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    Don't ever do that!! That way lies failure. Learn as much as you can. If possible, get the materials directly from the original experimenter. In 1989 and 1990 Martin Fleischmann handed out Johnson Matthey cathodes that worked. Other kinds did not work. He said: "When uncle Martin gives you a cathode, it works. When other people give you cathode, they don't work. What does that tell you? Hmmmm???"

    Jed, in your opinion (and anyone elses), what LENR or related technologies (evo's, strange radiation) are the most likely to be reliably replicated without needing to get materials from the original experimenter?

    What are the most robust conditions that seem to be present in the most reliable experiments, what are the nitty gritty details that matter?

    I have one theory about what the missing ingredient might be, it relates to the work of physicist William Tiller, and to be honest I'd rather that not be the only solution, if you know of his work you will know why I hope that is not the only way to get these extraordinary results.

    But if there is a way that "always works" without that then what are those conditions? Or is it a case of cultivating the right conditions, so nothing works immediately but after some duration of an experiment running the right setup.

    That scenario is not possible. When bulbs are tested, the entire bulb is put into a calorimeter. It captures the heat from the light as well. You cannot make a transparent calorimeter. Too much non-visible radiation would leak out.

    A calorimeter is the only way to test the bulb for total heat output (including light), which is what you need to design something like a recessed light fixture. A recessed fixture is a box in the wall or ceiling. You have to assume the fixture might be blocked so that no light escapes from it.

    I really do not think that after 116 years, there has not been a single test of tungsten light energy balance. If they produced even 1% excess heat, someone would have noticed. I have seen junior high school textbooks describing science fair experiments in calorimetry using light bulbs. Granted, those experiments would not work as far as I can tell. But anyway they were described.

    Not sure what has been said since then, but, what do you think they would have done if it was say 10% OU?

    Would they have held a press conference and told the world?

    Would they have written a paper and been laughed at?

    Or would they have sat on that, or assumed their instruments were wrong?

    Maybe no one, or only one person there even believing it wasn't some stuff-up?

    I can absolutely imagine a world where it would be covered up, we live in that world. Not saying it happened, but it could, easily.

    This is to follow up to my previous post: this is a very basic bibliography on SR (sorry for the quite poor "bibliographyc stile"):

    Wow, that is amazing, thank you very much!

    Would you agree that very tiny particle sizes is another correlation?

    Also interesting that Palladium and Nickle are in the same group/family on the periodic table, I wonder if that is just chance?

    Do you have any knowledge of the conditions in LION or Vega, are the conditions covered by your list or is there anything else?

    I would just note that with Parkhamov's woodpecker, perhaps the polarity of the electromagnet which current runs through the center of might be important based on my own research. Actually I tried just making this shape as a coil the other day (unpowered just wire, no water) and it was most assuredly producing an effect, it had an effect on me, I have become sensitive to such energies. It took a while for me to notice an effect from it, but I am rather certain of it and I felt rather poorly, I was NOT expecting this.

    Reversing the coil made me feel better after some time.

    It actually went against my intuition of which way it should be for health.

    I am going to combine some of my own experience and as many of these effects as I can and see what I can produce.

    I personally believe that field (Evo's, or things of this nature possibly on different scales) is connected to whatever genuine examples there are from claims of electrical Free Energy, Antigravity and other fringe results.

    I would note that if Evo's can shield perhaps electromagnetism, inertia and gravity as Bob Greenyer claims, as some ball lightening experiences indicate, then this points to it being some modification of the vacuum!

    It's not just particles, it is for lack of a better word, aetheric! Or, engineering the vacuum if you like!

    A hydrodynamic turbulence of space-time or something in the vacuum (virtual particle flux, dirac space) that can change all the rules!

    There are most certainly cross-over between the conditions for generating Evo's & SR and the conditions for say "cold current".

    I have actually found how to engineer and feel the medium, and many others have witnessed this, have felt the energy in conditions that sometimes rule out the placebo effect entirely.

    My hope is that if I can combine the conditions that are responsible for generating EVO's&SR with my own works, that it will give my techniques the ability to do more than just be felt, and lead to grander results and larger results than often results from this work normally.

    Seems to me, replication is the hardest detail in all versions of this research, so I guess I should take a close look at the most reliably replicated experiments next!

    I know that has been mentioned, but feel free to add your favorites everyone!

    I would think evidence for strange radiation existence or not would be desired here. The argument that you must be a believer to post here is eerily reminiscent of philosophy of E-cat world. Honest debate is what separates LENR Forum from ECW (and The Flat Earth Society, etc). ECW may be a better home for the type of discussion you desire, with a moderator on the delete button for even the most well supported arguments. I am under the impression that many of the LENR friendly researchers are not so enthused about this whole strange radiation theory. That plus a minor point, who put you in charge?

    Honestly, no it isn't.

    You don't believe in strange radiation, I do.

    I am not utterly immune to having my mind changed if there was some stunningly powerful presentation, but you don't have that and so really you are not doing what this thread is for, and I currently consider the evidence for this phenomena to be conclusive.

    What I want is LENR/cold fusion/strange radiation/evo/ball lightening generation tips, correlations, reactors etc.

    You are trying to convince me it is entirely bunk and there is no chance of that.

    So please, don't even bother to reply unless it is to post what the thread is about, thanks!

    Thank you VERY MUCH for this brilliant summation of the conditions!

    I would note that there have at times been reports of strange things with certain technologies, sometimes welding has produced weird effects that could well be related to this, but that form of welding was changed. (as mentioned in one of Gerry Vassilios's books)

    There is plenty of evidence that electrolysis can produce some unusual conditions in the right situations, and there is other sources of evidence about monatomic hydrogen being important. (the book "occult aether physics" mentions such IIRC)

    I have also heard of lasers producing some interesting conditions, maybe the high degree of order, coherence is key here, can't help but also think that phase con

    I would add that very small particle sizes are an additional detail that is apparently key in some cases, and all electrolysis tends to create colloids.

    So that might be an additional point of interest.

    Hello everyone, um, this is maybe a bit rude to jump in like this, but I want to ask for the essential basics (for initially the purpose of correlation) of various LENR reactors, including the ones this thread is about.

    Let me say that I am kinda new to this field, I have long known of LENR from a bit of a distance, but I have been in a connected field.

    I have come to realize that my own work has something missing which I believe can be found in these reactors.

    I am interested in the devices that create these EVO's, this Strange Radiation, magnetic monopoles and such.

    Here is an example of what I would like. Parkhamov (at least one of his experiments, unsure if he had other designs) is a water based high power glowing plasma from electrical discharge between two DC electrodes, the wire going to the lower electrode is wrapped around the upper electrode (that looks to me like it is graphite, but I can't find anything to confirm that?).

    What is the equivalent basic description of this new reactor?

    Hi, so I am trying to dig up enough info on the different setups that created these exotic conditions.

    I have been researching for 25+ years in related nearby subjects without diving into LENR, but I think it is time as I am beginning to see many correlations with my own work, stuff I understand how and why it works.

    So I want to create a thread for the basic data one needs to try and make a replication for as many different claims as possible, here is one from Alexander Parkhomov:

    This is a circuit topology similar to what I have already worked with and I understand why it would do something odd, when I made something like this it produced a tangible radiation even with very low energy inputs.

    What I am asking for is others who feel compelled to help to post diagrams, info and links to content that sums up various LENR/EVO reactors.

    I have failed to find much useful info on others, so if you have info on ANY of the reactors in this field, things that sum up the basic form of the reactor I would appreciate it.

    I am curious about all, including LION, VEGA and all those Russian and Japanese names attached to these reactors and more.

    I also have a question if anyone wants to answer it, in the context of this field, does "Dielectric barrier discharge" refer to a fluidic dielectric between two electrodes?

    Or does it refer to a solid dielectric and a fluidic dielectric between two electrodes? (such that the dielectric blocks current flow through itself).

    I seem to get the latter when I search Google, but most indications of Ken Shoulders works just suggests the former, no "impervious" dielectric barrier, just a fluidic (generally gaseous) medium between two electrodes, the negative one pointy.

    I want to replicate some of these and pull it into my related work.