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    Last place in the world I thought I would find Censorship. In a forum there are threads handling a topic. Since LENR hasn't been proven scientifically, everything, every thread dealing with ANYTHING regarding LENR, is speculative in some form.

    Rossi is controversial. Yes. But that doesn't stop anyone from posting new ideas. In a forum, certain topics and threads will attract attention, which is a natural thing. Nothing strange about that.

    Hey, what's the next topic we should ban? Or should we start banning certain words? Hey, I know a guy who could write some cool code with some awesome algorithms which could erase certain words from the database!!! How cool is that? :lenr:

    I might be wrong, but I think banning certain topics within the LENR field is everything a LENR-forum shouldn't be. That's why there are moderators. Moderating a forum should be based on a set of rules. And those rules should be easy to follow and easy to find.


    Andrea Rossi has been granted a US Patent on the e-cat! More coming...


    UPDATE: Note that LENR is not mentioned explicitly, but also note that the contents of the fuel mix are specified — lithium and lithium aluminium hydride as fuel and “a group 10 element, such as nickel in powdered form” as the catalyst. This is important since fuel and catalyst specifications have been lacking from earlier patent applications by Rossi on the E-Cat, as far as I know.

    The patent, which has the filing date March 14, 2012, can be downloaded here: US9115913


    Variations in the ratio of reactants and catalyst tend to govern reaction rate, and are not critical. However, it has been found that a suitable mixture would include a starting mixture of 50% nickel, 20% lithium, and 30% LAH [lithium aluminum hydride]. Within this mixture, nickel acts as a catalyst for the reaction, and is not itself a reagent. While nickel is particularly useful because of its relative abundance, its function can also be carried out by other elements in column 10 of the periodic table, such as platinum or palladium.

    Direct link to the USPTO Site:

    Interview with Andrea Rossi by HydroFusion:


    I have no doubt in my mind that you Stephan Pomp are a competent and respected professional at Uppsala University. You're a professor and active in the field of applied nuclear physics. I am sure everything you've ever published is flawless in the "scientific method" perspective and everything you've ever done in your life is repeatable.

    The scientific method is the preferred method among scholars and has been for over 400 years. It's a great thing if you seek confirmation of hypotheses and transform these hypotheses into facts and thereby form an empirical based reality. You can bind independently derived hypotheses together into a supportive structure, coherent and error free.

    I have no problem with the scientific method. It has through the years given us amazing things that is helpful in a wide variety of fields.

    However, it becomes a problem when you can't accept anything that slides ever so slightly away from the "right" path. Yes, it becomes a religion. Everything that's real fits within the scientific method, who's supported by specific methods and models. It becomes reality, the only accepted reality and anything that doesn't fit in is Pseudo.

    You, mr Pomp, becomes a defender of the paradigm, the current scientific paradigm. It is a holy war against those who threaten your reality.

    By now mr Pomp, if you're reading this, you might be chuckling. You know that chuckle you do when you're reading bullshit. Because all I have written so far is bullshit, and I won't stop. Right?

    Well, if all things in this reality, in this paradigm was fine, then there would be no problem. You would do your chuckle and it would be righteous. You published your blogpost "The cat is dead" on the same day the report was available. I bet you couldn't wait... You have been sitting on nails waiting for the opportunity to throw yourself over just another "third party" report about something that clearly is Pseudo-science. At least according to the current scientific paradigm.

    I not stating that the e-cat is working. And I'm not even close to recognize Rossi as a successful anything. But I am curious. And I find it hard to believe that there's foul play in everything regarding cold fusion/LENR. I have seen to many statements and reports that clearly shows there might be something out of the ordinary going on. There are too many players already in this new field of science as I choose to call it. Because even if Rossi is the charlatan you firmly think he is, there are others who has shown very interesting results.

    And if you stop for a while and ponder... You will surely see that this paradigm isn't perfect. And I mean the broader perspective where humanity shows signs of not doing so well. Nope, I'm not blaming science nor the scientific method, I just saying that there's room for improvement. Others might even say that we're running this planet into the ground.

    And since you, on your Twitter account, declares yourself an environmentalist, you should ponder even harder...

    You might, after pondering for a while, realize we need to do something about the current situation. You might even have to challenge your ever so firm belief. Your religion. I know you know there are gaps in current physics models. There are things we cannot explain. And there are certainly more stuff to discover, even if Lord Kelvin didn't think so when he in 1895 was chuckling about the silly stuff regarding "heavier than air flying".

    We can't afford to close doors. Instead of so blatantly dismissing the report and thereby accusing your colleagues and others of being duped, why don't you just state "Hey... that is way off the chart for me. Based on the knowledge I have, and the platform I'm standing on, I have to say that isn't probable. But go for it guys, if you think there's something there".

    Why is it necessary to dismiss and disregard? Why not instead turn every stone available in search of new ways to produce energy. You know as well as I, we need it and I have chosen not do dismiss anything. There are enough people in the dismissing business already.

    The thing is mr Pomp, you are an authority. Mainstream media won't dare to touch something this controversial, especially when you, as an authority, chose to accuse the whole team including Rossi as a fraud. Because that's what you're doing with your "The cat is Dead" with your wink at Schrodinger. Because of this, people in general doesn't get the full story. And as you know every story has two sides...

    Hope the chuckle was good!

    With all this said, how about a beer mr Pomp? In a rock bar with loud heavy music and surrounding people who are rocked?

    //patrik wiksten

    After the talk with mr Godes on Thursday he send me this text.

    "The before and after test results are consistent with the Brillouin Hypothesis. It is unfortunate that there equipment only reports the stable isotopes of Ni and they probably cut it off from Cu detection or figured the Cu65 without any Cu63 was an erroneous reading. It is almost a certainty that 59Ni with a half-life of 76000 years and 63Ni with ~100 year half-life. It is also almost a certainty that the 64Ni that was present at 0.9% turned into 65Ni which has a 2.5Hr half-life and becomes 65Cu before the measurement took place.

    There is no other reasonable explanation for what happened to the 64Ni which went missing on page 29. The Li seems to have disappeared during the test as well but this is not surprising as the boiling point of Li is 1342 °C and it probably evaporated out of the system fairly quickly. I would have preferred that they used a more direct measurement technique. I would have placed the reactor inside of a tube in a pressure vessel with a release valve set for 20 bar and measured the amount of water vaporized. The pressure valve tells you what the temperature of the escaping water vapor was. All this being said, this was a very convincing test proving that the reaction is both real and nuclear in nature. Further it also proves that there is no penetrating radiation from this type of reaction." - Robert Godes

    Well... I've said it before, and I will say it everytime it comes up for debate: OPEN SOURCE IT ALREADY.

    They will make money anyway and development will escalate exponentially...

    I had a talk with Robert Godes about the new report regarding Rossi and the tests made in Switzerland.

    it is REAL, no doubt. The heat signature is real and proof that COLD FUSION/LENR is real.

    Robert Godes would have made some adjustments when measuring the tests, but other than that he is happy with the results.

    It IS real. Andrea Rossi has produced REAL results within the field of LENR.

    WE need to put this on context. And realize LENR IS a real effect.

    Robert Godes has his OWN theories about what is happening, but will ever sign the fact that Rossi's research is real.