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    "Rossi is SO transparent lol."

    At JONP you can read so many suspicious postings.
    And they NEVER EVER link to any source, just questions, that are, hmmm, made up to let Mr. Rossi put an "obvious" answer to it.
    At there is IMHO no female account. (Orphelia ... does not count)
    At JONP there are "many" and reading the postings and the answers gets me just to one conclusion:
    They are FAKE!

    @Eric Walker
    "I believe there was a name change for JMP that was registered at some point, and one of the names you identified was the earlier name and another was the new name."

    Yes, there was something like that, a document, that was altered/changed with crossed out/pencil stripe.
    (My English is not the best, I know that :-)
    I looked that up in my download folder, but could not find it.
    Can somebody be helpful with that?

    LFH Sam
    "As to my understanding, you can trade as whatever you want as long as you do not infringe on others."

    Thank your for giving me that information.
    In Germany, when you send e.g. a letter or an e-mail, in with you are corresponding as an "official" form a company, there has to be the correct company name and the company registration number "Handelsregister-Nummer" and information about the board of directors (depending on the type of company).
    Yeees, we are very correct :-)
    No problem, if you leave that away in Germany and everything goes fine (e.g. material is delivered, bills get paid).
    But in case of issues/problems, this also counts in legal issues and then in front of a jury

    Okay, rest of the world may handle that in different way.
    Got it!


    Look at Exhibit 15 (Florida State Department - Divisions of Corporations)
    The name of this corporation is:
    J.M. Chemical Products, Inc.

    Look at Exhibit 18 (JMP Inc asking for invoice at IH LLC on a "business paper)
    The name of the corporation is:
    J.M. Products, Inc.
    Even the postal addresses does not match ...

    I always thought, when I register a company/corporation, I have to use THE CORRECT NAME that I've registered for official communications.
    But I'm used with business and legal live in Germany, things in USA could be more fuzzy.

    What a mess! :-)

    "Yes, I would jump up and look too. Probably why we weren't invited over..."

    Hmm, a super-selfie-stick used in the right moment, how about that?! :-)

    I'm very astonished, if that is the real "test"-setup.
    I always had a solid wall and a door in my mind, for the "customers"-section. Dunno why. From Rossie says or Weaver says. Not sure.

    Man, I'm more and more addicted to this saga.

    Answer from Plant Rossi (Church of Rossi):
    No location -> so they can't be interrupted/disturbed by snakes and clowns
    No named company -> It's a mayour companay and NDA, you know ...
    Enough employees -> sure, too many or too low is illogical

    Answer from the "Agnostic Church":
    Hmm, can't decide, not enough input. Can't proof if true or false

    Answer from, "hmmm how to call them?" , okay Stop-Rossi-Section:
    See MaryYugo posting above.

    It's just another "Rossie says". Time will tell. I hope soon.
    But it not worth to start a second, third, fourth "war thread" :-)

    But on the other hand if this becomes the status quo (E-cat's made to work from an instruction book) then everyone will be happy and the world will be saved!

    Frank, there was once a cool guy with a statement starting with "I Have a Dream ..."
    For sure, you know him. I like him, 'cause he's dammed right with that opinion.

    For the "LENR-Dream" it's just the same for me.
    Let it become real.
    There is one person, an entrepreneur, who claims he can make this dream come real.
    But he refuses to make real proof of his claims.
    He pretends on "market will solve it, only a product will make the dream real".

    After following his claims for several years, there is so much of irrational, illogical behaviour, so I highly doubt these claims.
    Rossi does not get tax funding (doesn't want it), only VC invests, no private invest from others, he says so.
    So, please, why does he need the ridiculous tests and this ridiculous blog called "JONP"?
    Why does he need publicity? This gives him no funding in real dollars.

    So I have to say, MY's (and others) statement is damned right for me.
    Please, just one real "indipendent" [sic] test/replication. One, w/o mains power, with an UPS. With dummy run, with proper calibration. I work for a company, who could do this in 4 weeks. Black-boxed, full NDA. No IP-transfer. No problem.
    Doesn't need megawatts for a year. Undisputed 100 Watts for a week is just enough.
    Just an E-Cat LT, no HT, no -X required.

    Again and again, we are going in circles, I'm aware of that, does not solve anything, I know.

    But still:
    I have a dream ! :-)

    When can I get an ECAT ?
    ECAT Questions
    August 20, 2015
    Updated Aug 2015: The ECAT 1 MW currently operates as a Pilot Plant
    gathering useful data to feedback in preparation for the mass production
    which is planned to start late 2016 to early 2017
    . The first Pilot
    Plant is undergoing a certification process where certification will be
    finalized in first quarters of 2016.
    You can pre-order the ECAT 1 MW for
    Heat generation by filling out the inquiry form on the right.

    Andrea Rossi
    July 25, 2016 at 9:33 PM
    Frank Acland [sic]:

    The construction is going on. The difficulty and the improvement are
    generated from the necessity to make a subject that does not need Andrea
    Rossi inside 16- 18 hours per day, and the engineer and the technician
    of IH for 8 hours per day. We need a subject able to work alone, with
    nobody, but a certified operator that has to check tha gauges now and

    To write this is easy, to imagine that it is not simple is easy too, but
    to understand really the difficulties is impossible for anybody that
    has not lived with the plant, inside the plant, for one year of his own
    life, attending and listening to the plant with his body inside it. The
    problems we had during the year have been multiple, have been resolved
    by our great team because we were there immediately when something was
    gone wrong.

    Now the E-Cat must be able to work alone.

    Warm Regards,


    From Rossi’s response here, it seems that they are engaged in a
    difficult challenge to automate the control and management of a complex
    system. We have very little information about the reasons for the
    interventions they continually made with the original plant, but it
    seems like constant supervision was required to keep the plant

    Rossi has said in a previous comment that the early plants will be for “pioneer” customers:

    Andrea Rossi

    July 8, 2016 at 7:31 AM

    Pietro F.:

    That is because our product is not yet ready for a massive market, needs
    more R&D to arrive to that level. Our industrial 1 MW plants are
    still destined to the so called “pioneer customers”, which means
    customers that are aware that the product could have problems and are
    open to tolerate any unforeseen problem that could emerge.

    Warm Regards,

    Taken all from "Rossie says" or from his official web-site (

    So, what is the current status of the 1MW-Plant?

    A "Pilot plant"?
    A "Pioneer plant"?
    A "Certified plant"?
    A "plant under heavy R&D"?
    A "piloted, pioneer plant in certification process"?
    A "ready to market plant"
    A "already sold to customers plant"?

    Tell me, what is your opinion!

    Sorry, if this sounds offensive, but it is not meant that way.

    I just want to make my point about customers, ready to market plants, robotlines and all that misty stuff surrounding the E-Cat saga.

    - is not up to date would be an easy way answer, but I hope you give some more input :-)

    And for some guys the "E-Cat" seems to be the Holy Grail and Andrea Rossi is the prophet of the LENR-Religion
    They simply believe in almost everything coming from Andrea Rossi and the JONP.
    Sometimes starting wild speculations and, hmm, some kind of "Religious war"

    No prove at all, some gimmick tests, no serious replication, just same data and "Rossie says", but they BELIEVE!
    True believers!


    MY: Ouch! Well, I guess even Feynman wasn't perfect.

    Nobody is perfect!
    R. P. Feyman has done a lot of scientific work that is still state of the art e.g. [QED]
    He inspired students and he had a very good explanation and view, what scientific work is really about.
    "The Feynman Lectures on Physics" are in the shelf behind me, and I've read them all twice.

    BTW: He was involved in a killing case, when he was somehow involved in defrauding Mr. Josef Papp and his "Noble Gas Plasma Engine" in 1966.
    At a demonstration, the mains plug was unplugged on suggestion of Mr. Feynman and remained unplugged until Mr. Papp went "crazy". After replugging, there was an explosion and unfortunately a man was killed. See also:

    So we learn, like Rossi always states: Never ever unplug from mains, it may cause severe damage :-)

    If I would have to run/test such a "reactor", I would run it with two redundant UPS.
    Rossi's statement, that his "E-Cat" has to be controlled any time to avoid "runaway"and he is doing this with mains power is ridiculous.
    Mains power can fail any time, two UPS won't fail. (I hope "barty" will like this) :-)
    Please nobody comes up with the Fukushima desaster, that's not comparable in [kW].

    Again, please list for me the promises that Rossi has kept that can be substantiated.

    1. the SGS Certifictate
    2. the US Patent
    But that does not proof Andrea Rossis LENR/ECAT claims as reliable, 'cause he failed on simply all other claims.
    E.g. "Indipendent tests" including peer reviewed reports, published on major science sites.

    I like S. Krivits "Rossi Timeline" very much.…iECat/RossiTimeline.shtml

    psiram is also a good source of information:…di-Rossi_Energy-Catalyzer

    One could mark them as "biased" ...

    I'm pretty sure, this picture from Andreas Rossi's QuarkX, shows the prototype of an interstellar spacecraft engine.
    If 1500° C are not enough for 5% of c with impulse drive, he will have massive more temperature, when he combines two QuarkX to achieve QuarkXX.
    Warpfactor 2, Mr. Rossi. Energy!

    How can somebody be taken serious, posting a picture like that, with a text explaining, let me say, "nonsense".

    Just in time, JONP user "William" gives Andrea Rossi a notice and link, that there has been an important message on by Rossi's attorney John Annesser, Esq. about "IH losing their license".

    Well done, "William"!
    Andrea Rossi may have not noticed that there is something important to comment, 'cause he is busy to answer congratulations for his birthday.

    (Surprisingly, the response from Andreas Rossi is this not in complete (shouting) capital letters, like sometimes, when it's about legal issues ...)

    Happy birthday Andreas Rossi!
    Warm regards

    "William", can you comment? :thumbup:

    .. and hows the Quark X doing today?