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    What medical incident did Rossi suffer prior to Feb 24 this year (as described in one of these court documents)?

    Rossi is in Italy right now and he has apparently been there since early November (as judged by the time stamps on his blog posts). He goes to Italy every year but It is unusual for him to stay there so long before going back to Miami. The last time he had such an extended stay, he was in the hospital for cancer-related surgery. I wonder if something like that is happening again.

    I hope so. He shall get, what he deserves.

    Nothing to be concerned about.
    This stupid old crook just forgot what he said three months ago and now simply answers to say something.

    "I always bring it with me" ...,

    Alan, WHICH tenses ? The meaning is crystal clear.


    OK, let me try to summarize...

    - He flies to Italy and back, with that unknown, magical, confidential, secret device on board in (hand)luggage.

    - A device, with signs of radiation (LENR MAYBE) on it, which can emit an yet unknown radiation type (long range particle interactions) to generate some
    magical energy via a PLASMA...


    Come on, dudes. This crook is totally done.,

    that has to be the one…-relationship-with-rossi/

    plus the follow up.

    I speculate that Rossi signed the contract with the university to have proof of 'validation under way' then never followed up years. He could also attempt to sell the presence of Levi etc at the demo as a part of the contract fulfillment.

    No, it was much longer and detailed.

    In one part of the interview it was also stated, that the guy who made it, was also visiting Rossi and talking to him, then he, at first, was astonished, that Rossi was very open and answered almost every question, and that his coworkers did so, as well, and then , after a special question, Rossi suddenly advised the interviewer to leave, because of bla bla bla...

    ... another part of the interview consisted of the visit to the Bologna University where the interviewer tried to clarify the relationship.

    Maybe Your link is right, but it is not the entire story...

    Evidence is truly in the eye of the beholder then. For instance when I hear of one of Rossi's coworkers testifying about the Quark X something like, "I've seen incredible things that you would not believe", I see that as evidence there is something very interesting going on, while others take it as evidence that his coworker is in on the scam. Go figure.

    Of course scam.
    No scam article on researchgate reached as much clicks as his. ON RESEARCHGATE. Repeat that, till You get it.

    And the fact, that he is cited upwards into heavens by puppets ( or himself ) on his blog indicate, that nothing is true.

    His entire story is a huge lie, it was, it is and it will be, and no good whishful thinking can change that.
    His coworkers are puppets, as well...


    I think, sifferkoll made a complete debunking of Rossi, already, long time ago.

    He went to the chairman of the Bologna University and interviewed him.

    The chairman said, that his university doesn't havy anything to do with Mr. Rossi and never had and that they will not.

    This is definitively enough for me, to "figure out". edited to remove comments wishing for sickness abd death. That is not acceptable behaviour in this place. Alan

    First of all my surety that what we call LENR is predominantly nuclear is weak. All evidence points to allowing picoscale interactions, electro-magneto-chemical phenomina.

    It was only good because it comfortably fitted into preconceived ideas of what is possible? Sometimes our minds limit the laws of physics more than these laws limit reality. Though I commend Akland for a thorough debunking of that.

    That was the reason, why I posted it.
    It showed ONCE, that he does not want to be fooled by charlatans.

    Even more totally incomprehendable, why he still is a puppet of this big fraudster.

    I was just thinking of an awesome new version of the e-cat, which would be worth suspending the industrialization of the current versions. The new incarnation could be the e-cat BTC. By incorporating a mining rig, fed free electricity to mine bitcoins or other cyber currencies, all the while generatig heat for the off the grid server farm, what more could you ask? This bitcoin strategy worked for Steorn's Orbo president McCarthy as he became the leading bitcoin trader in Ireland after the Orbo's mysterious failure to pass Frank Acklands stringent test on ECW

    That was the only good thing, Ackland ever did. And reliable.

    I have known Frank for over a decade, he is a very serious-minded individual. I can guarantee he has never put money into the Ecat, but has a sincere hope and belief that someone (like Rossi) will be able to save our hide., and the planetary ecosystem. He has zero financial motive, he started ECW to - as he sees it- help bring salvation to the world

    You know him ?

    Then, please tell me, WHAT makes him apply the same "censorship" on his page, as Rossi does ?

    Would be an interesting rumor...?

    Frank Acland is deeply convinced Rossi has what he says...why otherwise he still promotes and advertises Rossis Ecats (incl. "cerfified for industrial use") on his ECW.... so he must know more than any other person... :)

    Frank is as unreliable as Rossi himself. Those two just found each other.

    Either he is missing a crystal ball or the requested info is "confidential".

    Bla bla bla as always...

    Sad, so it seems another year to come without any product that will be commercialized by Leonardo Corp with their robotic factories...where are all the customers that ordered and bought ECats in the past years and marketed by Frank Acland? Can they be kept so secret that no one on earth will ever know who and where they are? Hard to believe that his industrial partner still not lost his patience...

    The most obvious case is: Nothing of Rossi's claims is real. It are nothing but some garden parts glued together.

    And that is the most important fact, which shows, that his charade is just a public stupidity test....