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    You think six years is infinity for Rossi and 60 years for ITER reasonable that doesn't work yet. Figures.

    As for proof, you keeps coming up with fake news.

    You compare the multinational ITER project with Dott. Rossi's Homedepot Reactor?


    'olm watch strikes again

    And Elizbeth (really?!) joined the female Rossi forces, thank you for your sustain, E.

    Great site!
    "The Rossi Effect giving power to the ECAT HT has been validated by 3rd Party:"
    "ECAT Solid Fuel including Leonardo corp. property Hydrogen Tablets Drive; Electricity and/or Natural Gas"

    ECAT HT Validated by Top Physicists

    ""A number of physicists from Bologna University, Italy, Uppsala University, Sweden and Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden has verified the exothermal process of the ECAT (The Rossi Effect)."


    Hydrogen Tablets Drive! Drive!!! Tablets! And Gas!! And physicists!

    Gimme more DRIVE! and Tablets!

    The future is bright ... (after 2 inch of Jameson(TM) Caskmates)


    We've lost major pro-Rossi posters:

    E.g. ele, SSC and IHFB

    Hey guys!

    There was the DPS event at Stockolm [sic]!

    Brand new (world saving) tech demo!

    No comments?

    Better things to do?

    @Shane D. 

    Alan Smith wrote:

    Roger Green • a day ago]

    'The Ecat Licensees for Africa, India, Japan, Korea, SE Asia and Spain - wish Andrea good luck with the upcoming demo, and eagerly await a independent validation in the near future. We have supported Andrea now for many years thru thick and thin, and wish him the best- he deserves it !'

    This is interesting. Roger Green (Ecat Australia/Ecat licensee) sent the above "best of luck" message to Rossi right before the DPS. But Rossi had this to say today (weeks later) on his propaganda site:

    In Alan's quoting, there is no "Australia" ...
    It's Africa, India, Japan, Korea, SE Asia and Spain :-)
    I dunno if "SE Asia" is OKAY for locating "Australia" ...

    BTW: I know the Roger Green web site and the confusing news there!

    Nice picture from the old 1MW dream still online down under .-)

    Shame they stopped updating it around 2011.

    Alan, that's a very intelligent comment and for sure I know why I'm reading almost all of you posts (as a follower), 'cause they often contain a lot of information "between the lines" :-)

    Would be interesting, what they would write about the Demonstration-Show-Presentation (DPS) at Stockolm, isn't it?

    BTW: (use CTRL-F in the browser, and type in some numbers ...)

    - "Early 2012 Australian aerospace engineer Ian Bryce investigated the reports of the conducted tests 2012 and found ..."

    - "Specialist literature regarding the "energy-catalyzer" is not available (as of March 2012)."

    - "In a business entry from 2012 an address in New Boston is mentioned for Leonardo Corporation."

    - "Defkalion intends to begin producing E-cats in 2012, ..."

    - "In January 2012 it became known that the University of Bologna cancelled the planned..."

    - "A group of researchers (Giuseppe Levi, Evelyn Foschi, Bo Höistad, Roland Pettersson, Lars Tegnér and Hanno Essén) claims to have repeated the experiment successfully in March 2014. Apparently, no ionizing radiation was detected."

     - ""

    - "This page was last modified on 29 June 2015"

    Emphasis added by me

    The Wendelstein X project is a different design to others fusion chambers/plasma containment and plasma heating concepts

    (e.g. Tokamak).

    It is not designed to produce fusion, it's designed to demonstrate an alternative heating method of the plasma and keeping the plasma at high temperature.

    There will of course be some fusion events, and of course some neutron emission, resulting in radioactive contamination.

    This can't be avoided, due to high pressure and high temperature and quantumechanics.

    The scientists know that and the whole contaminant/building is designed to work with that problem.

    ALL hot fusion reactors have the same problem: Media claims "Infinite Energy" from very small fuel.

    So, the average guy thinks, a hot fusion reactor produces electric energy.

    But that is not the real thing.

    Hot fusion produces mainly "only" neutrons, which have to be thermalised. Shoot them into a blanket, surrounding the reactor.

    And there is no working "blanket" concept yet, for an ongoing, more than seconds or minutes lasting fusion reaction.

    Yes, you get a lot of energy from the fusion reaction, but not as electrical energy, which we like to "consume" in TWh every day.

    To make electric energy, you have to heat up some medium and power up the turbo generators. Average tech, no prob. BUT:

    Again, there is now known working blanket to couple the neutrons energy into the medium for an all-time-on or periodically fired hot fusion reactor to have a Fusion Power Plant. The blankets yet get destroyed in seconds. And yes, they became radioactive.

    German Wiki "Blanket"

    It's ridiculous to discuss such things.

    There has to be a proper test protocol, where every step is explained in.
    My English is limited, but I try my best:

    You make a case like expected situation and then you measure the response.

    Compare expected to what you measure.

    Change state to x, measure again.

    Follow a test protocol and so on.

    When there is suddenly a switch, which is not explained, what it really does, there is so real test and not even a demo.
    It's a DSP (Dog and Pony Show), a NoGo Area for sane persons.
    Nobody used to work with test protocols will allow such things.
    You have to define test cases and possible response from the system. Have you seen the slides from the DSP?
    The "Test Protocol" introduced from Mr. Lewan, where have you seen something like "switching undocumented stuff"
    while the "calibrating procedure" ....

    So, no test at all, or is that a test case for a 5 sigma device?
    The PowerPoint slides are hilarious!

    A demo, shure, but for what?


    Dott. Rossi called it a DEMO, but tried to make some people think, it's a test. At the Royal Science blablabla of Sweden. With Nobel glamour added. Look at he Scope, wow, AM signal! Look to the spectroscope image, well, does not work (Big Screen makes interference), but let's assume that here is 1.1nm of signal... really?! Let's do some Boltzman calculation with it. GOTCHA!



    I'would like to buy a Defkalion device...

    Where can I place the order?

    Or did some entity made the "tech" disappear?

    Did the Russian's steal the fuel?