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    I appreciate you taking the time to elaborate on why the air battery phenomenon is likely not potential candidate for the constant current Stevenson

    There is an increase in current at higher temperatures to certain point that the metals will allow, is that correct?

    Has the two working electrode distance been varied to see if there is an increase or decrease in current density?

    I thought I had listened to Frank talk about Helium being detected in some experiments, is this correct?

    At the risk of sounding like a theoretical nut job..

    Could it be possible that making a boundary layer of "Metallic Hydrogen" at the Nano-atomic scale has a valence electron trapping effect? An example being bilayer meta-materials with a non-linear flow of electrons. These types of traps could possibly explain some type of "tritium generation and decay" into Helium if it has indeed been detected?
    Just throwing spaghetti against the wall a bit as a thought exercise I guess. 😅

    Alan Smith I agree with you. His line of work deals with very expensive deposition techniques and likely is locked up in a IP cage. I just think it's interesting to think about the creation of these metamaterials and how they respond to environmental conditions.

    Once again appreciate anyone taking the time to read and respond to a laymen like myself.
    Blessing to you and yours 🙏

    On the topic of the LEC device, what makes it any different than an air battery?

    I am by no means an electrochemist, but the idea of ionic exchange through a gaseous dielectric medium seems like it has already been pretty vigorously tested between dissimilar metals.

    Charge Partitioning at Gas−Solid Interfaces

    Perhaps I am assuming too much from my limited understanding and there is something else at play that I am missing?

    If the above has been disproven by some way or another that I have failed to recognize, we can move onto the other assumption on the devices operation.

    It seems to me the other likely candidate to the principal of the LECs operation may lay in the elusive and taboo realm of Zero Point Energy.
    Which leads me to something that I believe would relate to this topic and hopefully add to the conversation.
    Zero-Point Energy Harvesting by Garret Model

    After have had a deeper look on this report, i have to say that together electrode and the counter one are massive.

    I meant a lot of atoms, nucleons, because the length.. In this way it didn't surprised me to see that the second better result was done by a lead/lead couple.

    Since 1989, most experiments have taken into account too little reactive metal, i think.

    It reminds me the talk I had with Matt Trevithick explaining the very good calorimeters they had built but capable of being loaded with only very little amont of powder in fact.

    The mass effect has never been really mentioned, I think, in the thousands of papers I have read on the Lenrs since the beginning.

    I had similar reservations about galvanic responses and familiarities with things like aluminum air batteries.

    Research Rabbit Hole

    Frank Gordon I am sure has very extensive knowledge about all this though with such a deep background in Electrochemistry.
    The understanding of how these metals can interact without giving up electrons is a fascinating question though especially in a lot of new frontiers of material science.
    Is is possible to make micro antenna that can channel exotic forms of vacuum energy densities?
    It all feels so science fiction, but that is how science fact is often created right?
    Asking nature interesting questions and seeing what she says is a lot of fun, wouldn't you agree?

    Cheers to our future created in these precious present moments my friend.

    I see you are looking for a non-linear effect from sonication that could lead to point sources of fusion. Some pinpoints plasma events were observed in the works of Matsumoto which you referenced on your site. Specifically, I refer to the pinch electrode experiments. You can see the point source plasmas in his figures.

    My group recently reproduced the nonlinear I/V curve seen in fig 2 of on page 213 of that referenced work. The pinch electrode is very important to get the non-linear effect. There must be more surface area to the anode than the cathode. If one does that then at a voltage above about 50 volts the anode becomes a visible source of light. One can get an orange color or a blue color. The color and its distribution depend on surface conditions of the nickel wire anode, voltage, current duration and relative surface area of the anode and cathode which are under water. Further, one can see the point sources of plasma coming off the anode.

    Yes, it is a very exciting way to produce plasma with many variables that can be explored. By anode, you mean -cathode when putting power into the electrolytic cell correct?
    I have gotten plasma effects off both +Anode and -Cathode depending on the variables you stated above in reactor configuration, surface areas/current density etc. However, creating plasmas on the +anode seems to disassociate the Nickel into solution. A fellow experiment made in interesting observation in high concentrations and low Voltage cells. In that that the electrolyte would usually collect around the -Cathode in very interesting structures. It could be hypothetically possible that we are creating new meta materials of elements on the boundary layers where electrons form. Materials in which the possibility of certain semi-conductive or super conductive crystalline structures are able to form that allow hydrogen and other sub atomics to move in non-linear ways like as you suggested.

    Do you have links to your research and team my friend? I would love to see your progress if it is open source.

    Warm regards,


    Hello everyone,

    I have migrated and updated the Conscious Energy Website. I have gotten rid of any cookie tracking, selling items, or advertisements as they have only cost money and time to maintain. I'm going to stick with pure information on my experiments and other writings that are related. I have a living experimenting article that I will update with progress on Project Proteus.
    If your interested in my open source scientific experimentation you can find it here.

    Harmonic Hydrogen Fusion

    I still am working on getting the flow meter to work properly, but I might have the bite the bullet and by a higher end ultrasonic or electromagnetic flow meter. The margin of error is looking like +/- 5% and that seems like a little too much to be okay with.

    If you have any questions or comments they are always greatly appreciated.
    Cheers to our future built in these precious present moments.


    Can you touch up that transcript to remove the "uh" hesitation sounds? That's kind of embarrassing.

    How did you make that, anyway?

    YouTube generated those Transcripts with there automatic captioning system. The Iwamaru video I tried another method using Adobes Premiers captioning editing and uploading the text file to YouTube. I will try to do that know on but I apologize for the captions not being very clean on your video JedRothwell

    It would have added a few more hours of work using the new method and I am shaking off the rust of my video editing skills.
    There might be a way to go into YouTube and touch it up but I am busy editing some other videos atm. I will look into it and see if I can edit the text files natively on YouTube or upload a new transcript.

    I hope the video did you guys justice in your thought processes and helped convey your information adequately.
    Kind regards,


    The Latest Episode of LENR Forums Cold Talks premieres tomorrow 9:00 AM CMT with JedRothwell and Stephen Bannister

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    Hey Osovo,

    No need for apologies, these are all really great questions.

    1. I have played around with deploying tokens on, Solana, Ethereum, and BSC which is basically Ethereum's Solidity Language. I was brought onto a project called Ohmcoin in 2018 that was unsuccessful. The interim founder brought me on as marketing and website management in 2018 but the management of the project was not very strong so I left. They used the X13 protocol like PIVX and DASH use with master nodes for governance.

    2. I have never raised funds for private investment, and don't feel comfortable doing that alone at this time. A Non-Profit foundation still would need to be formed for the DAO to proceed.

    3 & 4. I have never acted as a fiduciary for any investors monies and do not have a licensed to do so in any jurisdiction. A member of the board with strong financial merit is still very important for the development of this project. Again, the framework of this project will need dedicated legal, technical, and financial team members. I am simply purposing the development of this project for those interested in the idea of open source progress in this field. This should also answer the Trust questions as well. I have consulted with Tamara Rogers ,a lawyer who specializes in these things, she quoted me full legal documentation would run about $3k-$5k. This was for a even more complex energy co-op blockchain idea I have that required an energy monitoring device. This was also in the jurisdiction of the US, which might not likely the ideal place to start a Foundation for tax purposes.

    5. We are still actively in the process of finding more team members. I do not have an accredited background in computer science, I am an autodidact. It has been something I have learned out of necessity in my own personal experiments, investments, and interest. We are still actively putting together a team and have no rush for launch. We have all agreed to thoroughly work out all potential problems and team roles with a clear roadmap and mission statement for us all to be involved in building a self-sovereign digital organization. At the moment, David and I are acting as organizers to present the concept to the community. The goal for us is to have create complete autonomy and help solve the Energy Freedom Paradox principled in anthropology. Governing bodies act as organizations which can maintain intellectual property if they have provided funding or have tax sovereignty in jurisdiction to do so. This legal structure is designed for the commons of the global community as a distributed trust. I'm not suggesting it will be easy, but I do think it will be worth it.

    6 Yes, I do have a pretty good understanding of the Howe test as an investor, and my years of research since 2017. A fair and distributed launch is crucial for the projects success. One that doesn't rely on any initial centralized investment and focuses rather on an open voluntary organization. This means we will have to likely use airdrops to the most interested in the project and provide an open source tokenization using a dApp as a service for the R&D of LENR. The Token is a utility to be able to access services of the DAO.

    7. Oh, already answered some of the legal question, but there are much more that will need to be done, and I don't think legality compliance is a one and done thing... it's likely there will need to be ongoing representation for the majority the DAOs life. Please bare with me as this is still very much in the inception phase of the LENR Forum team. It's a very new idea being tested as a new sociological discovery in open autonomous software(s) that Bitcoin has become. You have great questions so I hope I am doing a good job answering them all. This LENR Forum has not asked me to seek legal council yet and all of my work is being done voluntarily. Your question brings up a very good point in being careful with establishing a core foundation team. Everything should be finalized in writing, with clear terms that is open for all to see in both English, and code. The NFT's are a service for tokenizing engineering as open source intellectual property that still compensates the original creators. Those who provide value to the creators of openly successful devices for the entire community trust to democratically participate based on merit. There value will be dependent on the free market and the LENR DAO takes no responsibility on how the market values a tangible digital asset.

    8. One of the LENR DAOs features is the ability for funds to be voted back. I have first hand experience as an early investors of DIATOM DAO. All my Funds where returned when they made a mistake in providing liquidity for the general market and failed to launch. They where a group of biology, oceanography, and computer scientists attempting to do ocean cleanup using a DAO.

    9. and 10. A DAO is a new organized structure that maintains self sovereignty in the digital space or (metaverse). It has the ability to create multi-signature contracts between all parties self custodial wallets. All funds are stored cryptographically with chosen digital assets that can democratically chosen based on merit (Meritocratic). All involved can participate actively in helping choosing assets like BTC, USDC, PAXG, USDP, ect. Diligent financial risk mitigation will be important in it's design.

    11. We would not invest directly into any LLC. Instead, the DAO has a transparent autonomous platform for organizations to use for the organizations authenticity and merit. Anyone can participate in the value propositions towards the development of LENR. This is somewhat of a socioeconomic scientific experiment, as it's never been done before. It tests the hypothesis presented by the freedom energy paradox, zeroth law of thermodynamics, free energy principle in cognitive science, emergent information theory in biological science, and quantum entangled states (i.e. superpositions, Heisenberg uncertainty principle, wave particle duality, Maxwell's demon, etc.) Does how we organize our information as a species follow the same patterns in natural dynamic systems according to our response? If yes, then having a organization that is only principled in monetary value, will not achieve other value propositions as efficiently. The purpose for many governing bodies was for the value in general well being of the people by establishing clean water, security, energy, communications, catastrophe response, mental health, recycling, etc. It does not always do this efficiently if the systems is principled in increasing monetary enthalpy.

    12, 13, 14, and 15. Governance propositions for the DAO can be introduced by anyone according to how the DAO architecture. This could include maintenance fees or insurance for any proposals. Legal contract terms are transparently introduced via code, which limits any 3rd party risk. This is another feature of a DAO I recommend you look into further, as there is a lot of literature on these set of rules that are in practice. The focus on the traditional community trust should be used as an example, but not it's fundamental operation. A DAO could be looked more as a Trustless Community which has established transparent code with no 3rd party intermediaries. It does take some time to research all these new technologies that bitcoin helped make possible, but if this interests you I encourage you to look deeper into it. As stated above, the DAO does not invest directly into LLC or Corps, instead it brings shared interest of the development for the LENR community with a Utility Token.

    16. I don't think utility vehicles are better than sports cars, I just think they serve different purposes depending on how they are engineered.

    17,18,19, and 20. All great questions that help me understand your point of view a little more I think, and probably where your strengths lay compared to me. The balance sheet distribution was just theoretical and not the actual numbers. Those are all variable numbers at the moment, in the sense that a well planned distribution of assets should be in the best interest for the longevity of the DAO. I am not an expert of finance so it's something that all of the active members will have to work out to be best practices, likely on an iterative basis much like what was suggested for the legal framework. The purpose of providing ample liquidity is for the market is avoid an inelastic exchange of value. There will have to be many calculations done on market supply, liquidity, and burn based on the amount of resources needed to help subsidize projects. Though it quite complex, this all can be done with blockchain protocols to encourage developing value propositions that represent more that monetary gain, but rather public utility for the common wealth, which is what the LENR DAO would represent.

    21. I think I answered this question above but maybe you could elaborate further so I understand it better?

    22. I apologize for not being more clear with the ethos of the project I have presented. It is quite a radical idea, and to really crystallize, it will be up to community interest with feedback. I may have organized the ideology for a project like this but it is not my sole discovery or idea. The postulates of energy dynamics for information, money, electrical, biological, atomic, subatomic, whatever system we choose to examine are not isolated from one another. We just have to put it all together in the best possible way we know how for which ever probabilistic outcome we wish to achieve. To answer your questions concretely, it can't do that. This questions was answered above though I believe. It is merely a public utility to subsidize more philanthropic work essentially. The question is, can Fusion technology be introduced into a market any other way? Look at what has happened to Nuclear Fission, why do we not have more investment in those projects? This is a fundamental problem purposed in the Freedom Energy Paradox.

    23. I can only speak for myself, but I do have experience in structuring investments in my personal business. It is a small business though and the AUM is quite low. My financial literacy and education wasn't a strong focus until about 3 or 4 years ago. So I will admit I have much more to learn in all aspects, but I am aware that other active members likely have more experience.

    24. I am not a financial advisor and do not give financial advice in any way. Much like the Proverb, nothing ventured nothing gained, there is always risk in building something. I would say that these technical details are not completely planed out, but the utility of these tokens are not represented in any of your question. They would be more analogues to a commodity or redeemable credit in the DAO ecosystem. The value proposition would be more like, a platform with a shared interest in developing LENR in the public domain. So if the a individuals perceived value proposition is based on the financial ROI, this project might not be what they are looking for. All involved in the DAO would like help vote upon the allocation of the treasury through governance proposals on the blockchain.

    25. I think I answered this already, but for clarity. The DAO does not make direct investments into any other organization besides sovereign wealth. By this I mean denominating treasury funds into government currencies. We would develop a DAO with transparency, trustless verification, and immutability. Another way to think of it as is as an Open Source SaaS (Software as a Service) which falls under public domain as a utility.

    26. Due diligence can be proposed democratically based on merit of issued proposals and people who can contribute from the field of finance. I cannot personally decide as the AUM would not be mine, but the organizations. My first financial proposal would be to maintain a strong balance in BTC, USDC, PAXG, and USDTP. Other options might be things that relate to the LENR field which can be tokenized like Pd, Ni, and other such commodities.

    27. The distribution of funds can be variable according to the organizations votes on proposals. I was just setting example of how the DAO could operate, but it has not been agreed upon in these early stages. Researchers would take small steps in development goals to show merit in there work with community verification, I kind of peer review by the DAO. Many credible scientific organizations can quickly rise to the top as they when they show progressive success in the technology. I would think this would help the rapid development of the technology without it falling into red tape and IP dead ends. Having a platform like this will also give more exposure to creditable organizations of researchers and developers as stated in the presentation.

    28. The DAO is not an investment company, but rather a non-profit trust. The core members of the foundation will likely have to established separate from the trust is my understanding of the legal framework. The trust would hire 3rd party contractors for service and not for investment. In which those who wish to openly develop Fusion energy systems would do so for the Trustees. More legal details defiantly will need to be ironed out, but it seems very likely to be achieved according to historical exampled of developing a organizational entity. You ask very difficult questions which I like a lot :)

    29. I mean no disrespect, but if the prospect of bringing abundant energy to the earth in this fashion isn't self evident, I am not sure how else to explain it to you.
    I will again link the Energy Freedom Paradox to that you can ponder on.

    'The energy freedom paradox is a philosophic physics thesis that states: Energy can only be perceived as free according to the total relativistic capacity of the said system(s) involved. It also states that no system can be closed absolutely, only isolated, with certain probabilities of field interactions can always occur.

    This energy freedom paradox falls in the the principled axiom that our relative human anthropological system design directly influences all other relative systems, determining how much energy freedom is allowed. (i.e. economic incentive)

    These probabilistic interactions can have a greater or lesser order of field influence depending on a system(s) relative field capacity (energy density) and velocity of exchange between fields (potential).

    The paradox lies in the relative field’s probability of isolation from greater/lesser relative field capacity (mass-energy density) and the potential difference between these fields (spin/pressure, vibration, and energy density). It becomes a philosophical science paradox due to humans having a relative field capacity in socioeconomic design that is a first-order function of other relative fields (i.e. commodities and resource)

    To summarize, it is probable that energy can only be “free” relative to how isolated a system is to other relative fields, according to their impedance/resistance, energy density/magnitude, and velocity/pressure. Which can be represented in capacity, velocity, resistance, and power/work between two or more relative fields.'

    The irrefutable proof that this paradoxical axiom exists.
    The Laws of Thermodynamics, in particular the Zeroth Law and acceptance that systems cannot be absolutely isolated.
    Maxwell's Demon
    Complex Dynamics

    Sources that exhibit the examples of the Energy Freedom Paradox.

    Free Energy Principle
    Emergent Information Theory

    Uncertainty Principle

    The Calculus Paradoxes that give rise to Julia and Fatou sets

    This was a lot of information and I hope I was able to answer your questions to the best of my ability. If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to ask them. I do recommend if you are interested in learning more, take some time to research DAOs more. I linked a few Science DAOs above in this thread that demonstrate how beneficial these types of organizations can be for open science. There are a lot of Financial DAOs as well which is often refereed to as DeFi, that I encourage people to take a look at.

    Again, I appreciate the thorough questions being asked.
    Cheers to our future built in these precious present moments.


    Likewise, should a conflict arise as between two or more non NASA Partners, NASA, in its sole discretion, shall determine the priority as between those Partners. Diadon Acs This highlights key differences to the DAO model.

    Indeed. Applying these types of Intellectual walled gardens can sometimes hurt the progression of development from my point of view. A good example is when Tesla open sourced all of there engine designs to increase the production of EVs to competitors. We can still give credit to the creators while keeping the information open for all who are passionate about bringing this technology to market. I think the old adage, "a rising tide raises all ships" should be used in approaching energy abundance on global scale.
    Appreciate you mentioning me to read this over :) <3

    Do you maybe have an example of a different area with similar challenges like LENR, where Blockchain makes/made a difference?

    And what is a "communal trust"?

    There are 3 other examples of this working well to compensate researchers. It is a very new idea and technology that helps grass roots efforts in scientific endeavors that don't always pay out monetarily to those working in the field. It's basically a efficient way to organize finances with transparency and accountability.

    Open Science DAO Which is enabling open source researchers to be compensated for there published papers by creating a scientific community trust fund.

    Smart Contract Research Which focus on data sciences and game theory models. They help work with other Science DAOs in implementing data sets to the Ethereum blockchain.

    Decentralized Science World: Focusing on protein identification represented in NFTs to be sold on the open market to go towards the researchers.

    As far as the communal or community trust, this link will describe it probably better than I could. Let me know if you still have questions about it.

    I hope that answers all of your questions and if you have any more please don't hesitate to ask.

    Hello Everyone

    The LENR team have been throwing around the idea of establishing a Decentralized Autonomous Organization for the purpose of bringing LENR to the masses. Our mission is to pool funds together in a communal trust and democratically vet the best projects demonstrated through blockchain governance. We have put together a presentation and a website to help explain what Web3 is, and how a Science DAO can help bring this technology to the masses in a transparent way. There are many technical details to work out, but the Web3 framework can create a mutually prosperous endeavor for everyone involved, with the goal Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
    Website: https://lenrdao.com/

    Presentation Video

    Warm regards,
    Diadon with the LENR DAO Team

    Thank you for your reply.

    Now cavitation bubbles have a lot of energy, this is why this way is used to reduce the particle size from micrometer to nanometer for example.

    i understand this solution should destroy its nuclear active environnement ?

    Do you expect a D2 reaction or a D/H with the nickel substrat ?

    With enough time for the reactor to breed D2 and proper engineering to increases nucleation site probability, yes.

    Sorry i don't well understood everything so what is the link between cavitation and nickel in your experiment ?


    The hypothesis is that cavitation bubbles have enough pressure and heat in there collapse to create the environment necessary for hydrogen fusion. It's possible that these microbubbles of hydrogen excited by electromagnetic fields have been the explanation for the positive results in past experiments. Whether that collapse happens in the nickel lattice or nested on the lattices surfaces is another question.
    The use of Nickel as the catalyst/substrate of choice is due do to it's hydrogen permeability and financial affordability :D Pd is very expensive.
    I hope that answers your question.

    Thank you for posting such a clear and frank account of your experiments. It reminded me of the way that when attempting to understand everything going on in a simple system you end up making it much more compleax.

    I want to keep it as simple as possible for replication. It's just not that easy of a science over all. It takes many different disciplines of applied science and engineering to make it happen. I won't give up though! :)

    I was noodling around the Safire videos awhile back - one of their plasma runs was at 895V and 40A - almost 36kW. Scary stuff.

    Yes, high power supplies can be very dangerous if one doesn't take proper precautions. You could say the have the potential to make things exciting :D Terrible pun... my apologies.

    Unfortunately I do not have a suitable power supply and safe environment for attempting high-power plasma electrolysis of thick graphite electrodes. I once attempted doing it at low power with 0.4 mm pencil cores—which get quickly eroded in the process in an unimpressive reaction—but as they contain relatively large amounts of Fe (as well as Al, Si) oxide, the resulting powder can exhibit ferromagnetism.

    Of course, when trying to sand off some reportedly pure graphite for magnetic testing, you might want to avoid Fe2O3-containing sandpaper which could introduce ferromagnetic impurities in the powder.

    I considered that and it is a fine 1000 grain silicon carbide. So I have very little worry about Fe203 contamination. It was just a fun little experiment on pyrolytic graphite... something considered to have very interesting diamagnetic properties.

    I have a few videos that may be of use in this thread:

    External Content www.youtube.com
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    External Content www.youtube.com
    Content embedded from external sources will not be displayed without your consent.
    Through the activation of external content, you agree that personal data may be transferred to third party platforms. We have provided more information on this in our privacy policy.

    Hope they are helpful in your carbon liberation's :D