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    Solar Flare Produces Coronal Rain 2012-07-19 NASA Goddard Solar Dynamics Observatory

    In the first part of the video, the plasma is very bright in the visible temperature range. But as time passes, the plasma heats and becomes invisible.

    In the latter part of the video, notice how plasma seems to appear at the top of the line of magnetic flux tubes. If there is a plasma circulation pattern in place, the upward leg of that circulation is now invisible in visible temperture range. Hot plasma is not usually invisible, as demonstrated by the downward lag of the circulation. That downward rain of matter seems to appear out of no where. This is due to the cooling of the plasma over time as its energy is radiated away.

    Invisible plasma in visible light is iron at a temperature of about 1,000,000C as XUV of black body radiation. As the plasma cools, its temperature drops to 7,000C and glowing with intense visible black body light.

    A quack fusion based reaction must be producing the energy necessary to elevate the plasma temperature of the highly ionized iron to over 1,000,000C. No conventional fusion reaction that I am aware of can transform hydogen directly into iron at the low fusion(hot) temperatures in place within this plasma circulation..


    There is a direct correlation between the Coronal mass ejection intently and solar neutrino production. This connection indicates that there are nuclear processes occurring within the magnetic flux tubes.


    Main sources: Stars/Chromospheres and Chromospheres

    "The correlation between a great solar flare and Homestake neutrino enhancement was tested in 1991. Six major flares occurred from May 25 to June 15 including the great June 4 flare associated with a coronal mass ejection and production of the strongest interplanetary shock wave ever recorded (later detected from spacecraft at 34, 35, 48, and 53 AU) [15]. It also caused the largest and most persistent (several months) signal ever detected by terrestrial cosmic ray neutron monitors in 30 years of operation [16]. The Homestake exposure (June 1–7) measured a mean 37Ar production rate of 3.2 ± 1.5 atoms/day (≈19 37Ar atoms produced in 6 days) [13]; about 5 times the rate of ≈ 0.65 day −1 for the preceding and following runs, > 6 times the long term mean of ≈ 0.5 day−1 and > 2 1/2 times the highest rates recorded in ∼ 25 operating years."

    Observations from a MFMP video of processes that have occurred inside the diamonds that comprise the LION reactor fuel suggests that magnetic flux tubes dissolve both protons and neutrons, absorb their energy content, and store their valance quarks until the flux tubes dissipate.

    The chiral magnetic flux tube will hold onto these quarks while the chiral magnetic flux tube survives. When this tube ceases to exist, the quarks recombine into protons, neutrons, and mesons just like a quark gluon plasma will reform back into matter when that quark soup cools.

    As the flux tube terminates, the quarks held in suspension by the flux tube recombine and reform protons and neutrons which then aggregate again into atoms. These atoms show transmutations into both differing isotope and completely new elements that are totally different from the original material feedstock.

    This same matter disassociation mechanism may also be occurring in the Corona of the Sun. When solar flux tubes disaggregate through magnetic reconnection, a quark fusion process transmits the sequestered quarks back into He3, iron, titanium, nickel, oxygen, silicon, magnesium, calcium, aluminum among other elements. These transmuted elements are propelled into space and subsequently deposited by the solar wind into the lunar soil.


    In more detail, Mass Coronal ejections seed He3 and iron into the interstellar medium.

    Besides He3, the solar wind contains iron and these nano-iron particles make lunar soil magnetic.…06/04apr_magneticmoondust

    Iron is produced by coronal mass ejections…rate-particles-on-the-Sun


    “Sudden particle emissions, in which our star repeatedly hurls large amounts of charged and uncharged particles into space, are still a mystery. Some of these particle flows are accompanied by violent solar flares, a sudden and local increase of the Sun’s brightness, and contain up to 10,000 times more helium-3 and up to 10 times more iron than the Sun's atmosphere. Why is this extremely rare helium isotope accelerated into space so efficiently? And why iron? How does the Sun supply these particles with the necessary energy to catapult them into space?”

    Logic forces us to accept the reality that element transmutation is occurring within the solar flux tubes since the elements expelled from them are so much more abundant than the solar ambient.

    Furthermore, as Holmlid has pointed out, fusion does not produce enough energy to accelerate these particles to the ultra-high speeds needed to reach the escape velocity of the Sun. There needs to be an energy accumulation mechanism to amplify and concentrate solar energy. It takes hundreds of millions of electrons volts for the Sun to eject matter into the solar wind. That energy comes from the binding energy derived from the dissolution of protons and neutrons that have been stored in the solar magnetic flux tubes which also support the transmutation of iron and He3 among many other elements generated by quark fusion.

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      Dr Andrea Rossi:

      Yesterday Angela Merkel said that she is disappointed on Donald Trump because he pulled out from the climate change agreement: she said that the global warming is not a matter of faith, it is a fact. What is your opinion?


    2. Andrea Rossi June 20, 2018 at 2:42 AM


      The global warming is a fact, but what is not proved is that the global warming has been generated from the activity of mankind. Our planet has passed through different eons during which things changed dramatically: the Sahara desert was a forest like the Amazons, Alps were under the ocean and so on. The causes are supposed, but not certain, albeit humans didn’t even exist at those times. For example such variations can depend on the displacement of the polarity due to events in the core of the Earth.

      This having been said, to consider humans liable for the global warming can have a positive effect on their behavior toward the environment: from a bluff can come real money.

      Warm Regards,


    What is Rossi going to do when his Florida factories go under the rising waves.

    axil The 'move to clearance' problem mostly happens when you start providing answers to questions nobody wanted to ask.

    Experimentation should be designed to answer questions and to support, refute, or validate a hypothesis. What is the hypothesis and the list of associated questions that this series of experiments is designed to answer? How will those questions be satisfied?

    Alan Smith has postulated that all the gammas that are being produced by the RUSS LENR reaction are all coming from the few grains of rice sized fuel. Alan must know by now how much energy is generated by the LENR reaction centered on those grains. Has he or any other associates calculated the energy density required to produce that much energy from those few grams of fuel? Would that energy density reduce that fuel to a plasma? Has the core temperature where the fuel is contained been measured? Is the fuel being vaporized?

    I'm sure you will tell us.

    I have in the past. And those posts were moved to clearance. This won't happen again. I will henceforth keep my own counsel and I hope it won't be long for you'll to find the REAL answers through experimentation. You will find that it is easier to ask questions then to provide answers.

    You have me on that. I have messed up badly due to a imperfect memory. So there are two gamma capable systems. Be as it may, how are these systems to be explained?

    Inner space. and you would be wrong to say no other LENR systems have produced gammas, just as you were wrong when you said none have produced neutrons.

    I provided that reference to Russ when he request such info.

    All the LENR reactions that I have read about can produce momentary Gammas, not the sustained and constant gammas that LookingForHeat is seeing. The same is true for neutrons. This sustained gamma production behavior is unusual and possibly singular. It is something that experimentation should be designed to understand in detail. If you'll don;t undertake to understand how this gamma is occurring, then how will you design to thermalize this regulatory unacceptable radiation,

    That is to a large extent what a gamma spec does.

    The deeper question to be answered is how gamma is produced in the Russ systems as opposed to all other LENR systems? What experimental method will shed light on this question? Where are the gammas coming from?

    There is another level of analysis that Russ et al is not doing that is required to understand what is going on in LENR. Looking at instrument counts and tables of data only gets you so far. A detailed microscopic analysts of the LENR reactor structure and used fuel will show the quantum mechanical mechanisms that underlay LENR.

    This post was original submitted in the Atom-Ecology thread and if not found there has been considered by the moderators to be a crazy idea.

    Aww, c'mon Axil. Leave them alone until they have data and conclusions or make tangible claims at least!

    How can correct conclusions be derived when the possibility of LENR reactions at a distance from the fuel is rejected out of hand, when that possibility is not ever considered, when tests that will prove or disprove the posit are not undertaken?

    Aww, c'mon Axil. Leave them alone until they have data and conclusions or make tangible claims at least!

    How can correct conclusions be derived when the possibility of LENR reactions at a distance from the fuel is rejected out of hand, when that possibility is not ever considered, when tests that will prove or disprove the posit are not undertaken?

    Which is what I tried, suspecting a combination of 27Mg, 28Al, 29Al (from the thick alumina insulation).

    The Question is: Does the LENR reaction occur in the fuel or in the reactor structure outside of the fuel? Only LFH can say anything about the composition of the fuel because the makeup of that fuel is secret.

    If the LENR reaction is occurring outside the fuel within the structure of the reactor and in the surrounding insulation and/or the shielding, then we must ask how such a fusion reaction at a distance can occur. How can particles and/or atoms collide and fuse within the structure of the reactor?

    When will we see what the structure of the reactor looks like?

    You might not like your results, but you need to learn to live with them

    Richard Feynman:

    The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.

    What I cannot create, I do not understand.

    For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.

    Physics is like sex: sure, it may give some practical results, but that's not why we do it.

    It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong.

    I was born not knowing and have had only a little time to change that here and there.

    Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so that each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry.

    If I could explain it to the average person, I wouldn't have been worth the Nobel Prize.

    Our imagination is stretched to the utmost, not, as in fiction, to imagine things which are not really there, but just to comprehend those things which 'are' there.

    Physics is to math what sex is to masturbation.

    You want to beleive that LENR is particles smashing into each other an fusing. But in reality, this is not the case. LENR involves the creation of particles that gain energy and imparts that energy to the matter that surrounds. You might not like it, but get real, nature is going to do what it needs to do no matter what you think.


    There is one here (also attached), but what it is showing exactly is up to anybody's guess, since scale and ranges are missing information, as well some meaningful comparison to background. Hopefully more will come soon.


    That radiation curve looks like bremsstrahlung to me.

    This type of radiation is produced when the kinetic energy derived from high energy particles are thermalized through collision with atoms.


    This is the radiation curve that MFMP saw in their experiment. They called it "the signal". However, the MFMP gamma immediately converted to excess heat production.

    The Surface Plasmon Polariton is the active agent in the LENR reaction. This polariton must be pumped using some types of EMF, topically some form of light that range from soft x-rays to infrared.

    What Letts has shown is that the phonon version of the polariton called the Surface Phonon Polariton can also be pumped by deep infrared EMF called Terahertz THz - IR-C


    On the theory of three types of polaritons

    LENR's connection to artificial gravity.

    Extraordinary momentum and spin in evanescent waves. - NCBI

    "Momentum and spin represent fundamental dynamical properties of quantum particles and fields. In particular, propagating optical waves (photons) carry momentum and longitudinal spin determined by the wave vector and circular polarization, respectively. Here we show that exactly the opposite can be the case for evanescent optical waves. A single evanescent wave possesses a spin component, which is independent of the polarization and is orthogonal to the wave vector.

    Furthermore, such a wave carries a momentum component, which is determined by the circular polarization and is also orthogonal to the wave vector. We show that these extraordinary properties reveal a fundamental Belinfante’s spin momentum, known in field theory and unobservable in propagating fields. We demonstrate that the transverse momentum and spin push and twist a probe Mie particle in an evanescent field. This allows the observation of ‘impossible’ properties of light and of a fundamental field-theory quantity, which was previously considered as ‘virtual’"

    The evanescent optical waves unlock the spin of light for the Surface Plasmon Polariton. These waves convert the force inherent is the spin of light into a linear force that is identical to the force of gravity. This force is described by the "Belinfante–Rosenfeld stress–energy tensor"…ess%E2%80%93energy_tensor

    Belinfante–Rosenfeld stress–energy tensor

    The curious combination of spin-current components required to make Belinfante tensor symmetric and yet still conserved seems totally ad hoc, but it was shown by both Rosenfeld and Belinfante that the modified tensor is precisely the symmetric Hilbert energy–momentum tensor that acts as the source of gravity in general relativity. Just as it is the sum of the bound and free currents that acts as a source of the magnetic field, it is the sum of the bound and free energy–momentum that acts as a source of gravity.

    Whatever happened to the gamma spectrum data that the new spectroscope was going to generate? Did I miss it in a previous post or is that data classified as secret?

    axil : The reaction is 2 7Li --> 2 4He + 6Li. For short: 7Li has enough free 3D/4D flux to form out one more 4D Quanta. But the 8Be configuration is electrically unstable.

    All LENR reactions are introduced by spin coupling. Not the kind of spin you know from the standard model! It is the momentum from the magnetic mass waves that couple and finally redistribute!

    As said: This is a short cut from a new theory, that is very exact. Just forget anything about the standards model. It is a graveyard for 10'000's of physicists.

    How can spin coupling apply to the LENR reaction operating in a plasma. Whatever you claim must be backed up with experimental results.

    We already discussed it here and here extensively. I consider UGC technology as a most generic example of cold fusion, which also illustrates, how cold fusion works.
    Other technologies look more cryptic and they may not have something to do with cold fusion (i.e. strong force involved process) at all.

    This is also why I trust the UGC fusion the most, not because of their efforts to convert energy of deuterons to electricity (most of energy is still released in form of heat).

    Regardimg: The general cold fusion theory aka the broad view of LENR

    I see no references to experimental data, LENR articles, or science findings in general to document the assertions that the poster has made in this thread.


    My basic picture is, the LENR is not a single well defined nuclear process, but mechanism of acceleration of whole spectrum of nuclear reactions, which are often already known from colliders and nuclear reactors.

    If this statement is to be taken seriously, then this statement should be supported by a listing of each reaction and the experiments that describe these reactions.

    How can Li7 be a neutron doner without any neutrons detected in any LENR reaction? Please enplain how this neutron transfer can occur without radiation or neutron detection with references

    Sorry if I must it but has any of the fuels tested used zink dust within the bind, ?

    I seem to vaguely remember that one of the oldest patents that Rossi authored stated the the powder he used was copper and zink might have been a possible alternate.

    Piantelli lists zink in his patents as one of the many transitions metals that support LENR.

    What lesson did me356 learn from his experiences here at LF and the Rossi saga? Take all the knowledge that this site and MFMP can provide then go dark and hope that the memory of your existence fades as time passes.