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    Thank you both for your feedback and insights :)


    I won't do it without the advice of experience people like JP Biberian...

    I was aware of the works of JP Biberian although I've always assumed he is unreachable. After reading your message I decided to attempt getting in touch with him by email. He'll hopefully answer my inquiry.


    And no results on COP, calorimetry is a nightmare in this case.

    The measurement was a nightmare ?


    If you have a true lab at your disposal

    I do not, I'm just a humble computer scientist. Every attempt at convincing physics or chemistry teachers to conduct such experiments failed miserably. They are strongly not interested... I decided to start saving up money in order to purchase myself the necessary hardware. I'm especially worried about the 2000 watts (200 volts, 10 amps) power supply...


    why not joining the MFMP project?

    That's an excellent question, I wasn't aware of such a project I am going to look more into this thanks!