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    I appreciate very much all you guys for doing a great job, some of you even spent whole life on LENR.

    I am very happy to read the comments from Curbina who says that I am “delving in uncharted waters" but following the scientific evidence. The word “notorious” excess of heat generation is interesting to me as I am working outside the box. And the story of the conspiracy theory is what I never thought. For me, nothing to loss since only less two years to work on LENR before my retirement.

    JedRothwell’s comments and information are valuable too since I don’t know much about those LENR companies’ inside story.

    Cavitation Energy Systems, lnc may be worth to follow ( ).

    In my ICCF22 presentation, “During the Q&A session at least two persons asked if I had found any evidence of mechanical damage and/or transmutation in the copper pipes that compose the cavitation chamber of the machine”.

    My answers to Q&A in ICCF22:

    1. No transmutation was studied. Hope some scientists can help us in the future. We need some more funding to do the science work.
    2. Copper ion was found in the condensed water of hot steam. Probably comes from copper tube erosion. The condensed water was thought good for health, able to fast cure wound healing etc as claimed by the company B (but I doubt that).
    3. The VCS machine can run continuously for 2 years (12 hr per day) for making water to sell. No copper damage was observed.
    4. One thing I can disclose here. The water scaling inside copper pipes of steam generator in VCS is quite different from the experience in steam boilers. Scaling still occurs even using the feed water treated by a strict industrial water purification process. This confused us. We have to do some science work on that.
    5. We have run three equipment with possible LENR. One failed to observe COP>1. The other one (VCS) presented in ICCF22 has COP>1. The third one is designed by me using different mechanism shows COP>1. This machine is much simpler than VCS. We are carefully and repeatedly calibrating all instruments for final check before making conclusion and publishing. Even the digital power meter for measuring heating power was carefully calibrated using a thermometry designed by ourselves.

    As I said in ICCF22, I came across to study LENR just by chance. The LENR machine looks familiar to me but the theory is not. It seems the phenomena pf cavitation, micro-bubbles, intense implosion are common to them. As an engineer, we don’t have to understand everything inside but just utilize it with well-developed reliable, efficient, and cheap equipment. Just like the metal stuffs made thousand years ago and is exhibited today in museums. In 2000 years ago, there existed no “material science”. The “technology” made them ! The user generally knows nothing inside about what they utilize. "Science" will follow up the "technology".