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    How long (or how many times) has Rossi been "close" now? 10 years? 200 posts mentioning "close".

    Perhaps this explains his lack of children. Always close but never finishes anything.

    When does it become crow eating time when he doesn't deliver? Can we put a timeline on it, and not accept any fake new iterations to extend the time another year?

    I hear crow goes well on word salad, with a little chiral polariton dressing, in a fancy bowl fashioned from hexagonal boron nitride.

    ... You forgot "monopole Dirac spinor soup", "transmutation EVO main course ", "left handed tachyon side dish", , "and pico clusters of false higgs dessert",

    Yeah, "close","soon", "almost", all that "rossi-phrases" mean nothing. ANYMORE.


    The one with the children is a good one: Always close but never finishing"...

    Go look at some post-earthquake pictures. One house destroyed, another untouched. Also depending on the age of the building earthquake resistance standards vary a lot. The Japanese government has issued a whole string of updates and revisions about resistance to Typhoons and Earthquakes. I know someone who has had a new house built there very recently and depending on price they could pick various levels of protection for either hazard. But some base-level protection is in all the later building codes - most new houses for example sit on a ground beam assembly that in turn sits on springs or rubber pads - or both.

    Very suspicious you didn't know that.

    Heh ? I do not get it.

    Can You specify in more detail ?

    What is it, what "I did not know" ?

    Siccario why does a Nobel prize-winning B. Josephson still advocate further cold fusion research or why is NASA still filing new patents on LENR? We all are aware that there are people like Rossi involved that we know are eccentric blatant frauds and have fiddled the evidence to obtain positive results but there are enough solid data from years of other research to make it worthwhile to continue ..... e.g. the Mizuno reactor / transmutation of elements / NASA space research. This last patent shows a methodology to combine the electron screening effect of transition metal lattice on confined D atoms with elecron/neutron beam technology at energies more usually associated with particle beam accelerators and hot fusion. Then there is muon catalysed fusion researched by Holmlid etc with his ultra dense theories which cannot be easily dismissed by even top physicists like F. Winterberg. And other nutty professor characters like Santilli or Mill's! There's a lot more to it than the plasma - based EVO theories and if at the end of the day we need to borrow some of the principles underlying hot fusion and nuclear fission to generate a new type of fission/fusion reactor then the research on the cold fusion side would still have been valid.


    You are free to post some links, which undermine this:


    but there are enough solid data from years of other research

    ... but someone told me that Mizuno's lab was th ONLY one, which was damaged by the latest earthquake, ove there, in Sapporo. The nearby university for example had no damage...


    This is a simplistic approach. The barriers are more than scientific but psychological, egotistical, and based on entrenched theories that may have flaws on a fundamental level... whether intentionally left that way or not. These problems even exist within the alternative energy researching community 🤷🏽‍♂️. A free flowing of experimental/theoretical consideration within reason is needed. Im not saying that measured transmutation is indicative of literal nuclear transmutation with wonky energy balancing. Maybe it isn't predominantly nuclear but something else is going on (that isn't "free energy")? Also, some fundamental theory tweaks could open doors to a lot.

    This statement does not add credibility to the entire "research subject"...

    This proves that you are not remotely a scientist. PM machines are impossible, Nuclear power is an everyday reality, the clue is in the title -Low Energy NUCLEAR Reactions. Don't confuse the two. Herein ends the first lesson.

    Yeah, nice.

    Surely You think about beginning Your second lesson with "transmutations" and LENR happens in nature, everywhere.
    So, to not get it as boring as that, I continue on another level of argumentation:

    You know, l If there are LENR's, it is VERY unlikely, that any gouvernment would not start to explore them.
    Use the technology. Harness them. End finally save the world.

    Look, all the garage boys did enough work and collected resukts and experience during their experiments. There MIGHBT BE A GOOD GROUND TO START FROM.

    So just hire 5 of them , sponsor them a lab and equipment and time and, after maybe 3 years, the "device" would be finished and, let's say, Usbekistan would be the first country with ZERO CO2 emissions regarding electricity production.

    SIMPLY WOW, isn't it ? What would Greta do ?

    No,man, no country sponsors those garage guys.
    No country researches this LENR stuff.
    They simply DO NOT.

    Maybe thera re some few independant researchers, funded with some thousands of dollars, BUT, let's be honest, nothing in the range of a 1% of the cern or ITER costs.

    No, man, simply not. THIS IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT.

    Just a bunch of garage guys do "research" on that.

    ... please, tell me, what do these facts tell YOU, who appearently likes to see himself as "not remotely a scientist" ?

    Siccario - prove me wrong. I see no evidence from any of your posts so far that you are here for any other purpose than to be negative about everything. Zero technical content. If you are technically competent, you disguise it very well. No scientist would ever say for example that there is no technology to extend the life of an EVO. Until it is done, that question remains open in an enquiring mind.

    Maybe, You are biased, just because I have a lot of fun in here.

    You know, why BLP is not successful ? Despite all their claims ? Or Saffire ?

    Simply, because PERPETUAL MOTION ENGINES cannot exist. And it is nothing else, they wanna build.

    Any claim to create any self-sustaining device was already proven WRONG more than enough times.

    Maybe there is a layer of physics, we do not know yet, and I highly appreciate it's discovery.
    But neither will this frontier be traversed by some garage-guys, nor some Rossiphiles nor the SAFFIRE / BLP team.

    So, maybe You should as axil to prove, being right ? Or how do You justify his posts about total nonsense ?
    His posts may seem constructive, bcause they are not destructive on the first glimpse.

    But nonsense remains nonsense, no matter, how many flowers You try to cover it with.

    Rossi's technology worked and I'm convinced his current technology most likely works - although we need a third party report to make sure. It's basically the same effect that's being utilized in The SAFIRE Project reactor and Brilliant Light Power's Suncell. Moreover, it was utilized a long list of technologies going back a hundred years. In short, if you produce a macro-EVO (plasmoid, fireball, complex space charge configuration, plasma ball, etc) utilizing the negative resistance regime or another method (RF/MW), tune it into resonance, and make sure it exists within an optimal atmosphere (which includes hydrogen/deuterium), you will get excess energy in multiple forms. It's that simple. Period. End of story. No further discussion needed.

    No. E V O 's do not exist long enough.

    And there is NO technology making them last long enough, to get a net win out.

    No further discussion needed.

    Yeah... what else.

    What is is is "confidential".
    What it does is "confidential".
    What it was written in is "confidential".

    I would say the same, if I simply had NOTHING to present.

    1) Yes.

    Speaking of skeptics, when the Rossi believers throw around the "pseudoskeptics" pejorative term they are totally misusing the word. Pseudoskeptic would be a person who is a false skeptic thus not really skeptical. The people they use it on are true skeptics, as anyone mentally coherent should be with Rossi.

    Nothing to add.

    1) No.

    Lying regards

    Andrea Rossi.


    Randy Miller asked, what the new component might be, and LIAR answered "confidential".
    Now it suddenly is "software".

    In the end it basically turns out to be nothing.