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    Before reading further ask those who have seen LENR reactions where they got their palladium. I am willing to get it is recycled from earlier research rpojects. Pure Pd would not work!

    Immediately after P&F's announcement researcher sought out palladium to conduct their own attempts. Often, The usual source found was previously used in electrolysis and microcircuitry research. Such sources typically had dopants added, particularly beryllium. My hypothesis at the time was that the lithium began to saturate the lattice and came into contact with the beryllium. Along comes deuterium. It has been shown that deuterium tunnels over beryllium as a quantum particle. The quantum particle impacts the lithium confined in the palladium lattice. It is not d-d fusion. It is D-Li fusion creating Beryllium with a substantial release of energy.

    Each new Be atom acts as a site for tunneling. The reaction speeds up. Eventually the produced Be plugs up the lattice and the reactions shut down,

    So don't seek pure Palladium. Instead dope the metal with a small amount of Be. Use lithium salts in the bath.