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    just for fun


    Produkt Pre-Launch Marketing

    Ecat SK 20 LENR Wärme- und Stromerzeuger


    CEO Dr. Andrea Rossi

    Anwendung für die Fernwärme:

    Aufbau und Erweiterung von Fernwärmenetzen mit sehr geringen Investitionen.

    D.h. kein Heizkraftwerk und keine kostspieligen dicken Rohrleitungen für die Wärmezuführung.

    Für weitere Branchen:

    Lieferung von preiswerter Wärme und Dampf ohne CO2-Emissionen:

    - Fernwärme,

    - Chemie,

    - Mineralöl-Industrie,

    - Papier,

    - Lebensmittel


    He is in exalted company then. For a more balanced view than wikipedia can provide, there's this.

    Kenneth Shoulders Retrospective.pdf

    May be. However it's sure that he is considered a non mainstream, fringe scientist by the international scientific community, at least in western democratic countries where the highly reliable and widely used scimago indexes are used for evaluating research quality.

    I don't know who Shoulders is, but I have found this:

    "When it comes to perpetual motion and antigravity, there is a shortage of ‘man-in-the-street’ buyers, so the cranks have to go after wealthy suckers or large companies and appeal for ‘blue-sky’ investment. This actually works! A rich chicken-farmer was persuaded to fund the crackpot ‘work’ of one Kenneth Shoulders (he shrugs-off accusations of fraud, haha). However, the main targets are big organisations ‘with more money than sense’. None of them have any sense, it seems. "

    other sites against anti-science and pseudo-science:

    Ball (or Baloney?) lightning and cold fusion


    Kirill Chukanov, who claims to have some background in work on cold fusion, has indicated that ball lightning is likely to be the solution to the problem of free energy, and his work has been likened to that of Andrea Rossi. It is, to put it mildly, unclear how ball lightning is supposed to provide free energy, but at least Chukanov can rest assured that he is on the right path, since the Canadian government has apparently launched an "official conspiracy" against him.[10] Independent confirmation for Chukanov's efforts seems to consist to a large extent of the testimony Sterling D. Allan (a reporter for and perennial presidential candidate for the Providential Party), who alleged that a "visual intuitive" in his extended family had seen the "skeletal structure" of Chukanov's ball lightning.[11]"

    "About RationalWiki

    Our purpose here at RationalWiki includes:

    Analyzing and refuting pseudoscience and the anti-science movement;

    Documenting the full range of crank ideas;

    Explorations of authoritarianism and fundamentalism;

    Analysis and criticism of how these subjects are handled in the media."

    please note:

    1) nobody seems really interested in discussing your theories

    2) arxiv is not a peer-reviewed journal and International Journal of Modern Physics has a low h-index

    "Have you submitted your work to a peer-reviewed academic journal? You need to put your ideas in front of serious people and not the easy audience you encounter here. ResearchGate is not acceptable nor is a patent application. If you could publish in a good journal then your credibility would go up. Right now I see you about the same as Axil and if you are dissatisfied with this then I ask you ... how am I to distinguish between the two of you?"

    That's exactly my point!

    "That's news for the tax-payers. The energy of the Higgs particle CERN found can be exactly calculated by NPP2.0 and is a simple proton resonance.... Higgs never predicted the mass of his particle. Something people like you never will understand."

    CERN is an international project officially supported, well financed and controlled by European Union.

    total budget

    1171170100 CHF i.e. 1,192,321,432 $

    "Obviously you are unskilled and not able to understand Mills approach and to discuss the shortcomings of his model."

    True, I am too unskilled to discuss his model, however I am absolutely convinced that (almost) nobody in the scientific community takes seriously his theory.

    "SM is almost a complete failure for describing dense mass and particle structure"

    According to SM, electrons acquire mass by Higgs mechanism.

    The Nobel Prize in Physics 2013 was awarded jointly to François Englert and Peter W. Higgs "for the theoretical discovery of a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles, and which recently was confirmed through the discovery of the predicted fundamental particle, by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN's Large Hadron Collider".

    Phillip Anderson (Nobel laureate physics!) opinion on Mills

    "That's why I'm so sure that it's a fraud."

    "Oh, and in case you were wondering whether he has a suppressed cure for cancer that was published in Nature, as well the suppressed Grand Unified Theory, you're in luck!"

    The RationalWiki page classifies Mills in these categories:

    Categories: Bronze-level articles, Pseudoscience, Living people, Pseudophysics, Alternative medicine, Conspiracy theories, Cancer woo. Quantum woo, Free energy


    "Thus we can firmly say: Teacher are cheating the students since 50 years by claiming they know a solution. They are liars if they are teaching the existence of a strong force as it has never been measured."


    Wyttenbach is right,

    Mills almost right

    99.99% of physicists (worldwide!) have been wrong for more than 50 years!

    Rossi ?

    At least you should admit that's an utterly hard to swallow scenario

    According to A. P. Batra and T. Hubsch (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Howard University)

    It's important to avoid as early as possible in education the non-mainstream classical electron models used in Rossi paper

    On the Mirage of the Classical Electron

    The idea that the electron is an extended charged object the spinning of which is responsible for its magnetic moment is shown to require a sizable portion of the

    electron to spin at speeds very close to the speed of light, and in fact to explode within an unacceptably short time, ∼ 10−31 s. The experimentally well-established

    magnetic moment of elementary particles such as the electron therefore must be accepted as an intrinsic property, with no need for classical models based on spatially extended objects.

    Emphasizing these facts in education, as early as possible, is important to the framing of the proper mind-set.

    The latest Rossi researchgate "paper" is based on the obsolete concept of zitterbewegung.

    In the highly popular and reliable wikipedia free encyclopedia zitterbewegung is defined in the talk section as

    "rather old-fashioned term that should be defined because it is of historical interest, and does appear in textbooks."

    "At this point, the term was set aside, and no longer actively "researched". Instead, it was pointed out to students first learning the Dirac equation, as a curious aspect of the theory of spin-1/2 particles. However, its nothing more than that; its a curiousty of the Dirac equation and its plane-wave solutions."

    "Although there were some suggestions in the past that zitterbewegung was responsible for spin this is no longer a mainstream view. An argument against this is found in the article itself. If zitterbewegung is the result of the interference between the large and small components of the Dirac wavefunction, a free particle at rest, which has no small component, should have no spin. But of course it does. The best explanation for the existence of spin seems to be that it is an intrinsic property of the Dirac equation."


    "and only attack the journal"

    No, I have not attacked the journal. H-index is a standard, widely accepted (mainly in academic institution) index to evaluate research quality.

    Alan Smith

    Yes, it is very dumb statement if you ignore the successive two rows of my post. My humble point of view is the point of view of a layman that fully

    trusts generally accepted science.…tific_conspiracy_theories

    I think that you are not fully aware of how dangerous are these publications that cast doubts on the generally recognized scientific authorities.

    I simply use common sense and wonder how is it possible that all well-respected and well-funded international research institutes haven't noticed a huge hole in the utterly familiar, 150 years old, well-known Maxwell equations

    This kind of papers are just food for Rossi's SP

    suddenly some meaning occurs?

    like this one ?

    "drinkable sunscreen"

    "Johnson also claims that over the seven years he has been selling ‘waters imprinted with scalar waves’ he has seen a 90% success in each treatment category. Again he provides no evidence for this claim. In the next paragraph, he assures us that he would ‘never sell or promote a Harmonized Water formula that wasn’t universally successful’. Again, there is no evidence for this ‘universal success’ (and his reported ‘90% success in each treatment category’ does not constitute universal success anyway).

    With regards to the statement ‘I do believe that the skin is comprised of scalar waves’, we would like to confirm that this is not the case. More information about the structure of the skin is widely available, including on our website:"

    "Richard C. Hoagland thinks Col. Bearden is dead right. So much so that he has adopted Bearden's view and given it a different name, "hyperdimensional physics." According to him, the vectorization of Maxwell's quaternions eliminated a whole dimension from which energy magically appears. Hoagland is so mathematically challenged that it's doubtful if he even understands what a quaternion is, let alone knows how to use one in a calculation. Certainly in all he has written and said about HD physics[9] he has never cited a single one of the quaternions."

    Vector potential has no physical meaning, It's just a mathematical tool. It's clear written in all text-books!

    Scalar waves are an old, well-known pseudoscientific argument. See the page on rationalwiki.

    "A scalar wave is a purported type of electromagnetic wave that works outside physics as we know it.

    The central conceit is that scalar waves restore certain useful aspects of Maxwell's equations "discarded" in the 19th century by those fools Heaviside, Hertz and Gibbs.[1] Nikola Tesla was also interested in them, in his more-than-a-little-odd period.

    Free energy advocates have pushed the concept since the 1990s,[2] particularly Thomas E. Bearden. It has since been adopted by some alternative medicine practitioners as the new "quantum": a universally-applicable sciencey handwave to support any arbitrary claim whatsoever.[3] Conspiracy theorists hold that it is behind weather-changing superweapons that brought down space shuttle Columbia."