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    Right, once again just personal fantasies to support the magician's force but without any evidences.

    I remember well how little value is the Mats' word.

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    It can say he’s a guy with very limited capacity that doesn’t want to admit he was made fun from the beginning and that still panders the magician’s farce being at this point too much heavy personally involved in his hoax.

    Ok, this sock puppet post by Rossi is the worst ever. This post is real, not a joke by me. He is just making fun of the stupidity of his followers now. What "physicist" would ever say something so stupid like this? Of course with the obligatory space before the question mark.

    I suggest to change the acronym of the magician’s blog from JONP to HIBS that means High Intensity Bullshit Sorce.

    ... she was a motorcycle.

    Moreover it's very absurd to think that the so called "genius" (that from the claim of fans it could revolutionize the world) passes larger part of his time to reply to believers and flatteres on a blog of pseudoscience, creating puppets and mischievous tactic to keep us engaged except if the genius is mentally disturbed.

    If? He will not so the rest of your statement is irrelevant. And you admit all his sock puppets, but like the guy? A blatant liar? Is it not lying to post questions pretending to be someone else? So much for good taste.

    The worst of the worst is that after all that we have seen there are still believers who are supporting his farce writing this kind of sentences based on a trivial "IF".

    I think there are many more socks in the drawer and could list some, but nah.

    One the other hand, if Rossi delivers an energy producing product, will the perspective on these sock puppets change? I would think so.

    “IF” but from a decade I see and heard only chatter and boast.

    I could say that with promises the way to hell is paved.

    The plaintiff has confirmed to the court the desire to continue this lawsuit, now into its 5th year.

    About this kind of lawsuit does the possibility of prescription exist after a certain number of years without a final judgment?

    If yes (apart paied witness solution) the magician would like not better then.

    Yes, it was an attack from Mars because the martians were quite bored by magician's tricks. :D :D :D

    Except here there are two differences.

    The plaintiff is a company that sorts and manages legal documents for lawyers. They are very well legalled-up and are certainly aware of all the tricks and delays themselves.

    The plaintiff already said in a deposition something to the effect of “ I don’t care if it drags on ten years and costs a million dollars, I’m right, they are wrong, and I will fight to the end.”

    I hope that this time the plaintiff goes all the way.

    The suit might be without merit. Neither you (nor me) really knows, without the evidence it is all supposition.

    Not all are supposition, how the magician "operates" on Court is not a my hypothesis, all people who have a minimum of objectivity saw very well his behavior based on tales and tricks.

    Of course it is a well-known legal manoeuvre, and sometimes it works as you suggest -but it's hard to get tired of waiting for $1M. Plus costs.

    It has already happened, the prospect of years and years of waiting for a legal action that will likely end in a prescription and the loss of more money than can be obtained in future from an unsure sentence is enough to give up.

    The magician and his lawyers well know all the possible tricks to get to this.