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    Now, I guess, we can assume what was Hurely's roll in this demo.

    Watch the demo video from 2:29:45. As soon as Mats Lewan said "detach the device" to Rossi, Hurley stands up, takes the paper to distract Lewan, but Lewan went upstairs and Hurley drop the paper, but when Lewan comes back and was ready to follow detachment process, Hurley takes the paper again and DISTRACTS Lewan. For some reason, Rossi couldn't find the switch location and ask Fabiani about that. Pay attention, that control box ON/OFF switch visible on box open window and was not far from Fabiani's hand on control box (see attached control box picture), but look how far Fabiani starches his hand to get to the "Rossi TRICK" switch, up to the end of the box. There is no opening at that spot on the box, that's why Rossi has to lift the box cover in order to use "Rossi TRICK" HIDDEN switch.

    Also, look at 2:30:46, as soon as Rossi see that Hurley distracted Lewan, makes rapid move and puts down the item in his hand and immediately lift the cover. One time to open the "air window" and then for second time to use "Rossi TRICK" switch.

    Here is Rossi's another lie,

    Andrea Rossi

    November 26, 2017 at 4:04 PM

    " Fabiani says me to turn the switch, and at that point I go to the side of the box at my right, where the switch is, and make the switching action"

    In reality at 2:31:05 Rossi himself ask Fabiani question and Fabiani said "switch" and then Fabiani, not Rossi, stretches his hand and turns the "Rossi TRICK" switch. Listen to the click sound.

    P.S. English is my second language.

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    Post from ECW

    Cuthbert Allgooda day ago

    Another milestone, and yet another disappointment. I've been on the "believe it when I see some real proof" train for years now. I hope it pops out someday, but the fact is, there is zero proof that any of this works, despite what many people want to believe.

    Let's assume Rossi is genuine. Then what the hell is wrong with the man? If he didn't want to demonstrate it, then don't. But if he did, surely it's worth spending a few minutes thinking about how to present it such that the test setup isn't completely ridiculous as to prove nothing.

    Public demonstration? Well, why the hell not have some professional videographers do a recording and upload it? It's either public or it's not. Why be so amateurish?

    Doing a full-featured measurement of energy consumption is notoriously tricky, but these are solved problems. It's not like he couldn't have made it battery powered and have it suspended on a platform by fishing line such that it's impossible for external power to get there. Put the damn thing in a black box if you have to, but show me the water heating up far faster than the battery can account for. It's just not that hard to make a bullet-proof demonstration.

    So why doesn't he? I actually don't think Rossi is a crook. I do suspect that it's very possible he's fooling himself and it doesn't actually work. And he's now stuck in a mode where he fools himself into thinking he just needs a few more months and it will actually work. But perhaps it never worked and that's why the endless delays, the sloppy testing protocols and general disorganization.

    I hope this isn't the case. And I hate to be negative. But I remain that "I'll believe it when I see it proven."