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    BUT...ITER is a fun physics experiment and provides much more employment than a solitary fan heater.

    It gives also food to many families, and not only to physicists.

    but real scientists are kids, and pre-school kids are good scientists.…rs-think-like-scientists/

    in fact some try to understand science, and science tragedies like LENR by separating scientist in 3 groupes:

    • those looking for power
    • those looking for a job
    • those looking for fun

    The first do politics and I accuse them to be caus eof current scientific catastrophe.

    The seconds are good for improvements, but very conservative and slow breakthrough, while supporting groupthink and pathological consensus.

    The thirds are doing science sometime if they are rigorous, this mean playing seriously with their expensive toys, and their complex math sudoku, but sometime they are simply in love with their theory forgetting reality, math, and their respective constraints.

    all that explains why science if difficult

    I noticed this - and thought it a very very strong negative - over technical matters on his blog where he said whatever was needed to please a questioner with no sense of consistency.

    I agree... this is key to his popularity. this is why his claims looks credible sometime, because they are simply what people, and sometime rational people, expects.

    I think there is a mental disease not far, where someone having no personality (maybe no memory too) simply repeat the hypothesis he hear around him, and rationalize all...

    Another talent is the capacity to maintain plausible deniability.

    But today with pacermonitor, there is no plausible deniability anymore.…zor-science-funding-11148

    Would probably apply to our concern...

    We now know that Rossi ran the entire Lugano test and that the professors were rarely there at all! Does this sound familiar?

    It is indeed one of the most terrible manipulation.

    Again, I feel fooled, not by Rossi, whom I don't believe the least word since long, even when defending his "plausible deniability" stories.... but by the swedish team.

    This mean levi, and worst of all the Swedish professors, have lied to us.

    I defended the implausibility of the inverted clamp story because it was done by serious professors, not even levi, but it seems they wrote erroneous claims.

    This have to be confirmed, because the accusation is too serious. It is deep misconduct, and this have to be proven.

    anyway JMP fake independence is the other terrible lie.

    i don't care about heat dissipation, because JMP circus is enough for me.

    Please, believers, wake up! you have been fooled like I've been, like IH have been, like Dewey have been, like Ampenergo have been, like Hydrofusion have been.

    Once you know you are fooled, you are no more fooled, you are just furious.

    Is it just me or does it seem strange---- If Rossi really had and did what he claimed and if he was going to attack a multimillion dollar company, that he would do things like:


    More than that, one things that Rossi could do is organize a test that works, following advise of IH, and if it works (and if he have a real technology, even having exaggerated and committed fraud, it will) he will be forgiven.

    This is where I dumped any Defkalion support, when they refused to answer the questions of Luca Gamberale.

    Luca, Jed, Smith, may be wrong in analysing data, but sure Rossi or Defkalion could have cleared the doubts.

    Given the stakes, I have no doubt they simply have nothing to answer.

    It is sad, but this is as real as F&P excess heat.

    I personally see more bias here than on ECW. Here supporter's of Rossi are denigrated , ridiculed and eventually banned if they respond in kind. I see ECW as less technically oriented, but more evenly balanced over all.

    Hum, I find it unfair for LF as THH said.

    Maybe this feeling of being ridiculed is linked to the evidences, and Rossi's defense which is beyond ridicule.

    I see the desperate enthusiasm of some, as a shocking exploitation of human goodwill and energy by evil player.

    Sadly it is a common fact that few people exploit goodwill of many... At least nobody made explode himself for E-cat, and I thanks Rossi for that moderation.

    Too much groupthink on earth today. I'm tired.

    On my freebox subscription I recently could benefit from few episodes of that Serie "american genius" made by NatGeo.

    First is Wright Brothers vs Curtiss


    this one was discussed here...

    Edison vs Tesla is well known


    One point I notice is that emotion are important, and can endanger your technology.

    Economic model is important too, but it may prevent you to accept alterative technology (Edison was dependent on his short range distributed power, in DC, and disrupted by far-centralized AC disruption).

    And being too greedy with a licensing model is not good either (Tesla nearly killed Westinghous, until he irrationaly dumped all - there should be a middle position).

    For me this battle here was a double failure. TV should be presente before the war, and was delayed after.

    Farnsworth vs Sarnoff (RCA)


    is very interesting as it shows how you can make busiess with technology, with royalties, but also be stubborn to the point to refuse to partner and share, delaying a revolution.

    At the same time you may fight to keep your autonomy on a technology to the point you lose all.

    this one


    is less matching our problems, but we see few few interesting points

    • science and technology is not morality (Von Braun made V2 missiles just as a job, but have a space colonisation dream).
    • Human are important, and death of a program leader (Korolev) may kill a program
    • Admitting you are wrong and following the one who is right, is sign of great spirit : Von Braun accepting rendez-vous around the moon , and not in Earth orbit.

    There are others episodes I missed, so I wait.

    Jobs vs Gates, may be very interesting for us .

    my conclusion is that human factor is key, and basically pride and greed are worst enemy of wealth and recognition.

    If you want to understand, just keep two theories in parallel.

    One is that Rossi invented E-cat and behaved fairly with IH, even with some strange personality disorders, while lies, exaggerations, incompetence, paranoia.

    Another is that since Petroldragon he exploited hopes of people expecting underexploited technology with real potential to be developed, using ideas people told to him as tools to justify his own story....

    I know there is a pathology where people hear what people say around them and b

    use it to build lies.

    maybe fork one of the theory into many others, where some assumption on his competences or personality are taken...

    For long I kept the two theories alive, defending his own Petroldragon "plausible deniability", but not rejecting the "Krivit" theory. Suspended beliefs in any position... IH give credibility to the positive, and like IH I considered that even if improbable, a possibility have to be checked...

    Now, I admit one of the theory is impossible to defend for me anymore.

    I try to fork more, but I always have to backtrack to a sad conclusion...

    I don't believe in something about Rossi, I just have no other choice, no possible theory compatible with physics and testimonies, even assuming irrational lies of third parties...

    To be honest I have to update my heuristics on psychiatry and psychology, because even assuming what I conclude, it is not compatible with my past heuristics on humanity.

    Discussing about LENR development program, someone told me "the worst are those who believe in their own lies"... This is something hard to understand for me, but I imagine a psychiatrist is used with that.

    Another characteristic is that some people like succube swallow your hope and ideas to regurgitate the lies that will match your prejudices and your dreams.

    Like discussing with a mirror.

    let us see if my desperate conclusion can be avoided?…ca-e-scienza-dei-sistemi/

    I don't know the Italian context of that despartments of Physics and System Science, in UNISRITA.

    LENR is among the subjects, with condensed mater physics (not nuclear), and material science, and plasma nuclear physics (ITER).

    Some projects looks quite esoteric (eg: golden number), and many other subjects quite banal...

    Maybe Italian readers can give their impression.

    By the way, for organizing LENR development efforts in non centralized way, the startup Backfeed propose an interesting model

    I feel it is too young from the data I have, and from the lack of metaknowledge we have on our researsh program, but once we have a well established project (established by intent, perimeter... but not by how-to), It may be an interesting platform for a virtual company.

    First is to understand how it works, and how it can fails.

    Alain, I believe you stepped out too early on LENR (if it wasn't an 1 April joke).

    What was the main reason to do so?

    beside April joke ?

    (to be clear I don't quit)

    Main reason would be to be paid for my work.

    Anyway, current situation in LENR is calling for a revolution.

    A revolution of intolerance to fraud, and pet theories.

    A revolution of funding real labs with millions and boring researchers.

    A revolution of doing the job yourself in your own garage with your own serious friends on your own serious ideas.

    Too many revolutions in too many opposites directions.

    For Blockchain, it is going back to who I am.

    A man who was searching for fusion-sorting free software in an INDEX.tar.gz on a FTP server in 1992-93, and fall on a review of 1000 abstracts (too bad I dumped the 3cm thick booklet). A man who judged.. "strange, it looks good, but it seems not accepted... maybe it is wrong but such anomalies may reveal something great for batteries... they should not ignore anomalies, it often lead to serendipity discovery... "

    If one day you are able to trade the 2000x 10$ 4%/5y securities emitted by your plumber for changing his 20000$ pickup, it may be because of people in blockchain domain... probably Ethereum, because of it's governance and the people who support it.

    Now it is the 3rd of April, maybe I can admit the rumor of my leaving was a little exaggerated


    anyway, for Ethereum, it is true...

    Why ?

    Because someone pay me to be interested in Ethereum, unlike LENR (whatever Sifferkol and Peter said on me being bought)...

    Venality is my weakness, with curiosity, with locacity, with stubborness, with realism. (Maybe I'm not as perfect as I imagine)

    I don't see it mentioned in the thread, this exhibit also contains info about IH investments…01/0214.23_Exhibit_23.pdf

    Thanks, for the finding.

    Interesting, and maybe optimistic...

    But we should think that 1% chance it works even slightly, lead in few years to a revolution with 100x billions at stake... only chance below 0.001% should be considered as not valuable. (anyway risky, not enough tree legged horses in the race to mitigate risk)

    This 1st of April :S I took the decision to stop following LENR because it is too crazy bubble.

    I now focus on blockchain technology, especially Ethereum.

    You can send me your ETH if you are afraid... I will abuse of them to buy 3D cards for mining.

    Not a joke

    (not totally >C)°> )

    By the way if you have a trick to configure a RX470 on ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS...;)

    Ok for Curtis.

    For David and MDI, I don't remember who is MDI... Anyway IH reports just contacts made in conference... Probably not fruitful.

    about kilowatt of milliwatt, I turned my opinion since a year.

    Sure the goal is to produce TW of energy , by bunch of kW or MW for most needs.

    But to do that you need good engineering, which mean good theory that can predict how to obtain kW without danger nor failure. Theory does not mean QM computation, but something like a verified table of which crystallographic structure, which electronic shape, which phase state, is associate with what LENR power and what outcome...

    If you want LENR+ you need first a theory of LENR, and to have LENR theory you need good experiments, like mW in a x-ray spectrometer with con-focal microscopy and real time analysis (they do that for batteries)...

    If you can do that with kW of heat, why not, but question is not to make heat usable, but phenomenon parameters measurable.

    Wright brothers started by inventing wind-tunnel, by shaping optimal propellers and optimal wings, by designing way to control the various moves around various axis.

    The flyer was build from design because of embryo of a theory, not fluid dynamic, but detailed tables and empirical laws.

    Beside the C* theory of Sifferkoll, the last pages of 214-35 in Pacer Monitor…Ktdce19-wyb1RxOTF6c2NtZkk

    contains a list of companies or researshoer IH have contact with, and fund.

    If you don't follow the Rossi's vision, this is a great document for us.

    Not only it cite reserashers funded for LENR, but also other teams of possible interest.

    • Confirmation that Bill gates have invested 6M$ with Rob Duncan at TTU
    • IH supports Mizuno/CleanPlanet in obtaining Japanese Gov grant... some confirmation of COP<2. Worki to acquire IP.
    • Indian gov having authorized LENR research
    • US Gov funding LENR modeling reserash in Navsea
    • LA Gatta /TSEM starting to work
    • Dennis Letts funded for research in progress
    • Cooper Core T)ech (?) with Dennis Cravens... on something complex, with piezzo/pyro resonance (?)...
    • It seems Miley/Lenuco closing (?)
    • Peter Hagelstein seems to have interesting, if not breakthrough , results with stainless steal and water jets... Mitchell Swartz with Nanor too.
    • Tom Claytor (known for tritium?)/High Mesa labs: partner to test material and gases for IH... Mizuno, Letts ashes to be analysed?
    • Curt Brown/Pointsource : who are they?
    • Etiam Oy : buying IP , patent soon granted?
    • JP Biberian funded to replicate Rossi (inconclusive at time they wrote), and e replication of F&P boiling experiment (ICARUS as far as I speculate).
    • Fabrice David
    • Robert Stringham... around sonoluminescence. seems to have something that work.
    • Iraj Parjmajad/Mel Miles... Zeolythe-based LENR?
    • David Fojt - MDI France with Renault(? he denies, probably misunderstanding in conference)
    • MFMP guys (Bob Higgins, M Valat) considering funding IH replication at that time...

    Latest lines are only prospective contacts, and I imagine most failed, but this tell their mood at that time.

    Why not study around those research, some quite ignored since long... Better than discussing plumbing ?

    Yes is ridicouls to have to discuss with people that have an agenda and must say that any data from Rossi is fake.

    That is not serious and also damage all the LENR community.

    If someone want to pay me for my desperation, I accept ETH and EUR.

    Sadly I have a tendency to let my opinion leak before I'm paid.

    Except maybe Sifferkoll, and Franck who have assets depending on the issue, most people have no more reason to say what they say, than saving their hope, sharing their sadness or furor, warning respected victims, or enjoying being right in public, especially in front of gullible people.

    I'm more concerned with people working on NiH/LiAlH4 protocols, because many people invest time and money in what I consider a new domain, thinking it is a replication...

    I wish NiH works as Piantelli/Miley have seen, and it can be improved with recent ideas.

    Why discuss...

    each of the point discussed, JMP fake, vent fake, pressure fake, water fake,steam fake, plumbing fake, ....

    Any sense of ridicule ?

    Why does so many people prefer to believe in fairy than simply cry, break the wall with one's fists, and turn to serious questions.

    Penon's report proves the data is fake. If the thing actually worked, why would Rossi publish fake data? Why would he set up that absurd fake customer?

    This is the key argument that turns in my head since month, and the answer is clear.

    I am amazed how groupthink prevents so many people to accept facts that initially were quite probable, or at least quite possible... We get more confident because of Darden support, of Lugano test, not of Rossi says (I hope so, or it would be irrational), up to the point to consider that all the past lies and mistakes of Rossi were just funny moments by a crazy greedy incompetent genious.

    What seems apparent is that some people cannot backtrack... Maybe my past in Prolog and CHP programming make me able to backtrack more easily, when my main scenario is incoherent.

    Are we in a post-reality world? It seems, an not only on LENR. We are not more intelligent and realist than the guys who believe in dark matter and energy, who believe in systematic errors in many varied calorimetries, who ... ok i stop, I will shock some believers...