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    Sarcasm on.....>>

    This can't be real and doesn't count unless there are six (6) suncells operating at the same time.... BTW, it seems like there are less skeptics lamenting in the wilderness lately..>> ....Sarcasm off

    I have always tried to apply skepticism as I do the scientific method...

    However, when each grain of sand that may represent a theory that works but without fully understanding and some are in this wilderness shouting fraud.. and at the same time standing on a large sand dune of evidence, is quite odd.

    And further, their desire to be correct which resides on a platform of ego instead of patience, is a poor acknowledgment of professionalism.

    I would strongly suggest that all would watch a great recent expose' on a how the Covid de Jour is being handled in a hospital with a nurse who risked her career

    recording the 'inside' goings on.... Just wow ! https://articles.mercola.com/s…hospital-coronavirus.aspx

    Paste and Snip >>>

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    Story at-a-glance

    • Erin Olszewski, a nurse turned undercover reporter and whistleblower, reveals the horrific maltreatment of COVID-19 patients at Elmhurst Hospital Center, the public hospital in Queens, New York, that is “the epicenter of the epicenter” of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S.
    • Olszewski addresses a number of problems at Elmhurst, including the disproportionate mortality rate among people of color and the controversial rule surrounding Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders
    • Elmhurst does not segregate COVID-positive and COVID-negative patients, thereby ensuring maximum spread of the disease among noninfected patients coming in with other health problems
    • Patients who repeatedly tested negative for COVID-19 were still listed as confirmed positive and placed on mechanical ventilation, thus artificially inflating the case numbers while condemning the patient to death from lung injury
    • Many of the doctors treating these patients are not trained in critical care. One of the “doctors” on the COVID floor is a dentist, and inexperienced medical students are relied upon

    The heavily censored video above, "Perspectives on the Pandemic: Episode Nine," features an interview with Army veteran Erin Olszewski, a nurse turned private citizen journalist who for the past few months has cared for COVID-19 patients in Florida and New York. In this must-see interview, she shares her experiences at the two facilities.

    Elmhurst Hospital Center, a public hospital in Queens, New York, has been "the epicenter of the epicenter" of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. Few areas have been as hard hit as central Queens. The question is why?

    Initially, a shortage of ventilators was blamed for the exaggerated death toll. But it didn't take long before doctors recognized that mechanical ventilation did more harm than good in a majority of cases.

    Olszewski addresses a number of problems at Elmhurst, including the disproportionate mortality rate among people of color, the controversial rule surrounding Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders, lax personal protective equipment (PPE) standards, and the failure to segregate COVID-positive and COVID-negative patients, thereby ensuring maximum spread of the disease among noninfected patients coming in with other health problems.

    Olszewski accepted a temporary transfer from Florida to New York and spent nearly four weeks at Elmhurst. What she witnessed spurred her to become an undercover reporter and whistleblower. She secretly recorded happenings in the hospital and posted warnings on social media. The standard of care at Elmhurst is so poor, Olszewski compares it to "a third-world country hospital."

    It extends the purchase of thought and folds upon itself a tapestry of perceptions.

    By day it will acknowledge and by night deny.

    A preamble colors the intention but will not expose its purpose.

    Many will dither its merits of magnitude yet minimize the spectrum of possibilities.

    We who wait for proof find a ledger and tally our patience as currency.

    Elusive in our very faces.

    I sent a post to JONP and it will be interesting to see if he can respond.

    >> copied <<


    I wish you the very best life and success with your efforts.

    Can you please say if there are any constraints by persons or any government agency to

    manage the use of or control the release of technology based on your system and science?

    If you do not post this I will assume the affirmative.

    Perhaps a Di lithium crystal matrix is required to allow the phonons to oscillate above the amplitude required for the coloumb barrier to allow the tunneling of virtual black hole

    and liberating enough energy to be transferred via non radiative resonant coupling ? Wait .... sorry, just finished watching an episode of Star Trek....

    If anything Gentlemen, all of this pain and scrapping over the years in this LENR environment has allowed a greater 'out of the box' thinking among the many once stuffy, great potential thinking minds many of you have endeavored to use, You have used many colorful words and adverbs further justified by your actions to create 'scape goats' to carry your frustrated burdens of angst and pessimism.

    I enjoy your approach and this level of real science applied.

    It triggers a fit and polarizes a bit.

    Justifies some and frustrates others.

    A tether of evidence to constrain and data to confound.

    It is a spectrum of epoch excitement to the dull platitudes of standard theory and exclusion.

    May be it is and maybe its a won't.

    It certainly does.


    ...whatever it is.

    Oh lets see..... how about the magnetic compass?... Using a 'lode stone' not knowing the principals involved many navigated the surface of a 'flat' earth....

    or perhaps the use of a candle not fully understanding the physics of chemistry. Or perhaps even earlier, the use of a crude battery pile in jars that were possibly used to electroplate

    gold upon iron and brass.

    At least over a year ago I suggested to Andrea Rossi on his website JONP ( have a copy somewhere ) , to 'ball mill' his Lithium and Aluminum Hydride using the 5 -10 micron GE diamond and alumina ceramic balls using a 3 to 5 % mixture 'abrasive. It was posted for a day and then removed I assumed by him, ... which is fine as it was just an idea to help fractionalize the sizes of the materials and help distribute the heat internally among the component parts. I hope he at least tried it.

    The same offer to you also. would you like 50 - 100 grams to experiment with. ?