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    LENR Fuel is an absolute requirement.

    And since replicating anything in the real world that one has seen in a video on YouTube is crap shoot anyways, maybe we should just move along, help strangers, rescue animals, clean up garbage and generally really save the world and our souls instead.

    A good start but what other good things can we do?

    The compression of hydrogen in metals is how ultra dense hydrogen is formed. Lattice confinement can compress hydrogen to high levels, high enough to form the ultra dense state, this is the primary step in the LENR process.

    What someone else is in fact doing. He's reporting Rossi's claimed activities to the Florida regulatory authorities because those activities, if remotely like what is claimed, are wildly illegal and unsafe. In addition, this person is taking to task with university authorities, one or more professors who apparently "teach" undergraduates what Rossi claims as fact.

    Maybe action like this will motivate the users of the SK reactor to remain dark.

    There is also the knotty problem of how to contain a plasma or arc that has a supposed real temperature of thousands of degrees.

    Envelopes of fused quartz, magnesium fluoride and so on won't cut it.

    But maybe Rossi has invented a brand spanking new super-refractory transparent material! That on its own could be worth a fortune.

    Just like in the SAFIRE plasma and the BrLP SunCell. it appears that the plasma is self containing,

    Both Rossi and R. Mills have the same challenge in converting XUV into usable energy. Mills is struggling with it big time.

    Amongst the many other things I'm dubious about, one is that I can't help wondering if a 20% saving on heating bills is going to be sufficiently attractive to the discerning customer. Even assuming minimal disruption and cost in installing the SKBeast, I can easily imagine a fair proportion of potential customers, once they look closely at their existing arrangements, find that it is relatively simple to save close to that by conventional means (more efficient boilers, better insulation, etc). And all without risking installing a mystery magic machine operating on unknown principles with no firm data or user recommendations to back up the decision.

    The saving rate is up to 50% now/

    Here is my opinion why his presentation was so horrible.

    I think that the technology is likely relatively simple.

    True. Load some LENR fuel in a container: heat the fuel until it is vaporized, run a square wave RF signal through the electrodes into the fuel vapor and the reaction begins.

    If Rossi did a spectrum of the plasma, he had to use a spectrometer that uses a grate since the plasma produces such high energy XUV light. That means that during development, Rossi put the plasma is a big containment box like R. Mills does. That also means that the plasma is self containing and very stable. Rossi said that the plasma has a area of 300 cm^2. That is a 4 inch diameter sphere. In the SK reactor, Rossi put the plasma in a transparent box just big enough to hold the 4 inch plasma ball.


    PS thanks to the folks who put together sequenced videos of the plasma spectrum. Very illuminating. A black body this is not.

    That spectrum may not be representative of the spectrum produced by the plasma. Rossi posted in his blog that the spectrum of the plasma falls between 100 and 200 nm. It also reportedly includes colors down the entire lower end of the color scale: that is why the plasma looks white. Most likely at a minimum, the spectrum from the demo was cutoff in both the high and low end and might have been modified by the enclosure material. It is most likely that the spectrum is not a black body spectrum. It looks like what R. Mills produces in the SunCell.

    The way I imagine it is that all the tiny EVOs from all the Super Abundant Vacancies and cracks and pits in a powder based system are gathered up and placed in the SK. The plasma ball in the SK is like the total of all the EVOs in a powder based system combined into a large EVO.

    This is how a polariton condensate is formed. Learn about this.…oday_ExcitonPolariton.pdf

    see figure three.

    What a polariton looks like in cracks and pits in a powder based system


    Can you stop that nonsense Axil? This only holds for classical fission and kinetic hot fusion!

    Could you stop the nonsence? Where does BLP claim that their systems have anything to do with nuclear reactions. Where is any reference to this assertion?

    BLP needs to be open about the fact that their systems may also produce nuclear reactions. I think that if they would build a suncell like device using lithium, hydrogen, argon, and traces of nano-particles from their electrodes they could produce massive excess heat without the need for a continual supply of hydrogen.

    In a system that uses nuclear reactions, these reactions produce nuclear level radiation and neutrons. The heat is produced by the termalization of those gamma rays and those MeV level neutrons. The BrLP system produces high energy light only. This system is NOT a nuclear system. The energy so produced comes from non nuclear sources.

    It would be beneficial to your understanding of these optical examples of high powered LENR to research the nature of negative photons, negative frequency of virtual particles and analog optical event horizons.…gative-frequency-photons/

    The dark side of light: negative frequency photons

    The impact of something we thought couldn't exist has now been detected.

    January 15, 2019 at 8:48 PM

    Dear Andrea,

    Please review this paper.

    Basically, it provides an explanation for the light produced by sonoluminescence. According to this theory, the abrupt collapse of the bubble induces vacuum polarization of electron positron pairs that then emits radiation. I think that the sudden in surges and collisions in the SK could be extracting energy from the vacuum in this manner.

    The abrupt collapse of the bubble induces vacuum generation of photon pairs via hawking radiation. The blue light comes from the negative energy photon that has a negative frequency that corresponds to the frequency of the positive photon partner.

    1. Carlo Marcena January 17, 2019 at 5:09 AM

      Good morning.

      Andrea, I do not know anything about January 31st presentation. Nevertheless, I am asking you a “favour”: should you plan to have (in this presentation)a phase change of a coolant fluid, please manage to gauge steam phase quality. Just to silence critics and avoid lenghty (and pointless) discussions in the aftermath.

      With all my best wishes,


    2. Andrea Rossi January 17, 2019 at 9:16 AM

      Carlo Marcena:

      Our target are the potential clients, not the rock and troll musicians.

      It is time for LENR to exit the frogs pond and look at the business ocean, where commercial results are the meter of facts. The aftermath that counts for us are the contracts to sell heat, not the chatters of a bunch of imbeciles with a paid for agenda.

      Warm Regards,


    yes, one or two rabbit-like paw prints - we must use strategies to increase the density of these quasi-particles and extract more energy from the vacuum. How does the Higg's field fit into the negative mass accumulation since this is thought to confer mass onto all other particles? A negative Higg's field maybe.

    A Unifying Theory of Dark Energy and Dark Matter: Negative Masses and Matter Creation within a Modified ΛCDM Framework

    There is a cosmological theory that the universe has an exactly balanced zero energy content and is balanced between positive energy/mass and negative/ energy/mass.

    The universe formed out of nothing…/a-universe-from-nothing/

    A Universe from Nothing

    Zero-energy universe

    There is a problem that exists in cosmology called the flatness problem

    Flatness problem

    In order for the universe to remain flat, the proportions of both positive and negative matter and energy must be precisely equal. If this is not the case, then the existence of life in the universe is not possible.

    Friedmann equations

    A flat euclidean universe can only exist in a zero energy universe. In order for the universe to stay flat and also to constantly expand, both positive energy/matter and negative energy/matter must be forming in a precisely balanced continuous process. This currently unrecognized process pumps out matter and energy as well as an equal amount of matching dark matter and dark energy in a continuous and on-going basis.

    There exists as an ongoing process in every star and inside every planet a process that produces polarized energy from the vacuum. This reaction is the source of polarized (Positive/negative) matter and energy throughout the universe. Because this reaction maintains an exact balance in the creation of this polarized energy, the flatness of the universe is exactly maintained.

    This reaction has been discovered and will be utilized in a commercial product that will be introduced on this upcoming January 31. A two hour live demo available on the internet will be held to mark the introduction of this commercial product.

    Here's a suggestion that exciton or plasmon polaritons may act like muons from 2014 - is their any further evidence now? Maybe red-infra-red:) laser stimulation of LENR works this way....

    Re: Lockhhed claims fusion breakthrough

    Posted: Oct 27, 2014 2:41 pm
    by KitemanSA

    Muons make protons act more like neutrons. As it turns out, so might quasi-particles like exciton polaritons or surface plasmon polaritons.

    A polariton condensate has unique identifying behaviors. One that is amazing and telling is that it accumulates negative mass. The behavior that marks the presence of polariton condensation in LENR is the way that the black EVO floats over an irregular surface when the EMF absorption behavior sets in. This behavior was mentioned in Ken Shoulders' book.

    The other polariton condensation indicator that we have seen is how the EVO behaves in its "tackyon" mode. The EVO that was seen in the ash from the LION reactor shows a strange radiator that floats over a surface and punches holes in the sub-strait when its magnetic flux tube touches the surface. The production of a magnetic flux tube is also a definitive sign that the polariton condensate is at play in LENR. The Black EVO bounces over the surface of the ash like a rabbit due to the levitation generated by the negative energy produced as it extracts energy from the vacuum..