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    The big question for me is: Where does the heat to be removed from the controller box come from?

    Look at this Q&A on Rossiblog:


    November 25, 2017 at 1:22 PM

    You have discussed before that the demo would be doable with batteries as the only sorce. Would such a configuration have the same need for massive cooling?

    • Andrea Rossi

    November 25, 2017 at 1:55 PM



    Warm Regards,



    November 25, 2017 at 2:03 PM

    First of all:

    Congrats for Your big sucsess!

    And many Thanks for Your quick answer to my question.

    After the impressive demo many followers speculate about the source of the heat in the controls.

    Do You have a hint for us what the reason may be, after the possibiliy of heat traveling trouh the wires was excluded?

    • Andrea Rossi

    November 25, 2017 at 2:31 PM


    I am very sorry, but that would force me to explain confidential particulars.

    Thank you for your kind attention to our work.

    Warm Regards,


    So the massive heat would even be there if the controller operated on batteries only. Has anyone any idea (exept the usual shoutings of fraud from the known parties)?

    AFAIK there will be two locations for the demo to take place, US and Sweden.

    A.R. has sayed that M. Holms will attend (Sweden?).

    1. Beeing only 3 weeks from the possibly soonest date the people who are invited should know more details by now.
    2. Ackland was told before by A.R., that he deserves an invitation,
    3. but still he has to play the "guess when" game with A.R.,
    4. so what do you think is reallly going on?

    Alan, may I ask which date and place is printed on your invitation?

    It is about spamming, please take it in consideration:

    Reading here is suffering an enormous amont of noise which makes it different to find the signal. One of the reasons is Jed Rothwell's permanent verbose posting and behavior. He has an opinion about everything, no matter of knowledge. I do know that many people here give him likes what makes my request something provocative, but:

    I think it might be helpful to automaticly move Jed's post to a special "mostly rants" thread where they can only be voted back to the discussion if there is any constructive content.

    What do the mods think about?

    Moved from the me356 thread. Eric

    "Bob Greenyer has a fairly long relationship with Me356 online and in person. He knows who he is dealing with and is committed, as part of his relationship, to keeping Me356's identity confidential as Me356 has requested.

    Regarding the various discussions about measuring another apparatus that Me356 has ... Apparently Me356 created a version of his reactor that was closed up in a housing that would help keep secret the things he wished not to show - this was a black box test offer. His other apparatus does not have the box for obscuring the confidential details and likely will not be shown to the MFMP team."

    That's why i only would ask for a look at the ocation and the in and out of the home heating system, just to have any small proof that me356 is not a bluff...

    Coming back to the claim that me356 operates an installation of his reactor as part of a home heating system.

    It seems, that this has not been showed to the "men in grey" up to now.


    One should expect that the heating system will provide data like the total consumption over time and the amount of heat reported by the usual (may be primitive) Electronic heat cost allocators.

    I will not be surprised if after another failed test day me356 and MFMP will sound like "there was not time left to do anything that simple", so we still have not a minimum of proof after all the efforts and time and cost.


    We have been told that there is one of me356' reactors heating his house.

    Go and measure the in and out with your hands and body and the input with your lowcost powermeter.

    For a COP of10 or more it will do.

    If this simple test is inconclusive as well, abort the show.

    Can you give us a summary? I don't have the time and nerves to watch this lengthy and very loud video.

    Bob's presentation as a whole is one of the best UP TO DATE summaries You can find in the field, it is worth to follow. As for the sound, something wrong with Your speaker controls?

    I don't like all the dicussion about pipe diameters etc. Ridiculous!

    The question that I would ask is: If someon has an overunity device, produses 1 MW of heat with only 1/50 or 1/80 of input, why would he shut down it, not letting the best performing 3 Tigers in operation and sell the output or convert it to (Carnot) Electricity and sell it back to the grip?

    But that is in general a question to all the overunity claims in the market, why do you need funding, if Your device produces usefull output?????

    Looking at the known facts,

    first it was 1 year test. JD referred to the test in his communication.

    It followed the proceedings Penon had proposed.

    IH was happy enough with the setup to use it for marketing purposes.

    IH paid Penon, IH paid West an Fabiani.

    IH charged JMC for the heat.

    Why should the judge not declare estoppel?

    All the talk about 5 sigma and the "Quax" is only deviating from hard facts.

    Try Yourself and ask A.R. any Detail about the outcome of plants in production or plants sold.
    I have done this sometimes during the last years and got spammed each time.

    So does anybody here know anything about the 3 1MW ordered by JMC for example?

    From Mats' blog:
    "Last week, Andrea Rossi made a visit to Sweden, and apart from meeting with the team of professors in Uppsala, with me and other persons, he made a trip from Stockholm to the south of Sweden to have look at a 10,000 square meter factory building for sale. The day after, assisted by his Northern Europe partner and licensee Hydrofusion, Rossi made an offer on the building in the order of USD 3 to 5 million. Negotiations are now ongoing."

    Any more infos about this available?

    Do You think (or merely fear) the important next test - ecatx for the new partner - no public - will be conducted by the Uppsala NDA-team?