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    1) No.

    Lying regards

    Andrea Rossi.


    Randy Miller asked, what the new component might be, and LIAR answered "confidential".
    Now it suddenly is "software".

    In the end it basically turns out to be nothing.

    For good reason...Rossi is not very interesting anymore. Even he seems bored this time around.

    Yeah, he definitive overplayed it. If there ever was a "last bin of hope" or "reliability", then this piece is long gone.
    WCG now seems to show a tiny BIT of intelligence when he continues to stay quiet.

    Lol, three weeks ago this liar was "very optimistic"... now he "needs to develop a non existing component"....

    New year, same shit.

    Oh, god, what a farce.

    I don’t know if you are joking with the ammo stuff, that sounds like a “prepper”.

    Anyway I’m glad I live in a desert with scorching temps that makes any virus last very short in the open.

    Prepper.... Such a nonsense movement, to give everything a "brandname".

    I think, we do not need to act like pessimists. Not yet. But, we could act like, at least, optimistically spoken, being prepared for the worst case.

    Meaning, go and buy ammo, candles, vitamin pills, water, and food in tincans.

    All of them will also be useful without a pandemia. But if one strikes, it will be necessary.

    Let's hope, this won't happen, but, if that stem starts with mutations...

    ...then we have lot's of time to panic...

    And what Do You expect from that presentation ? Hot air ? Sockpuppets again ? Pure nonsense ? Nothing else, than the same nonsense, he is spitting since 11 years ?

    As far as I know, Holmlid is not given to badmouthing those who dismiss him (as Santilli has been doing for decades now). He is just working quietly, publishing, and patenting as he and his team goes, not really worried about what is said about him.

    Yeah, and maybe, this is his fault
    He should be concerned, which picture of himself he created.
    And in this picture he is just a little BIT more reliable and trustworthy than Rossi is.

    Just a tiny bit.
    This is due to his "relative constant rate" of news and presentations.

    Oh my god.... "ENOUGH".

    Over the last 4 years, when he answered a question with "enough", we instead became witness of "too less", and "nothing"...
    and this continues on and on, even in 2020.