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    Most of the arguments on Covid-19 are moot. You need to consider that the human body is not like a computer where fixing a problem can be replicated on all other computers with predictable results. (Yes, I have an engineering background.)

    The human body is not just an organism defined/grown from a preset DNA template. We are the sum of that along with every virus currently in our system, the bacteria in our gut/body, the history of what we eat, the environment, the list just goes on.

    So, the expectation that anyone can definitively say that a protocol works for everyone is simply not realistic. And saying that a protocol causes harm is also not possible since it is impossible to account for all the other factors involved.

    Until tort law is not looked at as a lottery in the USA, a lot of this is just wishful thinking. Anyone in the US can file a lawsuit tying up not only the operator but everyone in the supply chain. (Think programmers who supplied just a couple lines of code.)

    Look at the Drama for Tesla and the self driving option. They are getting flack in cases where the operator is clearly violating operating instructions, but, Tesla is still being dragged in.

    But think about the additional saving of potentially not having to connect everything to main power.

    Just think of all the heavy power cables going to outdoor lighting that could be replaced with the proposed unit and maybe low power cabling to a control center. (For lights on/off, not controlling Rossi's system)

    Add to that all of the lighting that is probably not installed due to cost or logistics.

    Just disaster relief would be a huge opportunity.

    We start getting to a monster market driver equal to Tesla.