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    One day a man, dressed like a homeless, came at my door, presenting himself as professor in medieval archeology.

    "Your garden is on an ancient Templar abbey, with part of a treasure of total 1MnEur of gold spread on the 3 neighboring houses including yours...

    I propose you an agreement , you fund my tools and I give you all the gold on your land"

    I am managing a small business of 20000$, and have saved few hundreds...

    I like lottery, history, and money and why not believe this strange man... after all professors are often strangely dressed...

    We agree on

    1- I give him 10$ so he show me a coin

    3- Then I pay him 100$ if he explains how to find gold in my garden, with a license to keep all the gold for me.

    4- Later if he can try to sell few coins to a gold trader with a public billing I agree to pay him 890$

    I pay him 10$, and later he came back with a tiny showel, dig mysteriously, find what looks like a coin.

    My wife looks at it, and it seems genuine but it is done so quickly that nothing is sure.

    He gave me strange maps of treasure, with depth, signs to follow... I pay 100$.

    I test for month in vain in my garden.

    Later he came back with a friend who certify one of the coin is good gold... later we discover that he does not know how to differentiate nitric acide and chloridric acid...

    Then he dig into my garden in a tent, say he find a nice handful of coin, that I never see myself, present me a gold trader, show me the bill for the trade, and finally publish the report of a satisfying sale...

    But things seems more frightening as all seems fake, from the tent, the client, the coin, ... I ask him what he is playing with, so he reassure me, because maybe I simply don't understand academics ...

    He sue me for 890$

    Finally I did not pay, because OK to pay 110$ to see, but once I've seen there is nothing, I just want this bum put in jail... I'm a nasty capitalist, a bit moralist too.

    Pardon me Lord.

    Moderating myself. Moved to The Playground, because too nasty story.

    Normal people have brains and minds not processors that you can program.

    I feel a little aggressed by this discriminatory claim 'ele'. :S


    anyway it seems some motherboards have write-once-read-many storage system in that community.

    I admit I've a tendency to be stateless, gathering evidences available at one moment...

    Today the available data give me a clear (dark :S) landscape, whatever the WORM disks batteries repeat endlessly.

    To understand more seriously why rational openmind people, having access to enough data finally, may be locked into denial of reality because of initial partial informations, and a network of incentives :

    Groupthink: Collective Delusions in Organizations and Markets - Roland BÈnabou

    Whoever is Rossi, we don't need him.

    We can even ignore NiH until better evidences are available.

    PdD experiments are numerous, and show energy density potentially huge, even if not mastered.

    The only problem today is getting a theory that work, that allows to design material that host LENR.

    I'm nearly sure than when there is a theory, PdD will not be the only possibility...

    NiH probably, but maybe we were misled by errors, and something less will be better...

    This is what theory are good for : driving innovation

    quick survey with google stranslation, need an english version for real experts.

    NB: this is what a peer-review should have done since long. the biggest crime of those who stigmatize LENR is preventing review.

    Many critics on different points.

    One on loading ration measurement by resistivity.

    One on He4 measurement because the cryogenic (not sure ?) trap seems imperfectly filtering hydrogen isotopes.

    One on heat measurement said to be to small to be sure.

    Some critics I don't understand on wires too small, having melted...

    I did not caught where the correlation, the strongest proof, is challenged, but probably it is and I missed the point.

    Today, out of LENR I see mass of conspiracist calling the other conspiracist, in france, in US, in EU.

    My definition of power is :

    "whoever obtain a law in his direction"

    "whoever can lie without being punished, even admit lying and not being accused of"

    "whoever can fraud science, and still be referred by journalists as whistleblower"

    "whoever is condemned for fraud to gain and can still be invited by an EU deputy to a conference, and defended by LeMonde, about an imaginary conspiracy endangering thousands of kids, in the middle of an epidemic having killed a dozen of kids befause of this myth convincing more and more people"

    "whoever cannot be criticized without a 'how do you dare', you are 'paid by evil money'"

    "whoever can convince a population of an imaginary fact, that thousands of scientific studies oppose"

    "whoever sell an ideology that have killed 50 people, hospitalized thousands, refusing to amend it's practices, while making a scandal of fraud that wounded nobody"

    I target a precise group, of huge power, maybe the mostpowerful ideology in the West, but you can apply to many lesser power groups locally.

    The power is to the one who cannot be attacked.

    Thus, if I say who, I will be attacked.

    My hope is that LENR will ruin the merchant of the Temple. Not sure, because my fear is that they will block LENR forever like they did for many other subjects, not even trying to exploit it like would try oil or nuke industries.

    Yes, that one was a riot. Rossi has no pictures of it, and somehow none of the people going in and out of the building over the 350 days, noticed 100 meters of steel pipe, enveloped in a wood housing running from the plant, zig-zagging along the 1st floor, up the stairs to the second floor, to a window he claims to have knocked the glass out of with the help of day laborers he has no record of paying, over the front door where people enter and leave, with two big fans blowing the 1MW heat out the window!

    Then he took it all down the day after the test ended, recycled it all like you said, and oh yeah, repaired the window after he took over the building from JMP (himself), with the help of more day laborers he has no record of.

    Someone has to sell this script to Hollywood!

    Canal+ in france have similar scenarist

    Guessing if an expert is expert, even if you are this expert, is not simple.

    There are heuristic to detect bad situation, but seldom to confirm good situation.

    Some name it "innate skepticism", based on detecting bullshit structure, groupthink behaviors, ethical violations, asymmetry in managing debates, dissenters censor, data tweaking...

    About consensus, it is important to separate the various kind of consensus.

    One is the boring consensus, where people enjoy an established knowledge and don't care of the debate. This is the true real consensus.

    A fake dissensus is when people try to raise controversy to oppose someone they dislike, or to defend an ideology that requires it. It is very common today, and not only about creationists, but in economy, toxicology,history...

    A terror consensus can be detected by the "how do you dare to say", but this is not always a wrong consensus, just a powerful (moral,ideology) lobby.

    A groupthink typically is a terror consensus, even if no violence appear, just because all dissenters have surrendered or been eliminated.

    Many point about experts.

    First is whether they are expert in the question. As jed says, on cold Fusion people who were expert in Nuclear, said they could have an opinion in calorimetry (and reciprocally).

    Second is how is obtained the consensus ? is it because it works, and nobody care of alternative ideas that don't work ?

    is it because everytime a scientists , and expert, disagree, he lose his job, his budget, his publication chances, his life ?

    Basically it is very hard to be sure, because if you think you are competent, maybe you are not.

    If you think someone is competent, or is not competent, maybe you are not competent in judging.

    and finally, if competent people are selected for their opinion and not for their success, then only the accepted opinion survive.

    "economics of metivated beliefs"…nolinks_corrected%201.pdf

    best is to test both ideas and see what works.

    If not possible, best it to test "no regret strategies".

    Landing like an alien in a bar...

    Is there anything about whether Doral test was involving a real client with a real production ? of whether sure there was no independent client ?

    If no real client, what is the theory allowing not to be furious about Rossi and his colleagues?

    If the question is solved, maybe we should stop arguing and wait for the execution, ooops the conclusion.

    One point I've seen is that one way to distribute wealth is to produce things with less efforts, and let common people get it for cheap.

    Robots, LENR, vertical farming, 3D printing, gives the opportunity for common people to get things for cheaper, or even to produce themselves. If some nasty "capitalist" try to abuse of it's monopoly, people will be able to raise their middle finger.

    This finger capacity is maybe more powerful than laws, which explain probably the desperate attacks against self-industry.

    Here I see that many people are sad, because they have a fixed salary (wages), and fixed expenses (loan/rent,energy,water,telecom,cantina, school, bus/metro/car), and there is nearly no way to work harder to buy little piece of happiness. It is also consumerist society which transformed some bonus satisfactions (vacations, nice car), into social requirements (especially with kids pressure)...
    This is where some freedom to work hard for you own good, like repairing your house or sharing economy, gives oxygen to common people.

    Wages are good in avoiding people to starve when things get bad, but some people see also that it prevent them to control their life.

    That is the claimed position, but they defend also the established big business.

    One example of such behavior is finance, where big regulation promotes big actors, preventing newcomers and access by small players or even people...

    Neoliberalism is a myth, there is crony capitalism (mercantilism too), very common like is finance today, where states protect you, and banal capitalism where you pay your mistakes, that common people experience locally.

    Maybe we are going too far from the subject... This question is hotter than reality of LENR and will never be solved by evidences. Future will say who is right.

    Today I am just happy for the Chinese who get out of absolute poverty, even if all is not easy.

    they will love to have cheaper energy, to dump their wood stove, and coal electricity.

    All 4 deserve reading.

    Too bad, the first book of Ed (The Science of LENR) is not as easy to obtain.

    I would advise Excess Heat (best to start, history, epistemology, calorimetry), Fire from ice (instructive on historial question), then for the serious people, The Science of LENR (a reference), and for the curious, The explanation of LENR (I love it, but not everybody agree - at least read the experimental and theory reviews).

    If only one book, Beaudette is great , for understanding the problems.

    Sharing economy sometime is just micro-capitalism (sometime not, just saving money together), where you exploit your hidden capital, instead of being forced to sell your arms for wages...

    The alternative is just being used in a hierarchy, obeying. This is the prefered model of manypolitic organization I agree, because instead of fighting to optimize your work and be paid for it, you can revendicate to the boss and get an increase.

    Robots just mean the capital will be more productive, thus cheaper. The big question is if it will need big centralized units like Intel CPU foundries, and distributed production like AirBnB.

    IT, mobile economy, 3D printers, blockchains, but also amazon-like platforms, make possible a future where individual can do business only mastering a small part of the supply chain, like a worker in a big factory, but being your own boss.

    Note that producers is also a client and if the producers have to produce for cheap, the client he is will buy for cheap. What is to avoid is a platform in a monopolistic position, not because it takes the least commission and gives the most advantages to both producers and consumers, but just abuse of locked clients.

    A platform who don't treat well it's producers, like one that don't treat well it's clients, should pay the bill... The emerging Uber workers unions is really a great thing, and a things to follow. Even best is the alternative platforms who hire the disgusted drivers.

    In a way the problem is exactly the same as with a 19th century company, except now people can move, and clients can click on link beside.

    Note also that sharing economy is today the "butter in the spinach" for many outsiders in France, both allowing cheaper consumption, but also small benefit for little pleasure in life.

    It gives a little chance for some people to have control on their life, while all else is fixed by a locked society (talking for France), with no other way to improve.

    We are in a transition mode... Failure of previous model is causing people to play with the rules...

    Some think about basic income, to give a safety net so that people can afford to take risk (not the usual vision in France), to get education, to acquire capital and start a business...

    Some think about a basic wealth, like was the small land given to farmers... some think of basic loan...

    Some think the basic income (or wealth) can just pay itself (through simple taxes) by the activity it creates when it unlock initiatives (not just allowing inactivity)...

    if the future is not micro-capitalist, then it will be a service future, where the mass of salaried people gives human service, art, fun to the one owning the robots who produces foods and goods.

    This should mean that the price of those jobs will grow until it have the same value as the robots production. There is sociological resistance today to pay service at high price, but things may evolve.

    and once people get well paid for making the capitalist happy, why not buy some capital and create micro-capitalism... like buying a food machine, a car bot, a share of US Robotics.

    There can be sociological resistance, and regulation, to oppose that.

    In France "sharing" economy (home capitalism) is fought desperately, and since long we practically have prevented people to invest retirement fund in shares, to push state bonds. The results is that here people are mostly rent-owner who ignore it, working in a foreign owned company.

    LENR, as it is naturally smallscale, promote more than many other technology a microcapitalism, or an autarcic, model. Anyway it can be implemented the Soviet way, with big powerplants, if regulation prevent local usage. My bet is that it will be the first rank of regulation, to forbid local production.

    You are right, it looks like agrarian reforms.

    However currently most state intervention reinforce paradoxically the monopoly by adding complexity, requiring lawyers, experts, IT infrastructure.

    The direction is the anti-trust laws, but given the power of big actors, and their (hidden through "employment" risk) popularity, it seems hard.

    Anyway, it can work with platforms.

    If you see Uber (not best example) and similar , flixbus, airbnb, it allows small player to harness their unstructured power.

    Note that the value of AirBnB is ridiculous compared to the value of all the houses and rooms it allows to enter market.

    Imagine that GE or EDF harness homemade LENR power in a billion of household, it could be a giant, but a dwarf compared to their "prosumers".

    Prosumers should be the rule in future world.

    In some emerging economies, prosuming is natural.

    You buy a car not only to travel, but to rent it to your neighbor who drive neighbors to the nearby cities...

    Imagine that you buy your PC not only to play, but also to mine bitcoins, or solve protein folding (Qarnot sell radiators who work for Grid Computers in researsh)...

    New Energy treasure make a well written article on that question…ment-page-1/#comment-3461


    Be open with public and the media. Be quick to quench the public’s thirst for information and welcome their curiosity. Hurry your product to market and avoid holding back because you think somebody might steal your ideas. Carefully safeguard your secrets but avoid being so secretive to the point where everybody thinks you’re a fraud. And finally, always remember that it’s better to have sales than a court case.

    The automatisation process is core to the long movement replacing work by capital, slaves with machines,n employees with IT... AI will continue...

    My interpretation of the problem, being in contact with liberal (mean free market, free lifestyle here) and with marxist/statist cultures, is that the marxist model of industrial revolution introduced this vision of economy, quire real in Western developped economy :

    • separation of population who earn their life from wages or from capital (at least mentally, because pension fund are capitalist income)
    • concentration of capital in few wealthy hand.(No more really true because of investment fund, where contributers are pensioner, insured people, bank client)

    In poorer emerging economy, and before industrial revolution, people were much more paid for their capital, or their work, and often for working with their capital as entrepreneur (eg: farmer exploiting their land, fisher exploiting his boat).

    today situation of poor people in emerging countries is surprisingly more capitalist that people imagine, but probably the kind of capitalism that is repressed in france, like AirBnb, Heetch,…hird-world_b_6751634.html

    what is important is to give access to the capital to everybody.

    An industrial revolution allows to redistribute the wealth, destroying old capital, and creating new one.

    If the regulation, corruption, complexity, is too strong there is risk that capital concentrate in few competent and influential hands. This is what QE have caused in finance, a very regulated domain where only the biggest could compete. Fintech are trying to attack the domain, but it will not be easy as gouvernement defend big actors against challengers (in the name of unemployment, LOL).

    Micro-capitalism;, micro-entrepreneurship, is the only way to avoid a catastrophe, and I'm not over-optimistic about that.

    Our future is to exploit IA, IT, bots, not to be exploited by them... Will most of us be able to exploit a machine that does all the job?

    I'm not sure if it is related but I'm quite curious about what happens to the helium produced in LENR reactions.

    It seems in electrolysis that He4 is partially freed in the effluent gas, and partly locked in the metal, and freed by reverse electrolysys or chemical attack.

    It should be documented in the specific works of Miles, McKubre,Chien,DeNinno...

    you can start to read those papers

    The latets review by Abd

    and why not those…n_cold_fusion_experiments

    There are also many details in the answer to Shanahan critics....

    No idea of what is reality, but a good manipulator exploit what people tell him about their assumption, their ideas, their dream. He also can get inspiration from papers to build a soup of credible claims, credible technology, credible theories. He can exploits reality, imagination, goodwill and dreams. He can exploit theorists, experimenters, hobbyists, businessmen, confirming their beliefs, and assembling all in a coherent soup.

    Another example: good disinformation is based on mostly real fact, mixed with few fake claims.

    This is something to remind.

    The first one is the experimental results regarding to

    reproducing Parkhomov’s experiment with some disclosing experimental conditions using

    Differential Scanning Calorimetry (STA-PT1600, Linseis Inc.). This DSC can measure generated

    heat within a tolerance of 2%

    Is there any indication if the results are significant, and positive ?

    I missed where it is said.

    He propose not exact surface, which he considers as impossible because of chemistry annoyance , but nanostructure, a NAE, like cracks where hydrogen may react in a new way, not annoyed by chemistry around... He guess a linear association, which is hard to justify without strong interaction with the metallic wall of the crack or whatever it is.

    He is criticized because his theory need precision in this domain, and this is exactly why I think he is right...

    what prevent many people to find the theory is that they want to find instantly something that is precise and coherent mathematically, which sadly often does not match experiment.

    I think a key to the new theory is to stay modest, conclude what we can conclude, that it is near surface, localized in a rare structure, allowing a collective nuclear reaction with hydrogen nuclei, which react slowly not producing MeV energy in one quantum...

    saying it is metallic hydrogen is speculating a bit farther than Ed, and maybe crack is one speculation too far...

    It is a nano-structure near the surface containing collectively associated hydrogen.

    Evidences says no more.

    NB: this is based on no new physics, and conservation of miracle euristic. if you allow new physics or coincidences of miracles, all is possible.

    Is Mr. Storms still active in physical experimentation or is he concentrating on theoryl?

    He recently have done some serious but small-scale experiment with PdD, obtaining beside usual replication, some interesting results (that temperature not loading is controlling the reaction, while loading is required initially)

    He have published both on these experiments, and on his theory…lishes-two-storms-papers/

    His theory is, as I interpret it, the "cri du coeur" of an experimentator, fed up with QM upfront theories ignoring many experimental results he knows well. (Note that he is also criticized on the same point)

    His other great contribution beside experiments, is reviewing papers, experimental and theory.

    His now old book : The Science of LENR is a reference.

    You can even read his recent more theoretical book "the explanation of LENR" just for the quick review of experimental results and theories.

    He is probably partly wrong, but I suspect much less than average, as I feel he tries to be much more focused on experimental results than on mathematical points (which makes his proposal be heavily criticized).