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    On the matter of Dewey Weaver being unable to provide any proof of what he claims.

    Rossi has provided no proof of what he claims. On the contrary, there is abundant evidence that what he claims cannot be true. He has previously lied about many things such as having customers or mass production. His most recent statement about blocking the pretend customer site from the I.H. expert is highly suspicious, to say the least.

    Why do people here demand proof from I.H. while they take every statement by Rossi at face value, with no proof at all?

    According to the story, he had six stones, but how many shots would he get in before Goliath would reach him? "One shot" refers to the shot, not to how many pebbles he was carrying. If he didn't kill Goliath, but merely wounded him, say, Goliath would be enraged. How long did David have?

    According to Gladwell, he could easily have got off several more shots. Slings used by experts had considerable range. Enough to kill at up to 200 yards. An Israeli weapons expert estimated that from 35 meters away, the stone had as much as a "fair sized modern handgun" and it took about a second for the stone to reach Goliath at that range. The way Gladwell portrays it, it was pretty much a sure thing that David would win, given the choice of weapons: sword versus sling. Edo-period Japanese samurai despised the use of arrows and bullets rather than swords. They said "flying weapons are for cowards."
    You can read some of the technical details in the preview of the book
    See part 3 for technical details.

    Mats Lewan is quoted: "Nothing in the report itself seems to give any opportunity for large mistakes, invalidating the claim of a high COP (as opposed to claims by people having talked about the report with persons connected to IH)."

    He's nuts. There are mistakes large enough to drive a truck though. Evidently Mats does not understand calorimetry as well as I thought he does.

    I agree with the I.H. experts on this. Rossi used "inoperable reactors, relying on flawed measurements, and using unsuitable measuring devices." If Lewan has seen more of the data he quoted in this article, I do not understand how he missed seeing that.

    While the first sentence above (e.g. "The average flow of water was 36 cubic meters per day.") is indeed a summary by Lewan of what Rossi apparently told him about the 1 MW test, the second full paragraph ("A total of about 31 MJ of electric energy.. etc.") has NOTHING to do with the 1 MW test, but is a summary re-analysis given by Lewan (not Rossi as Jed claimed) of the October 6, 2011 test carried out by Mats Lewan.

    You are right. I got that mixed up. The 1 MW, 36 cubic meter per day flow, 60 deg C return temperature, and 10% being arbitrarily subtracted were the same numbers I got, but not that paragraph.

    Here are some useful calculations from the information provided:…

    David prevailed against Goliath because David trusted reality and Goliath trusted his own invincibility.

    David prevailed because the premodern sling in the hands of an experienced shepherd was as deadly as a modern pistol at short range. It was used to kill wolves and other tough targets. Goliath probably lost because he suffered from developmental problems from giantism, especially blurred and double vision. See Malcolm Gladwell, "David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants."

    David had one shot with his sling.

    He probably had plenty of ammunition. A shepherd would never go fight someone with only one stone. Having only one stone makes it a better story.

    Anyway, since Clean Planet links to a news item which states the above, and this is accompanied by their statement next to this link that "Japanese government has started to support our clean energy project with Tohoku University", I can only conclude from reading this as well as the associated articles that, consistent with previous information that I have seen, both the Japanese government and industry (including Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Technova) in association with Clean Planet, are carrying out and supporting significant research into LENR.

    You can only conclude that because you have not read the Japanese government web site papers, which the Clean Planet site links to. You can Google translate them, and you can also look for additional information on the program, which is titled 環境新技術先導プログラム. You will see that this is an RFP.

    This document shows 15 RFP categories on p. 5:

    One of them is cold fusion. Item D5: "Analysis and control of new thermal reaction in metal hydrides" (金属水素間新規熱反応の現象解析と制御).

    This document:

    . . . shows that the allocation has been postponed to after June 2016. The application date is closed. As far as I know, no one applied for the cold fusion category. Clean Planet would probably have mentioned it if they had. As you see, the qualifications are stiff and I doubt they meet them. Here is the application, if you are interested in applying:

    Would you care to post up proof of this rather bold statement

    What proof could there be? An e-mail could be faked. Perhaps you have in mind a video recording of a meeting?

    Your demand for "proof" makes no sense. If you want evidence for this claim -- evidence, not proof -- look at all the guff I.H. has put up with from Rossi. Obviously they are patient and forgiving people. Since they are in business to make money, it makes no sense that they would be so forgiving unless they hoped the technology would work and they intended to pay for it.

    Here is an update on the project (dated November 24, 2015) which confirms that the Japanese government’s initiative to fund LENR research has moved forward:

    No, it has not. Here is the Japanese government's initiative to fund LENR, in the government's own web page:
    You can Google translate it to see the gist of it. This is a proposal from a study group. Two documents are attached:

    1. A list of 10 proposed energy-related studies. Cold fusion is #8: "Analysis and control of new thermal reaction in metal hydrides" (金属水素間新規熱反応の現象解析と制御). Four institutions are listed. It is not clear to me whether they are going to give money or get it. They are: Technova, Inc. (a long time player in this field); Nissan Automobile Corporation; Kyushu national University; and Tohoku University Research Center for Electron Photon Science (

    2. Committee members: Chairman Kenji Yamaji Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth Director, Institute Vice Chairman Hideo Kameyama Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Professor Emeritus, Committee Tomohiko Ikeya Central Research Institute of Electric Power Materials Science Institute deputy research, Committee Ito Mikio Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of atomic Design Research Center Associate Professor . . . No cold fusion researcher is listed in this group.

    Akito Takahashi is effectively CEO of Clean Planet

    No, he isn't. See:
    I don't see how he could play a role there. He is elderly, retired, and he lives in Osaka. Clean Planet is at Tohoku U, 860 km away.
    The information on government support is here:
    This links to an article by Krivit and the NEDO proposal.

    In Japanese:
    This links to the defunct NEDO proposal:

    Which links to a research committee at Tokyo Nokou Daigaku (Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology) which has nothing to do with Clean Planet:

    and I know Takahashi. That good enough for you?

    ETA. $20M state support in 2015, $30M in 2016, plus contributions from Toyota, Mitsubishi et al. Some sparrow!

    Where is this information published, in English or Japanese? I have been in regular contact with people in Japan editing and translating papers, and I read Japan Cold Fusion Society papers. This has not come up. I doubt there are millions of dollars going to researchers but none of them are talking about it.

    Government expenditures of this nature have to be published. Where was this published? What Ministry and Department allocated this money?

    I should add that I saw a government proposal to do this some years ago, and a proposed application form, but nothing came of it as far as I know.

    And now the Abe government has given oversight of an expanded investment program to the Japanese Nuclear Energy Authority and 'Clean Planet' has become a 'Skunkworks' with what is effectively an unlimited budget.

    Good grief. Oy veh. Where do you people come up with this kind of stuff? Who told you that? I have not been to the Clean Planet facility. But I have known everyone who works there for twenty years or so. I have translated their papers and I have worked with them at various times. I have seen many photos of the Clean Planet lab and the equipment. This is a handful of superannuated retired scientists working for nothing, using old equipment that Mitsubishi was going to throw into the trash. They gave it to the university instead, for which we should all be grateful. There is no unlimited budget. There is hardly any budget at all.

    I have been to Japan many times, and to several Japanese National Universities. I attended one as an undergraduate. Most Japanese national university research facilities are one step up from a junkyard. Their budgets are "sparrow's tears" as they say in Japanese. They use power supplies and scopes from the 1960s, and floppy disk computers from the 1970s.

    My critic is very tight and clear. You can never withdraw a statement (paper) based on somebody's results of an experiment done (10000km away).

    It was not 10000 km away. I was right there! It says in the paper: "In October 2014, I visited the laboratory and spent ten days learning more about the equipment, watching the experiment in operation, and taking data with my own instruments."

    Conclusion: Dr. Mizuno was very unhappy that the world had a clear picture of his success.

    That's nonsense, but I would have published the retraction whether he liked it or not. After I saw the calibration data it was clear to me Mizuno and I had made a mistake. I would never let that stand uncorrected.

    So its up to You to tell us the “true” story about what really happened. (whether Mizuno wished a retraction or the establishment? Or both.)

    I did tell you the true story of what happened. It is right there in the paper, with supporting data. You have some weird fantasies and conspiracy theories, but they are not the "true" story. You want me to give you "supporting evidence" for your imaginary nonsense. Sorry. No can do. I do actual data and experiments. I do not engage in fifth-rate pot-boiler airport bookstore thriller novel plots.

    Did the data that you had access to appear to show a measured temperature value of 100.1 C?

    As I recall, that is an average extrapolated from the data Rossi gave in the Lewan interview. See:…

    I do not have the data I received on this computer, but I recall the temperatures were low. There were other indications the fluid was water, not steam.

    Jed Rothwell: "If I.H. conducted tests, I suppose their tests also failed to show excess heat, but I wouldn't know. I am speculating based on the I.H. press release and motion to dismiss."

    But you're sure that the E-cat does not work.

    But you're only speculating.

    No, I base that on my analysis of Rossi's data, as I said. His magically round numbers.

    I also base that on what Rossi described in the interview: the I.H. expert insisted on seeing the customer site, but Rossi refused to let him in. I think the only plausible reason for doing that was to cover up the fact that there was not 1 MW of heat being released in the customer site. Anyone allowed into the room could confirm or deny the 1 MW easily, by examining the equipment in use there, or by testing the ventilation with standard HVAC tools.

    Apparently, that is NOT what you have done!

    You announced that the E-cat doesn't work (i.e. you "made up your mind") but as far as I can tell, since you haven't seen the ERV report and Rossi's other evidence, you haven't first heard from both parties!

    I have seen data from Rossi, as I have said several times. I am sure it is from Rossi because the numbers he gave Lewan in the interview were the same one I have seen. I have somewhat more data than was revealed in the interview, and a description of the configuration.

    I also have some information from I.H.

    It is preposterous to suggest that they haven't done a single test in 3 years(!!!) in which they had the original 1MW container to their disposal, before the 1 year test even started.

    I did not say they did or did not conduct tests. I have no knowledge of that. The only thing I know is what I.H. said in their press released and motion to dismiss: the reactors did not work. The measurements are flawed, and the instruments unsuitable. I agree with that, based on my own analysis of a sample of Rossi's data.

    I am sure it was Rossi's data, because the numbers are the same as he reported to Lewan. Magically round numbers.

    If I.H. conducted tests, I suppose their tests also failed to show excess heat, but I wouldn't know. I am speculating based on the I.H. press release and motion to dismiss.