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    The current flow of R = 1 Ohm , U = 0.105 Volt may be caused by nanoscale superconductivity were the plasma is an imperfect superconductor where the current flow is caused by a pseudogap.

    High-temperature superconductivity doesn't happen all it once. As doping increases, superconductivity starts in isolated nanoscale patches that gradually expand until they take over. In this case, superconductive quasiparticles develop in the plasma so that electrons tunnel between the patches of superconductivity resulting in a pseudogap.

    Does this mean that this level of current flow is caused by Crossed Andreev reflection between two normal electrodes separated by an imperfectly developing superconductive plasma?

    Most people on here cannot separate Rossi's devious tendency to exaggerate or lie about surrounding issues (such as his ridiculous lies about Johnson Matthey) and the fundamental reality of his technology. I'm capable of seeing how Andrea Rossi's technology as a whole is real and has great worth to the planet, while he as a person seems to be downright sneaky.


    People beleive things that give them a warm feeling, they want to beleive. They might even know that the statement is a lie but if the lie makes them feel good, then they will beleive it. The more the lie is told, the more the lie is believed.

    On the other hand, people will not beleive the truth if that truth makes them feel bad, that truth is rejected if the truth is not in the interest of the person who the truth is directed at.

    A man hears what he wants to hear. And disregards the rest. In this illusion of life, all is subjective, the truth has nothing to do with this process of believing.

    Don't beleive everything that you read on the internet.…-weapons-related-charges/


    A North Carolina man pleaded guilty Friday to weapons-related charges for a December episode in which he stormed a Washington, DC pizzeria and fired rounds from a Colt AR-15 assault-style rifle. The incident was a bid to "self-investigate" an unfounded conspiracy theory concerning the restaurant's basement being the secret headquarters of a nonexistent child sex-trafficking ring whose (again, nonexistent) members included Hillary Clinton and her inner circle.


    Firstly, it is not clear that the reaction is LENR. Secondly, it is not clear whether the reaction happens in the plasma or at the Ni. We know so little about this that it is ridiculous to try to explain the source of the reaction.

    It seems to me that the LENR reaction does not occur near the nickel electrodes because they don't melt. The plasma gets up to 2636 K or more. That temperature is beyond the melting point of nickel.

    This is not a plasma reactor. Not all nails need hitting with the same kind of hammer. You can cook eggs straight from the shell, but peas need podding first.

    Please explain how the QuarkX is not a plasma reactor.

    Rossi podded peas for many years but the Lugano experiment revealed to him that eggs could be cooked straight from the shell. No more messy podding needs to be done, and who wants to eat peas, when you can have eggs?

    If Rossi can get his QuarkX to work in a plasma, does fuel preparation have any impact on the LENR reaction? R. Mills in his SunCell does not do any fuel prep in that reactor...just get a dirty plasma going and the plasma takes care of itself. Are you'll still chasing your tails here?

    One of the obvious implications of these recent QuarkX revelations found in the recent Rossi theory is that LENR theory has nothing to do with anything relating to lattice based processes. LENR exists in a plasma based environment. 28 years of palladium based hydrogen loading theory goes out the window.

    What is the difference between the SunCell and the QuarkX...not much if anything.

    In the summary of the paper:


    The needed parameters are not known from experiment except for the spin polarizability constants. Also the long range potential from σI=2 is unknown for both detailed theory and experimental. To extract those constants experimentally a theoretical way would be to use ππ-lepton scattering with a measurement of nucleon properties in a nearby region. Practically it is questionable if a pion beam with high enough luminosity is possible and to construct.

    Experiments have been done that determine these values and how the magnetic fields that carry the LENR reaction function. In a series of experiments done to determine if products of electric arcing could have produced the Chernobyl reactor malfunction, experimental results showed a determinative electrical based long range effect.

    Low-energy nuclear reactions and the leptonic monopole
    Georges Lochak*, Leonid Urutskoev**

    A complete post that connects the dots are as follows:

    Speculations on LENR theory, coherence, stimulated emission, and fusion

    The role of spin polarizability as explained in the Rossi paper is consistent with the LENR characteristic that even count nuclei with zero total spin will react more readily to the magnetic based fields that produce LENR effects.


    Let us assume there was an ENORMOUS error in measuring the heat output. Since the wrongly measured COP was 22,000, even if we assume a measurement error of three orders of magnitude (103), we are still looking at a COP of 22. And at that level the output would only be a couple of watts, and Gullstrom would have been saying 'is it getting warm yet?'

    This makes common sense. Gullstrom could tell the difference between the heat produced by a large incandescent light bulb equivalent or a LED. The vigor of heat output was so apparent, Gullstrom would not need to use any fancy heat measuring equipment to tell that the reactor was gainful.


    Regarding: "When the current was switched on a plasma was SEEN flowing between the two nickel rods".

    The implication the Bob is drawing is that the structural material that the reactor is made from is transparent. This conjecture is not supported by the possible detection method of plasma related to a current flow between the electrodes as seen in the appropriate current measurement instruments.

    The "black body" nature of the radiation as indicated in the following statement:

    "The temperature of the surface of the reactor ( a perfect black body ) has
    been calculated"

    indicates that the structural reactor material enclosing the plasma is not transparent and any light produced by the hot plasma must not be seen through that structural material to make the assumption about the "black body" nature of the reactor surface temperature determination valid.

    Judging from the experts comments here, and even on ECW, this report has no scientific value. Honestly, after I read it, that was apparent, but just wanted to give it some time for the pros to comment...just in case.

    I too have been waiting for the experts to comment. I have specifically ask them multiple times to render an opinion on the critical opinions expressed in this paper. But they are not going to do it.



    Summary and discussion

    The needed parameters are not known from experiment except for the spin polarizability constants. Also the long range potential from σI=2 is unknown for
    both detailed theory and experimental. To extract those constants experimentally
    a theoretical way would be to use ππ-lepton scattering with a measurement
    of nucleon properties in a nearby region. Practically it is questionable if a pion
    beam with high enough luminosity is possible and to construct.

    The main conjecture of this paper is that the strong force acts at a distance between nuclei to effect nuclear changes. The author says that the long range potential of the strong force carried by its force carrying particles are not known. How far that this remotely acting long range force can reach is yet to be determined.

    This summary speculates about a if and how a pion beam can be produced by the Rossi reaction. But the production of pions also means that their decay products: muons will also be produced. The production of muons is not good news for LENR science. Muon production could put the LENR reaction under control of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission(NRC).

    Anyone who is interested in investing in the LENR reaction should make it a priority to find out is muons are produced by the LENR reaction. The future of LENR depends on this factoid of information. The way that the LENR market develops depends on how much it is regulated.

    Can someone confirm, that the current QuarkX is still the one we have been told about a year ago with a blurry blue picture? A 30mm long stick, 1mm diameter, packed and covered with unknown high tech materials, delivering thrust, electricity, enormous heat at the same time? We will probably know by the time when the indipendent demonstration and test will happen...:/

    In the long term reactor checkout process, Rossi has made numerous upgrades to that initial reactor design. His blog entry history has indicated a reduction in reactor size and a change in structural material over this extended testing timeframe. Rossi has had many failures and has made adjustments to correct them as he as preceded to sigma 5.

    Carbon and sapphire is nothing to invent...Anybody in town who really believes in this BS? It seems that AR is able to "invent" and manufacture in his container or garage more or less alone (would love to know who is "we") almost everything he wants and needs, that none of the world famous material research centers around the globe can create with their millions of $ and hundreds of excellent and well experienced scientists...maybe we are going to see new elements at the end of the periodic table soon (when 5 sigma is accomplished)....

    Rossi has been around for a long time. Over the years, he has made some friends. Rossi has these friends that he can talk to when he has a problem. For example, he can ask material scientists at Boeing. R. Mills got his idea for the liquid metal electrode from somebody from his web site.

    It a little bit surprising that anyone would attempt a blackbody calculation from an alumina-bodied reactor. Either they will have ignored three years of contentious debate, or they will have had no desire to convince anyone who is not already convinced. (I guess it's not surprising that a collaboration with Rossi would use such an approach.)

    Filiberto Drawec
    November 17, 2016 at 8:42 AM

    Dr Andrea Rossi:

    The material the quarkx is made with is in commerce or you had to invent it?


    Andrea Rossi
    November 17, 2016 at 8:52 AM

    Filiberto Drawec:

    We had to invent it. No commercial materials could stand the temperatures we reach.

    Warm Regards,



    The structural material that the QuarkX is made from is not alumina or similar. And that material does not radiate electrons at high temperatures,

    1. Frank Acland March 16, 2017 at 11:04 PM

      Dear Andrea,

      Are you using graphene to generate electricity by thermoelectric means with the QuarkX?

      Thank you very much,

      Frank Acland

    2. Andrea Rossi March 17, 2017 at 8:08 AM

      Frank Acland:

      Not exactly: we are using the high conductivity properties of graphene to recover the electricity produced directly inside the QuarkX. It is an experimental phase. Now we know and have measured the electricity produced by the QuarkX and we are experimenting how to harness it efficiently.

      Warm Regards,



    This statement that the excess electrons are produced inside the QuarkX does not jube with this experiment that deduces that the plasma is neutral: "This implies that the plasma has an equal amount of positive ions flying in the direction of the current and negative ions(electrons) in the opposite direction."

    The test for static charge on the structure of the reactor implies that there is no electrons being emitted by that structure.

    The graphite must be located on the outside of the cell and is picking up charge from the reactor. Where is that charge coming from?

    I honestly don't have time for this sort of nonsense.

    It is conjectured that protons and neutrons can move from nucleus to nucleus under the influence of subatomic particles, specifically pions.

    One idea that is not found in the conjecture is fusion as a consequence of coulomb barrier penetration. In this rejection of fusion as a major reaction in LENR, we are making progress. To identify how the strong and weak force produce LENR reaction results under the influence of unusual magnetic effects is valid in principle if not in detail.

    The important point about the nature of the SPECIAL LENR active magnetic field is "This means that only the center of an magnetic quadrupole is relevant where there is no dipole field."

    No dipole field means a monopole field or at least a anisotropic magnetic field where magnetic field lines are disconnected from their dipole partner. This type of magnetic field causes the quarks in a nucleon to be constrained along these discontiguous magnetic field lines so that the quarks in a nucleon line up linearly along those field lines thus disrupting the strong force inside the nucleons. Maybe because of this quark constraint, the CP symmetry of the strong force becomes non zero and nucleon decay occurs. Rossi have also said in his blog that muons have not been detected in his reaction. But if nucleons are being disrupted, muons are a sure sign of it.

    Rossi has stated in his blog that monopoles do not exist. He and his partner have now come up with a substitute theory where no dipole magnetic field lines apply.

    IMHO, transferring nucleon energy down a quadrupole magnetic field or a electric field is impossible because such a field is not point to point. But a monopole field line will take energy away from the nucleons very nicely when the quarks in that nucleon are constrained linearly.

    We know from experiment that anisotropic magnetic field lines produce LENR effects so the quadrupole magnetic field might be a special case of a more general anisotropic magnetic field line condition.

    "•No long range magnetism is developed in defective graphene" ?

    The referenced table in the document must have measured short range magnetic fields that would affect muons close to the surface of the graphene. No long range magnetism does not preclude the existence of short range magnetic effects as witnessed by the last chart in the document.

    I don't think he's around the apparatus while it's running; I suspect he's running it remotely (see excerpt below from from the linked paper).

    Holmlid has spent a great deal of time in experimentation using his equipment before he discovered that muons were being emitted by his experiment. During that time, he most likely was colocated with his experiment and in close proximity with it. Holmlid also stated that the fluorescent lighting in his lab generated muons so it is reasonable to assume that there was a time when Holmlid and others were exposed to subatomic particles and their byproducts without knowing it when they handled the fuel. Holmlid also said the muons were emitted without stimulation from light and decreased gradually over time which was also an occasion of unintended exposure to subatomic particle emissions.

    Has anybody ever wondered why Papp did not build another engine with the generous settlement he received from Caltech?

    Papp presented to an audience, including Feynman, an ill-fated demonstration in 1966, in which his engine exploded, killing one man and seriously injuring two others.

    That 1966 vintage engine was based on water. In the mid 1980s, Papp patented another type of engine based on noble gases.

    Thus (a) Not true of large battery packs. (b) Has nothing to do with the price of cheese.

    The cost of lithium battery pack for an electric car is surprisingly low $5,499 (after a $1,000 credit for turning in the old pack, which is required), plus installation fees and tax. The installation is estimated at roughly 3 hours of labor.

    The number of jobs related to auto repair will be greatly reduced due to the simplicity of the electric car, computerized diagnostics and plug and play maintainence.

    Ionization and Coulomb explosion of Xenon clusters by intense, few-cycle laser pulses

    The power of the Papp engine came from the Coulomb explosion of noble gas clusters. The energy released by the explosion is proportional to the number of noble gas atoms in the cluster and the duration o the light pulse that triggered the coulomb explosion. The noble gas clusters were generated in the vacuum cycle of the non active piston.

    A large exploding noble gas cluster can produce as much as 2 MeV in energy.

    The XUV excitation pulses came from the chlorine in the noble gas mix as activated by the ignition spark.


    An excimer laser typically uses a combination of a noble gas (argon, krypton, or xenon) and a reactive gas (fluorine or chlorine). Under the appropriate conditions of electrical stimulation and high pressure, a pseudo-molecule called an excimer (or in the case of noble gas halides, exciplex) is created, which can only exist in an energized state and can give rise to laser light in the ultraviolet range.

    Papp polished the interior of the engine to reflect the excitation light created by the Excimer_laser discharge.…ines/5_coulomb/1_coulomb/


    The ions attain their kinetic energy from the conversion of the electrostatic repulsive energy in the cluster; the ions are too heavy to be accelerated directly by the rapidly oscillating laser electric field. Depending on the ion charges, the initial cluster/nanodroplet radius, the level and speed of the outer ionization process, the ion energies are in the keV to MeV range which is sufficient to induce nuclear fusion, if hydrogen isotopes are involved. Accordingly, possible applications of Coulomb explosions are table-top laser-induced nuclear fusion and neutron sources for material research [7-9] the study of stellar nucleosynthesis in the laboratory [10,11] (“stars in the lab” [12]), as well as particle accelerators.