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    Ain't defending what I don't know, but noone was stumped. The engineering assumtions made were limiting and very likely not to be the case in a well engineered product. Output can definitely be higher than 300w if it isn't a flat sided featureless painted metal cube. There needs to be contact for electric interfacing if it is to replace batteries directly using common parts. Also, I'm sure high temp heat exchangers aren't usually flat painted metal surfaces.

    In relation to Rossi stuff, they are INVISIBLE (tm) (patent pending)

    Because the puppetmaster DOES NOT LISTEN TO ROCK AND TROLL, he simply has not the time,

    so sockpuppet Claretha was activated!

    • Claretha Kellow November 15, 2019 at 2:03 PM

      Dear Dr Rossi

      A troll has written that many of the Prof and researchers that have recommended your paper on…nge_particle_interactions

      are not physicists, but biologists etc. It seems to me that this idiot forgot that your paper has so far more than 230 recommendations, among which at least half of them work in matters related and the others are anyway engaged in scientific matters, and we talk of hundreds of researchers and Professors, while in any scientific magazine the peer reviewers are normally one, sometime two !

      As you said, the mother of the imbeciles is always pregnant.

      All the best,


    • Andrea Rossi November 15, 2019 at 3:44 PM Claretha Kellow:
      I do not listen rock and troll. No time for it.
      Warm Regards,


    I would kindly ask you to not call me a "hater", like you implied with previous posts.

    To me, that's insulting and offending speach.

    Maybe it's because I'm not a native english speaker and get this wrong. Maybe "hate" is different in anglo-american language.

    But in German hate in connection to a person or people = Hass and that's some kind of vocabulary from Nazi-German speach.

    Thanks for your understanding.


    “He [Rossi] says that the technology is now so stable that if you get the instructions on a sheet, the drawings, you will be able to buy all the parts on the internet for a few dollars and make it work in a week if you’ve got a decent level of technological understanding . . . He’s now trying to finalize the self-sustaining mode of it, making it produce electricity to feed its own controller electronics so that you can pull the plug and have infinite COP.


    Mats Lewan

    See Rossi Liveblog (the Rossi supported self-service to archive all the contradictions over the years):

    He has invented new materials, new catalysts, new electronic devices which he wants to be patented.

    So, either all this work was unnecessary/waste of time or only a lie or BS to irritate the competitors/enemies/snake/clown/trolls...

    Andrea Rossi

    November 24th, 2015 at 10:53 AM


    The US Patent covers well the E-Cat; for the new materials we are making new patents.

    Warm Regards,



    It is a new material invented by us.

    Warm Regards,


    Ing Carlo Tonolli

    November 5th, 2015 at 11:05 AM

    Caro Dr Rossi:

    Can we know the nature of the new materials you are using in the E-Cat X’?

    Andrea Rossi

    November 5th, 2015 at 4:26 PM

    Ing Carlo Tonolli:

    I am sorry, patents are in preparation for them.

    I cannot make pre-publication.

    Warm Regards,



    February 4, 2018 at 10:29 AM

    Dear Andrea,

    It is fascinating that you have invented a new alloy as the QX plasma catalyst.

    Andrea Rossi

    February 4, 2018 at 8:35 AM

    Courtney Kissinger:

    I cannot, it is an alloy we invented.

    Warm Regards,


    Donald Anderson

    February 3, 2018 at 3:10 AM

    Dr Andrea Rossi,

    Are all the components of the control box off the shelf, or you had to invent something that is not already ready for sale?



    Andrea Rossi

    February 3, 2018 at 8:36 AM

    Donald Anderson:

    Some of them had to be invented and made from scratch.

    Warm Regards,


    And, of course, you need ROBOTS! :)

    1. Andrea Rossi March 25, 2016 at 9:21 AM

      Frank Acland:

      Leonardo Corporation is prepared and ready.

      The deliveries of all the robotized lines will be fast, I already signed the MOU, the factory is already ready and I designed the E-Cat QuarkX in a way that will ease the manufacturing, because I have designed it together with the robot experts I am working with and the electronic engineers I am making with the prototypes.

      Leonardo Corporation is ready, do not worry. We will be very fast with the distribution, because we want to burn out ALL our possible competitors, whose only strategy I can see is hope to be ready to copy our products, pretending they will have invented them. They will be beaten in two fronts: patent violation and price: Leonardo Corporation will start immediately with very low prices, due to the massive production they will not be ready to do. I have pretty good intelligence about all what is happening around, what really is behind the chatters and there is nobody ready with any structure necessary to compete with us, let alone a product. Leonardo Corporation will have warships, they will have paper ships, made of the same substance of my paper ships I used to make and test in the fountain of the zoo of Milan ( Milano, Italy ) when I was 4 years old, with the engineering assistance of my dad. This having been said, I must add that there is also some competitor that is working very seriously and upon technology really different from ours: but they don’t talk, as I did until 2011.

      F8, F9.

      Warm Regards,


    I sometimes eat at a cantina, there is fixed sign on the wall reading:

    "Tomorrow every dish for the half price!"

    Think about it :)

    and, last but not least: who will be the SSM testimonials? With SK there were the Muppets. This time I'd like to see the Simpsons. Homer and Mr Burns (for the nuclear part) would be perfect .

    BTW I heard from rumors that this time we will see only his shiny shoes and perhaps a couple of inches of his pants. (The latter is still on discussion with film direction)

    I prefer Rick and Morty 🤗

    The important questions to this topic:

    Will it be presented this time left from the bathroom hallway or in the bathroom itself?

    How many camera angles showing nonsense will be there?

    Will the master be seen fullsize?

    And the most important:

    Who will compose the song?

    • Andrea Rossi October 5, 2019 at 10:36 AM


      Thank you for your kind attention to the work of our Team. Here is the situation: if the work I am doing will reach, as I think and hope, the target of the permanent SSM, we will make a move that will unleash against the brakes a force proportional to the force that the Niagara Falls would unleash upon an umbrella.

      Warm Regards,


    • Fabrizio October 5, 2019 at 10:12 AM

      Dear Andrea

      I think that the Rossi-Effect is true, and consequently all of the work you and your team are doing now is true. I think, not believe. I shaked your hand in October 2011 in Bologna, and sometime I meet Prof. Levi strolling with sons in the same city. I know the names of Focardi and Ferrari since 80’s.

      So, as you can guess, I wake every morning saying to myself and to you: “Please, Andrea, hurry up! We all need that!”. Also because I would like my sons to stop thinking of me being fool…

      But the question is: if I know it’s true, mister Trump knows it is true. Mister Conte knows, and Mrs. Merkel and Macron and Johnson and so on know it is true. So, why build new nuclear plants? Why new oil explorations, huge investments in old technologies? Why ITER? And middle-east wars? I can, partially, understand solar or wind or tide. But the big money is going always there…

      The only thing I can imagine is: economy is a thin wire we are all hanging on, and it can’t stop even for a moment.

      No need for an answer. To publish this and give no answer at all would be a great answer.




    All robots are in standy by to flood the market, to install new plants, to POWER UP! To boldy go where no tech needs a certification.

    Carbon age will end. The planet will be clened from CO2.

    It is only one step away!


    This is great, isn't it?


    Soon, mankind will have the power of that alien motherships, that are orbiting our planet!


    All your therories were OKAY. He's got it!


    Silly Darden! He will feel like a mega clown

    @S. Krivit

    Shame on you! You snake!

    SCNR! :)


    That's a comment, not only copy paste from JON(N)P.

    Where on the Internet (not ECW or LF, nor the usual suspect "Free Energy sites") is the debate about

    this "groudbreaking revolutionary theoretical plant and the experimental setup he showed" in the Condo-demo?

    Why no resonance? No discussion, no review. No peer review.

    BTW: The ECat SK Condo video and the compilations on YT have between 1.000 and 17.000 hits, only ...

    And comments are not allowed :)

    Conspiracy?! :/:evil:


    The e-Cat is a magnificence (look it up).



    Which one do you mean?! :)

    He dumped all that beautiful Pout > Pin magnificence gadgets.

    None for sale ... Even the 5sigma baby, the After-The-Doral-Desaster QX.

    Leonardo Corp. is now selling (non-LENR) heat as a service to confident customers, remote controlled from a Miami condo.

    I do not belive that.

    But I doensn't matter what I belive.

    It will not change anything :)

    I'm simply having fun following the Rossi saga.

    That's not the real signal.

    The real signal would show ion acoustic oscillations.

    He revealed that the plasma was within the negative resistance regime when he showed the oscilloscope in Stockholm and he wasn't about to make the same mistake again.


    So, you agree that the scope screen at the SK-Condo demo, the one with the 6 camera angles, showed an untriggered, random noise signal?

    I'm definitely later to the game than you. Maybe I'll be where you are in a few years. Don't know. Frankly I'm surprised that Rossi would have *any* customer as soon as he did, in 2012 or whenever that was. Developing a reliable product, even for field trials with customers, takes time. My feeling is that his product did go out to a select few early customers but failed early. (Not something the inventor or customer would advertise.) That may be why Rossi has been big on his "Sigma 5" terminology and testing a while back during a marketing lull, and now has again approached the market with his SK version.

    Yeah it is poor that he has engaged in sockpuppetry. On the positive side, it seems to show he is in emotionally invested in his energy devices and wants to counter wrong information out there.


    thank you for your statement.

    A polite and honest response. I understand your point.

    I have a different opinion about that "wants to counter wrong information", but that's how it is.

    So we can agree, that we disagree :)

    Live long and prosper.

    [... ]

    I'd give ten percent odds of Rossi being a con and having nothing,

    ten percent odds of him having all that he says,

    and eighty percent odds that he has something in between.

    Ask me again in three years.

    Mark U Member
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    Some of us are already through with that :)

    To speak for myself:

    In 2009 50:50

    In 2011 20:80

    In 2019 0:100

    No need for three more years.

    You know Rossi's mantra?

    "In mercado veritas" or something like that. And money for the children with cancer. And industrial certification. Fab's with ROBOTS!

    He is proving everyday, that he does not have the technology that he AND HIS TEAM :) is so proud of.

    No customer! IMHO a very important thing, when you say "In mercado veritas".

    He is the "Con-Do Man".

    And a sockpuppeteer.

    How poor is that?