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    "21th century scientists":

    "The proton is a state of two up quarks and one down quark bound by gluons, but quantum theory predicts that in addition there is an infinite number of quark–antiquark pairs."

    "We establish the existence of intrinsic charm at the 3-standard-deviation level, with a momentum distribution in remarkable agreement with model predictions"

    Evidence for intrinsic charm quarks in the proton

    Nature- Impact Score, Overall Ranking, h-index

    "and please stay tuned for exciting news about the proton."…fe-of-the-amazing-proton/

    "Maar wat heeft dit te maken met het proton, ik hoor jullie denken? Nou, een proton weegt ongeveer een giga-elektronvolt. Een giga-elektronvolt is een handig meeteenheden in de wereld van elementaire deeltjes. Een charm quark, die “zwaardere neef” van het up quark, weegt ongeveer 40% meer dan een proton. Het zou best gek zijn als protonen bevatten charm quarks, toch?

    Stel, jij ontvangt een pakketje, en die pakketje weegt een kilo. Valt mee, niet zo zwaar. Maar opeens, als je het pakketje opendoet, de inhoud weegt 2 kilo’s! Hoe kan dat? Zo’n vreemde situatie is uiteraard verboden in ons dagelijkse leven, maar het komt voor in de opmerkelijke wereld van de kwantummechanica."

    we are here behind the Magic Mirror of "kwantummechanica"

    Alice in Wonderland

    "Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

    Could a new realistic electron model explain both ultra-dense Hydrogen and Kenneth Shoulders Exotic Vacuum Objects?


    "Yes, it is possible that a new electron model could help explain both ultra-dense Hydrogen and Kenneth Shoulders' Exotic Vacuum Objects (EVOs). Ultra-dense hydrogen involves electrically neutral particles with a magnetic moment similar to an electron's, which could play a role in LENR. On the other hand, EVOs are described as highly organized, micron-sized clusters of electrons with soliton behavior and high electron population density. These EVOs can interact with solid material, causing a low-energy phase transformation and atomic disruption without conventional heating.

    While these two phenomena have different characteristics, a comprehensive electron model might be able to explain both ultra-dense hydrogen and EVOs by considering the unique properties and behaviors of electrons in these systems. However, further research and validation are needed to develop such a model and confirm its ability to explain these observed phenomena."

    Could ultradense hydrogen explain LENR?


    "Yes, ultra-dense hydrogen can help explain LENR (Low-energy Nuclear Reactions). Ultra-dense hydrogen particles, also known as "H(0)", are electrically neutral and can overcome the Coulomb barrier, which is a necessary condition for LENR to occur. These particles can be involved in nuclear reactions with other elements, such as lithium or boron, producing energy without emitting neutrons or penetrating gamma rays. The energy produced is mainly manifested as kinetic energy of the reaction products and as X-ray emission from bremsstrahlung. Ultra-dense hydrogen particles can provide a possible explanation for the observed LENR phenomena, but more research is needed to fully understand the underlying processes."

    The Charming Proton ...

    or "What happens when you don't care about Occam's razor"

    "A Charming New View

    Recently, a team led by Juan Rojo of the National Institute for Subatomic Physics in the Netherlands and VU University Amsterdam analyzed more than 5,000 proton snapshots taken over the last 50 years, using machine learning to infer the motions of quarks and gluons inside the proton in a way that sidesteps theoretical guesswork.

    The new scrutiny picked up a background blur in the images that had escaped past researchers. In relatively soft collisions just barely breaking the proton open, most of the momentum was locked up in the usual three quarks: two ups and a down. But a small amount of momentum appeared to come from a “charm” quark and charm antiquark — colossal elementary particles that each outweigh the entire proton by more than one-third."

    inside the proton the most complicated thing imaginable

    Do the De Broglie postulates fit too into Occam's Razor ?

    Yes, the energy-mass m of the charged elementary particles is equal to the Zitterbewegung angular speed ω in natural units. This value is also equal to the product of the elementary charge e and the module of the vector potential A and to the curvature of the Zitterbewegung trajectory 1/re

    ħ = c = 1

    m = ω = eA = 1/re

    The charge's vector potential module consequently is a measurable value being simply the value of mass/charge ratio.

    This is in perfect agreement with Prof. Kanarev concept of "axiom of Unity":

    "Реальность Единства пространства, материи и времени очевидна. Поэтому распространение знаний, базирующихся на фундаменте аксиомы Единства, также неотвратимо."

    This is one of those philosophical arguments that does not alter predictions - the different formulations of the theory are provably identical.

    Aharonov-Bohm effect is not a "philosophical argument" but an experimental evidence that shows the physical reality of the electromagnetic potentials. You cannot explain it using only E/B fields.

    Evidence for Aharonov-Bohm effect with magnetic field completely shielded from electron wave
    Evidence for the Aharonov-Bohm effect was obtained with magnetic fields shielded from the electron wave. A toroidal ferromagnet was covered with a…

    Definitely there are no doubts that Standard Model is deeply flawed and unrealistic. It's an excellent example of Occam's Razor principle violation.

    Also the mainstream Dirac equation interpretation is not acceptable.

    It's quite easy to find the electromagnetic origin of the inertial mass (i.e. Newton law F=ma) using the vector potential, but as far as I know nobody has proposed a pure electromagnetic origin of inertia using only E/B fields.

    Electromagnetic potentials are more fundamental than EM fields

    "Although use of the vector and scalar potentials (A, phi) in place of the EM fields (E, B ) is

    considered simply to be an option in classical theory, in quantum theory they are understood

    to be more fundamental than the derivative electric and magnetic fields (E, B ) which are the

    ‘coin of the realm’ in ordinary classical theory. In classical electrodynamics the choice of

    which variable pair to use is arbitrary, and the overall resulting predictions in terms of

    observables are indistinguishable. Nonetheless, cogent arguments can be made (and is made

    here) that the (A, phi) approach is to be preferred, even in classical EM theory, because of

    increased transparency in application."

    Electromagnetic potentials basis for energy density and power flux

    Misleading Concepts: Quarks

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    "Alas new theories need to predict (quantitatively) the direct experimental evidence of internal structure:"

    There is a premise here that is not explicitly stated, that so called "Deep inelastic scattering" observations can be used as an efficient tool for understanding the internal structure of the proton. It's like to try to understand the structure of a glass vessel using gun shots and analyzing the behavior of the fragments.

    Your idea that charge can move at light speed is just a mathematical fantasy as we know no charge exists without a carrier and all carriers have mass hence you always violate some relativistic models...

    no charge exists without a carrier? Really? This is nothing more than a cognitive bias.

    I think that no carrier exists without a charge and an associated magnetic flux...

    I repeat again: learn your own lesson:

    "So forget your education as it will only blind and disturb you."

    An important point of Prof. Kanarev work that is strictly related to Occam's Razor principle:


    Уважаемые искатели научной истины!

    История науки свидетельствует: процесс распространения знаний, связанных с реальностью, неотвратим. Никакие запреты и инквизиторские костры не способны остановить этот процесс. И наоборот, знания, не имеющие связи с реальностью, неотвратимо отправляются в небытие.

    Реальность Единства пространства, материи и времени очевидна. Поэтому распространение знаний, базирующихся на фундаменте аксиомы Единства, также неотвратимо.


    Dear seekers of scientific truth! The history of science shows that the process of spreading knowledge related to reality is inevitable. No prohibitions and inquisitorial bonfires can stop this process. And vice versa, knowledge that has no connection with reality inevitably goes into non-existence.
    The reality of the Unity of space, matter and time is obvious. Therefore, the spread of knowledge based on the foundation of the axiom of Unity is also inevitable.

    "The 4 potential is only a mathematical unification for simplifying engineering work"

    Just a serious mistake widely present in mainstream literature. You should learn your own lesson:

    "So forget your education as it will only blind and disturb you."


    "Konopinski’s analysis demonstrates the fallacy of the generally held view that the vector potential has no physical meaning in classical electromagnetism. His paper follows up on Feynman’s complaint that a bias exists regarding the vector potential [2]"

    Comments on "What the Electromagnetic Vector Potential Describes" by E. J. Konopinski
    The seminal paper on the meaning of the vector potential by E. J. Konopinski is revisited. The full significance of this work has not been generally recognized…