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    Device architecture and optical characterization. a Cavity polariton schematic. The green sheet represents monolayer WSe2. The cavity is assembled by two SiO2/Ta2O5 distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) mirrors with a λ/2 cavity spacing. Strong coupling of excitons and photons leads to the formation of polaritons. b Cavity reflectance and WSe2 PL spectrum. For vertical incidence, cavity resonance is measured as 1.644 eV (red). PL centers at 1.664 and 1.636 eV under ambient conditions before (black dashed) and after (black solid) deposition of the top dielectric layer. c Energy-momentum dispersion of cavity polariton. These curves are fitted by a coupled-harmonic-oscillator model with an 11.4 meV Rabi splitting. Dashed lines represent bare resonances and the solid lines stand for two polariton branches. Errorbars are extracted from least square fitting

    The production of tritium is used as proof that nuclear fusion is occurring in the LENR reaction. But tritium can also be generated using laser irradiation of nanoparticles. The nanoparticles provide an optical cavity in which polaritons form. It is the condensate of polaritons that are nuclear active.

    Laser-induced synthesis and decay of Tritium under exposure of solid targets in heavy water

    In the last 20 years, especially after the first works on the possibility of realization of thermonuclear reactions via the electrolysis of heavy water with a Pd cathode, during which excess heat is evolved and neutrons and tritium nuclei are detected [12, 13], the number of problems that arise has increased. If the results from works on “cold fusion” raised (and still raise) certain doubts due to their irreproducibility in different laboratories, experimental evidence on the possibility of the transmutation of various nuclei upon the laser excitation of nanoparticles [6-9, 11] and electro-explosions of metallic electrodes in aqueous solutions of salts of unstable isotopes [10] are well reproducible. These results confirm the possibility of initiation of nuclear transformations in cold plasma.

    Is it a LENR based particle accelerator?

    When a laser is used to generate the LENR reaction using nanoparticles, huge EMF fields are created. The laser interacts with electrons in an optical cavity produced by the nanoparticles on their surface to produce EVOs that explode with great force. Science is now using laser excited nanoparticles to produce huge EMF fields and ultra high energy electrons in a new micro particle collider. But the builders of the micro collider do not understand how the collider works.

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    I have stumbled upon a close correspondence between EVOs and a field of science that predicts the EVO mechanisms. This involves the Q-ball and the Fermi-ball.

    Q-balls are non-topological solitons that are a type of shadow matter.

    They are formed when there is an attraction between bosonic particles. Q-balls are finite-sized "blobs" that contain a large number of particles.

    They are known to rotate coherently in field space.

    Q-balls are a form of shadow matter that only participate in gravitational interactions. They could have formed during the Big Bang and have the ability to break down ordinary matter.

    Q-balls are soliton-like solutions that exist in certain types of scalar field theories. They appear naturally in Supersymmetric extensions of Standard Model (SSM).

    Q-balls were first posited by Harvard physicist Sidney Coleman about 20 years ago. In 1985, Princeton University physicists Ian Affleck and Michael Dine proposed a theory that uses Q-balls to explain the matter-antimatter asymmetry of the universe.

    Some Q-Ball background

    First posited some 20 years ago by Harvard physicist Sidney Coleman, a Q-Ball is a super-heavy object that could have formed during the Big Bang and would have the ability to break down ordinary matter made of protons and neutrons. Normally, protons are stable because they are the lightest particles to carry a conserved quantum number called the baryon number, and there is no way for them to get rid of this number and decay. But Q-balls, made from tightly packed supersymmetric particles that can accommodate a baryon number at lesser energetic cost than a proton, allow the proton to disintegrate, while the baryon number of the Q-ball increases. Q-Balls, says Dr. Cox, "can be pictured as giant agglomerations of supersymmetric particles that could, if they drifted into the heart of a star, eat away like a cancer, eventually destroying the star from within."

    This all sounds like an EVO to me.

    For Q-Ball formalism including the math see as follows:…s_Fall2006/files/raut.pdf

    Here is how Q-Balls solve how cosmic inflation occurred and solves the mystery of antimatter asymmetry.…%20place%20%E2%80%94%20in

    The Fermi-Ball

    A Fermi ball is a hypothetical object in cosmology that may have
    been created in the early universe. It is a nontopological soliton with fermions trapped in its domain wall.

    Fermi balls are thought to have arisen from spontaneous symmetry breaking. The intermediate physics of Fermi-ball formation includes trapping and supercooling.

    In cosmology, Fermi balls are hypothetical objects that may have been created in the early history of the universe by spontaneous symmetry breaking. One paper has described them as "charged SLAC-bag type structures".[ Fermi balls can be modeled as a type of non-topological soliton.

    The concept is named after Enrico Fermi (see Fermion).

    Hypothesized explanations for observed phenomena

    Dark matter

    A paper by theoretical physicists at Seoul National University has proposed that Fermi balls may be implicated in the formation of primordial black holes from a cosmic first-order phase transition, as a candidate explanation for dark matter.

    The Q-Ball and the Fermi-Ball can provide the LENR community with an entry into organized science without the recrimination that comes with LENR. The EVO (aka Q-Ball, Fermi-Ball) can explain the weirdness of the LENR reaction within a framework the sciences is anticipating.

    We have seen experimental evidence (the hollow crenellate balls of transmuted matter) that points to the formation of ADS micro black holes inside the EVO. This corresponds to the Fermi-Ball Dark Matter formation hypothesis.

    That is not true. I took micro-photographs of the fuel tube fragments I was sent. one of them certainly appeared to have been punctured in one location. The 'double holes and tracks were pits or grooves/depressions on the inside surface, no penetration right through. This is one of the pictures, incidentally taken before focus-stacking became a 'thing'...


    The micrograph that MFMP took of the LION reactor did show double hole production, but that picture came from a SEM/EDS system.

    The claims about 4,25 ton mass discrepancy over a 11 week period were never confirmed by independent, rigorous metering of mass product streams

    and the claims will never be confirmed.. Silcal factory is a dead duck since 2002

    Well then, take a look at the Thor system. Massive amounts of carbon goes into the double sphere and only oxygen comes out the tail pipe. Its all been measured by industry standard metering.

    CNO cycle…0BOREXINO%20collaboration.

    A cycle of CNO fusion reactions occur that result in a total energy output of 26.73 MeV.

    There are a few other CNO cycles that end up yielding oxygen but they all produce a huge amount of energy.

    It goes to reason that the Thor system should be generating gigawatts of energy from the CNO fusion process. but it doesn't.

    In a demo, I saw a guy breathing in the exhaust from an operating Thor system and he showed no ill effects.

    Science is on the quest of understanding nuclear reactions and how to trigger them and make them useful.

    I have had some formal training in nuclear engineering. Over the years, I have come to realize that the nuclear energy approach is unsound. Currently, energy from nuclear reactions are generally rejected because of the dishonesty and arrogance that people have come to expect from the nuclear community. The LENR reaction does support a nuclear reaction, but that road to energy generation IMHO is a dead end. But the LENR reaction when increased in power density there is a reaction switch takes over. Then the system becomes more of a gainful over unity EMF based reaction where electrons energy can be harvested directly to produce electrical current. A system that harvest electron gainful energy is the one being developed by Egely. From Rossi's theory paper, it looks like he is also using electron clustering in his systems. The LEC might be another electron reaction based system.

    It is true that lattice confinement can produce hallmarks of a nuclear fusion reaction: neutrons, and gamma radiation with the appropriate energy levels, but those hallmarks go away when the power density is increased. Then the electron based reaction takes over. So from a practical standpoint the electron based reaction is the only road to gainful and abundant energy production.

    The ferrosilicon foundry example is a excellent case because it produces extreme amounts of transmutation and NO excess energy.

    7. Puzzle of the Missing Nuclear Energy

    A worth noting feature of the Silcal observations was that there was no dramatic change whatsoever in the energy

    dissipation. Using the estimated energy release values of 17.13 MeV/atom of Si or 49.58 MeV per atom of Fe given in

    Appendix B, for the postulated nuclear transmutation reactions, it can be shown that corresponding to 4.25 ton of metal transmutation, the power generated should have been the equivalent of the total thermal power generated by hundreds of 1000MWe nuclear power stations. However, in our plant there was no evidence of such massive amounts of nuclear

    energy being released throughout the 11-week period, giving a handle to the skeptics to question our claims of ton

    level elemental transmutations. In this context it is worth noting that nobody in published LENR literature (to the

    best of our knowledge) has established a clear correlation between the quantum of transmutation products generated

    in carbon arc and the expected nuclear heat release based on atomic mass considerations. On the other hand neither

    has any publication claimed that the Carbon Arc experiment violates Einstein’s E = mc2 dictum. Thus if indeed the

    Silcal transmutation claims are confirmed it would clearly point to the operation of new Science wherein transmutation

    could be occurring without the accompaniment of the expected nuclear energy release.

    In the context of these remarks the arguments of Daniel Szumski elaborated in his “Least Action Nuclear Process”

    (LANP) Theory appear relevant. We learnt about Szumski’s work through his paper presented at ICCF 20 conference

    [13]. Szumski who has taken great pains to analyze in detail the transmutation observations of George Miley (see argues that both endothermic and exothermic nuclear reactions can and do occur

    concurrently in LENR experiments, partly or wholly cancelling out net energy release. In fact he has referred to

    some experimental observations of Mizuno wherein transmutations have reportedly been observed by him not accompanied

    by energy release. Szumski is thus not at all surprised by our observation of “energy neutral” transmutation


    I said that "It is possible to create vacuum states using Bose Einstein Condensation that have varying VEV. This is how a negative VEV can be created."

    Here is the experimental validation of my statement as follows:

    Observation of false vacuum decay via bubble formation in ferromagnetic superfluids

    In quantum field theory, the decay of an extended metastable state into the real ground state is known as ``false vacuum decay'' and it takes place via the nucleation of spatially localized bubbles. Despite the large theoretical effort to estimate the nucleation rate, experimental observations were still missing. Here, we observe bubble nucleation in isolated and highly controllable superfluid atomic systems, and we find good agreement between our results, numerical simulations and instanton theory opening the way to the emulation of out-of-equilibrium quantum field phenomena in atomic systems.

    The bubbles that these fellows are addressing are EVOs.

    In conclusion

    In this paper, we present solid evidence of the thermally-induced macroscopic tunneling of a

    coherent quantum field, manifested by bubbles of true vacuum phase nucleating in a false vacuum

    state. The true and false vacua are the local and global energy minimum of a ferromagnetic atomic

    Bose-Einstein condensate, respectively. The experimental results clearly show an exponential dependence

    of the decay rate on the microscopic parameters and the hysteric region width. Such a

    dependence is successfully captured by numerical simulations and more remarkably by a simple

    instanton theory based on a reduced energy functional for the magnetisation. Our platform paves

    the way to explore the process of bubble formation (EVOs) and growth in intricate detail, and to build a

    new bridge between low energy and high energy phenomena characterized by metastability within

    a first order phase transition. In this spirit our work opens up new avenues in the understanding of

    early universe, as well as ferromagnetic quantum phase transitions. The possibility of engineering

    the barrier properties via injection of tailored noise and of deterministically seeding bubbles are

    promising future directions for experimental investigations with focus on the role of dissipation

    the existence of shortcut-to-adiabaticity [29, 30], the creation of entanglement, of domain wall confinement

    [31], and relativistic and non relativistic aspects of the bubble nucleation and dynamics.

    Furthermore an experimental effort towards colder systems would allow us to reach the tunneling

    regime dominated by quantum fluctuations. A natural extension of the present work goes to

    dimensionality larger than one, where the theoretical treatment is challenging.

    You must know some very strange 12 year olds.

    I will make it simpler.

    The vacuum has a energy level that is called the vacuum expectation value (VEV). If another vacuum is created that has a lower VEV then that vacuum is negative in relation to the other vacuum.

    It is possible to create vacuum states using Bose Einstein Condensation that have varying VEV. This is how a negative VEV can be created.

    No it hasn't been discovered that "polaritons have negative mass". There is only one really questionable paper about this, and others in the past have been debunked. Also it is only "certain" polaritons and the polaritons are quasi-particles. It is just pretty much a mathematical gimmick that they exhibit mathematical characteristics related to negative mass, but it is not a fundamental property of any real particle to have negative mass. Like everything Axil, you read the wackiest articles you can find and assume everything is not only validated and true, but that these conclusions can be projected into grandiose new theories. Total bunk.…0to%20a%20negative%20mass.

    Matthias Wurdack, Dr. Tinghe Yun and Dr. Eliezer Estrecho from the Department of Quantum Sciences and Technology (QST) were experimenting with exciton polaritons when they realized that under certain conditions the dispersion became inverted—equating to a negative mass.May 10, 2023

    It takes a lot of work to understand nanooptics. You better get to it.

    From MFMP as follows:

    Anomalous synthesis per day for 11 weeks of tons of Si and Fe from C and O

    Bob Greenyer from Remote View <[email protected]>

    cleardot.gif cleardot.gif


    Open in app or online

    Anomalous synthesis per day for 11 weeks of tons of Si and Fe from C and O

    Mahadevan Srinivasan, C.R. Narayanaswamy


    In light of the collective effort to investigate the validity of Paul Pantone’s GEET technology, I decided to meticulously transcribe a video I recorded in 2016 at ICCF-20 in Sendai, Japan which I uploaded to the MFMP YouTube channel many moons ago, as over the years, some people had said that his words were hard to discern on the video.

    It was this presentation and Dr. George Egely’s posters, that encouraged me to meet with Dr. Egely to discuss Ball Lighting and record other interviews with him [Part 1|Part 2|Part 3], subsequent to which I did my first dusty fusion experiment in 2017 revealing the production of Crenelated Fe-rich microspheres and more.

    Video transcript

    That at the heart is a gigantic carbon arc furnace.

    You have three electrodes, one foot diameter, 60 kilo-amps of current and about 150 volts, it sort of about several megawatts [12 MVA].

    And right here, an arc is struck between the carbon rods and the floor of the hearth, which is also carbon but note that, the current used three phase AC, and therefore you have alternating magnetic field, oscillating, rotating - all kinds of thing - and a temperature of 2000 ºC.

    So at the top, basically the raw materials he feeds is silicon dioxide - basically quartz - and charcoal, wood charcoal and since he is making ferro-silicon, he has a third place, where he puts his scrap iron.

    The three of them are weighed in an exact quantities and put in there and this is a continuous, round the clock furnace which goes on for weeks together and at the bottom, he draws out ferro-silicon metal.

    Now, the observation of relevance to us, is that during an 11 week long, nonstop run in 1995, he had, he was feeding silicon, 33 tons of silicon, now we are not talking about the production per day. 33 tons of silicon, fed in - in the form of silicon dioxide - which contains 15 tons of silicon, five tons of iron and one would expect 20 tons of ferro-silicon alloy of 75% silicon.

    But the actual production of alloy, was 24 tons - daily, around the clock, for a period of 11 weeks and that was every day he was producing four tons of excess metal, literally out of thin air, that is to say - carbon and oxygen.

    So he was very puzzled.

    He knew nothing about cold fusion or anything. And eventually after talking to various people, he was asked to come and meet me and we became good friends and I immediately recognised that what is happening here is exactly what is happening in the carbon arc experiment, which is well known in the field.

    And I am very happy to tell you that poster number five - today, at five, our Hungarian friend Egely - exactly has said he has done the same thing, he has taken carbon powder and he has put it on quartz, exactly like this and he has put it in a microwave oven and this is a gigantic furnace.

    But, as I presented the same thing at the... in the China meeting, I was puzzled as to what happened to the energy - how can you have transmutation, without the release of energy?

    And this was the puzzle which prevented me from even talking about this for the past 15 years. I was aware of it for 15 years - I didn't have the guts to come out in the open, because I know it’ll be shot down.

    But, because Iwamura and other in this centre are very interested in transmutation, I decided, to submit it as a post deadline paper. And I’m thankful to Iwamura for giving me an opportunity to present this.

    But then having come here, I have learned something new that I need not worry about the missing excess energy. And there are several people in this group, who have persuaded me, that there are many paths possible where you can have simultaneously exothermic and endothermic nuclear reaction, which can sort of cancel the exess heat. So Dr. Szumski, just spoke about it and there have been others so more on the poster, thankyou.

    Associated paper

    Observation of Anomalous Production of Si and Fe in an Arc Furnace Driven Ferro Silicon Smelting Plant at levels of Tons per day.
    C.R. Narayanaswamy
    The Silcal Metallurgic Ltd., Coimbatore 641004, Tamil Nadu, India
    In the period 1978–2002, The Silcal Metallurgic Ltd., a Coimbatore (India) based company, was engaged in the production of ferro silicon alloy deploying a 12 MVA “Submerged Carbon Arc” powered smelter. During a 11-week long non-stop round the clock operation of the plant in 1995, daily feed of raw materials was: Quartz (33.4 ton), charcoal (with fixed carbon content of 13.2 ton) and scrap steel (5.1 ton) while the daily output production of Fe–Si alloy (73.5% Si) was 24.75 ton. From the total weights of Si and Fe in the input feed and assuming 100% recovery of the metals, the daily output alloy production could at best have been only 20.5 ton. However to our surprise throughout the 11-week period the total daily Fe–Si alloy (with 73.5% Si) output was consistently 24.75 ton, corresponding to a daily “anomalous” excess metal production of 4.25 ton of Fe–Si alloy. The only source of Si entering the smelter furnace was the quartz raw material and that of Fe was the scrap steel (except for minor additional amounts of Fe originating from the steel casing of the consumable Söderberg carbon electrodes). Very careful vigil of the weights of daily input feed of raw materials and output alloy drained out as also the electrical energy consumption was maintained. It was evident that roughly 20% more metal than could be accounted for from the input feed was being produced and consequently we have been obliged to come to the conclusion that anomalous quantities of Si (2.8 ton/day) and Fe (1.45 ton/day) were being synthesized during the smelting process. Discussions with researchers involved in the Cold Fusion/LENR field have suggested that a likely explanation for the anomalous metal production could be the occurrence of transmutation reactions between nuclei of C and the O stripped from the SiO2 during the chemical reduction process. It is speculated that the intense varying magnetic fields generated by the kilo-amp levels of alternating current (AC) driving the arcing between the three gigantic carbon electrodes and the carbonic hearth of the furnace, in the 2000ºC temperature environment, could have somehow catalyzed transmutation reactions to occur, very similar to the transmutations reported in laboratory scale “Carbon-Arc experiments” first revealed by George Oshawa in 1964. But the more puzzling aspect of our observations is that there was no evidence of release of the expected massive amounts of nuclear energy that should have accompanied the postulated transmutation reactions based on the atomic masses of the nuclei involved.


    My hypothesis is that coherent matter processes are responsible for the make up of the Earths crust and top of the list in elements is O and Si.
    Abundance of elements in the earths crust - note the rarity of carbon

    In a process driven by coherent matter like in the case of Ball Lightning, Carbon and Oxygen can be fused to Silicon and Iron, as we observed in ULTR and VEGA experiments.
    George Ohsawa Cycle | 1994, R. Sundaresan and J.Bockris (Texas A&M) | Slide first presented at Stanford 25 Jan 2017

    These metals are found combined with Oxygen and arranged as SiO2 on the outside of Fe-rich crenelated microsphere. These experiments concluded without observing the expected nuclear heat.
    Ball Lightning breakup on predominently Zinc Oxide showing the same key elements (Si, Ca, Fe) as observed in spectra of natural ball lightning
    Iron / Oxygen crenelated micro sphere magnetic core of Ball Lightning
    Most abundant element in sampled areas is Oxygen (most abundant element in crust) Aluminium, 3rd most abundant and Calcium 5th most abundant also found.

    I postulate that the yield energy is lost in other forms to the far field or converted into other matter through electro-nuclear regeneration (Matsumoto) and/or collapse of the coherent matter into a new quanta of ordinary nuclei as appears to happen in Proton-21 experiments (Adamenko).

    It is also likely that C, 4 H, 2e- and 2 cold anti-neutrinos may be fusing to O similarly.


    A process that fuses without all the nuclear energy easily released, might not be the what everyone might wish for, but it is in this sense, a lot safer! If we can use the GEET approach to make fuel out of any H, C, N and O matter with nothing but SiO2 and O2 as outputs, with very high levels of fuel burn, that in itself is a huge boost. People could easily pick or grow their own sugars and oil based fuels. Garden waste, such as leaf litter and grass clippings alongside excrement could be used to produce electricity.

    Any slight gain from fusion left-overs or means to harvest otherwise inaccessible transmutation energy would be transformational.

    In my view, if confirmed, the GEET continuous flow ‘fuel processing’ into a Ball Lightning-like structure, would be able to remediate vapour entrained radio nuclides rapidly.

    It could be effectively configured as a continuous, controlled HHO production and burn device which would scale easily. Yielded power might be useable for pumping contaminated fluid to the reactor resulting in high technical efficiency.

    Could you explain this to a 12 year old?

    According to general relativity, the universe can have three possible shapes:

    • Flat: A flat universe has zero curvature. It's similar to a sheet of paper.
    • Closed: A closed universe has positive curvature. It's similar to a sphere.
    • Open: An open universe has negative curvature. It's similar to a saddle.

    These models depend on the universe's overall density and energy content. The curvature of spacetime is directly related to the energy and momentum of matter and radiation.

    General relativity is a physical theory about space and time. It was published by Albert Einstein in 1915. It's also known as Einstein's theory of gravity.

    It has just bein discovered, that the polariton has negative mass. This means that the polariton can create a vacuum type field when it condenses into a Bose Einstein condensate that has negative curvature. So a hyperbolic shaped vacuum state with a saddle shape is formed. This is the opposite to the close spherical shape of our universe that has positive curvature.

    These two types of vacuum states will annihilate each other if not separated. So a domain wall forms that keeps these two vacuum states separated.

    Here I will put into context the Domain wall of the EVO. Chukanov stated in his patent this experimental observation about the EVO as follows:

    Note: Chukanov call the EVO a quantum macro object

    US6936971B2 - Methods and systems for generating high energy photons or quantum energy - Google Patents

    Because Chukanov could produce an EVO 20 cm in size, he was able to show experimentally that the EVO cannot interact with probes from our universe. The Domain wall is what separates and protects the EVO from intrusion of anything from our universe from accessing the interworking of the EVO.

    The strange thing about this EVO thread is that it harbors less accurate information than either the "clearance items" or the "playground" threads.

    The Flat Earth Society website arguments are downright scientific compared to posts here.

    I get the feeling that the LENR community is not receptive to the theories that are current in modern science. All my theories are referenced in current science. It's ironic that science does not accept LENR and LENR backers don't accept science. This does not bode well for the future of LENR.

    Despite the BS storm, there may be useful information in the Baumgartner thesis document found by PFD. It describes how self-stable spherical structures of matter ("Yukawa balls") can form in dusty plasmas. Whether the structures thus formed eventually condense into the iron-rich spheres seen by me and others is a question worth further study.

    "Yukawa balls" balls or solid, crenellated ball are hollow. Don't waste your time on the study to "Yukawa balls", they are not the proper type of LENR balls. Try Q-balls instead.

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    EVOs are seen flying around and through the metal sphere of the Thor device.

    Bob Greenyer: “STUNNING and abundant evidence of Exotic Vacuum Object / Micro Ball Lightning / Plasmoid activity OUTSIDE THE STEEL on very first run of newly minted stubby Thunderstorm Generator – 1st Dec 2023”

    1. “Clear example of spiraling coherent matter travelling wave approaching apex of trajectory from inside to outside and the re-entry back into the steel Thunderstorm Generator”

    2. “Longer period spiraling coherent matter travelling a great distance outside the steel sphere of the Thunderstorm Generator”

    How can EVOs pass through metal as if that metal barrier does not exit?

    The answer revolves around the nature of the EVO as the progenitor of dark matter. Dark matter does not interact with matter. The EVO is not constrained in anyway because of one of its hallmark structures called the domain wall. The domain wall is a spherical forcefield that confines the EVO. Inside the EVO, there exists a spacetime condition that is different from that of our current ambient universe. It is the negative of our spacetime. This is called anti De Sutter space. The cosmological constant of this anti spacetime is negative. The reason that the EVO is the negative spacetime of our universe is because the polariton mass is negative mass. In short, the polariton is a tachyon.

    Anti-de Sitter space (AdS) is a maximally symmetric solution to Einstein's equations of general relativity. It's a Lorentzian manifold with constant negative scalar curvature.

    AdS space has the following properties:

    Negative cosmological constant

    Negative curvature of spacetime

    No matter (the EVO converts all matter to energy)

    Curved in a way that any point in the interior is infinitely far from the boundary surface (The domain wall focuses all energy to the centor of the EVO)

    AdS space is the opposite of de Sitter spacetime (our universe). A universe with accelerating expansion would have a positive cosmological constant, while AdS space has a negative cosmological constant.


    Different spacetimes do not interact with each other. They are separated from each other through the action of a domain wall. The domain wall is a mechanism that keeps the two spacetimes apart. A domain wall automatically forms to avoid cosmological catastrophe when the EVO forms.


    Domain wall - Wikipedia

    The EVO is the ultimate neutral particle. When the EVO terminates, it leaves behind a nano sized Black Hole called an ADS black hole. The Ads Black Hole is dark matter since it is also surrounded by a domain wall.

    In theoretical physics, an anti-de Sitter (AdS) black hole is a black hole solution of general relativity or its extensions which represents an isolated compact object, but with a negative cosmological constant.…20cosmological%20constant.

    Other names for the Ads black hole might apply: BTZ black hole, MTZ black hole,

    After the EVO terminates, the Ads Black Hole exits the Hollow Crenellated Ball and joins the ambient.

    I asked MFMP what the nature of the balls inside the erosion tracks were. The answer as follows:

    Because the crenelations are typically 0.6-1.5 um across, even Fe+O balls up to 2 um sometimes have little evidence of crenelations. These are approx. 300nm and so they will have no crenelations, that being said, they are around 75% Fe+O by weight.

    One hypothesis on these I have is that the ball is the magnetic core of a 1 um ball lightning, and the 'fuzz' around it is the rest of the material carried with it.

    Perhaps LF should say no to disinformation..

    intentional or not

    I have supplied references for all statements and theories. I have not invented anything, its all in the scientific literature. What is disinformation is protium fusion; that is impossible here on earth, find a reference to that type of fusion being performed outside the sun.