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    The other side of the coin.....

    "Well, maybe the investors of Woodford Patient Capital Trust will not like the 9% loss they will be facing when the Dewey “planet saver” turns out to be nothing but toilet paper IP… And added to that – they will soon also realize what could have been, when they see the progress being made by Rossi and the E-Cat IP that IH so epically failed to handle."


    We have not said anything about Siffer coming back here under 2 different avatars.

    I no longer follow the lenr=forum closely as it is a waste of time to read hundreds of pages of repetitive babble, so I may have missed one. But is seems to me only myself and Sam2 have not stated as fact that Rossi is a criminal fraud who has nothing that works. Sam is not Sifferkoll so who do you claim is?

    but the outing was a low blow.

    I have no respect for those who lack the guts to publish insults under their real names.

    It is not hate speech when there is proof of his wrong doings

    The babblers think they can tell which depositions are true and which are false. Without actual testimony and cross examination you can't.

    If you are going to stay here, you have to play fair. No more taking information/intel you gather here in your role as a member, and using it on your site to stir up shit.

    LOL. What "intel" has ever been posted here that is not from Rossi's blog?

    now, the current crop of Rossi claims is a Nigerian style lowest denominator scheme seeking only the dumbest and most gullible possible investors. And Rossi may yet find one. It only takes one who has more money than brains and wants Rossi's claims to be real badly enough.

    You are a third rate hate monger who, like most here, are totally clueless about what is going on, but that doesn't stop you from fabricating opinions out of thin air.

    Should send him back to prison for the quality of that presentation alone

    This is what U forecast yesterday. The babblers will do anything to protect their fragile egos. They (3 up votes) would rather see Rossi in prison than the dawn of a better energy era. Even if the plant owner had come on line to confirm the results, they would claim he was a paid lackey.

    The bottom line was that all the important parameters of the SK were provided. The controller uses 380 W, the output is 21.9 kW. The calculated COP was 57 and confirmed by looking at the heat consumed in heating the building.

    The SK is available now with a delivery in only weeks.

    The customer would know immediately if he were getting the heat he ordered so a scam is highly unlikely.

    If it looks OK, and fairly straight forward, then we can have a good, honest scientific discussion about it.

    My, you are optimistic. After writing 300 pages pf venom about Rossi. it is clear the babblers are not really interested in LENR, but as they have apparently never done anything of consequence themselves it seems to ease their seance of inferiority to run him down.

    In passing, I am not a believer. As I have said all along I wait for proof, but with increasing confidence we will get it later this year. The demo will not provide solid proof. Third party proof will have to come come from his customer(s) later this year. The babblers will deny that too saying Rossi paid them. They need to keep on making themselves feel superior and are unlikely to ever admit they were wrong.

    "Definitely a huge value! After 60 days of continued operation an E-Cat SK has produced (as we can and from a simple extrapolation) 31680kWh of heat, approximately the equivalentof 2762 kg of heating oil (avoiding, at same time, the emission of about 800 kg of CO2).”"

    Four more days to go.

    Another example of his blatant, silly and unmet engineering skills...

    He states he has no clue about what will happen, when his reactors will run out of in hell he then can sell it to industry

    Yet another stupid post. Rossi has tested the SK for long enough to know it will run 6 months & probably a year. He apparently has not yet run one until it stopped working, so does not know what it will look afterwards.

    As he is selling heat all he has to do is maintain the reactors, it is not a problem for the customer.

    Why a non engineer like you spends so much time criticizing his skills, when it looks likely has has developed a world beating invention remains a mystery.

    I suppose you would have used Jed's crystal ball and would know with certainty.

    Gyve us all a break and stop filling these pages with biased rubbish.

    you seem to completely ignore Rossi’s own statements to got sick from radiation of his own reactors

    It was not a plasma rector, known to give off less radiation. He was looking inside it with the cover and shielding removed

    You pick up random stuff and details that fit and support your story and agenda and ignore others that are contradicting..

    !!!! It is inane comments like yours that make this thread such a waste of time.

    However, I do not see them doing nothing as you believe.

    I expect someone would show up if Jed or one of the babblers writes then. They would then note the small size and lack of radiation and walk away.

    The radiation from bananas measures out as 3,520 picocuries per kilo, about the same amount as flying across America.

    No one here, except me, seems to have had any heavy industrial experience. Much of the equipment in such plants is not "certified". They rely on trained operators to run it. Domestic equipment, subject to idiots, is completely different.

    The babble is reaching a crescendo of nonsense.. Jed must have loaned out his crystal ball.

    No information expected from the demo?

    It's just a scam - so why write about it?

    Radiation agents raid, and shut down Acme Heat Factory of Chicago, Il for having unlicensed nuclear device on premises.

    As Rossi uses no radioactive elements and the measured radiation from the SK is close to background why should the nuclear authorities be interested?

    Suppose they were: They know nothing about LENR and apparently don't think it even exists. So how could they certify it?