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    And the order doesn't even matter...

    "He never planned to have the event in the first place. It was all a smokescreen from the very beginning."


    With every "Demo", we saw a decrease of equipment, overall layout, audiance, etc.
    Doral was the absolute highlight!

    So for me, it's not a surprise.
    Even the basics, two production EV-cars, one retrofitted with E-SCAM tech ... not in his "Budget".
    And think about the necessary peripheral equipment aspects.

    He is a One-Man-Show, there is no team!

    ... and who will be the "ERV" for this announced "demonstration"?
    It's important, as it was with the Doral incident.


    AR needs an "ERV" to weasel out again :)
    In case there are again some strange readings from "EXPANSIVE" instruments used.

    Andrea Rossi

    July 3, 2016 at 2:03 PM

    Frank Acland:


    a) The flowmeter used in the test is property of the ERV. The ERV has chosen that instrument based on his experience. It is, by the way, a very common flowmeter, that everybody can buy, even if it is quite expensive. The flowmeter has been certified and after the test the ERV has retrieved it and sent it to make a certification of its margin of error after the test of 1 year, specifically with a flow of water with the same temperature and the same flows of water that we had during the test, minimum, maximum, average. So the ERV told us he was going to do when he retrieved his flowmeter after the shut down of the plant at the end of the test.


    The ERV is a nuclear engineer, with experience of nuclear power plants and certification+validation of plants

    Warm Regards,


    AR a bit upset about a website that has been up and seemingly unchanged for about a decade…

    Yeah, Roger Green ....

    For decades now, this Australian guy is trying to make some money with slipstreaming Rossi's vapor tech. Nothing really new.

    If my memory serves me well, AR wanted to send his army of lawyers, to sue Roger Green to obivilion.

    That AR, with the usual capital letters is complaining now... Gosh, booooooring, really!

    Haven’t checked in for at least six months. Obviously I haven’t missed anything. And yes, still a “Rossi skeptic”, a unicorn skeptic, a Santa Claus skeptic….

    Nice to read you again.
    You missed nothing in the Rossi "case".

    Come back in October 2023, after the annouced big "E-Cat keeps an eletric powered car alive" event really happened.

    As usual with Il Dottore, you can not rely on anything.

    This is a suspected sockpuppet posting and answer:

    Sourcecode is "fine", but look at the writing style and the usual spacing for exclamation/question marks.
    In general, one time poster with a single female name in the past were sockpuppets. (e.g. Kelly)

    After talking about that here in LF, he changed behaviour. Now we got some more single name male sockpuppets.
    E.g. Like Tim, Hans and Yuri.
    And if he has got some script to "correct" his sockpuppet control error, it's getting even more difficult.

    What''s that blinding bluish light shining from the focus of the brain?!?

    ...conservatively, we estimate it at least 1W

    Hmmm, that's the zone, which controls the sockpuppets. With some malfunctions, from time to time....

    Let make it easy. I bet my family jewels that Sam stopped to believe in AR magician technology long time ago. He's just here for other reasons. (Pulling our legs? Take revenge for being gullible all these years? ...) I don't know. He's not even able to put two sentences together in a row but prefers to communicate through silly youtube videos that show where his gullibility comes from. I apologize in advance for being so rude but being teased all the time is not nice.

    In the past, a flock of members of the Chuch of Rossi, posting offensive bullshit, trying to convince others here in a missionary way, they were annoying me.
    Sam is just Sam. IMHO, he is not offensive. He is not on a mission. He has no agenda.
    If you do not want to see his postings, you can configure the settings to hide the posts.

    ... and, hey, this is "The Playground" :)

    Guys, it's First of April ...

    100% sure, that Kelly is a sockpuppet, but this time somehow the Magician pressed the correct "F-Key" to disguise it.

    All about "Enemies" ,"Trolls" and "Mumbojumbo" ...

    ... and misplaced exclamation and question marks :)