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    The LENR reaction is a mysterious and supremely hard to understand situation that varies widely from system to system. Because of its supremely complex nature, the LENR reaction can lead to false assumptions based on analysis of what goes on in any individual system. I posted on a system that shows how strange that the LENR reaction can be as follows:

    My best guess as to the cause of a radiation-less LENR reaction is quantum mechanical superposition. In many LENR only based systems that function without fusion, transmutation is produced without the production of any energy whatsoever. Take transmutation produced by microorganisms. These micron sized bugs produce conversion of elements inside their delicate bodies without any destructive effects whatsoever: no heat, no gammas, no radioactive isotopes, nothing... very strange.

    Among many others one of the strengths of the document is to give an explanation why normally no gamma-radiation has been observed during LEN-reactions.

    This observation is not always true. Fusion might well be occurring in some types of LENR reactions. In the ICCF-24 presentation:

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    ICCF24 Presents: Theresa Benyo, PhD - Federally funded LENR activities at NASA

    Nuclear reactions seem to be occurring. I agree that intense electron screening seems to be producing some level of nuclear activity. There are other LENR systems that also produce nuclear reaction indications involving micro-particles as the supporting lattice material.

    There may well be two concurrent processes going on in these hybrid reactions that look something like this:

    A LENR reaction only system can exist without the co-operation of a LENR reaction. A system like the Elegy wand can be such a system where direct electrical production is occurring without the generation of any nuclear indications and heat. A plasma system is likely to be a LENR reaction only system since there is not indications of nuclear activity.

    A system like the lattice assisted reaction may be a hybrid reaction where there is a instance of both LENR and fusion reaction occurring simultaneously. This duel type of reaction will produce confusing nuclear reaction indications because the LENR reaction could modify the fusion reaction by-products, for example radioactive isotopes may not be produced as actioned by the LENR reaction.

    There is also a mostly fusion reaction that produces the full array of nuclear indicators such as radioactive isotopes, neutrons, tritium, and gamma rays specific to fusion.

    The LENR reaction springs from the onset of coherent electron cluster formation. The fusion reaction springs from the formation of incoherent electron screening concentrations. It is possible for a mixed population of electron clustering to exist simultaneously in the same system. This type of system can produce very confusing nuclear indications.

    This is the one thing EVERYONE on LF can agree on. Axil is either a faker, charlatan, crackpot, delusional, etc. Pick your favorite category. I try not to care so much but it is these types of fakers that cause serious problems in LENR. And this is from my perspective where I disdain your "Maxwell Sucks and there is no charge" agenda.

    You seem to be a very compassionate, sensitive, and caring person with a heighten sense of social responsibility. With all these exemplary properties of character, you might serve as a role model in the role of a political or religious leader. I am privileged to bring out the best in you. Keep up your inspiring work and I will continue to rouse you to higher and more vigorous efforts.

    "You rely on false physics and therefore you are not able to analyze What is LENR and how LENR reactions flow. For the rest of the community, my trivial advice is -" Just ignore everything that a person with the name "Axil" writes. I try not to offend him, but reading his numerous comments every time is unbearable...

    The world of LENR is complicated in the extreme. Many codependent and interacting processes are going on concurrently. I admit that I have not been sensitive to this very complicated situation. I have only described one aspects of the complicated whole. In the future I will be more perspective in the analysis of any particular LENR application so that general statements do not prejudice particular situations. I regret that I have caused you any discomfiture.

    I am very pleased with the vigorous and informative repartee offered here. It has advanced by perspective and insight into the extreme complications that is now apparent in the LENR arena. Every LENR system must by necessity of it complicated nature be considered and with descriptions of specifics and not with assertions of generalities.

    In my next post I will attempt to penetrated the complications presented by the Lattice Confinement Fusion(LCF) situation. This system at first blush looks like it presents a wonderful political opportunity but also might suffer from a potential tragic technical situation. This all stems from the complications of the complexity of the concurrency and limitations of its mutually interacting processes. Perfection is the enemy of progress.

    Please don't begin a Rossi argument in this thread. Such political behavior is counterproductive and a distraction. What I am interesting in is Rossi's technology and how that IP might advance our understanding of the LENR reaction. I am interested in how a wide range of LENR systems preform with Rossi's systems among them.

    Near the end of his ICCF24 video, Egely describes what the EVO is and how it might be formed. George mentions a macroscopic quantum process that is or like superconductivity and/or superfluidity. Egely uses the term "Macroscopic Quantum Object" MQO to name the EVO. A number of LENR experts use this term synonymously as an alternative to EVO. Egely then states that the EVO is stable at room temperature and is very weird. In fact, the EVO is a coherent superconductor that is indestructible at any temperature and only terminates when it becomes unstable due to a limit on its growth. The powerful explosions that he mentions in the production of output current is produced by exploding EVOs.

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    It is important to understand that there is a input power threshold limit in which transmutation begins to be produced by the LENR reaction. The more that this threshold is exceed, the more transmutation related damage to the reactor is produced by the reaction. This threshold is not very large. As a inventor, you may build a reactor that might work for a day, or a weak, or maybe even a month but it might not last for a year because of the damage that transmutation produces over time. Transmutation is not produced by fusion. The more input power that is applied to the system, the heavier (greater atomic numbers) that the transmuted elements will be that are being produced. Transmutation is a process related to vacuum decay. The LENR reaction is profoundly complicated and confusing. Many processes are happening concurrently possibly even fusion. Fusion cannot produce transmuted copper or lead. But if transmutation is occurring, you are assured that the vacuum reaction is causing it.

    I found the spot in the Egely video where he briefly describes this transmutation based threshold he has discovered and set the time to it as follows

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    The reason the IH test failed is because Rossi faked the customer, the heat, the steam, the numbers he wrote down, the invoices, the requests for billing, and the contraption pipes could not physically move any volume of steam, if he made any more than by accident, especially since there was no pressure to guide the steam in any direction. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of pure bullshit that whole Doral escapade was. And he is still in court over discovery fees from that.

    That may or may not be true, but his reactors turned to junk at the end of the test.

    More on my opinion about the limits of LENR reactor reliability as follows:

    The reason why Rossi is running the LED light demo is not only to show the micro in action to other people, but also to prove to himself that the micro will last for at least the guarantied warranty timeframe and possibly longer.

    Rossi is not going to tell his competitors what he has discovered through his many failures. He is hoping to slow those competitors down when they build those big powerful reactors like he did over more than a decade that all fall apart due to the effects of accelerated transmutation.

    It makes sense that if each EVO transmutes a bit of matter to produce a bit more energy, the more EVOs that are generated to produce more power, the more transmutation that you must endure.

    In the LCF reactor, not only deuterium is being transmuted, but the lattice is also being transmuted and in space you cannot replace the lattice when it dematerializes.

    You think so? So why, right now, are they upscaling the system drastically, and I am told with some remarkable success?

    listen to just after 3:00 for the remark about effects of increased power production.


    The Reason that the IH test that Rossi ran that failed was because the high powered reactor fell apart. Rossi had to be on site most of the day and night to keep those reactors running.

    This is why Rossi is now developing a 10 watt micro reactor like Egely: he knows too, ask him about it. These small reactors are below the transmutation limit.

    Rossi ran the QuarkX reactor for a year to make certain that a small reactor would not fall apart. Rossi might be a butthead and hard to take, but he learns from experience.

    10 watts output might be the output power limit... beleive it or not.

    This low power requirement to ensure high reactor reliability imposed by LENR is where the fusion concept falls apart in a hybrid system. You cannot engineer a 10 watt thermal reactor.

    Which I showed you earlier. You are beginning to contradict yourself quite a lot. Slow down, grasshopper.

    In the posts immediately above, I explain how a combined hybrid fusion/LENR system can form in a microparticle based lattice system. This type of duel system confuses the issue of what is producing which reaction indicators. The gamma indicators of the correct fusion related frequency values maybe misinterpreted as coming from the LENR system, just like the transmutation is misinterpreted as coming from the fusion system.

    In the NAE where the EMF and the electron gas have not come into energy equilibrium, the large concentration of electrons produce a large negative charge screening factor. These fusion capable NAE are where the large amplification of negative charge screening produces the reduction of the coulomb barrier of the deuterium gas in and around the NAE.

    In this microparticle based system, the NAE can be either fusion capable or LENR capable based on the probability that light/matter entanglement has or has not taken place.

    For more detail, see the following:

    Plasmonics with a twist: taming optical tornadoes on the nanoscale

    Nanoplasmonics provide many types of EMF amplification mechanisms. One of the more difficult mechanisms to understand is how a pile of nano and micro particles greatly amplify EMF. The reference provided in this post shows how the topology in the way particles aggregate explain how EMF is concentrated through vortex formation. The reference defines an analogy between a vortex and a gear. Like a funnel, a large particle gathers the energy from a wave of EMF far larger than its diameter.

    Figure - Optical enhancement of nanoparticle clusters with coordination numbers (points of near contact or nano-gaps) from 1 to 7.

    The enhancement factor of the electromagnetic fields in the nano-gaps is proportional to the capacitance that the particle can impose on the dielectric material in the gap.

    Simply put, the number of polaritons that can be packed into the dielectric medium filling the gap is directly proportional to the amount of charge difference that the particles can bring to bear in the immediate neighborhood of the nano-cavity.

    The micro-particle has a far greater capacitive potential than a single nano-particle or even a large cluster of nano-particles because its bulk and surface area is orders of magnitude bigger than those particles that are sized on the nanoscale. But critically, there needs to be a way to increase both the effective surface area of the micro-particle and the coordination number (nano-gaps) when two micro-particles grow close together

    This is cleverly engineered by covering the micro-particles with nanowires like the spines that cover the surface skin of a sea urchin.

    The nanowires draw close and touch as the micro-particles draw together but the charge on the surface of the micro-particle largely remains in place because current does not readily flow across these filamentary points of contact. The nanowires provide a gage or better described as a spacing mechanism so that the micro-particles maintain the optimum nano-metric capacitive distance between their respective micro-particle surfaces.

    Fusion production discussed in the next post

    My view of the details of the reaction in LCF that is producing both fusion and LENR in a microparticle based system

    Controlling LENR through the proper use of micro-particles

    Micro-particles provide ability for the amplification of the catalytic effect through the application of many forms of resonances. One such amplification mechanism involves the reception of electromagnetic energy (EMF) by the metal particle as those particles acts as an antenna which reaches out over a great distance to bring in EMF energy from a very long distance away from the particle. All that EMF energy is converted into dipole electron motion. But now we must understand what the Nuclear Active Environment (NAE) is, it is useful to know how to build the NAE.

    How to build a nano-cavity in an optimal way

    To illustrate a pivotal principle from Nano-engineering that bears upon LENR, in experimental results from that field involving Nanoplasmonics, the electromagnetic field strength in the spaces between nanoparticles is exponentially strengthened based on the number of nanoparticles and the distribution of sizes of these particles in contact with each other.

    Electromagnetism is concentrated on the surface of the metal particles. This EMF generates an alternating current that is tightly confined to the skin of the metal particle.

    Dipole vibration generates a positively charged side of the metal particle and a negatively charged side. In the case of LCF, EMF comes from breaking radiation that generates an electrostatic charge on the surface of the metal particle through the action of coherent alternating currents of free electron gas that live on the surface of metals.

    In the case of the LENR reaction, a strange thing happens to the electrons on the negative side of these metal particles. The electron becomes entangled with the ambient photons that carry the EMF when the energy level of the electrons and photon become equal. A compound waveform is produced called a polariton.

    Because the polariton mostly produced from x-rays and RF is a boson, there is no limit to the number of these quasiparticles (the electron half of the dipole) that can be packed into the NAE. The other positive “hole” (exiton) part of the dipole resides within the walls of the NAE. An exciton is a bound state of an electron and an electron hole which are attracted to each other by the electrostatic Coulomb force. Attraction between the electron and the hole causes their motion to be correlated and the resultant electron-hole pair is known as an exciton.

    This coupling of the electron gas with the EMF from breaking radiation is the first and most basic level of resonance in the LENR reaction.

    One very important way to increase the strength of the LENR reaction is to increase the density of the electron gas that floats around on the surface of the metal particle.

    Amplification in the density of the electron gas will amplify the LENR reaction. In the same way, a big capacitor will produce a bigger spark than a very small capacitor.

    Needless to say, enhancing EMF production is the other method that increases the strength of the LENR reaction, but in Nanoplasmonics, EMF pumping (like amperage) and energy levels (like voltage) of the electron gas are directly connected.

    The LCF system that uses micro-particles for the lattice provides additional opportunities for resonance development to increase reaction intensity by increasing the density and energy of the electron gas.

    This amplification process through the use of micro-particles is the subject of the next section of this description.

    Remember, strengthening the density of the polariton gas is a prime LENR design goal. Electromagnetic field strength amplification is what we really want to do.

    More in the next post to make this figure meaningful.

    Isotope activation seems to be happening related to the fusion reaction in the LCF experiment. The ICCF24 NASA presenter states that these unstable isotopes become stable with great speed. This is because the LENR reaction that cohabitates in the LCF experiment with the fusion reaction stabilizes isotopes that have been produced by the fusion reaction at a distance. If this peculiar behavior is taken seriously by NASA investigators, the attempts to understand what is going on will really give them an unfathomable issue that they cannot resolve.

    In a LENR system, the laws of nature are changed. The LENR environment is one in which electromagnetism is replaced by electroweak unification. The Z and W weak force gage bosons are replaced by the W3 boson which is now massless because the mass of the Z and W gage boson mass has been removed by a modification of the vacuum expectation value of the Higgs field (aka false vacuum) in the places in the lattice where polariton condensation has taken hold.

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    Lattice Confinement Fusion(LCF) is a wolf in sheep's clothing, a system that appears friendly or harmless but is really hostile to the hot fusion community. This system will introduce LENR broadly to the science community and overcome the reputation trap.

    LCF appears to be a hybrid system where the LENR reaction coexists with some fusion and neutron generation. The interplay between fusion and these nuclear reactions is interesting. One can tell that this interplay has the ICCF presenter confused

    There seems to be some energy gain of 4%, but it is not clear if that gain is coming from the LENR reaction or the fusion reaction. What is promising to see is that fusion is confirmed by the detection of the proper gamma signatures which never happens in a purely LENR system.

    The NASA presenter seems confused about where the transmutation of the metal lattice is coming from. The guess is from electron screening, but we know that it is the LENR reaction that is producing this transmutation.

    There was mention that fission must also be happening to produce some of the transmutation products. How this fission is produced is yet to be considered.

    On the plus side, transmutation in LCF will be subject to analysis more broadly by the hot fusion people and confuse the hell out of them. For on thing, this heavy metal fusion and fission does not seem to produce any energy.

    For another thing, LCF will give LENR researchers reputation trap relief, an entree into technical paper production, article acceptance by Nature publication and peer review. That fusion gamma signature and the production of neutrons will give the LENR community scientific legitimacy.

    This license of legitimacy will have a high price to pay for NASA. transmutation in a high power system requires continual replacement of the structure that is supporting the LENR reaction. The replacement of mission critical components cannot be done on a long trip through space. The LCF reactor will fall to pieces in short order.

    Transmutation is currently believed to be produced by the fusion reaction, but that belief is wrong. This fusion idea will be fatal to the prospects of any LENR reactor because transmutation will eat that reactor to pieces in no time.

    Egely knows how to avoid transmutation as mentioned in his ICCF24 video presentation, that is, to keep power production below the transmutation input power limit. This idea contradicts the fusion meme which forces high input power to activate the fusion reaction. The LCF presenter mentions upscaling to increase power production. This upscaling will destroy the LCF reactor through transmutation increase more rapidly in stages as LCF reactor power production increases.