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    From Russian LENR site…e-palladium-superhydrides

    An interesting article under review, letting possibility to have superhydrides...
    Here is the author(s) page…e_palladium_superhydrides

    and the Arxiv version


    Combining pressure and electrochemistry to synthesize palladium superhydrides

    Pin-Wen Guan, Russell J. Hemley, Venkatasubramanian Viswanathan

    Palladium-hydrogen is a widely-studied material system with the highest hydride phase being Pd3H4. Recently, superhydrides (MHn with n>6) have been computationally identified and synthesized with rare-earth and early transition metals under pressure. In this work, we evaluate the possibility of electrochemically synthesizing palladium superhydrides together with applied pressure. We perform a computational search for palladium superhydrides using density functional theory calculations and particle swarm optimization over a broad range of pressures and electrode potentials. We incorporate exchange-correlation functional uncertainty using the Bayesian error estimation formalism to quantify the uncertainty associated with the identified stable phases. Based on a thermodynamic analysis, we construct a pressure-potential phase diagram that provides an alternate route to accessing novel Pd-H phases having high hydrogen content. Most strikingly, at potentials above hydrogen evolution and ∼200 MPa pressure, we find the possibility to make palladium superhydrides (e.g., PdH10). As palladium is among the most active hydrogen evolution electrocatalysts, a similar strategy is likely to work for electrochemical synthesis of other metal superhydrides at modest pressures.

    Maybe some ideas to design Pd sponges... I cannot judge…0000020/00000012/art00013


    A unique nanostructured electrocatalyst based on Palladium (Pd) nanosponge architecture is synthesized by one-step dealloying of the amorphous alloy precursor with low Pd concentration. The sponge-like nanostructure with hollow interiors enables sufficient contact between reactants andboth the interior and exterior surfaces.

    Estimating volume fractions of superabundant vacancy phases and their potential roles in low energy nuclear reactions and high conductivity in the palladium – isotopic hydrogen system

    Mod note: New paper out by Staker

    Great !
    Is there link with the apparent Type 2 superconduction observed in PdHx by Tripodi and others?


    Both δ and δ′ have low volume fractions with fv(δ) ≈ 0.03% and fv(δ′) ≈ 5%. These experimental measurements suggest that δ is the nuclear active environment (NAE) for low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) while δ′ is likely a high conducting state (phase). Which interstitial site (octahedral or tetrahedral) is occupied by isotopic hydrogen would determine whether the phase is nuclear active or highly conductive.

    If confirmed, this mean the NAE is identified ?

    It would be great ?

    Tetraheadral, is it TSC theory site? (Is it?)

    Does anybody have an idea why there are so many cases in meat-packing plants, we have the same thing here in the UK? Is it something unique to the way they operate - close contact increasing rates of transmission, or are animals asymptomatic virus carriers.?

    What I have read is that it is:

    - cold ambiance, that virus love

    - people breathing hard, who spread virus

    - packed people, so spreading works (nearly all clusters are with packed people in closed rooms)

    - closed rooms (so aerosols stay for long)

    Some predict winter will be terrible.

    Looks great.

    I have few questions :

    • What is happening to pressure? I understand that after initial heating, pressure drops because of quick loading in Pd ?
    • Do you confirm that no parameter changes during the run?
    • Why is there apparent endothermic phase ? Is it a measurement/computation artifact?
    • Why is there so great digitization of heat measurement ? are some sensors near their precision limit?

    I'm not competent, so some question may look stupid.

    Another good find. To put this all together, and add to what Alan already mentioned. The Mizuno Technologies Inc. (MTI) website is real, and admittedly "slapped together" by one of the team members, who is not an expert at web design. They do not intend to make it snazzier anytime soon, as it suits their purpose of a low level, modest appeal to investors. There will be no photos of the developing product, for fear it will give away IP.

    Great news the site is genuine...

    The finding are interesting...

    I don't yet catch the link with ""Hokukai Koden" (Headquarters: Sapporo City, President Masao Muto)" ? I though they were in California from the photography...

    From the document of Ahlfors I difficultly understand

    - there is a japanese patent, not far from the one cited by IH

    - the presidet Muto is quite enthusiastic and calss for collaboration/help (???)...

    what is your analysis ?

    At this point I would wonder if Mizuno himself is aware of the existence of this website ....

    For me it smells bad... But who knows. I would be happy if it is real effort by T. Mizuno and associates... I just doubt it is.

    My full support to T. Mizuno himself, whatever is that website.

    NB: can someone competent intentify the instruments of the main photography ?

    The big machine at the back, looks like an analysis machine (spectrometer ?)...

    After checking image info, it date from march 2019... It stinks

    Many people feel tha latest HCQ stypy by Raoult is bad and negative. result are similar to what Chinese have reported from usual O2 treatment...

    Edit: some report that on reducing contagiosity time it may be useful... not for curing...

    Better candidates reported, and clearerd

    Leronlimab on 7 patients in ICU... some better gone out of ICU , some had improven status about cytokin storm. Need to be confirmed.

    I had clearer reprots that Remdesivir was multiply reported as good in ICU.

    Japanese Avigan have good reports too…ipiravir-avigan-fujifilm/

    Edit: it seems some says it is over hyped too...

    Using plasma from immunized/cured patients seems to work well, and send patients out of ICU.

    we have a big EU trial launched... Leronlimab is among, as HCQ, but I dont see favipiravir/avigan...

    as Wyttenbach reported…navirusinfektion-covid-19

    the world equivalent trial is solidarity…ng-coronavirus-treatments

    I think it is including favipiravir

    some report epidemic peak in Lombardy (nort Italy) at about 0.05% of mortality.

    Some reports big lies of Chinese authority with mortality about 45k in china, which if you assume most are in Hubei (about 50Mn people) is of same ratio.

    here is the article matching the long video of John Ionnanidis I put earlier…ns-without-reliable-data/

    take care, but don't despair.


    We need data, bu the data we already have in iceland, in Diamond Princess, in an Italian city, show a different picture

    Perspectives on the Pandemic with Dr. John Ioannidis


    what shocks me is that the interpretation in those articles are in line with current positions,

    but that the data shows big surpise.

    high prevalence of the infection, yet low letality, and it is not noticed in the articles...

    Ioannidis however interpret it as data... Not seeing how data dissent from theory and reinterpreting them under current paradigm is typical in groupthink.

    in French:

    Beside that I have report of few threatments that works :

    * Favipiravir (avigan) seems best candidate with Remdesivir

    * plasma of cured patients works really work on ICU patients (in france)

    #StayAtHome until we have data, and accept them.

    Best hope today is serology test in UK. question is if 0.1%, 1%,10%,30% of the population was infected. I bet on... guess.

    demographic study from death certificate in France.

    in the Eastern cluster, mortality have increased by 75% compare to normality.

    Upper is all France, lower is East (big cluster)

    The bump above around weak 5 is the end of flu. the huge peak is Covid19.

    Note 017 flu was terrible, but covid is already above in the east.

    About distribution of people in ospital, in ICU, back home, or dead

    Few shockingly serious possibilities…d8-11ea-89df-41bea055720b…Model%20%2813%29.pdf?dl=0

    Note that in UK the start of serology test is a question of days


    "A super-important paper by the Lombardy regional task force against #COVID19italia is just out on the arxiv: This is an impressive study led by a team of excellent scientists. Figure 1 is striking: the first date of symptom onset is January 1, 2020!"

    I wait for the serology tes in UK. Can be a game changer, and why not explains my Jan 4 strong flu despite immunized .

    think of it as a worst case. My city health officer gave an estimate of 4000 infected while we only have 21 confirmed. All that drives mortality rate down. I don't think we have a casualty yet

    It Italy and Spain continue on downward slope ( next 2-3 days will show) it can be a 2 week thing thanks to strict isolation.

    A quick estimate of infected from the death, is multiply by 3000 the death...

    Why ? 0.5 to 1% die as long as there are respirators, and it takes 20 days from infection to death for that unlucky 1%. and it is doubling every 5 days (numbers uncertain...)...

    In france I estimate that when we declared the lockdown, 1% of the population was infected... the error is log normal (says, 10% or 0.1% dunno).

    Beware abour D Raoult paper, it is one of the worst on earth (we have seen worst in LENR), even if you are acknowledging that under death risk studies have to be fast.

    4 patient were ejected from the trial, one for death, one for cure, two for side effects... Efficiency is not proven even for the openmind. Anyway it have to be tested, and I'm optimistic because of other studies... Taking risk is less risky than taking precaution.

    It's complicated. Please no self medication, don't hoard plaquenil as some do. The interns emptied Paris hospital pharmacy with fake prescription..

    This disease is no death sentence, just a high risk. wash you hands, the packets from outside...

    I stard to understand the key reason this stupid banal virus is deadly...

    Coronaviruses are very common, can kill, but not often...

    Virus most of the time are adapted either to the upper respiratory domain of humans, or to the lowers.

    If colonizng upper parts, its is very contagious, but not so dangerous. Mostly bacterial infections kills with pneumonias.

    If colonizing the lower par of lungs, it is causing deadly pneumonia, but is not very contagious.

    Sars-Cov-2 is an innovation that is adapted tu upper and lower part of the respiratory system. It is contagious and deadly.

    The reason as I've understood lie in it's infections mechanisme.

    The virus is a sort of capsule with 8kb of ARN program that ask the cell to produce virus.

    The capsule is internalised asfter contacting recepto on the surface, especially some camed ACE2 (check, not sure), that are in high quantity for smokers... Blood A-group people are more subject too...

    Nb: Chloroquine is targeting that phenomenon by making the vacuoles more acidic...

    Once inside the capsule is opened by a protein, that make it specific to few cells, to a species. The innovation of Sars-cov-2 is that it is opened by a very common protein in human cells (is it "furine"?), thus it is infecting highet and lower part of respiratory system...

    This mean that the virus is very well adapted to humans.

    Question is if ther will be lasting immunity on the long term...

    Stay at home

    I don't translate, it is enough clear I imagine.

    A french hospital reprots intoxication by Chloroquinie self-administered by individuals...


    There are good candidate with Remdesivir and Fapivir (?) a japanese flu drug...

    Wait for the test, the disease is not a death sentences, just a not enough tiny risk of ICU and eventualy death.

    NB: some reports by people about strange symptoms:

    1- it starts with firs few days of nothing

    2 an banal coldwith a strong fever, coughing,

    2- nose is dry BUT you may lose smell and taste (atipical for flu)

    3- fever is much more up-and-down than flu

    4- you feel deeply tired, lose breath

    5- if you really loose much breath, call emergency, decay can be very fast.

    most of the time is is just a nasty cold with strong or mild fever, strong cough, and few atypical symptoms losing smell or yoyo-style fever.

    50% of contaminated are aymptomatic at all

    10% need hospital

    5% need ICU

    2.5% need ventilation

    1% dies

    don't do anything stupid, stay at home, don't use any medication...

    NB: it seems ibuprophene problems is not a problem in fact

    Many data today.

    Chloroquine trial is interesting but very criticised (not blind, just viral charge measurement, short time)

    Pr Raoult is ejected from expert council for his video probably... but a test will be done in Lile and Marseilles

    Beware, this medication have cause muche false hope before ...…cle/pii/S0166354220301145

    beware it is very toxy and can cause heart attack

    about origin, it is not a manufacture , but probably from Malay Pangolin

    about cures, don't ignore other alternative.

    Remdesivir is a candidate for serious case, but it is not certified , so you have to ask an exception allowance for humanitarian reason.

    some anti-aids are also considered but does not seems to work much…e-coronavirus?id=10458329

    Time to stay at home.