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    Dear All

    Mizuno Tec. Inc is the official page. I didn't even know MTI page before. Mr. Daniel made it ahead of time, causing confusion. I also contacted Mr. Daniel and gave him a lot of attention and suggestions. Mr. D is also a page I made for me. The pager was not well managed and caused distrust and confusion to many people. I will also be careful in the future.

    Tadahiko Mizuno


    A few more words from the cook would be very helpful to understand why.



    Mizuno: You've noticed some good points. Since the output calculation used the average value, attach the original file.

    The value after calibration is always large.

    I don't think so. Look at Figure 10 of Mizuno and Rothwell J Cond Matt Nucl Sci 29:1-12 (2019), then equation 2 of the same paper. The equation they fit to their calibration data is fractional power capture = O/I = 0.98 - [5.0811E-4 x T] where T is "the reactor temperature"





    Before 2017, the correction formula was made with the reactor temperature. Similarly, for the calibration data, a correction formula was made with a reactor of the same shape and weight, but the accuracy was poor and it was not accurate. Therefore, the heat dissipation from the box was used for the correction. As a result, the accuracy became extremely good.

    The newer the data I give, the better the accuracy and precision. Furthermore, it became possible to express any type and weight of furnace by a general formula with correction.

    水野: 以前の試験では90%が直流電源です。交流電源も使用しましたが、加熱では試験結果に違いは有りません。直流の方が測定は楽です。

    Mizuno: 90% of the previous tests were DC power supplies. An AC power supply was also used, but there is no difference in the test results with heating. DC is easier to measure.


    This calibration data is no longer used. As I said before, the calibration test is always updated, so please be careful. Mizuno Tadahiko

    Here is the loss-corrected 120 W plus excess plot.



    I don't know the excess heat data reaching 350W with this 120W input. I reconfirmed all the data from 2017, when I started measuring the air volume, but there are none. I don't think it's my data.


    Old data is not accurate. The measurement system is improving daily. A calibration test is performed each time. The correction coefficient is also update every day. Look at the new data. Comprehensive report will be made after patent application.

    DR Mizuno

    Questions from replicator

    Desireless posted on ECW..

    Can you ask Prof. Mizuno if he developed a way how to run activated reactant with no excess heat?

    Will it run with Protium only? Is there a comparison when running with Deuterium and Protium with the same reactant?


    Deactivating an activated furnace is easy. Excess heat does not come out immediately when He or air is added. The degree of reactivation depends on the gas and temperature used and the exposure time. Even with light hydrogen, heat was generated, but since there is no 100% H2 gas, the effect of deuterium cannot be ignored.

    I'm new to posting. I have posted the same one.

    Jed is having a hard time answering, so let me talk. This is the only data I can publish now, but let's make a detailed announcement after applying for a patent. The CF phenomenon is absolutely true. It can be controlled very easy. However, the mechanism is still unknown. When the data comes out, an excellent researcher will give an answer. There is still much to study. Let's do our best. Don't lose to Corona. Believe in the future and advance.