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    Hydrogen Transmutation of Nickel in Glow Discharge
    Vladimir K. Nevolin

    in International Journal of Materials Science (India)


    Background: The possibility of the existence of subatomic hydrogen states was theoretically predicted previously. Objectives: Prove that the transmutation of elements is possible in specially prepared conditions for hydrogen. Methodology: By comparing the mass spectra of deposits on silicon substrates and target electrodes, it is shown that a change in the composition is observed in a magnetron Argon. Results: An increase in the concentration of the nickel isotope Ni 62/28 and a decrease in the isotope concentration Ni 60/28 are shown. Conclusion: These results confirm the results obtained earlier in the heat generator Rossi, who worked more than a year, found an increase in the isotope Ni 62/28 due to a decrease in the proportion of other isotopes.

    Dear JedRothwell ,

    Is it only an impression, but it seems current techniques in recent experiments are far less reliable and precise that the one in the 89-90s?

    When I want convincing solid experiments, I always get back to older one (F&P, Lonchampt, Miles, McKubre, Bockris, BARC, Storms, )

    is it a question of budget starvation, of new generation competence, of mainstream scientists avoidance of the domain ?

    Of publication ?

    Or just an illusion of mine?

    Very interesting.

    As I understand the way to detect anomalous heat is to compare the behavior with and without nanostructure ?

    Does the result seems convincing for you ?


    Concluding Remarks

    • A new experimental setup based on the Mizuno’s work was introduced in our lab in order to confirm the anomalous heat effects.
    • For all the cases except for an insufficient nano-structured Pd/Ni case, significant temperature increases compared to reference experiments were observed. It is possible that we successfully replicated Mizuno’s work.
    • Experimental and numerical results strongly suggest that anomalous excess heat was generated by the interaction between nanostructured Pd/Ni surface and D2 or H2 gas.
    • According to EDS analysis, a lot of elements were detected on the nano- structured surface. It suggests that transmutation reactions played some roles for the observed anomalous excess heat generation, however, further analysis is necessary to obtain a solid conclusion.

    just found


    Methods and apparatus for triggering exothermic reactions
    WO 2017127423 A2

    Methods and apparatus are disclosed for triggering and maintaining an exothermic reaction in a reaction material comprising a metal occluded with hydrogen. The reaction material is prepared by loading a hydrogen absorbing material, e.g., a transition metal, with a hydrogen gas that comprises one or more of hydrogen isotopes. Different conditions and system configurations for triggering the exothermic reaction are also disclosed.

    Claimsis claimed is:
    A device for triggering and maintaining an exothermic reaction, comprising:
    a metal container plated with a hydrogen absorbing material, said metal container having one or more open ends and filled with a pressurized hydrogen gas; an electrode received through a first open end into the metal container; and a power supply system configured to apply a first voltage between the metal container and the electrode, said first voltage being dependent on a dimension of the metal container and configured to trigger the exothermic reaction.

    note the inventors: Dennis G. LETTS, Joseph A. Murray, Julie A. Morris, Tushar Tank


    If someone can find the mail cited in the docket about this Magnificence about the Swede...

    Maybe I misunderstood something, because from my souvenir of various documents and trusted sources like Alan, it is hard to build coherent theory. Maybe is there a narrow corridor of something rational happening.

    And yet Rossi and Hydrofusion still seem to be friends. Very odd.

    and the mail that was sent and stored on the docket, thus was a lie.

    I did not know that point which add to the lies told to his investor.


    telling to a guy you fool, that you fooled a former partner, is a magnificence...

    of the few certain thing about that affaire are :

    • the main claiming he fooled the Swedish was sent to darden
    • there was no excess heat in doral
    • the method of Lugano test is erroneous

    All the rest is uncertain, but we should always consider all hypothesis as coupled variable (eg if HF is happy with Rossi, but the mail was sent, and no heat in Doral, but XH in lugano, but no answer from professors, but XH in recent test, who was fooled?), and always check they match sure facts that above.

    Once you eliminate what is impossible, keep the improbable, (usually kill some comfortable assumptions).

    now if Darden was fooled thinking Hydrofusion was fooled, maybe we are fooled feeling that Hydrofusion was not fooled, or not fooling us, that our trusted sources are fooled or fooling...

    I'm getting dizzy with too many foo.

    We should be ready to be fooled, but by who?

    You're warned.

    If there is something real, the story about IH is the biggest XXX of history.

    Morally, I have more respect for Maddoff than for the one who did that.

    Anyway the only reason I may consider this awful hypothesis is Alan statements... "Entre les deux mon coeur balance."

    By the way some question...

    What was the terme Rossi used to say the marvelous way he fooled the Swedish investor to dump their investments ?

    He uses this term also for his reactor, ... it is a ... I don't remember.

    Where is in the docket the letter where he is proudly explaining his tactic to Darden ?

    I should take stomach pills before re-reading that.

    Never forget the life of Semmelweis

    It is a question of time, but it can be long.

    Germs denial : 1789-1867

    I've caught this theoretical physicist "Matti Pitkänen" discussing of LENR theories, books...

    I am a Finnish theoretical physicist. For last 37 years Topological Geometrodynamics has been both the passion and mission of my life. TGD is a noble attempt to construct a theory of everything, not forgetting consciousness. I have four children, who have brought a lot of happiness to my life. I live in Hanko, a small seaside town in southern Finland. I love almost all kinds of music but if I had to give just one name I would have difficulties in deciding between Chopin and Beethoven.

    He discusses of WLS theory and propose a dark physics variation (I don't understand much about that).…bout-cold-fusionlenr.html…om-larsen-model-with.html

    I'm not fan of new physics, and especially nor of dark-fudges (I'm fan of MiHsC dark-slayer theory), but it may be interesting, and why not correct.

    A new article, enthusiastic ... many reminding of past research in Russia... but I don't see much concrete in their concluding statement:

    Amazing as nobody even take the critics , the despair, i raise, beyond the anecdotes of NiH vs PdD...

    I just say LENR supportes are shelling the domain as efficiently as the APS. It is not even friendly fire, or suicide bombing, it is beyond Lebanon and Somalia civil war...

    What I say is that we are near technically, needing just 25Mn$ managed by serious guys, and that the community is shelling with irrationality what the academic have not already prevented to exist, wasting the budgets, and ridiculing the daredevil investors, when not ridiculing the science of LENR.

    This have to change, but first we have to accept it is happening.

    The only credible LENR evidence, but indeed undeniably credible, are from the 90s.

    It was painful to read Beaudette in 2001 says there was nothing really new since 96.

    in the fusionnefredda skeptic groups they explain how spawar was making research with only shoestrings.

    same in france, and Jed says it is same in japan, and in Italy even Celani lab is dismantled.

    I suspect LENR-Cities crashed partly because of the one you should not name and his clowneries, despite good prospects to do the job, and the money with it.

    Without the end of our denial of the tragic situation of the domaine, and then a governance change, there is no hope.

    We are at few years of success, but unable to advance of even one day every year.

    There is no possible way to make money with LENR without wide data sharing, and no locking of the IP.

    For me, like Jed demonstrate well, there is no question wether LENR exists...

    It is proven and replicated in PdD, through many kind of experimenst and evidences.

    NiH is very questionable, as there is no clear reproduction, and many failures and few frauds. Anyway there are theoretical extrapolation, and few intriguing results, that let good reason to think NiH, like TiD/H WD/H is possible.

    I also have similar confidence that nanostructured material, alloys, and biological structures, can be designed to host LENR for some mainstream or niche applications. This is as reasonable as imagining that nuclear energy would have application once fission was observed and chain reaction theorized... It was hard but not uncertain.

    For me there is no serious doubt LENR will be usable as a practical and dominant energy source, even if it is only PdD. I trust the engineers.

    Where I put my doubts is in the delay to find "the Explanation of LENR".

    I'm very negative about the small budget of experimenters and greater ego of theorists. The opposition agains LENR is fierce as it is the biggest fiasco of modern Science, much more catastrophic and unacceptable than geocentric backstage battles with the Pope.

    Today in EU, in US, some research and some scientific opinion are forbidden, and this practically prevent serious research and information sharing. beside that pseudo science and fraud spread in a fakenews format, some of which is labelled as mainstream by media, and even sometime in academic space like with LENR.

    The Epistemology and sociology situation of modern science, from LENR to dark matter, from immunization to glyphosate , is beyond repairable.

    As I say with a strong leader investing 25Mn$, with mainstream experts and no physicist among, I judge it would be accessible in 5 years.

    My opinion is that it is desperate in current situation.

    Not only we don't have the resources and the organization to implement that plan, but everybody including most of the LENR community is working hard to prevent it to happen, for diverse reason.

    It remind me the book of Asimov "Foundation and Empire".

    The Empire is so sick that if some black swan hero tries to save it, the hero will be eliminated.

    Collapse of an Empire is not an accident but a self catalytic process.

    One point in this situation is also that to support this process of collapse, we are unable to see the reality of the problem, blaming those who can help us, finding innocent scapegoat to protect the guilty, blaming the solutions as problems and supporting hopeless alternatives that increase the damages and our inability to see them.

    As explained in LFH slides, only hope is from Asia.

    Just found that medium article by Synthestech, through The New Fire on twitter.

    They highlight the interest of transmutation to produce rare material of industrial and biological interest...…-environment-9d08fe074a22

    Very general, and a bit too optimistic in my opinion...

    Perspectives of LENR in the world economy: how to defeat cancer and save the environment?


    Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) is a transformation (transmutation) of certain chemical elements into others in their natural environment where huge energy forces to split atoms are not used.

    Everyone knows that mining is becoming more problematic every year. Natural resources are coming to an end and humankind faces the burning question — Where to find an alternative way to extract valuable chemical elements such as palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, osmium, iridium, platinum? The answer to this question is given by modern developments and achievements in the cold nuclear transmutation.


    I found a press release of a company, Synthestech, having participated to recent 24th Russian Conference on Cold Fusion.

    Their website is under maintenance…n-in-sochi-300530753.html

    The article is a quick review of the conference.

    As Jacques Ruer have explained, the COP is not a problem, and can be improved with engineering, under the assumption (confirmed by observation) that the COP excess heat grow with temperature.

    the key question, as Mary remind us, is if the phenomenon is confirmed, and the patented process reproductible by competent experts.

    Normally competent experts should be able to answer that question.

    on Linked-In, Michel Vandenberghe publish a small article about the key ideas behind their tentative to create a LENR ecosystem, LENR-Cities

    The multi-facet business is an idea that I took much time to understand...

    Uber for example is a counter-example of non multi-facet business... Web is however, if not a business, very multi-facet...

    It seems that even in LENR the vision of business and research is quite conservative.

    Will we be able to organize in a way to foster mutual sharing and innovation, if we stay like Edison and Tesla?

    Found on 22passi, to analyse more.…il.jsf?docId=WO2017152889

    From The New Fire on twitter, an interesting article (or not), to be analysed by competent eyes.…03/PhysRevLett.119.042501

    Novel Role of Superfluidity in Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions

    Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 042501 – Published 25 July 2017


    We demonstrate, within symmetry unrestricted time-dependent density functional theory, the existence of new effects in low-energy nuclear reactions which originate from superfluidity. The dynamics of the pairing field induces solitonic excitations in the colliding nuclear systems, leading to qualitative changes in the reaction dynamics. The solitonic excitation prevents collective energy dissipation and effectively suppresses the fusion cross section. We demonstrate how the variations of the total kinetic energy of the fragments can be traced back to the energy stored in the superfluid junction of colliding nuclei. Both contact time and scattering angle in noncentral collisions are significantly affected. The modification of the fusion cross section and possibilities for its experimental detection are discussed.

    As I understand this is not the cold fusion "LENR", but the Heavy-Ions LENR, like plutonium nucleus, assuming the nuclei inside the respective nucleus are considered superfluid.

    I cannot judge the quality of the paper, but the abstract propose that fusion cross section is suppressed, which could support the "slow fusion" concept of Edmund Storms, explaining why there are seldom energetic outcome (no 24MeV gamma or alike)...

    Anyway this does not directly applies to Cold Fusion LENR, but it may raise ideas...

    Paul Maher just found this news from India.


    NTPC organizes third LENR-India Forum meeting

    NEW DELHI: The 3rd LENR-India discussion forum meeting was jointly organised by NETRANational Institute of Advanced Studies

    Cold fusion or Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) technology is under research for achieving energy generated in sun and other stars of the solar system in a controlled manner which shall be devoid of nuclear wastes for the use of mankind. NTPC is associating with two such collaborative research projects for feasibility study of LENR for energy generation with IIT, Bombay and development of metal hydride based hydrogen gas purification system with IIT, Guwahati .

    Baldev Raj, Director, NIAS and Research Advisory Council Member (RAC), NETRA and Dr R Krishnan, Former Director, GTRE (DRDO), Bangalore chaired the meeting attended by experts from various national institutes, academia and industry. Current R&D status of the technology was presented by Dr M Srinivasan, Formerly Associate Director, BARC. Dr V. Jayan, DGM (NETRA), represented NTPC in the meeting.

    Just found this Korean Proceeding paper

    Mission to Mars by catalyzed nuclear reactions of the commercialized cold fusion power

    Proceedings of the KNS 2016 Spring Meeting

    The chemical compound source is deficient to reach to the power as much as the journey to Mars, unless the massive equipment is installed like the nuclear fusion reactor. However, there is very significant limitations of making up the facility due to the propellant power. Therefore, the light and cheap energy source, Low energy nuclear reactions (LENRs), powered rocket has been proposed. In this paper, the power conditions by LENRs are analyzed. After the successful Apollo mission to Moon of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the U.S. government, the civilian companies have proposed for the manned mission to Mars for the commercial journey purposes. The nuclear power has been a critical issue for the energy source in the travel, especially, by the LENR of LENUCO, Champaign, USA. As the velocity of the rocket increases, the mass flow rate decreases. It could be imaginable to take the reasonable velocity of spacecraft. The energy of the travel system is and will be created for the better one in economical and safe method. There is the imagination of boarding pass for spacecraft ticket shows the selected companies of cold fusion products. In order to solve the limitations of the conventional power sources like the chemical and solar energies, it is reasonable to design LENR concept. Since the economical and safe spacecraft is very important in the long journey on and beyond the Mars orbit, a new energy source, LENR, should be studied much more

    I dis not find the full paper, and th meeting seems small, but I did not investigate much.

    My depression is about the rationality, and capacity to work together, of all sides around LENR, critics, supporter, researchers...

    those who are not already locked in their beliefs are as easy to organize as a herd of cats on a fishing boat.

    I have different perspective reading those exchanges.

    I follow antivax thread and see the despair of experienced biologsts and doctors, statisticians, facing people who are so sure there is a conspiracy and seeing evidence in circular reasoning and motivated blindness.

    I see the same on glyphosate ware where farmers, and biologist, face activists...

    and so on on many subject, where half of the time the error is supported by media, if not by laws.

    Are there article about "cargo cult skepticism" ? Beside the few article of Jed, and the book of Beaudette...

    Never forget that Semmelweis died in an asylum despite undeniable statistics, and the facts he demonstrated by observation, and experiments, where known to illiterate mothers and nuns.

    Stupidity is not a question of intelligence. Intelligent people can be negatively intelligent, like Parks, Huizenga, Lewis.

    I admit I'm rotating, so the real value and sign of my intelligence depends on my phase (I'm in depressive phase, but LENR is too real to change my point).

    For highly imaginary intelligence, there are good theory, where people are sure of their rightness as much as skeptics are of LENR being non-existent, and believers that Doral showed excess heat. Guess who have best imaginary intelligence here;)