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    Another significant sentence (and hopefully unambiguous) in the conclusions is:

    "Use of total emissivity data from literature as suggested by the Lugano report in setting the Optris camera was shown by MFMP to largely

    overestimate the temperature. When emissivity of alumina was set to 0.45 i.e. close to the 0.4 figure used in the Lugano report based on

    literature data, MFMP obtained a (false) reading of 1524°C versus a 874°C thermocouple reading : with this temperature, apparent COP at

    895W input diverges to 4.32 ."


    I am sure you are in good faith. But the sentence that follows in my report is :

    "Instead, if the Lugano computation method is applied with use of total emissivity data drawn from literature as in the Lugano report,

    but relying on thermocouple temperature reading for calibrating the Optris thermal camera (not on total emissivity data, as the camera only senses a portion of the spectrum), results for COP are in the range 0.91 to 0.97, which is in line with expectations (conservative and within 10% error)."

    I think it is clear: the method of Lugano is ok except for the emissivity setting on the Optris camera. But maybe I need to edit the report for better clarity, as I must say at least another person misinterpreted my conclusions already.

    LDM you have a way of twisting conclusions.

    I appreciated your checking my numbers on the Ferrara report aka TPR1, but you ended up cherry picking a case favorable for Rossi & co and didn't check further (or chose not to comment further).

    Again on the MFMP replica of the Lugano dogbone, what I did is check whether the calorimetry based on temperature measurements used by Levi and co worked. The result was: yes, if the temperature is right the MFMP dummy is computed to have a COP below and within 10% of 1.

    Of course if the temperature is instead wildly overestimated by using the wrong emissivity (total emissivity in lieu of IR band emissivity, incidentally quite high for Alumina) the apparent COP (of a dummy!) will skyrocket.

    How can this suggest a mistake by MFMP, who cross checked thermocouples and pyrometer readings to set the emissivity, rather than a mistake by Levi, who relied on a theoretical (and theoretically flawed) uncalibrated emissivity setting?

    All members of Philadelfia Group passed away. OSHA is welcome in Cary.

    Could you shed some light on this post? I see Cary is where LaGatta operates (or will, when OSHA's directions are fulfilled). What is the Philadelphia story? And does anybody know how much IH and Cherokee invested in HRMI? The incorporation document mentions 100000 shares worth $ 0.001 each : I suppose it is more than these 100 bucks.

    Elegant or not a mathematical proof is a proof not a dress.


    I have no proof, but within hours of the Lugano Report I had drawn a conclusion: a conjecture, certainly - no proof there.

    Don't know if my donkey cap looks elegant. I keep it handy (as promised to AR) in case a surprise comes, but I fear I will never have to wear it. Too bad for mankind and the Planet (Earth, Dewey, to be clear).

    Of course, Scandinavian mathematicians are not simple-minded as I am and some have a leaning for complex explanations. I must say however that proofs are most elegant when they are simple.

    Dewey's prose is always entertaining, with its touch of science fiction.

    Although I can understand the feelings that feed his sarcasm against the Rossi believers, I cannot refrain from noting that Dewey and IH were the ones who fell for Lugano, whereas many of us instantly classified it as crap, including a famous nordic mathematician blogger with whom I had the pleasure to exchange a few emails within 24 hours from release of the Lugano report.

    It is always the ex smokers complaining loudest for a cigarette lit a mile away.

    As we have been known to say on our planet - "the crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe?

    Italians don't underestimate the importance of an apostrophe since the release of the best ever Italian translation of Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac by M. Giobbe, where Cyrano says, "What is a kiss? [...] A pink apostrophe placed between the words "T'amo".

    (Un apostrofo rosa messo tra le parole "T'amo").

    However Rostand was originally concerned about dotting the i's.

    "Un point rose qu'on met sur l'i du verbe aimer."