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    1. Did we measure by a mass spectrometer? No. Did we make sure that there is no H2O or other gases left in the vessel? Well,

    We evacuated as low as 0.0004 Pa, which is 25 times deeper vacuum than in the article, left it for 17 hours and made sure that the pressure doesn't rise after cutting the pump off, while keeping the heating at 200C. This is clearly shown in the video. So, I would say yes.

    2. The mesh is exactly the same - cells dims, weight and purity. We sourced it from Russia, I can send over the invoice if need be. I attached the hand-written weights of meshes and Pd before and after rubbing, you can see that these are within 5% tolerance of the numbers in the article. And, actually the mesh does look absolutely identical to the ones on your pictures visually. I attached another picture of one mesh before cleaning and another one after.

    3. I won't be getting into comments on the skills, except for mentioning that the team is led by a researcher with almost 30 years of experience in experimental physics.

    Why don't you arrange a live stream from TM's lab, btw? Oh, that would be of so much help for everyone.

    Thank you very much for the update, and the superb video footage. I am most impressed- nice lab too! Do you have a Quad mass spec? I missed seeing one in the video, but that's the danger of only watching with one eye!

    pleased to hear this - thank you.

    No, we do not currently have a mass spectrometer in the lab.

    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for the kind words, it's been a pleasure to contribute.

    Yeah, actually we reached out to Jed a couple of weeks ago, exchanged a couple of e-mails and then asked a few questions regarding the components, but have never heard back :) I'm sure Jed is pretty busy these days.

    Needless to say we've been doing our best in sticking as close to the original article as possible. Hope you could spot that. However, no one knows how far the list of variables extends for and how crucial for the reaction they are. We do agree that the best solution would be to use the original components provided by Mizuno/Jed which they have proven to produce excess heat. If this is doable, but associated with a significant cost - we would consider to fund it.

    During the next few weeks we will be monitoring this thread and inbound messages to see what the second attempt should look like and then will make it done quickly. Also, as previously mentioned, the reactor will be stopped in a few weeks and the extended Calibration #2 will be done to see if the temperature at 750W was any kind of anomaly. By the way, the reactor is currently at 600W, showing steady 430C (see attachment).

    In the meantime, we wish all participant and especially those who are doing their attempts the very best of luck.