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    1. Dear Dr. Rossi!

      Good that you returned optimist.

      If I may ask:

      1. Do you think the Ecat SKL is now ready for third party testing?

      2. Have you fixed a date for the beginning of third party tests?

      3. Are the third party test already running?



    2. Andrea Rossi February 24, 2020 at 3:30 PM


      1- almost

      2- yes

      3- no

      Warm Regards,


    Truth be told, very soon now.…oron-fusion-clean-energy/

    Radical hydrogen-boron reactor leapfrogs current nuclear fusion tech


    The results of decades of research by Emeritus Professor Heinrich Hora, HB11's approach to fusion does away with rare, radioactive and difficult fuels like tritium altogether – as well as those incredibly high temperatures. Instead, it uses plentiful hydrogen and boron B-11, employing the precise application of some very special lasers to start the fusion reaction.

    Professor Heinrich Hora is making progress without mentioning the killer word LENR.

    @ Scott Fusare

    MFMP via Bob Greenyer has access to experimental LENR reactor data and active materials and has identified that the EVO is the active agent in the LENR reaction. Bob is in the process of characterizing the EVO. Bob has found that EVOs are carried in Ohmasa gas. If you can get access to some of this gas, you can see EVOs in action. Contact Bob Greenyer for help. He has a large volume of material on this subject. Look on YouTube for videos from Bob whose subject concerns the LION reactor. A sample is shown below with some EVO characterizations near the end of that video. If you can overlook the condemnations of Bob's work that are sure to come here, you will be facilitated by the EVO information that Bob has accumulated.

    Also, strange radiation is produced by EVOs. There is information on this subject here on this site, Search on key "strange radiation"

    magicsound from MFMP is a member here. He might be able to directly connect you with Bob.

    YouTube Search key LION MFMP

    1. Tom Conover February 19, 2020 at 3:36 PM

      Dear Andrea,

      You were close in 2011.

      Proxima Centauri is the closest star to Solar System and is orbited by the planet Proxima b. Many things are close. Do you tease us? I continue to hope that you do not tease us.

      A: Will you have a product by June 1st? Please reply with “yes, no” or “I have no idea”.

      Otherwise, you are not being honest with yourself, good sir.

      Sincerely, and thank you for your dedication.


    2. Andrea Rossi February 19, 2020 at 5:46 PM

      Tom Conover:

      I am convinced that the answer is yes.

      Warm Regards,


    1. Frank Acland February 19, 2020 at 9:59 AM

      Dear Andrea,

      In your estimation, how close are you to having a completely reliable product?

      Many thanks,

      Frank Acland

    2. Translate Andrea Rossi February 19, 2020 at 12:46 PM

      Frank Acland:

      We are close

      Warm Regards


    There is going to be a lot of crow eating around here very soon. Eat slowly and savor your dinner.

    For the non English-speaking members as follows:

    Eating crow is a colloquial idiom, used in some English-speaking countries, that means humiliation by admitting having been proven wrong after taking a strong position. The crow is a carrion-eater that is presumably repulsive to eat in the same way that being proven wrong might be emotionally hard to swallow.

    Then they should make a pail of transmutation diamond and a pail of transmutation quartz, sell it for a billion dollars as incontrovertible proof of whatever and fund whatever they want forever.

    Large amounts of non energy producing transmutation has occured by the 100s of tons…18/08/244_JCMNS-Vol24.pdf

    7. Puzzle of the Missing Nuclear Energy

    A worth noting feature of the Silcal observations was that there was no dramatic change whatsoever in the energy

    dissipation. Using the estimated energy release values of 17.13 MeV/atom of Si or 49.58 MeV per atom of Fe given in

    Appendix B, for the postulated nuclear transmutation reactions, it can be shown that corresponding to 4.25 ton of metal

    transmutation, the power generated should have been the equivalent of the total thermal power generated by hundreds

    of 1000MWe nuclear power stations. However, in our plant there was no evidence of such massive amounts of nuclear

    energy being released throughout the 11-week period, giving a handle to the skeptics to question our claims of ton

    level elemental transmutations. In this context it is worth noting that nobody in published LENR literature (to the

    best of our knowledge) has established a clear correlation between the quantum of transmutation products generated

    in carbon arc and the expected nuclear heat release based on atomic mass considerations. On the other hand neither

    has any publication claimed that the Carbon Arc experiment violates Einstein’s E = mc2 dictum. Thus if indeed the

    Silcal transmutation claims are confirmed it would clearly point to the operation of new Science wherein transmutation

    could be occurring without the accompaniment of the expected nuclear energy release.

    In the context of these remarks the arguments of Daniel Szumski elaborated in his “Least Action Nuclear Process”

    (LANP) Theory appear relevant. We learnt about Szumski’s work through his paper presented at ICCF 20 conference

    [13]. Szumski who has taken great pains to analyze in detail the transmutation observations of George Miley (see argues that both endothermic and exothermic nuclear reactions can and do occur

    concurrently in LENR experiments, partly or wholly cancelling out net energy release. In fact he has referred to
    some experimental observations of Mizuno wherein transmutations have reportedly been observed by him not accompanied
    by energy release.
    Szumski is thus not at all surprised by our observation of “energy neutral” transmutation


    Using the measurement of excess heat is an unreliable indicator for an active LENR reaction. A more reliable indicator is the detection of transmutation. MFMP has shown the production of transmutation in LION material. In one case, The SEM data shows the production of extensive and all pervasive transmuted material in diamond which starts out as pure carbon. In another view of LION reactor material, Quartz is shown to be transmuted. In these cases, the hallmark of the EVO is apparent in these observations. Transmutation provides a stable record of the LENR reaction that is fixed in time. For example, a solid ball of mixed transmuted elements are found inside and at one end of an enclosed and empty tunnel of diamond and in other cases inside an empty tunnel of quartz. This record of transmutation is static and not susceptible to changing conditions. Experimental control is provided by the purity of the material in which the transmutation took place and the spherical form that the completely enclosed and encapsulated transmuted materia assumed. It is just not one tunnel or a few, but hundreds or thousands of them.

    The LION experimental diamond evidence as follows:

    There is a degree of unwarranted and uninformed theory mixing at play here. Rossi says that his system is based on the work of Holmlid (via pico clusters). There is an unjustified association between what Rossi is doing and the work that Ken Shoulders et al has done. Rossi rejects the EVO has playing any part in his technology or LENR for that matter. Also MFMP, not only references Hutchinson in the video, he also shows results from one of the two LION experiments and also results produced by Keith Fredericks. Critics of experimental results should be as rigorous, consistent, and comprehensive as those who present the results.

    In general, effective, cogent, and convincing criticism should come from those who have a depth of knowledge about the subject that is equal to or greater than those who research the subject.

    Presented below is a set of experimental results regarding EVOs.

    A range of EVO strike marks in unprecedented detail were found on MFMP ‘Fracture’ Hutchison Sample 4 at the classic sizes observed by Nardi/Bostick, Shoulders, Matsumoto and other authors.

    Regarding the control box and AI.

    The unidentified partner is most likely the developer of the control box and AI. The partner must have customized an existing product to retrofit it into the function of the SKL. Just the description that Rossi has released of the control box and how it works shows that it is far beyond anything that Rossi could have come up with on his own. It is to Rossi's credit that he is now allowing the partner to increasingly contribute to the accelerating development of the SKL. This was unlike the total lack of technical signs of life he saw from money centric IH. This new super capable partner knows how to handle Rossi and is by far more to Rossi's liking and he trusts these fellows and gals.

    This concentration on Rossi that has become custom here on this site is becoming increasingly misplaced. Most of the work and credit for the progress that the SKL development is achieving is due to the efforts of the partner. Rossi is now just surfing on the shoulders of his new partner.

    Things are getting very interesting now.

    He also stated that the control box is the size of a pack of cigarettes.

    If the above is true, then this is perfectly suitable to power electric bicycles and cars.

    ABB is a great fit for a partner. They have a deep background in electrical and RF systems and control through RF. If ABB was the partner, they could have repurposed one of their many RF control systems to serve as a starting point for the SKL application.

    Director Regarding SAFIRE two cathodes and anode destruction... In listening to Monty's talks, I'm quite certain I heard him say words to the effect that only one cathode is needed and they know how to keep the anode from being affected. My reasons for starting with the spherical/hollow/H2 anode is because that's what they did. I believe they were generating excess heat without damaging the anode. Once one gets results like those seen in their videos, one can start incrementally, little by little making changes and hopefully improvements.

    The issue you might want to consider: Is SAFIRE the optimum system to produce energy from the LENR reaction?

    Frank Acland

    Andrea Rossi

    November 25, 2019 at 9:46 AM

    Within the end January we will make the presentation together with them

    Warm Regards,


    My interpretation is he means that the independent testing will be done first, then the same group that does the testing will be participating in the presentation with him, and it will take place by the end of January 2020. So a year after the previous one.

    The EVO is a quantum object that does not collapse on its own. It is metastable and self sustaining, and behaves s a particle. The EVO may become big enough to see with the naked eye but it is a single particle called a tachyon, and as such, it acts just like an electron quantum mechanically. When an EVO produces energy, that energy is spread out all over space and time. This is why transmutation does not produce energy and isotopes produced by LENR are always stable. A LENR system could be producing energy for months or years, but not show any of it in our real world. The EVO only realizes energy when it dies. Here is an explanation of why this is all true.…-have-quantum-properties/