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    Axil - you know the answer to that. A couple of parlor tricks worked then certain academics issued a report that corroborated the R'ster spin.

    He fooled many folks when he first got started. When real engineers got involved, he couldn't handle it but still tried to pull off his next money grab, failed then had the unmitigated audacity to litigate as part of his ongoing scam. That was his undoing. That is where the truth caught up with him - $$ story ends there.

    While we're at it - you're a good person to ask since you know so much - do you think that the R'ster is still "engineering" all of these amazing new contraptions in Florida?

    IMHO, Rossi's partner came up with the idea for the SK reactor and may have built it. It does not make sense for Rossi to make the QX reactor redundant. My sense is that the new partner is taking over a major part of the engineering that is going on in Rossi's shop. Rossi seems to be working at the partner's facility where SK development is occurring.

    Tiresome Axil - step one in applied engineering is a replicable prototype. Nothing from the R'ster worked. The R'ster

    fabricated the Doral fiasco claiming a brilliant path to market. That machine didn't work as confirmed by R's abandonment of the design.

    It was a money grab alright and the repeat con managed to weasel away.

    "Nothing from the R'ster worked. "

    Why did IH give Rossi $10,5 million?

    axion-plasmon polariton


    Hugo Terças. In their study, the magnetized plasma can host a new quasi-particle – the axion-plasmon polariton – in terms of which the signatures of the axion can be captured.

    If True, this particle could possibly host LENR in a plasma. The physical principle is the hybridization between axions and plasmons (the elementary excitations in a plasma), which is provided by an intense magnetic field. The math says it is possible, but is it real?

    I am still convinced that LENR is a kind of exothermic stripping reaction and pulverized carbon is the secret triggering element. ;)
    Is Calcium Rossi’s Secret Catalyst?
    BTE-Dan: Replication Attempt for This Week

    Experiment and experience has shown that LENR is a two step process in which first, a LENR fuel is manufactured in the solid state, then second, the fuel is activated. by applying EMF...some form of light or phonons...from RF, or heat, or viable light , to UV on up the frequency scale. From an engineering point of view, the best way to activate and pump energy into the fuel is in the plasma state.

    Axil -You've got gigantic nerve invoking "Leonardo". The truth is antithetical to your observation. Your boy has shafted most of his "partners" and his home country over his 5 decades as a scam artist. He poisoned forest roadsides, waterways and water tables in Italy by illegally disposing the waste oil he was paid to dispose of. He has conned $$ from investors and tricked governments and companies while creating false hope with his claimed inventions. His legacy is sealed and his "mark" is secure along with what is already an infamous footnote in the history of this sector. All facts - you're now becoming as stained as he is.

    Rossi's motivation in his actions toward IH was not based on greed, but on revenge and the failure of IH to support Rossi's goal toward developing his invention into a commercial product. True or not, what moved Rossi was what he saw as a money grab. The results of how IH mismanaged Rossi are plan to see. Like any partnership, when goals diverge, a separation is inevitable. Now. like in any broken marriage, once lovers, now become bitter energies.

    There is another way at looking at the value of Rossi's IP. Rossi is protecting his IP for the sake of his partner. Without the possibility of his partner deriving a competitive advantage over their rivals, that partner will not invest all the resources to make LENR as commercial reality.

    Rossi is motivated by the pride in his invention. He wants to see his idea succeed and make a difference in the world. Unlike his detractors claims of his selfish indulgence, he is not using his creation as a way to make his life better. It is about how the world will look at Rossi in the long term future. As he approaches the end of his life, in these final few years that remains to him, he wants to leave his mark permanently on the world. Like Leonardo his hero, he wants to earn the fame and respect that engenders eternal immortality.

    Sorry if this sound dumb, but why not use magnetic confinement to contain the plasma?

    The Cold Fusion Now interviewer states that in his recent experimentation, D Cravens is using the thin palladium coat deuterium method that Patterson used and Miley replicated.

    Of interest to me, Cravens has encountered the big problem that Rossi faced during the Doral test; the reactor would fall apart when the power output was high.

    IH will likely spend 10 years trying to solve this issue just like Rossi has had to do.


    Is there any possible way that the SEM pictures of interior surfaces of the reaction tubes that Dennis Cravens and Letts used in their recent ICCF based experiments can be posted here on this forum by IH or the experimenters.

    Dennis Cravens mentions pits appearing on these surfaces. I am interested in seeing if the double dot pattern also appears in these SEMs including the triangular shaped pits that were present in the LION reactor.

    IH gave Rossi $10.5 million for a days test...remember. How can you take this no "Energy Out > Energy" In position? Saying things like this will diminish your credibility.

    And one could assume that what ever was presented is not the best tech they have.

    The facts are hard to come by. There seems to be a lot of money sloshing around the LENR development arena. Somebody who controls all that money must know what the facts really are. IH people whoever you are, let's have the facts.

    Rossi seems to be much more forthcoming to questions than IH. In point of fact, IH has never directly answered questions in a blog. Rossi's blog has produced in excess of 40,000 blog entries since it was created. That does not include the many articles and papers that Rossi's blog publishes.

    They were at ICCF21 giving presentations, and have published papers. They do not seem very constrained to me, whatever it is they may, or may not, have signed.

    The LENR developers that IH provides funds to have no proprietary requirements or responsibilities due to IH that we know about. Well then, I do not understand why investors would fund IH without proprietary IP. If IH is open source, why is IH attractive to investors?

    Regardless of your opinion of IH, I personally don't think antagonizing IH representatives by making statements like, "IH is a moron operation" is the kind of discourse that will produce any net benefit to this forum or our understanding of LENR. I'm not suggesting that you don't share your opinions in a manner that you think is convincing and thought provoking. However, I think we should all practice civility in our communications.

    Yes, sometime I have suspected that "IH representatives" were posting here, but with the exception of Dewey Weaver the posters on this thread to the best of my knowledge have not acknowledged any connection, either business or personal with IH.

    The posters on this tread fell free to express their unvarnished opinions about Rossi's flaws (that I basically agree with) so that frank criticism of the main players in LENR development is not out of bounds.

    I am just hoping that someone moron, fraud, or whatever produce a commercial product to get the LENR development train moving.


    He works with IH, and I believe he has received funding from them. I do not know if it is an official arrangement, as in a signed contract, or some type of loose affiliation.

    The applicable binding documentation would likely be a non disclosure agreement; don't you think?

    Do tell what wonderful things IH has done withe $49 million, that is so much better than Rossi.

    Rossi demonstrated the QX last November and has since developed the oSK in 10 kW and 100 kW versions. With his partner has actually run an SK turbine.

    You claim there is no evidence the QS worked and that all the power came from the power pack. The be power pack is now smaller and capable of running a hundred 10 kW SK reactors we are told. It must be a very interesting design if it can output 1 MW.

    We keep a sharp ear to the ground about what is going on in the LENR world, We haven't pick up much about anything that IH is currently doing. Why would any investment money be awarded to I.H.? To the best of my knowledge, I.H. has not publicized any LENR breakthrough, products, demos, and so on that warrant increased excitement Vis-à-vis LENR.

    Or is the investment money coming in because the info about what the Rossi's partner is currently doing. That partner may be big enough and/or financially independent enough to kept the Rossi IP all to themselves. I.H. may be using the fading afterglow of their relationship with Rossi as a lure to attract new LENR investment.

    I wish I.H. the best of luck if they are going to apply their newfound LENR investment inflow to support LENR research. If the money is diverted to other business activities like huge bonuses to the top management either directly or through stock buy backs, then I.H. is ill serving the LENR community. Time will tell.

    Again taking a cue from the real world people don't take risks for thinks that are not worth it. He doesn't for the same reason why a lot of people prefer to settle obvious false accusations than fighting them . its just not worth it any way I am not familiar with the issue and I don't really want to waste my time being dragged into the Rossi debate.

    Ps : Rossi doesn't need to have something for Homlid to be right about UDH aka spheromak stimulated by "Kerr effect" (which I am familiar with btw for having used it on photonic/Neuromorphic circuits for fast switching )

    To my way of thinking, the various fuel preparation methods that have lead to sucessful LENR reactor results produce Ultra dense material such as protium. deuterium, lithium, and water.

    IH can get around the Rossi ban on fuel prep by using the LION method which is open source. IH could also even use the Holmlid method if it is not patented. But IH is a moron operation.

    Axil - may I remind you than an empty tube runs just as well with a high COP as one full of the R'sters "fuel" in one of his contraptions.

    Its been checkmate for quite some time now. Too much truth is out. Any ongoing speculation is useless with the exception of a good movie script fodder.

    Rossi has checkmated IH.

    For the record, the R'ster abandoned most of the IP that he disclosed to IH. Why? I say because it didn't work - a point that he has proven by his actions on top of his abandonment.

    Most of Rossi's reactor IP was useless, but not the fuel production method. Without that fuel, LENR just does not happen. Why doesn't Darden release that method to open source? What is stopping him.

    Axil. I don't mind your flights of fancy here, which I admire for invention though they are not always to my tatse.

    I do wish to correct the record when you label tens of thousands of hard working engineers and plasma physicists, making real advances in many technical fields (though very slow progress to possible commercial fusion), as liars and frauds without one iota of evidence. If one of the Hot Fusion 2.0 ideas pans out, using much better superconducting magnets, it will rely on all that research effort.

    It is unconscionable, and you should be ashamed.

    Do I need to reiterate the thousands of references that illustrate how the hot fusion people undercut Fleischmann/Pons to protect their funding? The slander was so intense that they drove these guys out of the US. I am not ashamed, I am incensed. They even drove Julian Schwinger out of physics.…ine/issue1/colfusthe.html

    Not trying to offend or antagonize but this is what I call magical thinking. In the real world, there is no legal agreement /lawsuit / physical threat/treaty or war that will stop someone from utilizing, revealing or sharing such formula if it was real and disclosed. Working LENR mean post scarcity its potentially the most valuable asset that have ever existed it can make everything possible. Therefore automatically shield anyone from any threat from the inventor.

    And btw I have hard time imagining any business man (unless he is an idiot) signing such agreement unless they plan to violate it .certainly not curiosity I rather no know the formula than signing something like this.

    Let us start at the beginning, what method can Rossi use to legally remove his IP from IH use when all that IP is inside Darden's brain.

    Interesting piece on Woodford. It reminded me that IH received $49 million from them, far more than they gave Rossi. What have they done with it in two years?

    At least Rossi tells us what he is doing.

    I.H. may be a dead horse in the LENR race. When Rossi pulled his IP from I.H., he put I.H. out of its LENR miseries. I speculate that Rossi got Darden who was the only person at I.H. who was given the secret of the LENR fuel formula to sign a non disclosure agreement not to utilize in any way or reveal or share that formula with anyone in anyway and at any time. Without use of that fuel, LENR is not possible. So in effect, I.H. cannot ever be in the LENR bisiness unless I.H. pays Rossi a huge sum of money for violating Rossi's IP.

    To my way of thinking, through the settlement in the Doral trial, I.H. is completely out of the LENR business because Rossi has locked I.H. out of any possible LENR application that is worth anything.