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    Didn’t we see such a commercial launch or promises a few times back in the days?

    No those were tests. The reactors were not mass produced and commercial units

    No location, no customer name, no 3rd party allowed to check what the real deal

    It likely has a location and name. Pretty obviously third parties do visit it. You mean you dpn't know. What a surprise.

    you seem to believe blindly in Rossi, like AA.

    You are a lying troll who apparently gets his jollies from writing endless insults. You must be sick in the head.

    If I count correctly, Rossi is talking about 3 persons only...? He misses Frank Acland, doesn't he?

    I wonder if we can ask for a new subthread.... BIGGEST Rossi fails.

    I t is a pity the babblers are more interested in insulting Rossi than LENR.

    I expect the Jan 31 demo too show the babblers to be wrong.

    But that will only keep them quiet for a few days before one comes up with another approach to go after Rossi & then the others will then keep repeating it. That is all they are interested in doing. It must relieve their inferiority comp;exes somehow.

    Institutions contain 1000 scientists or more. Even 100 scientists cannot agree on something as important and widely considered as climate change, where the science is clear, but outliers, who are almost certainly wrong in overall interpretation, such as Nick Lewis remain tolerated (and should be so).

    I see that you don't follow climate science any more closely than you do LENR.

    If you look at the actual data you would see that the IPCC (which is a political organization) has exaggerated global warming by at least twice. Their models have been falsified.

    There are more babblers on global warming than on LENR and it is pointless to discuss it.

    This page is about LENR .. not Rossi.

    The link was a general one about LENR. Keep in mind that THH doesn't believe LENR has ever been proven. The site provides prety good proof that it does.

    I was my intention to pick out names form the list of people that believed Rossi. However the site does not allow cut and paste so I didn't

    Here are a few names that apply.

    Sven Kullander, Essen, Dennis Bushnell, Josephson & Forcadi, etc

    AS I said they know more about LENR than THH, who doesn't even believe it exists! Don't bother tell me the babblers know better.

    learned the hard way that never take anything at face value, people can have the best intention, but do unintentionally miss things, and what they say is still wrong

    You misunderstand me, I take what Rossi says at face value until proven otherwise as it is often all we have to go on and I have no good reason to doubt it.

    Of course there are other things out there that I can see are nonsense and so ignore.

    But, in this case, you assume contrary historical evidence that a measurement Rossi claims will some time be made made, and no-one else substantiates, is good evidence.

    Contrary to you, I assume nothing. I take what Rossi says at face value until it is proven or disproven.

    You assume anything he says is always wrong and keep dragging up 30 year old history accusing him of fraud , never mentioning tat he was ultimately aquitted

    That's not weird it's sick..

    Re Jan 31 demo.

    Rossi has stated:

    1. The SK was installed and working on Nov 19

    2. It is producing more than 20 kW

    3. The total input power and heat output will be measured.

    4. The company where it is installed will not be released.

    To which I would add:

    5. The babblers will claim any measurement done by Rossi or made while he is in the same building will be false.

    6. We probably will not get much more from Rossi until production of the SK is high enough that he doesn't have to worry about competition.

    In Stockholm, Rossi did not “miss” measuring the input power properly, he intentionally made a misleading measurement that was complained about in the first Gullstrom paper with QX comments, and for all the months between then and since.

    Rossi wanted to show the characteristics of the QX. H e had two problems. He didn't want to give away the the input waveform he used and the power pack was very inefficient.

    I think he showed the general properties of the QX but I would have preferred a measurement of the total power into the system even if it were misleading about the COP when he got a better power pack.

    I guessing that problem has gone away with the more powerful SK. We will see on Jan 31.

    Surely you cannot be this dense. There was no proper INPUT measurement demonstrated, merely Rossisays.

    You said the output power measurement was wrong. It wasn't. You were wrong.

    I noted the problem with the input power measurement the day after the demo, noting that the missing measurement was easy to do and any customer would make it..

    It is you who is being dense.

    think that the only way we will ever find out if the QX works is through replication. Rossi is not about to provide any information that would conclusively or even somewhat conclusively prove that the device produces excess energy.

    No. If it works we will find that out from one of his customers.

    In the process of doing so, he would attract far too much attention which would result in a dozen parties attempting to replicate.

    More likely a dozen competitors rather than replicators.

    Why do you keep on about the QX when that is not being made and the SK is?

    General platitudes about how it is straightforward to measure things are hardly the point.

    You went on for pages about the errors in spectra measurement. The fact remains the heat output of the QX was measured properly by water calorimetry and I expect the heat output of the SK to be clear too.

    Assume the gadget works. If, as you say, there is no radioactive material in the device, then no one has the slightest idea where the energy is coming from.

    Wrong. The energy comes from the reduction in mass of the fuel, apparently from changing the isotope or changing to lighter elements.

    The actual mechanism for these changes is debatable as there are a number pf theories.


    There has never been a time in Europe, the U.S. or Japan when the world worked the way you imagine, and anyone could endanger the public with untested technology.

    LOL. I'd love to see the regulations for a caveman's cave and fire. or a Hawaiian canoe used before Westerners arrived, or Viking ships. Etc. I just don't know how man survived before writing...


    I came across another of your comments when searching for a quotation.


    Any industrial company in the U.S. or Japan large enough to purchase megawatt-hour quantities of heat would instantly refuse such an offer, for the reasons I spelled out above. Even if Rossi gave away the heat for free they would have nothing to do with it. I have worked for such companies, and worked with them. They take no unnessary risks. They are very careful to follow regulations and safety standards, because in our litigious era they may end up paying millions or billions of they fail to do this. To take a risk like this just to save 20% on the cost of heat would be insane. Any manager who suggested such a think would be fired in a week. It is simply unthinkable.

    Your faith in government regulations is touching. A good engineer with common sense wold never have dreamed of placing the stand-by generators in the basement at Fukushima, no matter what the regulations specified.

    No sane person in authority would allow such a machine to be operated within 50 miles of an inhabited area.

    This tiny core contains non radioactive material, yet you say there is a risk it could destroy everything in a 50 or 100 mile radius! LOL.

    never said anything like that.

    You also mentioned 100 miles in another comment. Are you suffering from Alzheimer's or is it ust another lie?

    Just for AA, who does not bother with the tech stuff

    It is tedious to wade through your lies and pointless BS.

    I'm just here emphasising the final error class in my table, which the QX seems particularly suitable to generating. Rossi has discovered that Lugano-style optical measurement is capable of large inaccuracy and false positives

    As it is straight forward to measure things in an engineering way, such as heating the water with the QX or measuring the 27 kW of factory heating with the SK, this is too simple for your esoteric mind to grasp.

    Ut doesn't allow you to write a page of convoluted prose to supposedly prove the SK doesn't work


    Once Rossi has a number of SK reactors working satisfactorily in an industrial situation for a couple of years, it will be much easier to get whatever certifications he needs, including for domestic use.

    Large manufacturing companies have a lot more leeway than you suppose.

    His main problem will likely be busybodies like you trying to stop him. At least you seem to be backing away from your previous position that the SK doesn't exist or why would you keep on about regulations?

    Rossi says he has all the necessary approvals to run the SK. Only another 29 days to go. Why not wait and see? Oh. I forgot your theory that anything Rossi says is proof of the opposite.