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    Where are you deriving this "hype" from? Basic gleanings of the field?

    The mechanisms of LENR will solve the dark matter and dark energy mysteries to start out with.

    Here is a post that reflects a small part of this thinking

    Bose Einstein condensation has been shown to produce analog gravity. To see the relevant math as follows

    Analogue Gravity

    Carlos Barceló

    Stefano Liberati

    Matt Visser

    Polariton condensation is not temperature related. It manifests when the density of the polaritons reaches its condensation level. This mechanism of condensation makes temperature irrelevant. This means that when electrons on the surface of matter are becoming entangled with either photons, phonons, or plasmons and the density of their aggregation is sufficiently dense then a polariton super fluid forms. This super fluid generates gravity like force to add to that produced by general relativity.

    This mechanism for the galaxy wide development for super fluidity implements the details of how the theory of Justin Khoury manifests.

    I don't know if the H(4) mechanism is polariton related, but polariton based Bose Einstein condensation does mitigate radiation and unstable isotope production.


    Could Polaritons be the Dark Matter Particles ?

    • Stefan Mehedinteanu
    • Published 2015

    In the present work a different view is advanced on the origin of this new field at reheating, respectively, a primordial magnetic field. For its creation, it has been proposed that at the end of Inflation, a spectrum for blackbody radiation of temperature TeV K 85 . 4 10 5 16 → × when photons creation as quanta takes place,. The opacity (equilibrium − + + ↔ + e e γ γ of 50 60 10 10 ↔ following Thomson scattering) begins to be very thick ( 3 . 0 ≥ ), that means not all the photons escape as radiation. Simultaneously, but following Breit-Wheeler photons pairs collisions it remain available only two photons pairs which transform in − + e e (quark) pair, from 60 10 ≈ as were been produced. This − + e e pair generates an electrical field E , that being of string type and supercritical ] [ 10 8 . 7 10 4 . 2 28 28 C N E E c e × = ≈ × = ± , it captures the vacuum gluonsmonopoles pairs, thus, generating the first primordial electromagnetic ( PEMF ) vortex called as PMF B , and by using a simple QCD analytical model are calculated their components ) , ( B E and dimensions. Thus, the PMF by Schwinger effect at the end of the reheating period of Hubble length ] [ 10 4 4 1 m H × = − GeV 121 ≅ , or when the symmetry between the weak and electromagnetic interactions breaks, it generates directly different kinds of particles but of a precise number 90 10 ≅ as: fermions (quarks, electrons), gluons with structure of gluons-monopoles (abelian in extra-core and nonabelian in core), photons. This process continues till the cosmological time at curvature radius ] [ 10 2 . 1 5 9 m R s t × = → = , when GeV V 3 10 4 . 1 − × ≤ , after that it ceases since ] [ 10 2 . 2 10 2 18 18 C N E E c × = ≤ × = . Later, at CMB time and after, the PMF reactivates with creation of a new type of composed particle called polariton of very small mass e m 6 5 10 − − ≥ , which, recently it was very much investigated experimentally in semiconductors. It is shown that the PMF construction inherently permits the existence of Quantum Well (QW) inside, as to be necessarily for polaritons production. Also, it is demonstrated that the scaled PMF at the CMB time, generates curl B − pattern of the same values as obtained in BICEP2 and Planck Mission, mostly probable due of the polarized photoluminescence (blueshift light!) of polaritons. Also, it will be shown, that in fact, the total mass of the created polaritons sustains the accelerated expansion of Universe, or in other words, these particles play the role of the dark matter. LESS

    I'm astonished at how many people on this forum have been picked up by companies and such to further the cause of LENR as a world saving technology.

    LENR and its underlying ,mechanisms will form the basis of how many of the most pressing scientific mysteries and issues will be solved. This new awakening will advance science by hundreds of years.

    Any thoughts on what the scope traces represent?

    The one thing I'm pretty certain of is that he is experiencing back spikes that go into the power supply. They cause over heating in the power supply that requires active cooling. This same phenomenon was experienced by Chernetsky and Correa.

    Very much like a high intensity discharge lamp, the excitation signal is radio frequency. This excites the production of visible and UV light, This photon energy source pumps the LENR active agent that is contained in the LENR fuel. This is like the Holmlid excitation method used to produce sub atomic particles via the action of hydrogen molecules. The reactor may contain xenon gas as the light producing actor.

    tanzella of brillouin's theory involved the production of H(4)


    I wonder if by taking Leif Holmlid's new findings into account that the brillouin reaction is some sort of muon based catalyzed fusion reaction where muons play the critical role in energy production after the formation of hydrogen-4. If the brillouin reaction is based on the production of sub atomic particles via H(4), brillouin might increase their COP by confining the byproducts of their reaction so that the muons and other charged particles are not lost before the catalyzed reaction can take place and also increase subatomic particle output by applying a Holmlid based stimulus (laser, spark, XUV light) to the H(4).

    i follow LENR since a little more than one year and I have personally experienced that Mainstream physists don't deal with LENR. This is like a no go area for the majority. Only a few brave dare to look under the carpet, like Dr. Egely (interesting presentation on ICCF21). And it is the same for a businesses.

    The only road to LENR credibility is making money at talks. Rossi is the LENR developer that seems like the best bet at the money making game, But in order to make money, it is a very high hurdle to market a sucessful product. In a related note, it is hard to understand why LENR is such a forbidden subject. It not only that, all the related satellite subject areas are also tainted.

    Rossi has no problem to run experiments in his garage lab that other hightech labs around the globe with the best scientists and billions of dollars of support are incapable of doing...

    Is this post on topic?


    December 7, 2018 at 10:45 PM

    Dear Andrea,


    8) Have you attempted to utilize a laser inferometer setup to determine if any modification of the active vacuum of space near the QX/SK is taking place? If so, what were the results?…warp-field_interferometer

    Andrea Rossi

    December 7, 2018 at 11:34 PM



    8- yes, but the results are confidential so far

    Warm Regards,


    I had no idea that this experiment was possible, but Rossi ran it. This test might detect a disturbance in the vacuum is occurring, The posit that negative vacuum energy is being produced by the LENR reaction might show up in this test, also extracting energy from the vacuum might also be detected by this test.


    I could be that Rossi when with step #2, but the company turned out to be a patent troll.

    Something like that. He and his grandson Redding said he wanted a "100%" market share. I think I told him he will probably get that: 100% of nothing. That's how it turned out.

    As I recall, he also helped torpedo F&P's patent. He was not a nice person.

    Rossi is not concerned about market share. He needs to go very slowly to keep himself away from the bone saw.

  • Ruby-Carat-Dennis-Cravens-Cold-Fusion-Now-015

  • Very recently Ruby did a Podcast interview with Dennis Cravens. The whole 20 minutes is worth a listen to, but at 18:10 he talks about Patterson, the beads, grandson. Very, very interesting, tragic, and informative. If anyone would know about that story, he is the one.

    BTW, Cravens is one of IH's researchers now. Towards the end he expresses his gratitude for the freedom they give him to pursue his research.

    At 2:00 Cravens talks about the real problem for LENR developers. When run hard, "the reactor tears itself up". It took Rossi 10 years to solve that problem.

    You missed one improtant point. LENR distroys all matter that encloses it. Rossi has come up with a system that produces energy and keeps from falling apart. This has taken a huge amount of effort and time to come up with. Yes, anyone can come up with a system that melts down but to keep going for a year or more takes much time and effort to come up with.


    My god man, no one hates Rossi, no one wants him to fail.

    It seems to me that the faithful spew this steaming raft of turd excuse as a misdirection for Rossi’s failures, like it’s somehow our fault he has failed.

    Even you know he has failed, but can’t admit it to yourself.

    let a thousand flowers bloom

    I refer to the QX and SK interchagably.

    Replication MUST happen. We cannot count on Rossi bringing this technology to the mass market. He has a long track record of claiming that various version of the E-Cat were moving towards commercialization only to abandon them and move on. I don't think he will abandon the QX/SK because I think it is the best LENR technology available. However, he won't commercialize them in any significant way because doing so make big companies believe they are real and then they could replicate them in days or weeks. The next several years will be gut wrenching hell on Earth if we wait for Rossi to commercialize this technology to the level that it is accepted as real by the mainstream. He'll simply try to obtain more and more small, tiny clients that will never risk identifying themselves. Zero progress will be made in convincing the mainstream that the technology is real.

    The key to LENR reactor development is the fuel. It is very hard to come up with real LENR fuel. Without LENR fuel, a LENR reactor is useless. This is why Rossi only told the IH president how to make his fuel. That guy is forever constrained from telling anybody how that fuel is made.

    This hate and desire for Ross to fail is stupid. If Rossi is sucessful. there will be an avalanche of capital into all kinds of LENR, IH and Dewey will see more investment than they could ever dream of. R. Mills will be up to his eyeballs is money. The desire for Rossi's failure is illogical and rooted in the stupidity of emotion..

    1. Italo R. November 30, 2018 at 12:50 AM

      Dear Dr. Rossi,

      I believe you have already made a preliminary calculation of the COP of the plant to heat your client’s factory. Without a doubt there are longstanding records for heating the rooms in this location. And no doubt, you are already measuring the total electric power in input. May I only ask if you and your customer are satisfied after these first days?

      Kind Regards,

      Italo R.

    2. Andrea Rossi November 30, 2018 at 7:43 AM

      Italo R.:

      Yes, he surely is.

      We count only on the satisfaction of our Clients, since we do not sell plants, do not look for public funding: our profit comes only from the sales of heat.

      This fact is troubling our enemies, that lately are getting nervous and are squeezing their trolls, physicists, engineers or simply imbeciles as they might be. Ohh, by the way: they are again pulling back events of my past, that happened about 30 years ago: to know how things have gone and evidence of this, please go to

      Strange that this happens as the presentation of our industrialized product is so close…what a strange coincidence! Somebody is worried to lose funds for some stuff that never worked and never will work? Mah! ” Ai posteri l’ardua sentenza”.

      Warm Regards,


    Rossi makes a point. Why fund LENR reactor projects that never have worked and will never work when Rossi is already in the marketplace.

    SAFIRE, the SunCell, QX/SK and Defkalion are all electrical discharge driven systems. It is valuable to compare these systems that belong to the same family to understand the common mechanisms of activation.

    If we zoom down into these systems functionally, we will see a common mechanism of action and causation. Even LENR active bugs have a common cause if we look into each of them deep enough.

    For example, the Russ system and Defkalion both show a magnetic causation mechanism.

    It is indeed the problem, and axil knows very well that Kim never actually visited Defkalion as we have had this discussion several times over the years. The magnetic forces may indeed be very great, but you have to remember that the magnets are only the size of atoms.

    I notice that when you make statements, there never seems to be any backup references.Maybe can can help out again.

    Defkalion did demos, lookingforheat has not...when will there be demos from lookingforheat

    Too bad that this theory and experimental data was not taken seriously 5 years ago. The long story short, the LENR community deserves what they have gotten. Notice that the QX uses the same Defkalion reaction activation mechanism.

    Induction fun in Paris

    More fun than smoking $20.000 worth of SAFIRE sun probes

    The BrLP plasma smoked 20 pounds of tungsten, so they can produce more tungsten smoke for their money. By the way, note that the copper cooling pipe is not vaporized or even melted. What would cause such a unnatural and unexpected occurrence?


    What is more reliable, a calculation or an experimental measurement?

    timemark 25.02

    "what our eyes can't see is the stored energy,very high frequency, in the plasma"

    Perhaps SAFIRE's Michael Clarage needs to have a Swiss 4D- GigaTesla magnetic flux consultant.

    DGT via Dr. Kim measured these magnetic strength levels years ago and THEY did not beleive Defkalion (aka scam assertion), Experimental observations are valid only when the correct people do them.…-synthestech-de8e8a77a4f3

    ECW beat us to this story, which tells me we are getting too lazy around here! No more of that. Anyway, good news from Synthectech, and more good news on top of that. They claim to have proof of synthesized transmutations, and if you hurry, they are offering a "temporary" sale on tokens.

    Maybe you all are putting too many contributors into clearance and they are reacting negatively.

    1. KeithT November 19, 2018 at 2:11 PM

      Dear Andrea,

      From 2010 to 2018 you have developed three LENR reactions, the first Ecat witnessed in 2011 was based on Ni62 and Ni64 converting into Cu63 and Cu65, then there was the sequence of Ni58 > Ni59 > Ni60 > Ni61 > Ni62 used in the Lugano Ecat of 2014, the latest as of 2018 with the highest outputs, best stability and likely the safest for emissions are the Ecat QX and SK focusing on Li7, thought to transition to Be8 then two He4. (As described on the website – “Rossi Effect”).

      Each of the above LENR reactions is known to start up, run stable for an extended period with a constant energy output, then can be shut down.

      In each case conditions have been created where a relatively small input of energy triggers a nuclear process with an output of energy larger than that inputted.

      The surprise is that in each case, after the initial triggering only a small part of the structured material produces a reaction, then progressing steadily second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, with a stable level of nuclear reactions continuing to be produced on demand as they are triggered each time for month after month for anything up to a year.

      If the correct conditions were present at the start for a reaction, why did reactions not then take place immediately all at once all through the structured material?

      Thankfully LENR reactions seen so far are of a slow intrinsically progressive nature, we now have a future energy source with no possibility of a runaway nuclear event.

      The question is, how does this slow nuclear progression work? If the reaction was initiated in one location with neighbouring reaction site locations progressively triggered, expanding as a spherical shell wave front, there would be a low initial energy output with a geometric increase in the energy output through time, if the reaction sites started all over the external surface of a lattice and worked inwards in a shrinking wave front, there would be a high initial energy output that would diminish through time, or is it statistics where the probability of a reaction occurring is very low, that reactions take place randomly throughout the structured material at a constant rate over time.

      Is it possible that there is a linear mechanism, one where the initial reaction of an atom sets up the conditions for an adjacent atom to subsequently react in turn setting up conditions for the next in line? It is possible that atoms in an atomic lattice sequentially react one after another in a linear progression along a row, This linear progression would also relate to the ability to start up then shut down time after time with no change to the nuclear progression mechanism.

      There is the mechanism of how hydrogen in close confinement with the target atom in combination with forced resonance of nuclear states produces a reaction, but there may also be another mechanism whereby there is a linear progression of reactions spread out over time.

      In the Theoretical work, is there explanations for both mechanisms?


      Keith Thomson.

    2. Andrea Rossi November 19, 2018 at 4:26 PM


      We are studying these issues,

      Warm Regards,


    Any thoughts from anybody???…superconductors-20181119/

    Universal Quantum Phenomenon Found in Strange Metals

    As they study the behavior of scrambled electrons using the holographic duality and other methods, researchers are gaining a sense of progress and partial insight. Some feel that the field is on a cusp of a conceptual breakthrough. Hartnoll said of the Planckian dissipation phenomenon, “I think it may be understood soon.”

    There seems to be another connection between black holes ans superconductivity and it is holographic duality

    We have seen the 4 second long "RF" broadcast signal immediately after the arc discharge on the oscilloscope from the demo.

    I don't know about RF as such, but I am pretty sure that 100kHz AC is involved. As for the platinum coating, the only evidence is a converation with an eye-witness so anecdotal.

    I am not a HAM expert as you are, but if a high voltage 100kHz AC current is applied to a set of electrodes, isn't a RF signal created in and around the plasma that lies between and even outside of those electrodes?

    It is a similar situation to the plasma glow ball where a high frequency voltage is applied to the center post and a EMF field that is produced by that voltage can energize a florescent light placed on the surface of the plasma ball.