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    No, Rossi is not fooling me anymore. Not since 2011.

    "Showdown" as what I mean with the original meaning from playing poker. Not the duel meaning, to end a conflict with a spectacular happening.

    Showdown in German is more to that: lay down your cards on the table, show what you have got on your hand.

    So Rossi will show his new HomeDepot-Reactor thingie, with blinky, blinky.

    But he won't win the jackpot.

    Thumbs up for Mats for correctly writing "E-Cat", even Dott. Rossi is variant in naming his baby :-)

    What's missing:

    Input power (el.) versus output power (thermal).

    What was that called? COP? COP from Doral "test" was what? Penon Report, don't mentioned...

    "But after at least a decade of hard work, without asking money from any third party"

    I doubt that! He sold licences, there were orders... and he never delivered, later bought them back.

    "But let’s assume that the there’s no working E-Cat device. Then either Rossi is fooling himself,

    and there’s nothing that makes me believe this now, or it’s a fraud, which hardly makes any sense at this point."

    I hope Mats is earning some money with his books and/or his blog.

    14 days left to "showdown" :-)

    1. Believer (I believe! The scources tells me, that this is the truth)

    2. Aknostic (I can't decide! I can't proof or disproof, the sources I observed leads me to be uncertain, more obersavation is needed)

    3. Atheist (I do not blieve! The sources I observed tells me, it's not true)

    And there are also the opened minds, that says:

    There are always changes, let's see what the future will bring.

    Some are armchair watchers, other's grap their tools and go to work.

    Let's stay open minded!

    To get more knowledge!

    "Alle sagten: Es geht nicht. Da kam einer, der das nicht wusste und tat es einfach."

    Then please, please explain your Guru Rossi simple things like how to correctly calculate the mass-energy equivalence (using correct units).

    Usually, his is 3 orders of magnitutes off.

    Quite scary when you believe that this genius has developed a nuclear reactor and calculates the amount of fuel to be charged, isn’t it?

    He does not have a reactor, that can do a full "annihilation" -> mass to energy...

    Nobody has that. Even nuclear bombs only convert a fraction of matter to energy.

    Nuclear fission reactors are also only converting some percent of the "fuel".

    Congratulations to NASA and all the people in the New Horizon's team.

    The pictures from Pluto were great.

    But this extended mission results with an object sooo far out there and compared to Pluto sooo small.

    This object is only about 30 kilometers large, in a distance about 6.4 billion (in German Milliarden) kilometers, a flyby at about 3000 kilometers.

    And more HighRes pictures and data yet to come.




    I don't know if you were out of school yet, but but Prof. Focardi saw that it worked more than 7 years ago.

    Or does the Royal we refer to you not seeing evidence? Or if you had been there you would have showed it to be fake because you are so much brighter than a famous expert in the subject? Hard to tell with an anonymous blogger.

    Rossi doesn't owe you anything.

    "Rossi doesn't owe you anything."

    Not me and not he forum, but the cancer suffering children ...

    (I'm aware, that this post is EVIL)

    • Frank Acland January 1, 2019 at 12:34 PM

      Dear Andrea,

      Happy New Year! I hope it is a good one for you and your family.

      For the E-Cat currently operating in an undisclosed location, have all the necessary legal authorizations to operate it been obtained?

      Best wishes,

      Frank Acland

    • Andrea Rossi January 1, 2019 at 4:13 PM Frank Acland:
      Happy New Year to you and all the Readers of Ecat World.
      The answer is yes.
      Warm Regards,


    <sarcasm on>

    With HIM and all his (unknown) minions in this great team, his conjunctions to gouvernement, his weekly meetings with regulation authoryties, his army of lawyers and experts, who are in daily meetings with the customer, to set up a 40MW plant (in different locations) and controlled via his condo in Miami...

    The answer is just YES!

    Fine, after 31th of January, mankind will enter into exploiting a new kind of energy source.


    I'm amazed!

    2019 will be brigth and awesome!


    Like in the computer game "Stellaris" after some couple of month, ordering the sceince ship to other stars... :-)

    <sarcasm off>

    Assuming the Rossi gadget is real, neither he nor you have the slightest idea how it works or where the energy is coming from, so neither of you can offer any assurance that the machine is safe and that it will not go out of control and cause a catastrophe. On the contrary, Rossi has repeatedly claimed the machine irradiated him and made him sick. He is saying it isn't safe. Who are you to contradict him? You believe everything else he says, so why don't you believe this? If the machine made him sick it would be crazy to install it in a populated area. We have to first find out how strong the radiation is, and how to shield against it.

    If it does not use radioactive materials, what makes it work? Why do you claim it is safer than a fission reactor when you have idea what makes it work? How the hell would you know?

    That is purely hypothetical when applied to Rossi, but it is a real issue when applied to actual cold fusion device. It is an issue no one in this field has addressed -- or even thought about.

    "On the contrary, Rossi has repeatedly claimed the machine irradiated him and made him sick."

    NO! He, Rossi, said, that he opened up the shielding, observing the operating E-Cat and that caused him trouble.

    "He is saying it isn't safe."

    NO! He, Rossi, said, it is safe, because there is no radiation measured outside the shielding note to notice above background radiation.

    "If it does not use radioactive materials, what makes it work?"

    NO! He, Rossi, said, he does not use radioactive materials to make it work.

    The WHY/WHO it works is his secret. And the work of his genious minions (military grade, of course), who are in his great team.

    And this is of course a point for regulataions and to worry about by government/agencies.

    Because this very well might be dangerous at runnaway points (I dunno know if it is the correct epression, it's my limted english language knowledge)

    If is comes to the point of a claimed 40MW power installation at a claimed customer, controlled via HTTPS ( Mega LOL) and all problems arise of this claim (and maybe installation of devices) he sais, it will not be a single installation, but splitted ....

    So, your above arguments will not be of any concern to the Mega-Babbler, aka AA.

    • Andrea Rossi December 29, 2018 at 3:44 PM

      Sal Schauwecker:

      Yes, it has.

      Happy New Year likewise to you!

      Warm Regards,


    • Sal Schauwecker December 29, 2018 at 2:32 PM

      Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:

      Has the Indetermination Principle something to do with the theory you are studying upon with your Theoretical Team?

      (Answer: ” I cannot answer in positive or in negative”, I know it already)

      Happy New Year


    Dear Dott. Rossi:

    1. Has the growing amount of fish in my fish tanks and the green color of my subsea plants to do with the theory of "Indetermination Principle"?

    2. Is there any form of electromagnetic field and frequency demands corresponding to it? e.g the color of light -> frequency of the EM-field?

    3. Does my fish and fish tanks are affected to the behavoiur and the nature of the nucleus?

    4. Is there Quantum mechanics involved the natue of the Rossi Effect?

    5. Have you invented new high tech materials to solve your problems?

    6. Have you also invented new electronic devices to get across the controller problem, seen in the convincing demo at the IVA in Stockholm?


    1. Yes!

    2. Yes!

    3. Under NDA!

    4. Under examination!

    5. A lot!

    6. Of course! You will (NOT) see them on the live stream 31th of January!

    Let me add, that my army of patent lawyers is busy writing the patent documents for this right now under my advice, when I return fron the tennis court.

    This silly Q&A game on JoNP is so redicoulus!


    BTW what is your scientific approach to solving the sociocultural barriers to LENR?

    Ich habe aus Deinen Beträgen gelernt, dass Du jemand bist, der mit Wörtern und Sprache gut umgehen kann und sie für Deine Zwecke anwenden kannst. Da meine Kenntnisse der englischen Sprache eingeschränkt sind (it's a non native language for me):

    I say this:

    Show me a LENR device with Eout over Ein that has been proven by "respected entyties". In the real world. Not in the JR archieves. Not on JoNP. Not on ECW wishfull thinking. Not in contact with conspirary theories.
    I wish there would be some working device. And I think I'm quite aware of the (sociocultural barriers) consequenceses, when it arrives.

    It's like an alien nation making contact with us. Talking to us in scientific manners, like Maths and Physics, you know?

    A world changer... a new point to be.

    There is only 5% we know from the world in general. You have heard about the rumors about Dark Matter and Dark Energy, I supose.

    Real LENR makes this civilasation from going 0.1 to 0.15, in energy matters and 0.1 to 0.11 in "sociocultural barriers" what ever that means in your cultural things ...

    e.g. "sociocultural barriers to LENR."

    It's not about how is "right" and who is "wrong".

    It's about to bring this Homo Sapiens to a better level of equity.

    To stop exploitation of earth and it's inhabitants, and scources. To stop unbound growth.

    To stop interest and more interest

    I hope you see my point of view.

    Hebrew language? Interpretations? The whole story about Adam and the concesquenses? The Bible? All parts? Science in it?!

    I'm satisfied with Homo Sapiens and the theory covering it. One Race! On one planet! A tiny pale dot in the universe.

    That's a minefield for the MODs.

    I'll stop posting on this. Don't wanna getting banned for this.

    So for me the phenomenon exists .

    Let's check the reality in, let's say, beginnig of April of 2019.

    Selling heat from E-Cat SK with 20% savings compared to conventional sources of energy (to a major company, bla, robotic factories, bla, COP >X, bla ...)

    For the reason why (and it's a good reason, to keep off religion and politics from the forum) I will not go into detail.

    But, I must say, "Merry Christmas" is a cargo cult ... and it's EVERYWHERE in these days.

    MODs, forgive me, but this must be said:

    SOL INVICTUS. It's winter solstice.

    Day's are getting longer again. Just an improper calender tanslation/correction from 25th to 21th.

    That's all. That can be measured. There are formulars. Fundamental laws of physics. Newton, Einstein and others.

    There are predictions, that can be proved.

    That's a scientific fact.

    Posted with intension to "The Playground". I hope it will be read anyway by somebody.

    On the other way: forgive me, I'm drunk :-)

    Interesting Dr Feymans remarks on his work on the Manhatten Project and after thoughts starting at 15:15

    Interesting also is Dr Feyman remarks about Atom Theory starting at 31:35

    sam12, thank you very much. I like Mr. Feyman very much.

    At about 44:51 Mr. Feynman start's making some, for me, very important statements, explaining his view of the world, the universe and everything.

    These days it is always good for a laugh to see the babblers wallowing around in their sea of erroneous facts.

    They seem to be getting more desperate as Jan 31 approaches and totally unable to understand what I write.

    Just keep on bablling, Adrian.

    Your are the one who is positive about Rossi since years.
    But maybe you are not able to admit that you have been wrong for so many years.

    Let's check it in April 2019!

    I'll be here.

    Another blatant lie from a babbler that hasn't a shred of evidence to back it up.

    As he just makes things up just to be insulting I wonder if anyone believes what he writes about Rossi. He doesn't believe what he writes himself or he would have taken my bet..

    I can't recall that he has ever written anything worth reading.

    Babble on, Adrian. Meet me here on 1. of April 2019. Ich bin mir sicher, das wir dann neue Infos über Rossi und seine bahnbrechende Erfindung haben werden. F8.

    I had the same thought. That is why I displayed Frank Acland's message times. We know that Frank is a real person. If you look at his posts their pattern does not shift when Rossi travels to Europe. I conclude that the timestamps of messages from real people are assigned when the system receives them and have not, so far, been under Rossi's control. Of course anything could happen in the future.

    Just for the records/archieve:

    Either the JONP Blog software is buggy or something else is STRANGE, look at the time stamps:

    Question from Andrew at 8:15, answer from It Dottore at 8:14 :-)

    • Andrew December 10, 2018 at 8:15 AM

      Dear Andrea Rossi,

      Have you completed the series of tests for the theory and for the presentation of the Ecat SK?



    • Andrea Rossi December 10, 2018 at 8:14 AM


      This cycle of tests has been completed, but:

      1- Tests never end because evolution never stops

      2- The experiments for the theory have been extremely important to us and we have already scheduled a new series of experiments to go through the things we learnt so far. Still the hypothesis of the annihilation of virtual fermions at low energy resists.

      We’ll see.

      Warm Regards,


    There are also postings where there is a mismatch between the poster's name putting a question and the name Rossi is responding to.
    But, for all AA knows, I'm just an annonymous babbler on the internet.

    Adrian Ashfield : 31th of January will come and go (next DPS). Let's talk about Rossi again on First of April, 2019 (Fools Day).

    So many Pro-Rossi's have gone (e.g. IH Fanboy of Eng48) without further comment after IMPORTANT tests/demos (aka DPS).
    Sam12? Make a mark in your calendar :-)

    I will be here in April. :-)

    From JONP (emphasis added)

    • Mihail December 8, 2018 at 10:05 PM

      Dr Rossi:

      During the presentation of January 31st the COP will be calculated also considering the electricity consumed by the control panel, or only the electricity consumed by the Ecat SK?

      Thanks if you can answer,


    • Andrea Rossi December 8, 2018 at 10:33 PM Mihail:
      We will give also the data related to the consume of the control panel that, by the way, is completely recovered.
      Warm Regards,

    So, let's talk about that:

    The control panel consumes electric energy (that a potential difference and a current) and for what I've learned at school, a fraction of voltage drops when it hit's a resistance and is transformed to heat. That's why you have to add some cooling device to e.g. power supply units or CPU's.

    To spread the heat to another medium, air or some liquid, to "put it away" from your prescious device.

    And now Dott. Rossie is able to recover this COMPLETY?! Turn heat 100% to WHAT?!

    Can somebody please enlighten me?

    Nobody asked. So, sockpuppet "Kelly" was activated.

    bang99 I am surprised to see the description of his ecat still up on Rossi's site given the cease and desist order the Florida Board of Professional Engineers (FBPE) issued him last summer. The material that you have copied and posted actually formed part of the evidence the FBPE used to find that Rossi was practicing engineering without a license.

    Yes, Bruce, and it is also to see on / Products

    Since years ...

    And, last but not least, the famous ERV-Report for the 1MW Doral incident, with the short summary:

    "The Expert Responsible for Validation certifies that for a period of 350 days the ECAT 1MW plant consistently produced energy exceeding six times the energy consumed. Thus the guaranteed performance was accordingly achieved.
    From the annexes of the report one can read of daily Coefficient Of Performance (COP) factors ranging from 63 to 139 with an average of around COP 80 for the whole 350 day period

    So, doing advertisement /take pre-orders for a product that, as Rossi says, is abandoned.

    Okay, the solution is as simple as it could be:

    Someone just forgot to update the sites :-)

    Someone was too busy to blog about exiting new E-Skat thingies ...

    The Doral plant, even if it did produce some level of excess heat, was no where close to a commercialized product. Moreover, Rossi is never going to allow other parties to have hardware that is out of his control. He is market adverse because he will NEVER flat out sell an E-Cat. He wants to have an empire where he can sell billions of dollars worth of heat to his customers without risking his IP.


    this is from the up to date, offical Rossi/Leonardo Corporation web site "", 2018-11-09 21:16 MEZ

    Products ->

    Products/ 1 MW Plant

    This is Rossi himselft offering this, right now for anybody to pre-order..

    QX's? SK's?

    ECAT 1MW Plant

    Sign up and pre-order, and secure your place on a waiting list with the right to priority treatment and faster product delivery. All pre-orders will be followed by a proposal from Leonardo Corporation, when the timing is right.

    The ECAT 1MW plant contains 4 ECAT modules of 250kW each mounted in a shipping container. Warranty for functionality is two years with a guaranteed COP of 6, and the plant has an expected life span of 20 years.

    The ECAT 1MW plant is constructed inside an international standardized 20ft container which can easily be transferred between different modes of transportation (e.g. ships, air cargo, trains, and trucks).

    The plant consumes small amounts of treated Nickel powder and Lithium aluminum hydride (LiAlH₄) The plant is recharged by specially trained and certified personnel.

    Pre-orders are accepted from all over the world and require a routine due-diligence process. Customers must comply with several criteria set by Leonardo Corporation in order to qualify for a purchase of an ECAT 1MW plant.


    1MW Plant Features

    Water/Steam Outlet

    ECAT 1 MW Plant is a Heat Plant with 1 MW of thermal output through a normal pressure warm water/steam outlet. It can easily be coupled to a secondary high pressure loop for local or district heating


    ECAT 1 MW Plant is made up of 4 modules. These modules produce 250 kWh/h of heat each and are built into a 20′ container.

    Vast amount of Energy

    ECAT 1 MW Plant produces energy through a so-called LENR process. No combustion takes place; instead the Rossi Effect is responsible for the release of vast amounts of energy

    High Mobility

    Due to its structure, the ECAT 1MW plant is extremely easy to use. It is delivered in a standard container which can be stacked if your solution requires multiple ECAT 1MW plants. It also has a convenient plug’n’serve design that makes installation straightforward.