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    "It is a process where EMF (Light) is converted to magnetic flux lines which produce hadron decay"

    I'll go down that road only in the light of a modicum of experimental proof

    In the same way, what is the experimental proof for fusion? As we decided before, proton / proton fusion is so improbable that it is virtually impossible.

    Remember, 14,000,0000,000 years per reaction in the core of the Sun.


    The possible Role of Axions in LENR

    for theory and experimental proof.

    We have been down this road before when we discussed the meme that Holmlid was supporting. LENR has nothing to do with fusion. It is a process where EMF (Light) is converted to magnetic flux lines which produce hadron decay. Those protrusions are where the light accumulates and are localized in optical cavities to form polaritons.

    Only if the proton would decay to radiation completely. But why it shouldn't decay to neutron and electron first, for example? The probability of such process is much higher, it runs for example inside the neutron stars, which segregate their matter of protons to neutron core and electron surface layer. It releases lower energy but the scale of its production would overshadow every subtle effect of direct proton decay.

    The proton decay is abstract concept - in reality the protons would always decay to their constituents first.


    Nuclear interac<on is negligible

    Kaon momentum s 340 MeV/c: is below Cherenkov threshold

    essen<ally a search for kaon decay at rest

    Other decay modes as follows:

    Given the upper limit of proton decay speed observed (more than 6 × 1034 years) it's improbable to play significant role for LENR: with axions or without them (the same logics indeed also applies to axions itself). If the heat of Sun would depend on decay of protons, it would produce few microwatts as a whole.

    I don't understand,,,. the decay of the proton releases most of it mass to energy which is 1 GeV per reaction. Fusion releases about 3 MeV.

    Augmenting Reality: Axions, Anyons, and Entangled Histories

    Frank Wilczek’s presentation about Axions starts at 4:00 into the video.

    Axions were invented to solve the proton decay problem. Breaking time reversal symmetry is required to force the proton to decay. But the constraints placed on quarks by relativity, quantum mechanics, and gage symmetry of particles makes time reversal symmetry very unlikely to occur. Because there are three levels of quarks, a parameter of time reversal symmetry breaking exists as a single scalar parameter called theta. However, the color gluons introduce a connection between electric and magnetic interactions that allow the theta parameter of time reversal to become dynamic and therefore accessible to manipulation.

    The time reversal behavior of these color gluons can be affected under EMF influences. Specially, magnetic fields change the behavior of time reversal behavior of the color gluons. A magnetic field can induce a non zero theta value that will produce an electric dipole moment in the color quarks. Induced electric dipoles in particles produce time reversal symmetry breaking in color gluon mediated quarks.

    No electric dipole charge distribution has ever been detected in particles which imply that time reversal symmetry breaking does not occur in particles. To explain this observation a new symmetry has be discovered called the Peccei-Quinn (PQ) Symmetry which covers the theta parameter as a coupling constant. Because of PQ symmetry breaking which always happens, this forces the theta parameter to near zero. In other words, a dynamic theta means that its zero value is favored. The theta parameter is a field that has a quanta value and an associated force carrying particle called the Axion which couples very strongly to theta and therefore is has very small mass.

    Axions can interact with magnetic fields to produce photons. This means to me that photons can interact with the PQ symmetry to produce axions.

    In condensed matter systems, axions can be created as emergent particles.

    It seems to me that a condensed matter system can produce axions that are capable of inducing a non-zero value of the theta parameter so that the gluon color force will generate a decay of the hadron.

    Experimental evidence of this disruptive nuclear effect is available. Here is another SEM micrograph that shows a LENR active agent produced in a LENR reactor fuel preparation process, most probably an ultra-dense hydride micro particle that generates transmutation of graphite into a metal. The LENR agent has penetrated the graphite and settled on its bottom and is generating metal nanowire there.


    Stimulated Emission of Dark Matter Axion from Condensed Matter Excitations

    “In this paper, we discuss a possible consequence of the Bose-Einstein condensation of the dark matter axions: stimulated emissions of the axions. Based on the coupling between the axion field and the electromagnetic field, we discuss the stimulated emissions of the axions from collective excitations in various condensed matter systems. In particular, as a concrete example, we investigate the stimulated emission from the magnetic vortex strings in type II superconductors, where a mobile vortex ensemble, such as vortex flow or vortex liquid, is realized near the critical temperature. The emission rate of the dark matter axions are estimated, and a possible experimental signature of the emission is discussed.”

    Recently, Axions have be detected emanating from condensed matter systems.

    Holmlid has shown that ultra dense hydrogen is superconductive and forms a Bose condinsate at room temperature. The UDH is covered with a spin wave that may host a vortex based condensation of polaritons that could emit a flow of axions,

    This is the QCD "Lava Lamp." It is an excellent animation of the 4 dimensional structure of the long-distance aspects of the QCD vacuum. The blobs are instantons and anti instantons forming and annihilating each other in the vacuum inside the hadron. instantons are vortex like current of magnetic flux lines that form inside the hadron.


    The forces within Bose condensate (BTW cudos for unlearning of "condinsate" misspelling - I can really see some progress here) are quite minute ones: they cannot unify itself with weak and strong nuclear forces and/or gravity. Matti Pitkänen is lone mathematical savant, but I never saw a single coherent prediction other than "TGD-motivated" vague blurbs. He just lives in his own world of imagination in similar way, like you - just at opposite side of formal barrier.

    I know that my progress nas been small but keep up your caring attention to my intellectual vicissitudes. Like a bee that alights on a pregnant flower, the insemination of a new ideas oftentime begins with a unsolicited conceptual journey in the company of a unappreciated lone savant.

    The LENR community can be mean spirited and hurtful to the most noble and good natured among our number. The way that Peter Gluck was mercilessly pummeled in the Rossi/IH wars at the expense of his health was both depressing and distressing. This sad behavior showed how low treatement of the noblest, most dedicated, and long suffering spirits among us can fall. Now it looks like me356 is the next victim of this vitriol. It is expected that such treatment would come from the detractors of LENR, but for those who support it, the selfishness and greed is disgusting. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

    me356 has endured years of baiting in an attempt to extract his hard won knowledge. The motive for this behavior can only be rooted in greed and jealousy. It is no wonder that Rossi is an embittered loner who will have nothing to do with any of the LENR communities' elite.

    Related to the post above...

    I now believe that grand unification of forces can occur in a polariton Bose condensate as a method of graded energy filling of the 10 dimensions of string theory in a serial layering fashion.

    See my posts here for a discussion of the string theory concept and my recommendation to use a non-equilibrium polariton Bose condensation for the string theory test


    A non-equilibrium polariton Bose condensation is a condensed matter construct that is a study state dynamic process like superconductivity or photosynthesis and not a fixed state of matter in which a photon condensate can form and persist at any temperature no matter how high.

    This Bose condensate energy filling process as discussed in the afore referenced thread is how a polariton Bose condensate can reach an energy level that is high enough so that the fundamental forces, except gravity, unite to become a singular unified force. This high energy grand unification level condition is how the many miracles of LENR: no radioactive products, no gamma radiation is produced; hadronization of energy generates mesons, and so forth, can happen in condensed matter physics.

    Memories...This fellow is a member of this site. My posts to his site got him here.


    Holmlid/Kotzias : Phase transition temperatures of 405-725 K in superfluid ultra-dense hydrogen clusters on metal surfaces

    I studied his theories in which reality is a fractal layering of dimensions. This multi-dimensional layering is the situation that results from noncommutative quantum dynamics.…tive_quantum_field_theory

    I now beleive that grand unification of forces can occur in a bose condensate as a method of graded energy filling of the 10 dimensions of string theory in a serial layering fashion.

    see my posts here recommending polariton bose condensation


    This is not exactly what Pitkänen proposed but it is along the same multi dimensional layering vain.

    This bose condensate energy filling process is how a polariton bose condensate can reach an energy level that is high enough so that the fundamental forces, except gravity, unite to become a singular unified force. This high energy condition is how the many miracles of LENR happen.

    Bunch of bits, pieces and parts of disparate data, many gaping holes in said data, absolutely zero LENR proofs or conclusion,

    But every "Rossi Zealot" will clap their hands and say "See, I told you so, Rossi is great".

    Rossi has true grit.

    From first hand reports, the quark is a small tube that is transparent. Light comes out of that tube and is very intense. That plasma containment tube holds a plasma at 2700 °C. The material that that plasma containment tube is made of must hold together for 1 year without leaking. This containment tube material is where a failure of the quark will come from.

    My guess is that this tube material is Boron nitride. This isolator begins to sublimate at 2,973 °C. My guess is that Rossi has figured at a way to keep the plasma temperature lower than 2700 °C so that the plasma is not so hard on the tube material. For example, the theory paper COP calculation is based on a temperature of 2362.85 °C

    As shown in Rossi's theory paper, It also come to mind that the COP estimation of the Quark was calculated with the assumption that the light coming from the quark was produced by blackbody radiation. Such an assumption may be wrong,This light from the Quake may not be produced by black body radiation.

    The light may be coming from a side-peak emission of a polariton bose condensation

    Marrying superconductors, lasers, and Bose-Einstein condensates

    June 17, 2016 by Sheri Ledbetter…einstein-condensates.html

    also see

    High-energy side-peak emission of exciton-polariton condensates in high density regime

    If the claims were real, with heat at the magnitude claimed, it would not be difficult to produce rock-solid calorimetric proof. If Me356 will not do that, I will not believe his claims. No one should believe them.

    As me356 has informed us, the type of format that the LENR reactor produces can vary based on "opening the valve". It is possible that the LENR reaction can produce "No heat". The LENR reaction can produce all kinds of nuclear based radiation including sub atomic particles, high energy radiation. It is up to the designer of the LENR reactor to extract the energy produced by his reactor and apply it to meet customer needs.

    In more specific terms, the LENR reaction can produce visible and/or UV light, x-rays and gamma rays, protons and/or neutrons, infrared light (heat), shock waves meaning near light speed nuclear fragments, mesons including kaons and muons , and electrons.

    The LENR reactor designer has some ability to adjust his LENR reaction to increase production of one or more energy formates at the expense of other types of formats.

    By the way, this feature of LENR precludes fusion as the source of LENR energy.

    In conclusion, regarding the assertion: "it would not be difficult to produce rock-solid calorimetric proof", it is possible that a gainful LENR reactor will produce no heat.

    Examples of such reactors are the papp engine(shockwave) and the plasmatron(electrons).

    You have no right to any opinion, positive or negative.

    The only persons who have control of my rights to express myself on this site is the moderators and the other site officers. If I violate those site rules, then I will be warned by the moderators. As far as I know, JedRothwell has no authority to define my rights here on this site.

    This video will give an idea of how bacteria can be engineered to transmute waste into feedstock elements and compounds for other processes by using LENR.

    NiH is very questionable, as there is no clear reproduction, and many failures and few frauds.

    The proof of NiH LENR is shown in the pictures that me356 has generously allowed us to see and analyze. It is near impossible to fake such SEM micrographs which show transmutation that is undisputable.

    It might be that you do not see what the pictures are showing, if not make an effort to understand them.

    Resources in space, both in materials and energy, are enormous. The Solar System alone has, according to different estimates, enough material and energy to support anywhere from several thousand to over a billion times that of the current Earth-based human population. Outside the Solar System, 10e23 other stars in the observable universe provide opportunities for both colonization and resource collection, though travel to any of them is impossible on any practical time-scale without interstellar travel by use of generation ships or revolutionary new methods of travel. LENR will enable near light speed travel through space..

    The kuiper belt is a comet-rich area of our solar system that begins near the orbit of Neptune and continues beyond Pluto. This zone is a prime location for colonization. The belt's inner edge is about 30 astronomical units (AU) away from the Sun. Its outer edge is about 50 AU away from the Sun.

    Scientists believe there may be hundreds of dwarf planets awaiting discovery inside the kuiper belt . These planets would be a good first step in colonization.

    Thanks for the post. I had counted 6 different LENR reaction types but I forgot to include living systems. I will increase that number to seven. This life based system type uses quantum mechanical based mechanisms like those involved with photosynthesis which converts light to chemical energy. The LENR reaction outputs cannot be too injurious to the life process. But the production of sub atomic particles is not precluded in that some species of microbial life can live in extremely radioactive environments, in fact in nuclear waste and even inside the hot zone of nuclear reactors. These species can exist on the energy produced by this radioactive environment.…ts-harmful-radiation.html

    Black Fungus Found in Chernobyl Eats Harmful Radiation

    Generally accepted by who? You just made that up -- just now. You pulled it out of . . . thin air. No sensible person rates an amateur project higher than the work of professional scientists at major laboratories.

    In any case, I was talking about Rossi and his claims. You assert they are right, but as I said, you have no idea what you are talking about, because you have not read Rossi's own report. Anyone who reads it will see that Rossi is incompetent and a liar. He destroyed his own credibility with that report. Which, I suppose, is why you refuse to look at it.

    It is also generally accepted that the year long test was a political war in which truth took a back seat. Anyone who makes any judgements derived from the malarky that both sides put out is neive. When I realized that the test was a connard from early on, so I decided not to waste time on evaluating propaganda and obvious attempts to produce evidential support for a future lawsuit.

    Jed wasted so much time and energy on that test, it was sad. And the effect that the whole experience had on him was distressing. It turned an even tempered guy into a cynical fanatic much like MaryYugo to the great loss to the LENR community. I hope over time that Jed can heal himself from the stressful effects of this diabolical test.

    Rossi was wise enough to move on from the fusion based theories of Cook to Gullstrom because the theories that Cook was pushing were incompatible with the dusty plasma LENR reaction. I was surprised when I read Gullstrom's theory. it was advanced and surprisingly accurate and it has many points of theory correct. Specifically, the use of magnetism as the active agent in the LENR reaction and the role of sub atomic particles such as mesons are as active in how LENR works. I am surprised that Rossi has accepted these new ideas and have embraced them even though he might not completely understand them.

    Gullstrom must have taken Rossi aside and patiently explain to him how the confidential experimental evidence that was in Rossi control supported the new theory and how it diminished the stuff that Cook pushed. This shows me that Rossi has an open mind and he recognized how a valid LENR theory is supportive of his commercial objectives. Gullstrom is also trusted to keep those proprietary secrets confidential even though Rossi allowed for that theory to be published and available to the general public. I also beleive that Gullstrom has been designated as Rossi's backup just in case something happens to Rossi that puts Rossi's goals in jeopardy. This is a great honor and responsibility for Gullstrom as the heir apparent to the Rossi legacy.

    Rossi might have judged that the professional LENR community is still bogged down in the Fusion illusion and would not accept the new Rossi theory as valid in any way. This shows how politically astute that Rossi is.

    Those professional LENRests hate Rossi so much that they will not beleive anything that he says even though these revelations are the absolutely true.

    Look to the open source community for fair evaluations of the Rossi situation.

    Actually, most LENR researchers know nothing about Rossi.

    Rossi is hated because he is a fraud and a liar. YOU have no business challenging that statement because you have not even read Rossi's report. I mean the so-called Penon report that Rossi uploaded as evidence for his claims. It proves he is a fraud. You have not read it so you do not what you are talking about.

    It is a generally accepted truism that open source as exemplified by MFMP is more trustworthy and objective than the greed and jealousy deminstated by professionalism.

    I am not denigrating the people at the MFMP, but for anyone to put their work ahead of the research that confirmed cold fusion in the 1990s seems crazy to me. It is like betting that an informal weekend softball team will beat the New York Yankees.

    Rossi is roundly and vehemently hated by just about everybody in the "professional" LENR community and he knows it. The is not so much about competence, it is more like objectivity and impartiality.

    Professionalism is no guarantee of honesty. Consider the the Black Sox Scandal. It was a Major League Baseball match fixing incident in which eight members of the Chicago White Sox were accused of intentionally losing the 1919 World Series against the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for money from a gambling syndicate led by Arnold Rothstein. There is a lot of money at stake in the future of LENR.

    Hi me356

    Maybe for you the realitiy of LENR is obvious, because you work on it day by day.

    For (the most of) us it is still completely in question whether LENRs exists at all. We had and saw many disappointing events and unclear results in the past.

    Based on the type of LENS excess heat might not be a LENR reaction product. For example, the main output of the SunCell is high frequency light and little heat is produced by the SunCell reaction. Some dusty plasma type LENR systems produce electrons in a direct to electricity reaction. In other words. it might be that LENR will not give why you expect to see.

    Rossi will produce a demo that will show what he wants to show. The job of the cynics is to come up with an explanation of the deceptions that Rossi has invented. Rossi will not show anything that his competition can used to move their research forward.

    The calorimeter error arguments should be dusted off and gotten ready for another dance on the stage. There is the wet steam gambit that might be worth a try. The hidden wire is going to be a hot one since the demo will show a few milliwatts of input energy and a huge amount of heat production due to a COP in the 2000s. I don't think that the measurement error argument will work since the COP will be far to high.

    Y'all need to go back over those millions of old posts to refresh your memories in preparation for the big demo. This could be the last one before product manufacture...time is get prepared...we can't let this scam gain more life than it already has.

    Possible causes that has produced the T10 picture.

    It might be that one or more Ultra dense hydrogen particles have penetrated deep into the base of the carbon tape and has begun a process of transmutation of that carbon into multiple crystals of metal nanowires. The stain reaction might be caused by the production of mesons and long range projection from the UDH reaction site that change the isotope of carbon by adding a neutron as explained in Rossi's latest theory paper.

    The flow pattern might be caused by the movement of UDH particles inside the carbon as the UDH travels along the base of the carbon tape as has been seen to occur in the ECCO fuel micrographs. The metal transmutation products are not dense enough to emerge from the based of the carbon as the UDH moves in a straight line as these UDH particles are apt to do.

    In short, moving UDH particles produces stain like transmutation along their line of travel. When the UDH decides to stop, this stainanary UHD produces hedgehog like transmutation of metal nanowires.