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    Following the report:
    "All the instruments used during the test are property of the authors of the present paper, and were calibrated
    in their respective manufacturers’ laboratories. Moreover, once in Lugano, a further check was made to
    ensure that the PCEs and the IR cameras were not yielding anomalous readings. For this purpose, before the
    official commencement of the test, both PCEs were individually connected to the power mains selected for
    powering the reactor. For each of the three phases, readings returned a value of 230 ± 2V, which is
    appropriate for an industrial establishment power network."
    So we learn:
    Input is 230 V AC for one phase of three!
    Page 5 / Figure 4:
    Input is 380 V AC (for 3 phase?) ->should be 400 V AC for three phases!)

    Mains power source is:
    a: 1 phase -> 230 V AC?
    b: 3 phase -> 400 V AC?
    Please make a statement on the mains power input!

    Please also explain:
    SW (Switch between the XXX V AC mains and the PCE 830 A)
    What is (SW) in detail?