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    Where on the Internet (not ECW or LF, nor the usual suspect "Free Energy sites") is the debate about

    this "groudbreaking revolutionary theoretical plant and the experimental setup he showed" in the Condo-demo?

    Why no resonance? No discussion, no review. No peer review.

    BTW: The ECat SK Condo video and the compilations on YT have between 1.000 and 17.000 hits, only ...

    And comments are not allowed :-)

    Conspiracy?! :/:evil:


    The e-Cat is a magnificence (look it up).



    Which one do you mean?! :-)

    He dumped all that beautiful Pout > Pin magnificence gadgets.

    None for sale ... Even the 5sigma baby, the After-The-Doral-Desaster QX.

    Leonardo Corp. is now selling (non-LENR) heat as a service to confident customers, remote controlled from a Miami condo.

    I do not belive that.

    But I doensn't matter what I belive.

    It will not change anything :-)

    I'm simply having fun following the Rossi saga.

    That's not the real signal.

    The real signal would show ion acoustic oscillations.

    He revealed that the plasma was within the negative resistance regime when he showed the oscilloscope in Stockholm and he wasn't about to make the same mistake again.


    So, you agree that the scope screen at the SK-Condo demo, the one with the 6 camera angles, showed an untriggered, random noise signal?

    I'm definitely later to the game than you. Maybe I'll be where you are in a few years. Don't know. Frankly I'm surprised that Rossi would have *any* customer as soon as he did, in 2012 or whenever that was. Developing a reliable product, even for field trials with customers, takes time. My feeling is that his product did go out to a select few early customers but failed early. (Not something the inventor or customer would advertise.) That may be why Rossi has been big on his "Sigma 5" terminology and testing a while back during a marketing lull, and now has again approached the market with his SK version.

    Yeah it is poor that he has engaged in sockpuppetry. On the positive side, it seems to show he is in emotionally invested in his energy devices and wants to counter wrong information out there.


    thank you for your statement.

    A polite and honest response. I understand your point.

    I have a different opinion about that "wants to counter wrong information", but that's how it is.

    So we can agree, that we disagree :-)

    Live long and prosper.

    [... ]

    I'd give ten percent odds of Rossi being a con and having nothing,

    ten percent odds of him having all that he says,

    and eighty percent odds that he has something in between.

    Ask me again in three years.

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    Some of us are already through with that :-)

    To speak for myself:

    In 2009 50:50

    In 2011 20:80

    In 2019 0:100

    No need for three more years.

    You know Rossi's mantra?

    "In mercado veritas" or something like that. And money for the children with cancer. And industrial certification. Fab's with ROBOTS!

    He is proving everyday, that he does not have the technology that he AND HIS TEAM :-) is so proud of.

    No customer! IMHO a very important thing, when you say "In mercado veritas".

    He is the "Con-Do Man".

    And a sockpuppeteer.

    How poor is that?


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    It's long ago, Il Dottore or someone of his clan was here :-)

    And BTW:

    Here are a lot of experts in Rossi speak and behaviour.

    "Real Rossi" postings would be identified very quickly.

    And if someone really believes, that he is posting "Anti-Rossi" messages here and is proud of it, that it get's positive feedback,

    should make a reality check or is not a long term member in LF and not an expert in Rossi affairs :-)

    So, it's just another lie constructed by Rossi and posted on the "Journal of Non-Nukular Physics".

    Bang, according to Axil on ECW this is a clear RF signal that can be closely estimated as 100000 Hz (RF stands for Rossi Fraud)

    Axil Axil  Domenico Canino21 hours ago edited

    Spark on, spark off - Int approx 8.3 —

    The scope shows an RF pumping signal that Rossi uses to excite the LENR reaction in the QX reactor during the Stockholm demo, There is a 8.3 second cycle that starts with a high voltage arc, followed by a few seconds of RF at about 100,000 CPS, then a few seconds of dead time before the next cycle begins.

    We talk about the SK Condo demo, not the QX Stockolm (sic) demo :-)

    The scope screen at the QX demo in Stockholm showed a very different picture.

    QX Stockholm

    QX Stockholm

    SK Condo

    Official Rossi Clip, QX Stockholm, cue to 3:45.

    See the pumping in the signal, as described by Axil and you.

    At SK Condo demo:

    No "pumping", and different wave form. No sine shape/sine interference at all.


    I can see no point in "feedback" comming from the QX reactor disturbing the PSU or whatever, as Rossi says.

    As a RF-technician, I used LC combinations to keep down/eliminate unwanted signals/loopbacks.

    Just a bandfilter/bandpass. It's not rocket science :-).

    But the pint is:

    At the SK demo, I see untriggered random noise, typical e.g. for signal probe connected, but ground not connnected.

    There are a lot of ways to produce such a signal on a scope.

    This signal does not make sense to me!

    PhysicsForDummies or the other more practical educated users here:

    What is your interpretation of this signal?

    Okay, let's try to raise the bar a little bit...

    It's the view of a scope screen as a snapshot:
    Drive of the ECat SK at January 2019 demo

    From the context, this is the "drive signal " for the ECat SK.

    Please klick this original footage from the SK demo, it should start at 9m:43s. If not, cue to that position.

    The clip was provided/uploaded by an entity called "EcatSK", and is known as the official video from the demo.

    Now, what is to see there?

    a) clear signal, not more to say about it

    b) an untriggered signal

    c) random noise

    d) drive signal for the ECat SK is confidential, so this is a red hering

    d) ... <add your opinion>

    BTW: It's not the first time I posted this.

    ... now we need to take care of the others as well, like <name>, for instance.

    ... or the asylum changed their schedule of going out days

    ... we already know everything about your character without depth

    ... that despite all hate, Israelis and constant harassment ...

    Guys, don't wind this up too much!

    Il Dottore is using "Long range particle interactions" and it is the most read and recommended paper on research gate

    since Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" and Newton's "Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica".

    And only masters of science can understand it.

    "My effect depends on atom’s potentials that have nothing to do with cold fusion or LENR.

    This, by the way, is clearly put in evidence in my paper here:…nge_particle_interactions." (*) (**)

    (*) It is of course not as good as "Fifty-three More Things to do in Zero Gravity!".

    (**) Only joking. He has some kind of a quartz tube and some blinky blinky.

    Which is a great step forward, 'cause the "old" cat was a rusty, bad plumbed electrical resistance heater)



    • Steven April 13, 2015 at 3:40 PM

      Andrea: congratulations, Tom Darden, the President of Industrial Heat, has said at the ICCF 19 in Padua that thanks to you LENR are arrived to a tip . Any comment?


    • Andrea Rossi April 13, 2015 at 7:04 PM


      If he said so, I am delighted of it. He is my Customer !

      Anyway, we have a long road to go through before being satisfied, because until the test on course has not be completed, the risk that the final results will be negative exists.

      Warm Regards,