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    Yes, it need confirmation, but it means they work on it.

    The hint about "clearing all micro-crevices" is interesting, even it is look oppostite to nanocrack theory. in fact Storms explain well that you need to avoid big cracks in Pd...

    great news!

    note :

    “The first 30-40 experiments were about perfecting the equipment and the process. We observed power spikes in our 80th and 90th experiments in August and October 2016,” says Shree Varaprasad, a researcher there. “We feel that since the reaction seems to be a surface phenomenon, cleaning all the micro-crevices on nickel’s surface to a high degree may be the key to repeatability,” he adds.

    “In our electrolysis experiments, we have found irrefutable evidence of new elements and isotopes forming that can happen only through nuclear reactions. But heat measurements are tough to verify and peers will deny their veracity,” says Professor K. P. Rajeev of IIT-Kanpur.

    Ruby Carat on Cold Fusion Now continue her great effort with the publication of an interview of William Collis:…hief-exec-william-collis/

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    After 1 year of negative results with NiH experimenst, the author will continue to publish his efforts in 2018.…dex&a=show&catid=7&id=839…ow%26catid%3D7%26id%3D839

    Good struggle!

    Poe's law : impossible to differentiate an ironical joke from a desperate explanation.

    Recently some animal defender proposed to test drugs on prisoners to save life of rats. I'm not sure it is not a joke. In our domain I remember of some excuse that looks like joke; they were transmitted by attorneys.

    jokes have to be answered scientifically and may even raise interesting points.

    Jokes are too serious not to be treated rigorously. eg: My answer to the :

    I would remind a basic way of reasoning, in a paradoxal way.

    There is an experiment, and many others, done by people who were supposed serious, with no certainty in artifact to explain the result... Sure it should be replicated and investigated, especially because the impact on physics could be disruptive (after all theory is what count), and (of no importance for a physicist) it could have a trillion $ impact on the economy.

    Really I don't understand why there is no program to replicate each of those experiment ...

    by the way were those experiments tentative to replicate other LENR experiment ? were not they in such a program to replicate?

    it is funny that we replicate more and more, and in fact the more it is replicated, the more it need to be replicated, while being less and less replicated...:/

    Sometime I think there is a logical problem in the way this affair is managed? don't you think so?:S

    About Lugano paper.

    Some say, the paper was not refereed. It was in the new Internet science paradigm, after draft published and analysed by various peers, and peers raised key problems that not being answered correctly imply a retraction.

    Translated into the old paradigm, Lugano paper is retracted, and we ait for a new paper with errors answered or corrected. A retraction is not the end if you can answer critics.

    About Arxiv rejecting the paper, it seems it was not rejected on a real analysis (too fast to be) but more on a "it is cold fusion, and moreover Rossi, it will cause trouble". The real review was done with the LENR community of experimenters and skeptics.

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    • Session 3 : Recherches théoriques
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    After Jean-Paul Biberian, Andrew Meulenberg, Michael McKubre, David J Nagel,

    rubycarat have publishedthe interview of Alan Smith on ColdFusionNow :…-podcast-with-alan-smith/

    The trial is over and can not be resumed and in legal terms, it does not matter who f...ed who, both sides have made a disastrous picture and ultimately only shown that they have acted years long far away from professionalism.

    hard to save LENR image from that catastrophe. I try to do damage control by partitioning...

    His best result for me is removing dark fudge for dwarf galaxy rotation.

    It is sane to be skeptical on any theory, and on some weakly validated experiments like EmDrive, but also on dark matter/energy would be more required even.

    I'm not satisfied by this early tentative (no explanation for lack of 24MeV), but it is a beginning, and proposing experimental verification... not every theorist can pretend to have an experiment to test.

    Michael McCulloch, who is developing the theory of Quantized Inertia aka MiHsC have published a paper about MiHsC and LENR

    I follow his theory about Dwarf galaxies and EmDrive, and it seems to be coherent with data.

    About LENR I'm more surprised, but maybe...

    The conclusion propose an experimental prediction.

    What seems not covered, as in early "screening" LENR theories, is the after-come of the LENR reaction, where fusion does not produce 24MeV gamma, nor anything that big.

    I suspect few existing theories have to collaborate... McCulloch ? A Mullenberg/JL Paillet ? E Storm ? V Dubinko ? V Viistosky ? A Takahashi ?

    Make you own opinion.

    Michael Mc Culloch cited this old evocation of a vacuum tube experiment seemingly producing helium and neon


    On the Appearance of Helium and Neon in Vacuum Tubes

    AT the last meeting of the Chemical Society, Sir William Ramsay, Prof. Collie and Mr. Patterson described some experi ments which they regard as proving the transmutation of other elements into helium and neon. I have been making experiments of a somewhat similar character for some time, and though the investigation is not yet finished, the result I have obtained up to the present time seem to me in favor of a different explanation from that put forward at the Chemicl Society.


    Phil Wilson cited this web site

    I'm not sure it is related to LENR as it seems hydrogen is not involved, but maybe someone can analyse the description (sadly not a paper) to see what emerge.

    It remind me a later (1950s) experiment of Sternglass, which looks more like LENR as it is hydrogen filled discharge tube…einstein-bethenov-25-2011

    I'm not expert, but if electronic device detect radiation, a good cross check could be to use a non electronic detector, like x-ray dental film, or maybe cheaper argentic High ISO/ASA film. I imagine this have been done (JP Biberian used dental film, as many others... never heard of photographic Ag film, so maybe is it stupid).

    Another more recent idea could be to use a CMOS or CCD photodetector... ie a good digital camera.

    If not evidence it can gives hints, since it will produce an image.

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    It is interesting to see public show that journalist deny...

    Interesting also to see the fierce battle around IP, secrecy...

    It is evident that LENr happens, as birds can fly, as it is replicated by many labs, many protocol, breakin anything chemistry can do...

    but same way, people don't see public data.

    I'm more skeptic on chicken, but that is not the point.

    To be honest, the most interesting is maybe the historical perspective of the Wright Brothers...

    JedRothwell dis also an article puting in perspective LENR and planes

    This old article tell you much on journalists and scientific press…/library/WrightSiAm1.html

    see too


    the patent war is also interesting about the destructive greed war on IP and ego…brothers-v_b_7481100.html…brothers-v_b_7513222.html

    hard to have a clear position on that story...

    Just for the context, the many critics agains LENR experiments since F&P, and also for Rossi, was about "Control experiments". Especially in unknown domain, control are essential, as are calibration.

    Many critics are thorwn that could be simply rejected with a good control, and to be honest some critics are sent even despite the control... the charm of denial.

    As I've learned from experimenters, science is a slow boring process, where the "hourah" are suspended for verification, replications, recalibration, peer review, for months if not years...

    With a good director, I'm sure experimental science could be on Netflix in the Swedish Thriller category.

    Don't hold you breath, but prepare the coffee and the sandwich, if not the camping bed.