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    Very interesting Sergei, even if the translation added to patent language is hard for me.

    It seems to be based on deuterium permeation (Fralick style?), but not far from melting temp of the material (90% melting temp) and quickly lowered from outside, and strangely a mix of D2 with usual air ?


    There is something about gamma cristalline structure which I don't understand, can you explain ?

    That is a patent, Not a (The One You Shall Not Name)'s patent.

    Any volunteer to replicate, fund, develop?

    Sergei, are you in a process to search for funding, to industrialize, to replicate ?

    So it appears that the active folks in the LENR field (Rossi, me356, Mills (maybe)et al) have absolutely nothing credible, replicable, and real, and the ones who had real results have all either retired, died, or given up the quest (as Jed implies/states ad nauseam), is this a correct assumption?

    Not so wrong. As I have realized, the best replicated evidences are quite old, made by seasoned experts of their time.

    The F&P electrolysis line of experiments is replicated (Miles, Lonchampt, many smaller)

    Fralick gas permeation is replicated (Biberian2007, Uni Tsinghua2005, Nasa GRC 2008, Fralick 2012).

    Iwamura 2001 thin films is replicated (Takahashi 2013, and some more but I forgot who)

    Bockris tritium is replicated by Storms, by BARC, and few others

    McKubre He4/Heat is replicated by ENEA and few other...

    what is not replicated is industrial claims, and even some frauds have been spotted, and some are suspected by even some LENR supporters.

    The old experiments don't attract big budgets, neither small budgets.

    My bet would on those old confirmed experiments, not on grandiose claims.


    I've rediscovered Tadahaki Mizuno's Plasma Electrolysis experiments.…ma_Electrolysis_in_Liquid

    The key information about the experiments, besie metrology, is :

    I know there have been many such experiments, some difficulties with power measurement and calorimetry, some mitigations of those errors... some replications...

    Can you comment, about :

    • key history of the published and unpublished works, with the available papers
    • key point to trigger the effect, advice for replicators
    • key concerns about measurement, artifacts, and mitigations concern of those concerns
    • Best results, remaining concerns, conclusions

    This is a technical thread, don't complicate it with something else calorimetry, electronics, metallurgy, chemistry, ...:saint:No theory, no ad-hom arguing, no off-topic... It's enough complicated already.

    Goal: If you work well, this thread should be a reference for a candidate replicator.

    anyone seen the video about fusion diode by fabrice DAVID

    ... looks interesting to study, at least confirm LENR first

    Repeatable, so maybe a lab-rat if proven LENR.

    Fabrice works on confirmation.:thumbup:

    You opinion?

    Worth checking it is LENR ?:/

    I fall by accident on that old report, which (naively?) summarize LENr situation around 2013.

    I judeg it is not a key document but may hold interesting synthesis, citations, opinions.…sion_IQP_-_DTERM_2013.pdf

    maybe worth commenting, correcting, and also the occasion to look back in the mirror. back to the future!

    in GR, space is curved and bodies follow straight lines.

    Space is bent by gravity, accelerations of the referential...

    some force can cause acceleration (EM field...) but I don't know how GR manage QM fields.

    There are books on GR designed for kids... very well explained, even before 10.

    remember the experiment of the falling/accelerated lift, and the trains/light simultaneity test.

    relayed by…frontier-research-centers

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry announced a proposed $99 million in Fiscal Year 2018 funding for Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRCs) to accelerate transformative scientific advances for the most challenging topics in materials sciences, chemical sciences, geosciences, and biosciences. Research supported by this initiative will provide fundamental understanding to enable future advances in energy production and use.

    The Energy Frontier Research Centers website is there:

    the proposal is :…s/2018/SC_FOA_0001810.pdf

    I see modest possibility to introduce LENR, in a discrete way :

    Someone I work with told me there is a specific population of people "who believes in their own lies".

    He was considering the possibility on Rossi... Today, we ignore that controversy. He have more useful to prepare. Me, I'm tired. why not just ignore?

    I guess Bruce H. is too modest to re-post his ECW comment from today, s..

    I disagree with this. One of the conclusions surrounding Mr Rossi's activities over the years is that the possibility of him simply misinterpreting his own results has become rather small. Of the 3 possibilities -- he has something, he is deluding himself, he is purposely fooling others -- the middle one has pretty much disappeared leaving the other 2 as the only real considerations.


    A little off-topic, but , don't ask me who, some people are seriously considering LENR, because the evidence are just as Jed says... solid. What Rossi have sabotaged in US (Killed Darden efforts - is Rossi paid by oil companies? Joke!) may gives room to ...

    They don't know how to organize the communication, they know it is strategic, but they have personal interest, beside their sincere feeling of common (and corporate) interests.

    Sometime I find some are a bit underinformed and naive... Maybe I'm just belly-sick by recent stories, while some just discover what is banal for me, big evidences, big expectations, big fraudsters.

    I don't understand what you mean, but the flat-earther abandoned his project to see earth flat, or not.

    Today I have more reason, than flat-earther, Rossi, LENR, to be worried by general problems we have with evidences.

    Many more, and the problem is very serious, far more than that.

    Fish rots by the head.

    Good reporting.

    I'm also interested in more comment on people, even if I've been fooled by perceived credibility earlier.

    Let us assume E-cat X is real.

    The experiment is not convincing, just entertaining. As well explained it is not needed to protect the IP.

    personally my setup would be to use a battery/UPS of a power physically limited to 1/5x of output (assume COP=50, it is easy)... AAA batteries, tiny inverter, used near their max power... then feed the power suply as needed, and find a simple blackbox method for heat, like tea kettle or Parkomov.

    One have to conclude the demo is designed to be unclear, like nearly all previous demo, except maybe Ferrara which seems not bad, and Doral which is an apparent ridiculous deception.

    Inventor disease is the prefered hypothesis of Alan...

    Another was proposed by Nasa supporter (? not sure) in an old presentation was that to avoid being overtaken by copycats the best was to only show weak evidence, weak performance, until it is commercially ready...

    Brillouin performance, match this characteristic, even if it seems in fact sincere... For Rossi, he goes very far in self-FUD.

    Let us assume E-cat never existed.

    Unclear test, are a repetitive pattern.

    Jed previously proposed a method to deceive the audience. Take a fair way to measure something. analyse all the artifacts that may cause errors in the measurement, amplify them by a faulty design as required to obtain a faulty measurement that please the audience.

    The only reason to trust rossi is to see many people who seems to trust him.

    Alan reports that people presented as victims of his abuses (the swedish he told he deceived in a magnificent way, talking to Darden... was it a lie ? was he already trying to deceive not the swedish but Darden? ) seems still in good terms with him, this mean something... but what ...

    Whatever you believe, nothing will prove you wrong.

    Let us see if some actor make something big enough to prove it works, or it does not work.

    Few days ago I discovered the current skepticism on scientific results.

    In a way the flat-earther trying to see earth flat is follwing a partially scientific approach…ghes-theory-a8068486.html

    His main violation of scientifci method is really not respecting others results, but this is good at less extensive level...

    Only in LENR do we see people denying the results of 150 replications with no validated/reproduced theory of artifact.

    But then I realize that the courageous flat-earther, will probably not believe what he will see, or will reinterpret it as what he believes... optical artifact of the rocket window, Nasa conspiration to install a virtual reality TV screen on the rocket windows...

    Anyway i don't blame this guy, as even some UNO agency is caught in such denial of others evidence and conspiracy theory (helped by attorney money)...

    When you believe, you cannot see.

    You cannot even see as dishonest someone who clear explain how he fooled someone else, in a magnificent way.

    LENR is a fractal cognitive fiasco.

    The usual way to avoid some technology being abused is to spread it, exploit it as counter weaponry, as shielding, as weak player defense, as deterrence to violence.

    the risk of spreading technology to the weaker is that it may allow a nut to defend himself. Consider you are name Donald trump, which nut would you fear to be able to defend itself from you totally justified force : North Korea, Iran, Syria, Russia, China, France, Mexico, ...

    technology, when spread, is a truly and awfully liberal tool, allowing group not to follow other's rules. It can help freedom of speech, like cryptography did, it can allow challengers like Amazon to break installed cartel like big mall...

    AI can be frightening to marginalize people, or can be considered as a way to help the mentally challenged to extend his brain, like a donkey extend the muscularly challenged to make commerce.

    Another way to prevent wars and abuse, is increasing commerce and interdependence. One great example is China vs Taiwan. the two countries are very aggressive, but experts show they cannot make a serious war, as they supply chains are intertwined so that bombing Taiwan or Shanghai would ruin Shanghai and Taiwan immediately.

    LENR like diesel engine, can introduce a revolution in international commerce, intertwining more economies, making countries like Iran, EU, US, Mexico, Venezuela, Russia, unable to make wars.

    If we have to fight for something in LENR (same for AI) it is

    • to spread the knowledge to everybody (publish patents, publish papers)
    • to ensure that if the IP is to be paid, there is enough competition between IPs so that everyone who benefit can buy it with his benefits (no need to be free, need to be sharing the value with IP holder). No locking IP.
    • to develop technology that match with small player needs, to downscale the technology in term of size, of price. the counter example being the nuclear industry (modular reactors is a good move, insufficient).
    • develop applications of LENR that empower weak commerce actors (say the African farmer, the Indonesian manufacturer, the French cooker), and weak countries, zone, industries, weak minorities, so they can face big superpower, cartel, corps, and discriminating majority.

    About technology and science, the biggest crime of academic, of government, of dictators, of cartels, is not to push stupid domain of research.

    Teaching, doing, make things advance, if not yourself, at least others. Moreover like Alan, people have multiple lifes today, and lab boys of 20th century are today's teachers, and vice-versa.

    The great crime is to forbid others, what the Ivy League did to Cold Fusion.

    Shell and Amoco did not prevent BARC, Toyota, or CEA to experiment LENR. they experimented, and even reported.

    Ivy League however insulted , harassed, all experimenters who reported LENR, they influenced editors and journalist to enforce a general policy of harassment, up to the point to influence US national labs so they marginalize their successful experimenters (Miles, Storms...), to push BARC to stop searching to save their international reputation, to convince CEA lab directors to forbid LENR research, even at home, so their chance to get a Nobel stay complete.

    The crime is not to say bad things, but to prevent good to be said.

    Today there is a great move to censorship in US, in Western zone, because some fakenews, using tactics I now know well, manipulated opinion in many countries, leading to comedies and tragedies of various kind.
    This is not the solution as it is only cleaning part of the fakenews and will be abused to protect the alternatefacts of google preferred kind, like Wikipedia Cold Fusion alternate reality is maintained stable following rules what our media leaders ask us to implement.

    We need bazaar, not cathedrale…p/fm/article/view/578/499

    Maybe the incredible victory of theory to create modern technology is a 1950s cult.

    This is indeed the position of Nassim Nicholas Taleb in Antifragile.


    Practitioners don’t write; they do. Birds fly and those who lecture them are the ones who write their story. So it is easy to see that history is truly written by losers with time on their hands and a protected academic position.

    There seems to be opposing arguments, and Jed is a good attorney to oppose Attorney General Taleb.

    True, or not, this is what is believed today.

    I should watch with details, and finding 2 hours quite in my life is not easy.

    Away i caught few moments and at then end during the Q&A there are key moments.

    Answering to someone asking why He4 was not more experiences (there are few other similar proposal), hagelstein answered that this was already done, that there was many experimental results replicated, and solid, but that it did not work.

    As some relate, and like i say, and like any says, the problems is not scientific but cognitive, psychological, sociological, i say psychiatric... The biggest epistemological fiasco of the century (which for me started in the 50s, with success of QM in industry with transistors, fission reactors and bombs)...

    I see few sources on the fiasco, which is not specific to LENR but covers most scientific memeplexes of today :

    • dominance of theory, model over facts, because of incredible success of QM/GR theory & math to solve practical problems in the 50-70s (transistor, nuke, GPS, IT, chemistry)
    • incredible dominance of state funding and control, because of growing cost of science because of bigscience, of past success of state science like Manhattan project, national labs irrigating private sector, Internet/NSF, great colliders, land and space observatories ..,
    • increasing demand of the NGO and politics to control science, based on the success of environmental regulation, and peace efforts against nuclear wars, during the 70s.
    • increasing subjectification of young scientists, because of state funding, massification of education, ageing of population, bigscience... today those who break the rules and don't risk starvation are old. those who starve ask for big science to feed them.

    I see current problems as the culmination of the success of some strategies, which I estimate have taken all the low hanging fruits, and face problems they cannot solve now.

    Un interview assez éclairante sur l'histoire d'une maman, dévasté par la maladie orpheline et incurable de sa fille, qui s'est battue, en lisant des publications scientifiques avec scepticisme et espoir, puis en trouvat des chercheurs, des développeurs de médicamments, et faisant mirroiter ce que les gens attendent, pour se faire financer selon les lois du business.

    Un alternative au charity business, comme le Telethon. Elle l'explique très bien.…-rares-1311-1002031.html#

    For the english reader, too bad, it is not subtitled, maybe you could ask to the Channel.

    It is very inspiring, proposing another model to develop a technology to solve humanity problems...

    Hard to transcript it, as the interview and nonverbal messages are key to understanding the core message.

    I know that if the men in black were on the domain, I would have a car accident, as many of my contact, after the core LENR team we all identify is erased (the librarians and the scientists).

    Some people in the real decision making world are interested, and have the same position as Jed, maybe more openminded ... considering that some actors are maybe "the liar who believe in his own lies", but that there is work to do. Recently I've been surprised because they were sent to do something (research, collaboration) to develop their own territory, not too afraid of others opinion.

    There is no fear about LENR for PTB, because as soon as LENR is developed by one actor, it will be replicated and improved everywhere, and solve most problems of the PTB. Anyway, the MIB are made of lone people who are afraid to lose their suit ... some make reports, and they even put it public, then the report is read and kept for later.

    I'm not expert in fission, but it seems that for nuclear engineer, the poisoning by xenon, as you say a neutron absorber, is a known problem.

    The reactor was dead like a car engine full of sugar, they pushed it too far and suddenly the reaction instead of being stabilized by the back side of a P/T bell curve, entered the head of a bell curve, triggering a supercritical event...

    I've heard of doubling neutrons every ns...

    the reactor was destroyed quickly unlike a nuclear bomb which is optimized to explode, and the event was a steam explosion, but my friend said the key was not simple heating, but supercritical event.

    After some thinking...

    about spoof links to ECW, and why not ISCMNS, the content of the link may also be pure bandits trying to exploit the sudden interest on LENR and E-cat because of the demo.

    My feeling is that LENR and E-cat is not interesting power that be, but just a small community of supporters and a wide group of curious non specialists, probably a valuable crowd for bandits.

    there is no interest in preventing access to ISCMNS, while not blocking LENR-CANR, the most valuable site on LENR, and the E-ca demo will be enough documented and commented in next semester so that blocking e-cat world is useless...

    I have also this reasoning to eliminate many conspiracy theory, as as a conspirator against LENR I know who I should kill, which sites I should put down. Many people, less sites. It we were target of blacksuits, some old supporters would not be alive, as many scientists we know. Rossi and our peanut gallery would not be a problem then, if not helping to destroy LENR image.

    I rather think some crook just want to exploit the temporary fame to sell pills, or increase advertising income.

    a decade ago someone explained me the accident, and the key moment was when the reactor temperature-power point moved on the wrong side of a resonance, making it enter a supercritical state, like in a bomb, but with unoptimized design making the reaction less violent.

    Xenon is also an important symptom, maybe the key to novelty. In current theory it is poisoning by xenon, after a sequence of stubborn tentative to restore normal state of the reactor, after a tentative to test the reaction of the reactor when missing cooling.

    Anyway the key points are human, when Staline loose design met the new generation of managers trying to compete with the western method, but without the supercomputer and budgets.

    When those managers testing stubbornly, met the politician demanding power in a starving grid.

    when uninformet staff, during a night shift, obbeyed orderd without enough data.

    The aftermath of the accident is also full of human failures, like letting kid drink milk from cows living in contaminated areas, moreover kids starved from sea salt and thus iodine. Not even the lack of evacuation ontime was the main problem, it was the easy forbiding of consuming milk from contaminated area that could have avoided most death toll, the few % death from the thousand of thyroid cancer in kids.

    Above the radiation death toll, the death toll of the evacuation is , like in Fukushima, the dominant number. Thousand of people died and will die from psychological impact, depression, alcoholism, family violence, suicide, missed opportunities.

    anyway the biggest death toll of that catastrophe was the disappearance of the health system because of USSR collapse, million of death.

    beside that there is huge disinformation, that make people believe it is worse than that, but don't put the blame on the real criminals, which are mostly decisions makers not neutrons, Which blame the accidents more than the unneeded "save the politician" evacuations.

    This domain is full if huge disinformation, and since I followed that since I'm kid, I know there is no hope to restore the truths, as the is no hope to restore the truth on Titanic wreckage.

    Today opinion is based mostly on sacred cows and scapegoat, not on data.

    LENR is just one discrete victim in that war of motivated beliefs, which by the way allow few billion $ to go to the liars, so they can lobby the politicians while accusing others of lobbying.

    Please follow the evidences.

    I hope Alan will bring back some evidence, even if the data available make me predict it will be hard.

    First I've been fooled by Defkalion, who probably fooled themselves, then their boss, then their partner, then Mats Lewan, and all of us.

    Then I've been fooled by Rossi (despite negative prejudivce), who started by fooling us with copper tricks and probably even excess heat, then proudly fooled Swedish partner, then Darden, Mats lewan, all ECW and me.

    I'm tired.

    Even if E-cat X is real, which I cautiously doubt, Doral (and many other moments), shows a huge level of misconducts, of fooling again and again and again his partners and his supporters.

    I cannot understand how some people who value ethic, human being, can tolerate this.

    All is about evidence.

    there is a moment when you should consider evidence, and forget about your beliefs, you fears and your hope.

    LENR is proven, Doral is a fiasco.

    Each E-cat is supported by no credible evidence of any kind, so nothing to say on it.

    Jean-Luc Paillet, connu pour son travail théorique sur les états électronique sprofonds causés par les corrections relativistes des modèles de l’atome, en collaboration avec Andrew Meulenberg, fait une petite conférence à Marseille, au centre bouddhiste tibétain:

    Pour mémoire voici un de ces papier récent avec Andrew Meulenberg

    Grande nouvelle,

    le 2ème Symposium sur les Réactions Nucléaires à Basse Énergie (RNBE2018) est annoncé pour le vendredi 23 et samedi 24 mars 2018 à l’espace Hermès, situé 10 Cité Joly dans le 11ème arrondissement de Paris.…siums/symposium-rnbe2018/