y. Chan, editors, American Institute of Physics Conference Series, volume 1193 of American Institute of Physics Conference Series, pages 115-131, December 2009. doi:10.1063/1.3275605 ResearchGate:…arks_in_Quantum_Mechanics
    2. Frederick J. Mayer and John R. Reitz. Electromagnetic Composites at the Compton Scale. International Journal of Theoretical Physics, 51(1):322-330, 2012. doi:10.1007/s10773-011-0959-8 arXiv:1110.0034
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    20. Paolo Di Sia. A solution to the 80 years old problem of the nuclear force. pages 34-37,10 2018. doi:10.5281/zenodo.1472981.
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    22. Norman D. Cook and Andrea Rossi. On the nuclear mechanisms underlying the heat production by the e-cat, 2015. arXiv:1504.01261

    I do. I think it is part of "Rossi: The final chapter".

    Not only is the paper missing Mr Rossi's fractured English style, but it seems to me to lie beyond Rossi's usual intellectual abilities. Rossi is audacious and clever but he is not a systematic thinker. His thoughts are impetuous, grandiose, and aimed at the short term. And his sketchy background in physics sometimes shows. I wonder if this paper is by a genuine intellectual who either is content to let Rossi take the credit or isn't in a position to object.

    To write a low quality fringe/crackpot paper you do not need neither "intellectual abilities" nor "systematic thinking".

    Rossi paper is incompatible with both quantum mechanics and special relativity at same time!

    Even undergraduate students know that fermions cannot move at speed of light and that terms like "bosonic electrons" are just oxymorons!

    Walter Pegeto

    What are the odds that Mr. Rossi actually wrote the paper? It certainly doesn't read like he wrote it. I think the odds are low.

    And if Mr. Rossi didn't write it .... who did?

    Who cares ?

    Are you really interested to know the name of authors of a "flat earth" theory paper ?

    It's sufficient to say that Harold Puthoff has been quoted in the introduction!

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    The "recommendations" are visible from any researchgate account.

    In a comment on Rossi researchgate paper Ph.D. Fred Zoepfl suspects that "Rossi supporters" are fake accounts:

    Prof. Shakir Tuleab "commented" on the phony "Doctor" Rossi's purported nuclear physics paper. Prof. Tuleab is a biochemist. Does this sound like the type of person who would have any interest whatsoever in nuclear physics?? Rossi is engaged in academic fraud on ResearchGate. He is generating phony "recommendations" and "reads" for a nonsensical paper that never even describes how his purported "E-Cat SK" device would produce energy. This device has no "safety certification" and would be grossly illegal to operate in any commercial environment, especially considering it was designed and constructed by an unqualified fraudster and convicted felon with no engineering or science degree whatsoever.

    I will contact the real Prof. Tuleab and see if he really posted the comments attributed to him above.

    Fred Zoepfl

    from a more recent comment:

    "The reason that your "success" was "absolutely not expected" is that it is all deliberate academic fraud, as is your preprint. The more you keep engaging in this academic fraud, the more you show "Researchgate" and the entire world that you are nothing more than a pathetic fraudster and that your purported "technology" is as worthless as you are.

    Warm Regards,

    Fred Zoepfl, Ph.D."

    We should ask researchgate to investigate the authenticity of these 230 recommendations

    social bots are widely used today in social media


    Sven B

    November 14, 2019 at 12:56 AM


    I am curious about the latest statistics of the publication…nge_particle_interactions

    What are now the four figures and how does each of them compare with all other publications?

    Kind regards

    Sven B

    Andrea Rossi

    November 14, 2019 at 8:48 AM

    Sven B:

    As of today, my paper on Researchgate reached 31837 full readings and 230 recommendations from Prof and researchers of the whole world.

    It is the most read and recommended paper of nuclear physics published in the last years. Note: the scientists that recommended the paper have published their recommendations, which makes of a recommendation a peer reviewing. This success was absolutely not expected.

    Warm Regards,


    What is funny about a mediocre elderly con man stealing more than $10M from a company trying to conduct legitimate research into LENR? Please explain. The humor from Rossi's idiotic con escapes me.

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    "I get notifications very often of his recommendations"

    What's the point in following Rossi researchgate activity ?

    Cletus Spuckler

    "That's perfectly fine. We just hope he will not move back to Italy ..."

    Seems to me that you are a long time Rossi anti-fan. Beware: both fans and anti-fans contribute to a meme popularity.

    "Emilio Beretta ha detto:

    27 novembre 2012 alle 4:24 pm

    Scusate se mi intrometto ma a cosa serve questa discussione? Polo o non Polo, server del Polo, server della Regione o server della Parrocchia, mi pare qui sfugga la cosa fondamentale e cioè la mancata diffusione di un report annunciato con tanta pomposità.


    "Emilio Beretta November 4, 2015 at 5:07 AM


    Ha ha! Back in Jan 2011 he begun to say the magic word "soon" on the shelves.

    Where the the wonderful robotized one million piece/year factory gone? Vanished? Sold to Willy Wonka to make snaks?

    And what about the 13 one megawatt containers sold to the army?

    I bet my a## that in 2017 the tantra will still be "soon soon soon"

    What that won't run out in this story is the fun that comes out.

    Like most ecat supporters you "do" know what you're talking about. JoNP is your friend."

    Just use common sense! Definitely It is not possible that a lone scientific illiterate has been successful in a well known and well financed research field, plasma physics.

    There are no mainstream researchers in the 23 citations of Rossi "researchgate paper". The only exception is the well understood (60 years old!) Aharonov and Bohm article on electromagnetic potentials.

    "Наиболее близкой по технической сути, достигнутым результатам и отсутствию в АЗ реактора дейтерия к заявляемой авторами разработке является устройство итальянского изобретателя А. Росси, получившего в литературе название «Генератор Росси», который представляет собой заглушенную алундовыми вставками-пробками и обмазанную термостойким цементом алундовую же трубку с намотанной на нее выделяющей омическое тепло спиралью. В качестве ЯТ внутрь трубки заложена смесь насыщенного водородом мелкодисперсного порошка никеля с L1AIH4 в отношении к металлу 10:1. Активация процесса происходит при прогреве трубки вплоть до 1000 С°. Эксперименты Росси продемонстрировали положительный выход тепловой энергии за счет протекания в реакторе неизвестной изобретателю реакции [7] в разы превышающей электроэнергию, затраченную на активацию и поддержание самого процесса. Авторы предлагаемого в данной заявке устройства взяли «генератор Росси» в качестве устройства-прототипа"

    google translation:

    "The closest in technical essence, the results achieved and the absence of deuterium in the reactor AZ to the design claimed by the authors is the device of the Italian inventor A. Rossi, known in the literature as the “Rossi Generator”, which is an alundum tube plugged with alundum plugs and coated with heat-resistant cement. with a coil wound around it emitting ohmic heat. As NF, a mixture of hydrogenated finely divided nickel powder with L1AIH4 in relation to the metal 10: 1 is embedded inside the tube. The activation of the process occurs when the tube is heated up to 1000 ° C. Rossi’s experiments demonstrated a positive yield of thermal energy due to the reaction unknown to the inventor [7] in the reactor, which is several times greater than the energy spent on activation and maintenance of the process itself. The authors of the device proposed in this application took the “Rossi generator” as a prototype device"

    According to F Zoepfl comments on Rossi researchgate paper

    "This device has no "safety certification" and would be grossly illegal to operate in any commercial environment"

    No excess heat from a well conducted Mizuno replication

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    In Rossi "paper" bibliography there are other fringe-dissident black-listed researchers.

    One of them is David Hesteness

    Pr. Dr. David Hestenes Origin : CLI 1994

    Category : Alternative theory

    kind of theory : innovative kind of particle :

    kind of critics : kind of energy :

    email : [email protected]

    email :

    web1 :

    web2 :

    web3 :

    key statements: electron mass is fully reduced to clock frequency in electron motion. unify the treatment of space and time over a broad range of physical phenomena

    James Randi

    The Randi Show - Cold Fusion and Carl Sagan

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    The latest news about Rossi paper had me aquiver

    Rossi "paper" isn't a paper. His latest "masterpiece" has never been accepted by a peer-reviewed journal and probably never will.

    The first author cited by Rossi (Puthoff) is a parapsychologist!

    "In the 1970s and '80s Puthoff directed a program to investigate paranormal abilities, collaborating with Russell Targ in a study of the purported psychic abilities of Uri Geller, Ingo Swann, Pat Price, Joseph McMoneagle and others, as part of the Stargate Project. Both Puthoff and Targ became convinced Geller and Swann had genuine psychic powers. However, Geller employed sleight of hand tricks."

    "Massimo Pigliucci has written Puthoff's research into zero-point energy is considered to be a pseudoscience. According to Martin Gardner, Puthoff (and Targ) "imagined they could do research in parapsychology but instead dealt with 'psychics' who were cleverer than they were"."

    Whether you like it or not an eventual, highly improbable Mizuno success would increase Rossi, Mills and other NiH researchers popularity.

    All are black-listed and have a record in dissident-scientists file

    Mizuno record:

    Dr. Tadahiko Mizuno Origin : DBN 1998

    Category : New Energy

    kind of theory : kind of particle :

    kind of critics : kind of energy : Cold fusion

    email : [email protected]

    email :

    web1 :

    web2 :

    web3 :

    key statements: Cold fusion Nuclear Transmutation: The Reality of Cold Fusion

    Das narrenschiff mit lyric ( and english interpretation )…ise-of-the-flat-earthers/